Report: Labor MP Richard Marles ‘guest of honour’ on board Chinese intelligence ship off of WA coast

A Chinese intelligence ship spotted off the coast of Western Australia this past week was carrying ALP MP Richard Marles.

Marles, who was noted for a record number of visits to the Chinese Embassy, was aboard the ship and was touring the WA coast inspecting potential landing sites for a PLAN invasion in the near future.

“I can confirm that Richard Marles was aboard the Chinese ship last week,” Anthony Albanese said.

“He was assisting the PLAN for their post-federal election objectives and that’s all I will comment on the matter.”

Marles is planning an East Coast tour next week.

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Isn’t it weird that an already fracturing EU, about to hit a shitstorm of economics ills, is now superunited and has non-members desperate to join? It’s almost as if they plan this stuff.

Agent 47

Finland and Sweden joining NATO after centuries of neutrality right as ww3 kicks off is just a coincidence though.

Gruppenführer Mark

Will never happen. Not now, not ever. People will not stand for this. There is no appetite in Europe for further escalation.

Both Swedes and Finns have what they call “historic memory”

There are other places in the world you can take, but you don’t fck with Russia, they tend to fck back. They have not lost, ever, any significant territories.

And yes, subscribe! 🙂

Agent 47

Chinese subversion of Australia will accelerate ten fold with the ALP.

Gruppenführer Mark



More like 20 fold.


Religion of peace strikes again, Iraqi man injures 6 people on a train in Aachen, Germany, doubt it will get much news time. Flagged as a religious extremist in 2017 but not sent home because… racism??

A fly in your ointment

a Ukrainian refo mob beat to death a polish Samaritan trying to protect a girl from harassment.
read all about it on fakenews.comau


Is anyone following drew Pavlov on Instagram ?

hes having a manic episode or else he’s just a fucking loser

having a “donda listening party” in a basement car park

i will admit that he IS actually shadow banned on Instagram (he doesn’t come up when you search)
Which is an odd move from a company which should surely be trying to protect US military interests

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming
A fly in your ointment

sometimes gambits are staged for a short period to ramp up credulity/credibility.
I would not exclude the chinks that attacked him as his shills.