I am done!

La comedia el finita!

Not to reveal too much, I will try to give you all a glimpse of a life of an average Joe. But first, an always awesome Denis Leary song!

Now, I am mid-40’s. Professional, lived in Europe, US and Australia. I am a normal, every day person that you see on the street, Woolies, petrol station or bus.

One more tune to support this!

Now to the point of the post. I have made this country home for the last 11 years. I love it, truly do, and would do my utmost to protect it. But I think we lost the plot.

Choosing between ScoMo or Albo? Niggah, please! There is no choice. We are given one choice – you look after yourself and your family, or not.

I am not going to lie, I did invest a lot of time in understanding Australian history, values, but not being from here I do not know it as well as I wish. What I do know is that it has been eroded, intentionally, over the last (at least) 6 years to support the world-wide narrative that others on this board are so vocal about – Stewie, love ya, man! Peachy and Coming, likewise!

There are few places left where the cultural, national identity still holds value. The “collective West” is not it. I have friends literally running away to their places of birth, because Australia has lost the plot. It tried real hard to be the US of the Pacific, where all can come as one. Don’t start at me with the destruction of Native people, it is a fact of life, and happened in multiple areas of the world, and is still happening now.

I choose to leave these gorgeous shores, coastlines, weather and coffees behind. I will not lend one dollar to the destruction of our society. Yes, I will still hold a passport with the Emu and the Kangaroo. Yes, it might make me a hypocrite. But I don’t care anymore. Our society has become broken. SJW agenda was made the way of the land. Rights of men are trampled over tights of women. Rights of European settlers are trampled over the rights of the minorities. I am all for equal rights, but equality is the last thing from what we have.

So, illogically, I have made the conclusion to go to a place that does not entertain itself with equality, on the contrary. At least, if not fair, it is honest.

To close it off, another soundtrack for your pleasure. Stalin drawing is a nice touch, and connects well with my last vid.

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Kunte Kinte Kunty

Where is yous going?


It’s a good question. Have a look around the planet and there’s only a few places I can see myself. Despite all the fuckedupness of aus it’s still pretty close to the top of the places I am happy to live since at least we can feed ourselves, and energy wouldn’t be an issue if things got really serious (oil excluded, but we have enough coal and gas for about 1000 years of consumption and nothing motivates inventiveness like desperation)

E.g. EU is a total basket case who are going to be struggling to feed and heat themselves at the end of the year.

Asia, Africa, LATAM, mid-East… really? Having travelled throughout those places for a mix of business and pleasure, safe to say a hard no to all three regions as “shithole” is a pretty apt description (idiosyncratic exceptions aside such as the very south of Chile, Japan, or the fenced off white areas of South Africa, but they are fenced off for a reason….)

Which really leaves the US and Canada as the only viable countries left, both with domestic food and energy capabilities, despite Brandons best efforts at destroying the energy business.

But Canada and 80% of the US have the same social issues described as Aus (we imported our issues from them).
Which leaves the remaining 20% of the US, essentially the south east and mid northwest (e.g. Montana and Dakotas). And if that’s where you are heading, I salute you 🤘Would love to move there, and have dreams of buying a place in the Rockies one day (Alaska also, but caught the start of their autumn a few years ago and fuck, that place would be brutal for 6 months of the year)


Looks like everyone seems to come to approximately the same conclusions when surveying the world for potential places to move to.

standouts seem to be a few places in the USA, Scandinavia or some bits of Eastern Europe …. While the rest of the world offers some enclaves where there is sufficient development and familiar culture, but these are typically set in the middle of a broader shithole environment, second world, at best (eg places in Asia, Africa, South America where one with money can get by nicely)

the problem with these gems set in shitholes is that if you were have kids, you’d be running a significant risk of them being absorbed into the local “culture”, unless you make significant and continual efforts to hold yourself and progeny aloof of the local environment…. Which is hard work.


“the problem with these gems set in shitholes is that if you were have kids, you’d be running a significant risk of them being absorbed into the local “culture”,”

That should be the prerequisite for moving to any nation in the world – you move there with the understanding that maybe not yourself, but your kids and definitely your grandkids will be absorbed into the local culture.

If I moved to Iraq, my expectation would be that my kids or grandkids would become Muslim, and likely to be a bunch of inbred cousin marrying rag heads within 3 or 4 generations. If I moved to Africa, then my expectation would be that my descendants would ultimately be indistinguishable from all the other residents with median IQs of 85.

That is the price you pay and the sacrifice you should be prepared to make in order to move to a society to take advantage of, and be a part of all that they have created.

If you don’t than you are a parasite. If you don’t and all the fellow migrants who follow you don’t have that intention either, than you are a part of an invasion, and unwelcome and unneeded.

