MB, not even worth link spamming anymore?

I tend to avoid the place these days but back in the day without fail on any real estate affordability article you’d get a whole lot of Housing affordability linkspam from Hugh whatsisface.
I haven’t seen him or anyone else at all bother on anything I’ve looked at there recently.

Have they truly become so completely irrelevant with a handful of readers and that’s it? Am I wrong and people still linkspam them? Does it matter either way?

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I hardly visit MB anymore.

Seems more articles are behind paywall also?


interestingly linking to them on reddit is banned, if you post an MB article on r australia its insta deleted. it’s odd bc the difference between MB and reddit is not substantial anymore, exact same class of ppl minus/plus about 15-20 years average age memberbase.

i went over there a few days ago and yep most of the members have cleared out, don’t even see skippy anymore. its take on covid is no diff from most MSM organs; get the jab asshole, etc. ive become unbelievably bored by australian discourse lately, what a boring, riskless, oppressive country this place has turned out to be.

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Yeah there’s a new bunch of extremely unpleasant, tedious and patronising new sign ups
along with the return of the extremely punchable lord Dudley


Could be dead from Covid , along with w@f





Awe, I feel left out now and unloved.
Can you call me a gay, please?

Here, to start you off:
“W@F is not nice to his mother”.

Dictator david

I just drop by every 6 months to stir up/keep bcn honest 🤪

Dictator david

The last time I was on there I wrote a spiel calling DLS a cunt and censoring my posts 😂 He posted it for a bit crying about what he has to put up with and a few blokes found it funny before he deleted it.


I was called a troll a week ago because of a different opinion and not being a subscriber.


I’ve never subscribed and probably had 1000 usernames since 2012. Always felt that I’d subscribe if I got value from it. In hindsight they probably cost me more $$$ than I ever made following their economic forecast/commentary.

Plus it’s fun to troll them since they are a fragile bunch


I enjoy that too. They are very fragile.


At the very beginning I think they had some good insights but eventually they just turned into “cut teh rates” and “orange man bad” crap you could get anywhere else.

The big turn-off though is the absolute arrogance of MB. They gloat endlessly about the few calls they get right but the majority of the time their predictions are embarrassingly wrong. I finally stopped the occasional glance altogether 12 months ago with their “second in a lifetime” sell everything call (while CBs were printing money at an unprecedented rate!).

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MB peaked around 2017 maybe and covid is when they truly jumped the shark.

If the information you read isn’t useful or insightful or contains interesting investment calls, it’s a waste of time to me.

There is too much emphasis on click through rate spam. They need to just post 6-8 articles a day max and keep it focused and quality.

And the sell everything call was one of the dumbest calls ever made. Probably generate good ad revenue though.


Wasn’t it cut teh rates and MPLOL going to stop house prices getting higher. Academically that could happen, but we live in an economic zone and that won’t happen.


LVO writes some good stuff particularly around economic policy and the population ponzi. DLS is raving ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ lunatic. Both are particularly defensive to criticism and have a pretty poor job in their Covid coverage particularly DLS.
They are probably better off wrapping it all up and have articles within a newsletter to investors in the MB fund. The fund does okay and they have good people working in the fund. If not wrapping up MB, then they need a more diverse audience if the ultimate objective is to direct people to the fund.

A fly in your ointment

How does a narcissist cope with criticism even if it is criticism that makes him money?


Anyone that Reddit bans links to is still worth a follow imho.

DLS is a poncy, pompous bitch titted soy boy, but he can still write a good diatribe. Leith remains an absolute trojan and churns out heaps of powerfully researched and pulled together articles.

I found commenting there exhausting, especially in regard to defending my reasonable and truly held views. I personally found DLS’s progressive panglossian liberal viewpoint to be gratingly naïve. Other economists, like for example Philip Soos, have woken up to the purpose of a lot of our social policy, like multiculturalism are fundamentally flawed concepts, designed to destroy our ability to solve the economic problem for ourselves, and just as much a part of the neoliberal agenda as flat taxes.

