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its pretty obvious to the non cookers & non covidians alike that vaccination is either a wash or marginally worse than covid for most ppl roughly under 40-45 or so

anything above vaccination is clearly better and probably saved a few lives. at least temporarily

individual risk factors not withstanding of course so not everyone deserves to be lumped into the same groups just by age alone

idfk why this is so hard to admit

how much longer are you people just going tob e playing mental gymnastic silly buggers over this shit

youre gonna be close to your death bed still sitting there on the hospital VR holodeck arguing with people over this in 2095

who gives a fucking shit


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no i dont think its a good thing

but how many ppl still actually listening to these losers?


How many people do you think care about the interest rate decision in more than a cursory way?

seemingly a lot given how much whinging i hear about it every day


So you think it’s good we are still recommending everyone get vaccinated when they turn 5?”

No. That’s a terrible policy. Over 65, is fair enough.


its their identity at this point

it made absolute losers (socially and economically) think they are better than everybody else

they believe they are going to inherit the earth


You’re a winner because you got shot. ask your wifes boyfriend if you can have the fifth booster, please! go ahead it’s harmless lmao!
requiescat in pace

A fly in your ointment

its their identity at this point

it made absolute losers (socially and economically) think they are better than everybody else

they believe they are going to inherit the earth

LOL, I hope that this is what all those jabbadabba-happy folks that dropped suddenly tell themselves in that last second before the eternal farewell…for their sake.

not better, just not reckless.
what good is million backs in the wallet when dropped suddenly


eh, that mason twitter account is dedicated to defending vaccines. A sperg or an internet sentiment influencer?
Sad weirdo either way


i was never convined by this whole excess death angle tbh

seems like creative use of spotty and low quality data


There’s large amounts of very high quality data showing that something bad is happening.



Never gave a shot about the stats during Covid (mainly because it was the bedwetters who did) but does excess deaths include the cancer patients etc who missed treatment?

Due to the hospitals being basically shut, we must now have hundreds of thousands not diagnosed for say 2 years. Those people are surely dying sooner, having missed treatment options.

Are those in the excess death numbers ?


Sounds like Anectdata but I’m not a Covid nutter either way.

What about elderly parents who each missed treatments and inevitably surgeries, both suffered unable to walk more than 5m without pain and subsequent quality of life? The surgeries are now too late to be effective, rehab impossible, etc.

I’ve got no doubt Dictator Dan has robbed them of 5 years min.

You can have your Jab = for ‘some’ heart probs and death, but my theory is that % is not as high as you want to think. My theory says many deaths are just those who should have been diagnosed and treated but weren’t, due to the Dictators.


UK weekly death data from the ONS, the official UK stats agency is here. This isn’t spotty or low quality and it shows thousands of excess deaths occurring each week. That’s actual people who are no longer alive who wouldnt have expected to die suddenly….around 6000 so far this year. Each one a tragedy for their family and friends.

Something bad is happening, there, here and many other places.



It’s possible that all these deaths have nothing to do with the vaccines, but the utter refusal of governments all over the world to investigate this catastrophe and find out what’s happening is very suspicious.


very typical of pushers to go all phillip morris though… govcvnts, like medcvnts in tobaccos time will bullshit for $$$

Johnny Canuck

It’s real. I’ve personally been tracking deaths in Victoria as recorded by the VIC state government here.

Total deaths in in Victoria in 2022 were 15% higher compared to 2021 and 2020 (i.e., around 6000 extra dead bodies). See the attached chart. Nothing from the MSM of course, just the usual noise about spectacular car crashes and politicians being idiots.

