FriendlyJordies declares New world Order already in control.

In a serious display of mental gymnastics to justify labor supporting the new surveillance bill he has come out saying it isn’t labor or the liberals fault but was enacted by foreign entities. The only logical conclusion from this is local elections don’t matter anymore as we are already under foreign control…

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Clearly Jordies is a one eyed partisan cunt who is so one eyed and so partisan and cunty that it tends to negate what would otherwise be funny and perhaps deserving sympathy.


I really hope that Labor gets in either federally or in NSW, where Jordo is.

So I can see him squirm and tie himself in knots trying to excuse all the government disasters that are bound to continue to occur on their watch.


I love your adjectiving of a noun that had just been used as a noun.


Language is a beautiful thing. I wish I were better at it.


Labor is turning itself into some sort of cult and Jordo is turning himself into one of their messengers. You should see the mental gymnastics to defend Daniel Andrews, it is just ridiculous. The Westgate tunnel is case in point and yet the cult members say it is necessary and the fact that Tim Pallas will personally profit is actually defended.

The real issue in Victoria is that the opposition is full of unemployable private school drop kicks. The parties on the left want to turn Melbourne into Portland Oregon.