If your “culture” or cultural values demand that you preserve your culture and identity and heritage all the way back to King David – then you are a parasite and so is your culture, and deserve to be expelled.

MultiCult is a lie. It is a meme used to sow division and destroy cohesive high trust societies. It may benefit parasitical ethnic subgroups, but it is a DISASTER for the majority. Elites have known this for millennia:

“But Sennacherib, king of Assyria, had already come, and through his policy of forced population transfer he had scrambled all the nations of the lands, as it is stated in reference to Sennacherib: “And I have removed the bounds of the peoples, and have robbed their treasures” This indicates that the children of Simeon were also exiled

(Isaiah 10:13).”

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

But true.


“We have lost. I fully support that, believe it and live it”

I agree. About 50% of the population are women, 80% of them love the opportunity given to them ATM. Add the percentage of male woke fuckin morons like DLS, smithy, gunna, LVO, Greens, Albanese, Marles, and you’ve got enough people running with the elites to give us open borders, extreme wokeness, selling off our country, and favouring women and disadvantaged over often more capable males.

We’ll increase the refugee intake, allow uninvited to arrive via changes to TPVs and offshore processing, alienate America, cosy up to China and its all over.

We have lost. Our offspring will be impoverished sickly serfs living miserable lives.

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

It’s tough to move on, can appreciate the thought that’s gone into it.

But as they say in the classics…

“Relax,” said the night man
“We are programmed to receive
You can check-out any time you like
But you can never leave!”

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You lucky bastard. I wish I could go.

A fly in your ointment

So, illogically, I have made the conclusion to go to a place that does not entertain itself with equality, on the contrary. At least, if not fair, it is honest.

this is much more sage than what it seem at the begining.

I keep saying that in countries where every single political option covers all ends of spectrum has less democracy than an authoritarian system. It is actually devoid of democracy as every political option is literally an enterprise with its main business objective being winning a political seat or power position.
A rude awakening for me.

brave decision.


I got a reprieve from being banned on MB for almost 24 hours. Banned, again, for saying how fucked an option of open borders woke female Independents and Labor were as an alternative. Made out to be some extreme-thinking maniac.


Australia is finished. We’re going to lose everything we’ve got, and when we do in 30 odd years, I’ll be in a nursing home (if I’m not on the streets because they sold our spots to foreigners) rallying troops to go and take everything from the prime people I consider responsible.

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

Can’t read the linked commentary, but if I recall weren’t you always on about the destruction of the 2 party system?

If that’s still the case the destruction of either major party should be viewed as a positive and the rise of the independent candidates in seats held by so called “moderate” Liberals appears to hasten this.

If they are successful, the Liberal party reduces their “moderate” numbers becomes more right leaning – can’t see this as a net negative for the majority of right leaning hear at EZFKA.

But, if the subsequent purge of moderate Liberals leads to the party becoming dominated by their Right/Catholic and Centre-Right/Pentacostal factions, this also may make them viewed as unelectable to the wider population leading to a WA style wipeout.

Realistically though, I can only see the independents getting over the line in a couple of seats. Open borders was unfortunately always happening under either government, so the only alternatives are to leave like Mark is doing or to put yourself in a position where you could take advantage of it (property Nathan Birch style) or be in an industry that is relatively protected.


Can you paste here what you posted? Most of us here don’t subscribe to EmBee.

I have been saying it for a while the majors are all in for mass immigration, they only differ on the who and what visa. Under Labor we will get the same amount of migrants but on permanent visas.

Agent 47

Off you go then.

Further adding weight to my observation that most migrants to this country have no loyalty or any sense of real belonging to the community. Just here for the economic benefits built from scratch by the founders and out for their own self interest- the culture set by a handful of Jewish billionaires and lobbyists like Mark Leibler and Walter Lippman who imported them here the last 50 years.

There’s no running, only fighting. There’s also nowhere to run to when this thing is global. Most people just trying to maintain their illusion of comfort by any means necessary, that explains the last two years.

Agent 47

DGAF if you don’t like it, my post isn’t too dissimilar from Stewie.

Your post is just basically that you were happy to enjoy the good times here. Now times are bad, you’re off somewhere else that still resembles the good times and hope someone else cleans it up.

You can rationalise it any other way but you’re still running. They’re not going to give us anywhere on the planet as a safe haven. You’ll buy yourself a couple of years tops before it hits where you go next. White countries are first, Japan and South Korea are next.

The only other option is to fight. Sr Lanka is a window into the near future.

Agent 47

You’re exactly the parasite that Stewie was referring to. Couldn’t have called it any more accurately.

Moved to the only profitable state in country, made cash during the once in a lifetime resource cycle and now things are going bad you’re off somewhere else. You love the country as long as it pays you.

