NSW ICU’s overrun with journalists attempting self-harm after Sydney residents ignore lockdown

ICU’s at NSW’s hospitals are at breaking point this evening with a record number of admissions for self-harm from mainstream media journalists, after witnessing Sydney residents telling them to get fucked over lockdown.

Journalists from across the media were admitted to ICU’s across Sydney, sparking a crisis and condemnation for ‘taking up ICU spots.’

“It’s been our busiest day ever and we’ve had record admissions across our hospitals from members of the media,” Dr Robert Morrison from NSW Health said.

“It appears that a combination of cancellation of the press conferences as well as Sydney residents telling them to quite clearly fuck off, has pushed them over the edge.”

Channel 7 and 9 have vowed to escalate the fear porn and shaming pieces in response, with NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller scheduled for a 24/7 “empty threat marathon” starting at 9am this morning.

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it makes me happy to see it, but therres a two-sidedness to aussies in that theyll actively ignore restrictions while still supporting them explicitly at the same time, the same people on those beaches are the same people often cheerleading vax passports

A fly in your ointment

Like Trump’s stolen election… more people were voting for him than what dared to admit this publically.

To elaborate, constant pounding with PC police and wicked moral grounds, it has become subconciously wrong to express one’s own viewpoint and virtue signal in public.
This is a powerfull tool, mind you. Earlier in the last decade, when confronted for taking my 4yo daughter to a very public venue female toilet, I asked if the toilet inspector is implying that I am a male simply because I had unshaven face and the instant paleness forthcame and the aforementioned inspector ran for life.

pfh 007

Wearing masks outdoors has always been nothing more than “Covid Theatre of the Absurd”. Journalists demanded masks everywhere because it looked like doing something and made them sound like they care.

As for vax passports, they are a brilliant “carrot” for getting the fat couch potatoes off their butts and vaccinated so there is less chance of them clogging up hospital beds. Keep in mind that it is the 1000+ people in hospital (95+% unvaccinated or partially vaccinated) that is the reason we are in lockdown.

Getting the old, porky and sickly vaccinated fast is in everyone’s interests.

So what about the militant anti-vaxer, freedom lovers, horse paste fanciers and young hard bodies who think covid is “just a cold” dreamt up by big Pharma and Bill Gates in partnership with the Commies in Beijing?

They just need to be a bit patient and encourage the vaccination of those at risk as fast as possible. And that means supporting vax passports.


Because vax passports sound scary and will get the easily frightened off their butts but any wise monkey knows there will be little or no enforcement of vax passports, at least after the first few days/weeks. Why would the average business want to waste staff time checking vax passports. It is not as though many businesses bother checking if you have logged in with a QR code.

So all the anti-vax passport types need to do is to chill out and let the vax passport campaign do what it is designed to do…..get those who should be vaxed vaccinated as quickly as possible. Keep your arms unjabbed but encourage those who need the jab to get it. In a few weeks the lockdown will have been eased and you can go about your business unvaccinated just like everyone clutching a vax passport in their hot little hands. Even the airlines will forget it about the issue soon enough as they get hungry for bums on seats.

We all know that Gladys and the LNP are let it rip true believers…. just like most of the anti vax passports folk. They just want to get the vulnerable jabbed so they can let business get back to doing what it does best and that means open borders, people stuffing, guest workers and the whole bank debt driven ponzi economy. That is what they call “Freedom”.


The only problem is once the lockdown ends, vaxxed or not the numbers will explode, so lockdowns are coming back. Numbers ae constantly going up WITH lockdown.

pfh 007

Case numbers or people seriously ill in hospital?

Who is going to care about case numbers once Gladys stops showing up each day making a big thing out of them.

Considering how Israel has become a “poster boy” for the vax don’t work crowd they are not actually doing that badly.


81,428 active cases of which 688 are serious or critical.

The rest are mild.

If that happens in NSW we will be fine.

I am just crossing my fingers that all the oldies and sickly rush out to get jabbed for a freedom pass and as a result don’t clog up the hospitals and cause another lockdown.

The real problem is going to be a few sick kids…they always make the headlines. If their parents want to get them jabbed let them.


And that means supporting vax passports.


Because vax passports sound scary and will get the easily frightened off their butts but any wise monkey knows there will be little or no enforcement of vax passports, at least after the first few days/weeks. Why would the average business want to waste staff time checking vax passports.

you’re not too far wrong on the practicalities of businesses mostly not having the incentive to enforce this.

and generally “practically not too far wrong” is definitely good enough.

but not here. Here it’s the thin end of the wedge of something that’s likely irreversible.

maybe not tomorrow or next year, by 10 years from now someone will have the motivation to track and control everyone. And, if the passport laws are on the books, all they’ll have to do is flick a switch.