DLS might like to blow his own trumpet in regards to being the torch bearer for a lot of these topics, but the honest fact is that they were. True there were a multitude of other independent minded thinkers and reporters out there, guys like Ian Verrender, but they were isolated voices within larger news organisations. Often they are only kept on as notional voices of ‘balance’ while being ignored and generally suffocated by progressive editors and producers.

But MB at least provides a centralised platform where these guys views can be recycled, boosted and re-distributed. Who else is going to do it? Crikey? rofl

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Agent 47

Agree. Aligns with most of my views, DLS brings it on himself.

It’s the commentariat that puts me off. All the interesting commenters are now here. Reading the same milquetoast LNP bashing interspliced with grown adult men afraid of a virus trying to out fear each other, was pure cringe and tiresome to read over and over again.

Guess if you are in your 40s, wealthy and living in northern NSW then it’s the site for you.

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Interesting articles. Thanks.

Chinese Astroturfer

There’s a lot more dry tinder created because of the lack of a flu season.


Excellent news. Lockdowns forever!

Reus's large member

I still go there but got tired of the fuckwits with Trump derangement syndrome, sure Trump is a tool, but he did do some good stuff and the current mob are so 1984 it is beyond scary

Also their obsession with MPLOL, they keep saying interest rates going down are good then bemoan the house prices going up and carry on about how there is going to be MP and get upset when you call them out on the fact that MP is not going to and never will happen

I do like bnich and wish he would join here as he gives a totally divergent view on things, I like people that present a different view on things and make you think of other possibilities


RLM – for some reason your comments seem to get stuck in the filter. Can you do another comment, to test what happens?

Reus's large member

How is this peachy


are you posting as guest, rather than signed in? Might be that.

Large Member

This is the registered account but it cut the username short so that is why I was using the other guest account


It’s a tough life with a unit so large that it doesn’t all fit where you’d like to put it…


But when you use just the short bit, jsut the tip, it seems to work ok!

A fly in your ointment

A true engineer leaches from ideas of others. Every single idea heard from others should incite a plethora of other new own ideas and stimulate mind to the n-th degree.
No need to have fortified, well defended thoughts shared for mind stimulation, just a distinction from trolling could be enough.


of Housing affordability linkspam from Hugh whatsisface.

I haven’t seen him or anyone else at all bother on anything I’ve looked at there recently.

i think that Hughey has a bit more self awareness and shame about being incorrect in the past.

so he may well be reconsidering his worldview, etc.

or maybe jsut looking at how many (or few) clicks the linkspam generates these days, which must be quite paultry & not worth the hassle??

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If only Osiris gets some self awareness too. Seems like Hughey has passed the baton on.


embee never had many NZ users, and with most people ignoring their links in general I doubt ol HP’s posts would have attracted much interest. Like Martin North’s videos on NZ, I’m just not that interested.


Two more deaths in Australia this week from the AZ vaccine. Meanwhile another week of absolutely no healthy people dying from Covid.

And if they really want us vaccinated ASAP, why are they not looking at Sputnik-V?



The spudnik seems to be about as bad as the astrazeneca at preventing infection.

but I guess the mind-control Trojan in the spudnik responds to signals from Vlad’s satellites, but the mind-control Trojan in the AZ calls home to the World Bank or Davos or something?


At about the 15 minute mark of this video the doctor compares the efficacy of a few vaccines. AZ was a bit shit against infection, but faired quite well against hospitalisation.

Coronavirus Update 127: Delta Variant and Vaccines – YouTube


Am wondering whether it is the “harmless” adenovirus itself causing the clotting which means Sputnik would be the same. Speculating of course but it just seems odds that multiple blood clotting vaccines are using adenovirus.

A fly in your ointment

No need to speculate.
There are some countries where majority of “reporters-wannabe-belingcat” just awaits such information from mass “Sputnicised” punters and nope.
My anecdotal evidence points to no deaths from Sputnik. How efficient it is… well it must be because it is Russian and they put the first Dog and Man in space using Sputnik satellite!!!


It is enjoyable to go there and discuss the benefits of ‘letting it rip’ on the covid posts. There are a number of the longtime members that agree Australia is undergoing a hysterical overreaction although they are drowned out by the hypochondriacs.


tell you who is another fag at MB who doesnt get ragged on nearly enough, C.M burns

guy sucks