“I paid taxes” yeh every migrant uses that really tenuous excuse. Probably did everything you could to minimise it too.

Just hand your passport in on the way out. Dual citizens/paper citizens are the worst.

A fly in your ointment

I understand how you feel and it is natural.

Dig in a but under surface and all the money extracted and expatriated by “unloyal” and expatriated by immigrants in the last 10 years is likely to be less than an annual extraction of the major alien businesses like Amazon, Ebay, Google, Coca Cola, fast food chains, etc. Worse, these businesses hardly made any contribution to this community.
Pegging the wealth of ezfka to ezfka founders is inaccurate and only a segment of the full picture. For each dollar I received I have generated at least 3 time more wealth that stayed here. Most people fall into the same category.
What first immigrants did was set up grounds on solid legs for long term prosperity. Wealth of the nation is accumulation over time, inclusive of the last 50 years.

Loyalty is not as simple as just staying in a place. Not siding with bad things in a country is a form of loyalty to it.

The destruction of ezfka comes from the ezfka political demographic siding with interests of 2 major foreign powers (contrary to interests of ezfka) – which is a legacy of the forefathers. The whole imported “equality of outcome” shebang is systemically eroding and delaminating the society. In fact the opposition to these recent updated “western values” is likely to be higher in immigrants of recent decades and in that sense they are more loyal to Aus than the remainder of the mob whom just absorb the daily dose of shitfuckery.

Agent 47

Yeh don’t patronize me. You’re literally another one that moved here for economic reasons.

Predatory corporations shifting capital out of the country is one thing, bringing in hostile migrant groups where that behaviour is normalised to do the same thing only massively exacerbates the problem – that’s just a deflection for poor cultural behaviour. The whole dont blame migrants shtick is meaningless and a copout.

The foreign power you speak of is predominantly Jewish. Rootless cosmopolitans who have subverted the culture here the last 60 years because for insane eschatalogical reasons they didn’t like the fact the country they moved to from their eastern European ghettos was white and homogenous.

No one in this country really wants to talk about it when its quite easily proveable and the main source of our cultural ills.


“The foreign power you speak of is predominantly Jewish”

The truth is, to have a culture war you require an opposing culture.

LGBT rights, Gender as a spectrum, the pursuit of MultiCult, the role of women and the family, are all base cultural values that are directly sourced from Judaic or Kabalistic principals or the principals they prefer in their cattle, and which have now been transformed into “our” social values.

Look at the work currently being carried out on destroying the idea of a Nuclear family.

Here is a supposed conservative Yoram Hazony (I give you one guess as to his cultural background) lamenting the Western concept of Family:

“These children are then supposed to leave the house, move somewhere far away, and make nuclear families of their own.”

He then goes on to redefine what pre-WW2 ‘Christian and Jewish’ families were meant to be, which I recommend you read, as it basically re-defines ‘Family’ to be extended family business clan (honestly I kid you not, #3. ‘The traditional family is a business enterprise’).

This is a complete load of baloney. The Nuclear family in the Western Christian sense, has been a direct outcome of the pursuit of Christian Churchs in Europe to break up family clans – wanna know why the rate of inbeeding in the West is so low, relative to other cultures – thank the Catholic church.

Of course, not every group were so adverse to cousin marriages – especially if preserving your bloodline back to King David was important. Indeed one cultural clique from Eastern Europe, and their lack of taboos over cousin marriage, and especially between patriarchal cousins (the worst type of cousin marriage), lead to a vast number of genetic disease from inbreeding.

Notice also how the author speaks not only for Jewish history, but also now for our Christian history, as though it were a fait accompli that we have the same history.

Likewise they redefine ‘their’ values as ‘our’ values, and target ‘our’ values on things like LGBT, Gender, the role of women and the family, as things that are morally ‘wrong’ and need to be changed.

It is mistake to allow other people and cultures speak for ourselves, we can then not be the slightest bit surprised when they seek to redefine our history, and redefine our values and how we choose to collectively make our decisions.

This is the source of our culture war.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

Again, spot on. In terms of Australia, Lowy, Leibler family, Bessen family, Pratt family, Trigaboff, Lippman etc all there and probable and white anting the country post ww2.

What I’m finding fascinating about the current Ukraine scenario is there seems to be an attempt to resurrect Khazaria by the Jews, where all this started when they converted to Judaism out of political necessity in the Byzantine era and have no relation to the lost tribe of Judah.

The other thing I’m interested in is what is the real goal of all these Ukrainian refugees? Khazarians trying to spread themselves out globally Again?

Interesting nonetheless.


Replacement for all the jabbed white folk across Western countries who will be incapacitated or keel over in the next 3-5 years.