January 2023 is continuing the trend with 3977 dead compared to 3323 in 2021 and 3464 in 2020.


how much of it is just the deaths of ppl who would have died in 2020-2021 from infectious diseases, flu etc that didnt bc it didnt spread as much due to lockdowns tho. how can you know for sure its the jab

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Could also be the lockdown impact meaning delays to surgeries, psychological impacts of lockdowns creating poor habits (diet and lack of exercise), covid itself on it goes


yeah that too, and car accidents is plausible as well bc no one was driving in 2020-2021


Mind reposting the data? The Aussie data was garbage


Jesus this cooker bullshit is tiring

how will they separate the effects of the virus from the jab from the lockdown ?

why doesn’t sweden have excess deaths ?

why does UK have excess deaths despite using mainly virus vector vaccines ?

etc etc

its just so fucking retarded


“how will they separate the effects of the virus from the jab
from the lockdown ?”

they’ll simply deem it as such and such, depending on who gets the upper hand in narrative control.

and back on the merry go round we hop.

indeed retarded



this is the same imbecile who thinks cryptocurrency is the answer


I just cannot see that study being done in good faith at this point
I won’t see it while I’m alive imo
edit; actuaries would be my sole hope… lets see if they can shmoozed.

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good…hope it is thorough


25 years ago, the ABS was one of the best stats agencies in the world and they used it as a recruiting tool. But that was before the government gutting it. A lot of money now spent on data science areas in government which is more concerned with voting intentions rather than statistics about the economy, health, etc.


Here’s Coming da Cooker Vaxx boy coping copiously.
Cook on Clot Guy, because you will die before your allotted time.
Eternal rest grant unto Coming, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him/her. May he/she rest in peace. Amen. May almighty God bless us with his peace and strength, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Having medical rights stripped away and living under authoritarian government was pretty tiring too.

And I say that as a vaccinated guy.

I cbf looking into the stats but societies would have no problems if the supposedly uncooked people weren’t total psychopaths.


Yes I’d say that was the real issue here

everyonr completely forgot about the lockdown

which was the most egregious and stupid violation of human rights in western history



this is sincerely fking pathetic haha


the boomers will ahve this country over a barrel until their dying breath

theyll die clutching their property deeds in their hands


Raising interest rates is not disinflationary


I disagree.


yeah? Peachy needs to tweak Coming’s algos, because it glitches every now and again


Hasn’t this been done to death before

What happens when something becomes more expensive Coming?


God forbid a multi variable problem is presented to the bloke it breaks his circuitry


Alternatively, provide some empiric evidence to support the causal relationship between rates and inflation and its direction

this is far more sketchy than “climate science” and co2-AGW


how does increasing the amount of base money and increasing the velocity of money reduce inflation ?

once you can explain that , I’ll answer your question


Because people will consume/access less of that thing (money) when the price (interest) goes up. It’s demand destruction.

The only people who benefit from rising interest rates in this environment are cash rich people which are mostly retirees.

Aussie Soy Boy

It needs to be raised to the point where we break some people. Raising 0.25% when real interest rates are still -5%, unemployment at 50 year lows, isn’t going to do anything.


You realise that all the boomers and people with more deposits than debts (60%+ of the population) will be making more money with higher rates

you also realise that higher rates discourage new businesses and productive enterprises from forming, which reduces competition

thats why in the 0%/QE days we had new supermarkets (Aldi lidl etc) , stupid profitless tech companies providing essentially free/subsidised services etc etc

Now to be viable new entrants (or expansions) need to have fat margins to compete with the risk free return rate

paying interest on bonds or on reserves is essentially welfare for the rich – it’s risk free money

in any case , the RBA largely follows the bond market so it’s not like they can just decide to increase rates by 8% in one go


There is no way 60% of the population has more cash deposits than debt. We are the most indebted nation in the developed world.

And a significant component of the cash that exists would be in an offset account to offset that person’s mortgage.

Only cashed up debt free pensioners fit that profile.


Every loan creates a corresponding deposit

double entry book keeping



Refute my assertion before claiming something else please.

And yep Dr Loan Asset and Cr Deposit liability is the entry you are referring to

But the deposit liability is used to in turn buy what coming… It’s swapped either for a house (another asset – not cash) or spent on consumables (not cash)

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Money is not destroyed by purchasing an asset with a created loan

it just changes hands

now all that money is making 4.35%

even if money is destroyed, higher rates = higher velocity = higher inflation


you guys are so simplistic in your explanation and understanding of everything, like AGW/carbon idiots
Or DLS and lockdowns


Yep so the person who receives the cash for selling a business, house, or just taking our a loan for a holiday will generally be reinvesting that back into another house (not cash), another business maybe (not cash) or spending it on things (not cash). Maybe they will indeed save some (cash) but they may also funnel it into the share market or some other investment (not cash).