Perhaps the inscribed 500 million world population goal on those Georgia Guidestones weren’t for us but for the Khazarian folk.


“To find out who rules over you, identify those you are forbidden to criticize.”

A truism remains a truism regardless of who says it.

A fly in your ointment

Yeh don’t patronize me.

Should I use profanities next time to avoid risk of being mistaken for patronising?
Nope, do not patronize, the intent is genuine

You’re literally another one that moved here for economic reasons.

Partially true, economic reasons was a huge chunk in my case but a mere statistical notion as it was not in the bucket of decision making reasons. Economically it was a downgrade.

But to entertain the thought, let’s assume moved here purely for economical reasons: How would I be different from any other immigrant beginning from and including the times of Cook (apart from judicial forced migration)?


I am not going to lie, I did invest a lot of time in understanding Australian history, values, but not being from here I do not know it as well as I wish.”

I don’t begrudge anyone who comes to Australia with the intention of integrating and assimilating as best they can, with the understanding that they and their descendants will eventually become a part of the existing society.

I have issues with large numbers of sub-saharan African migration, only because the issue of a such a large standard deviation between population groups has resulted in such enormous social conflict where ever they have moved to in large numbers elsewhere in the world. But I am not opposed to African migration on a social basis – love is love.

I also have issues with large numbers of Muslims migrating into a predominantly Christian society. Seeking to establish mosques and ‘communities’ throughout our land, and following a religion that has not sought to reform itself one iota, from the barbaric, expansive, medieval religion that Christianity itself resembled 500 years ago, is a recipe for disaster.

However, if someone comes to Australia to become Australian, as opposed to a MultiCult consuming unit, then I genuinely morn their departure.

But honestly, I look around the world and there are few places that see that have not been already colonised by the agents of Globohomo. There are certainly no English speaking nations left that haven’t already fallen victim to MultiCult and mass migration.

In terms of ‘white nations’ or where the Caucasian population group is likely to remain dominant in the future, then that basically just leaves nations in generally inhospitably cold climates, Scandinavia and parts of Eastern Europe including Russia. Demographics will eventually subsume anything in South America, at best you could look forward to a tiered MultiCult society like India.

Other than those you are looking at emigrating on the basis of what I wrote in my post above, somewhere in Africa, Middle East or Asia, where you will always be viewed as an other, until it is breed out of any descendants you might have.

Agent 47

Agree with most of your post. Demographics is destiny but the average self loathing, decadent aussie didn’t care until things started directly impacting them the last two years. It was always there, much easier to watch the footy and go on meaningless holidays to Thailand for your fb friends though. Voting isn’t going to change anything.

Indian migration is going to be the worst part for this country. I’m not going anywhere as there is nowhere to go and running is just cowardice. I don’t believe in inevitability. IMO that’s a Jewish demoralisation tactic to get you to believe there’s no stopping anything.

A lot of this can be reversed but it’s just the cost of doing is so is violence with more violence as history has shown.


The violence will come soon enough as we slide the resource curve.
It is inevitable at this stage – I would not want to be an arrogant minority, intent on preserving my own cultural values, in society fragmenting towards dysfunction and resource collapse.
Assimilate or perish.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

Violence before end of this year when food shortages start really biting is my call.

Sri Lanka is the canary in the coal mine.


Australia is one of the most food secure countries in the world. There will be irritation and rising prices but people will not starve. There will be no repeat of the great depression here.


Absolutely true, but, our farmland is increasingly owned by foreign interests. Our elite will let us end up like the Irish under British rule or Soviet citizens under Stalin where the food is diverted for other purposes ie export whilst the peasants starve.


Those were good songs, generally, but they were a little too potty-mouthed for my liking.


PS – how do you put videos into posts?

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

I’m going to take an educated guess that most people who have commented on this are city people who have never spent any decent time in regional Australia ( if you live in Syd that means West of the Divide, not Newcastle or Wollongong 😉)
Read up on the Osborne footy club in country NSW, it’s just a small sample


When are you going? I suspect that you’ll be coming back sometime within the next 10 years.


“Way better then MB!” – absolutely!!

A fly in your ointment


Netflix’s Australian tax bill was $838,000 last year

Telsyte’s 2021 Australian Entertainment Subscription Study suggests the streaming giant has about 6 million local subscribers. Based on pricing packages ranging from $11 to $20 per month, Netflix could be generating as little as $850 million from Australian subscribers, or as much as $1.6 billion.

That is at best tax at 1% of turnover or at worst 0.5%.
Now I understand that turnover is not equal to profit but at this level any business that makes that little taxable income is not viable. Sounds like a distuned guitar.
Of course, let’s pin the capital outflow to immigrants. Unlike Net Flix, immigrants contribute SFA and just extract their $10k per year back to their country of origin.