Little of that money is actually making 4.35%.

As I said it’s only cashed up retirees and/or actually wealthy people that fit the profile of having have hoards of cash in addition to having a debt free PPOR.

And it is the volume of money/capital creation not the price of money directly that primarily levers up or down inflation. But by increasing interest rates you can make it harder for people and businesses to get a loan as it impacts serviceability and so on, thus less loans can be issued, thus quantum of money creation goes down, thus less demand this less inflation.


If you include super balances, maybe?


If we include that the majority of super is unable to be accessed which furthers my point.


There is no way 60% of the population has more cash deposits than debt. We are the most indebted nation in the developed world

thats the data I’ve seen

if you’ve got something else then share it

every private debt has a corresponding private deposit, so it makes sense to be at least 50% if evenly distributed

then every dollar of government debt comes with additional private deposits

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was higher than 60%

even if it wasn’t the magnitude of change is much higher for deposits

credit card interest rates have gone from 16-20% (x25% increase)

mortgage interest rates have gone from 2-5% (x150% increase)

deposit rates have gone from 0.1-4.35% (x000s% increase)


All debts are assets only really holds true at the initial point of loan creation. From then cash is generally spent or reinvested into assets. The thing that is constant is the loan asset (debt) the bank owns.

There aren’t millions of people floating around with $1m in cash and a $1m loan held to the bank.


Deposits cannot be destroyed just by buying things

how many fucking times do I have to explain this

the only way to destroy deposits is government surplus or paying down private debt


I’m not actually stating that or suggesting that although re reading one post I see how you may have.

My point was there aren’t millions of people floating around with millions in cash as you seem to think.

It’s the distribution of who has that cash that matters.

And even if you get 4% in the bank inflation is still 8% so you’re still making a nice -4% real return..


who cares what the real return is?

we are simply discussing whether interest rate rises are disinflationary

And they aren’t

There is no empirical evidence to prove or even suggest that they are either

You have just bought the story
Like other people buy the AGW story
or bought the vaccine story
or bought the lockdown story

the more you think about it and look into it, the less and less convincing it gets


So you are arguing interest rate rises cause inflation then a sentence later say there is no evidence to prove that they can cause deflation. Nice logic.

C’mon man it is straightforward as this

Inflation is too much money chasing too few goods.

You either increase supply or take money out of the system.

Central banks can only easily and quickly do the latter.

Increasing interest rates cripples loan serviceability reducing the number of loans that can be written and/or their size.

This, for mortgages at least, is exactly what has happened.

This cripples the supply of new money entering the economic system.

End of story.



I’d love him if I was a Boomer. My term deposits would be raining cash, and I could hike rents on my IPs because investors with mortgages are doing it. Nothing he’s doing impacts me so I’ll keep going on cruises.

Best of all, he’s crushing the youth, whom I despise. They won’t be able to afford smashed avo, can’t borrow enough to afford property, and will have to live miserable povvo renter lives enriching me until I die.


And why wouldn’t you despise the youth? Most of them are foreigners!


They mostly love foreigners because foreigners do shit jobs for shit pay and are incredibly grateful to be able to live in the same country (but definitely not the same suburbs) as rich Boomer parasites.


oh and another thing.. how many jabbidees are we sposed to be up to now? 6? 7? …
complete silence on the jabbidee front from the tptb…either pooing their pants or just don’t care?


I’m at zero and staying there. I’ve never regretted being unjabbed for a single second. Nobody has.


Only true Branch Covidians are still getting boosters as far as I can see. I think you have to pay for them now or some shit. TPTB have pretty much memory holed the vax, sucks for Pfizer and Moderna I guess.


yep its done. you have to pay now and i dont know anyone who even thinks about covid anymore. its been over a year since anyone really cared


It really is incredible how quickly we all moved on from covid.

It was like living in an alternative universe and may well be the world’s largest mass psychosis event.


Theres a whole heap about to expire so anyone can get one free in NSW, not sure about anywhere else

And dem cunts just bought 10,000,000 more!