MB Fanboi

I suspect vax compliance checks will be very slack. I haven’t QR checked in here in Brisvegas ever. When there is a door nazi I’ve pointed my phone at the QR and pressed the screen a few times and then I get a “thank you” as well! I had that fake checking website for a while, before it was shut down, so screen captured QR ticks for all the stores I though I might need but have never required it. Even with masks, I know the shops would don’t give a toss and shop there instead of the ‘Colesworth’ varieties. Peeps are so over this, compliance to stupid ‘rools’ will only decline.

pfh 007

“..10 years from now someone will have the motivation to track and control everyone..”

That motivation has always been around and is already a fact of life unless you work hard to brush away your paw prints in the electronic sand.

Knowing that some marketing people are up late trying hard to work out how to sell me something I don’t need makes me feel needed.

Every little bit of validation helps! 🙂


Marketing people aren’t the problem. Imagine lockdown but with ubiquitous tracking by the government.

pfh 007

I think you are giving the public servants far too much credit. I can’t imagine the average cardigan wearer caring too hoots about what you or I have been doing. The corporates chasing a buck are the ones you need to worry about. If they can sniff a lost penny in your data they will be onto to it.


Nah, pfh.

police already have sought store check-in data, notwithstanding how rudimentary the current system is.

police have also already arrested people for thought crimes.

now, if you end up with a system where people have to log-in to almost everywhere they go with individual certificates, you can bet your left testicle that it’s only a matter of time before there are examples of police squads being dispatched to arrest thought criminals as soon as they log in to the grocery store or thr bottleo. Or the doctor’s surgery….

pfh 007

I didn’t have the cops in mind as the cardigan wearers.

But yes – if the cops are investigating you and they want to know what you have been up to they probably would like to get their paws on your digital bread crumb trail.

Apparently they had a go in Perth and the government told them to stop it. Which makes sense if the govt want people to check in for public health reasons.

Cops may be tops but they don’t know when to stop.

A regulation should keep them away from it.


A regulation should keep them away from it.

A regulation can be changed in seconds…


A regulation can be changed in seconds…


who the cops investigate (or harass) is very much whoever the government of the day directs them to.

according to YouTube, the deputy premier is already quite easily able to set the antiterror unit on some dude he doesn’t like.

now, fast forward 5 years to when you’re checking in to everywhere you go… how easy would it be to harass you?!

they know where you are all the time, if they choose to, they can review all the footage from the ubiquitous CCTV cameras and ping you for jaywalking or littering or maybe smoking within 5 metres of a bus stop or whatever. You might find yourself wearing $400 fines weekly for miscellaneous offences.


I didn’t have the cops in mind as the cardigan wearers.

i know you didn’t have the cops in mind.

the cops are jsut where the rubber tends to hit the road (/boots hit the head).

if you read Solzhenitsyn, you’ll find a whole bunch of cardigan wearing civil servants that made the gulag machine tick. They don’t need to care about any particular individual – they can just as easily administer movement of passenger buses in Moscow and monitoring of weather patterns as they can movement of trains of slave labour between gulags and monitoring of unarrested dissidents.

the cardigan wearers are the machinery. Someone at the top calls the shots. You can’t assume that the someone at the top will be benevolent. Indeed, in the EZFKA you would do well to assume that there is quite a bit of hostility.

pfh 007

Goodness Peachy!

You worry too much.

Police are required to follow rules. Especially those that leave a paper trail.

The police are not going to be allowed to access that login data unless they are allowed. And they don’t control the data so someone has to give them access.

And who makes that decision?

Politicians. And as we know they are highly responsive to every moaning Karen who thinks wearing a mask on a beach makes a difference.

Even in that Corporatist Authoritarian police state Singapore they stopped the police accessing that data.

While it is useful knowing what happened in Stalinist Russia we have a lot of sharks to jump before we get there.

What will help us get there is the blasé attitude to the rule of law that is taking root amongst the far left and right. The ones promoting the breaking of laws they don’t like.

But then those extremes always tend to believe their ends justify their means.


The police are not going to be allowed to access that login data unless they are allowed. 

whilst this is – essentially – a tautology, it is also one of the most accurate summaries of the situation.

perhaps the only edit I would make is to substitute the “unless” with the “until”.

While it is useful knowing what happened in Stalinist Russia we have a lot of sharks to jump before we get there.

Yes. But if you ask me, a digital identity passport that is required to access basic goods/services is one of those sharks. You seem willing to see it jumped, and so are many others “to get their freedoms back”… that is very EZFKA, where anything can be bought and sold.

i would not like to see it jumped. I can learn another language or two.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Politicians. And as we know they are highly responsive to every moaning Karen who thinks wearing a mask on a beach makes a difference.

You have that arse about. Every moaning karen thinks that because of the politicians.
The same as they think no one should be allowed to do anything without being vaxxed

 blasé attitude to the rule of law that is taking root amongst the far left and right.

Would that be similar to the one where the politicians ignore the same rules they are expecting the plebs to follow?
Qnd not just covid but corruption more generally.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678
MB Fanboi

I don’t know any marketoids who are tech savvy, so maybe we are already ‘safe’


so maybe we are already ‘safe’

not “already”, but “still”


Not just the journos, the local karens are freaking out as well. Someone posted about this is a local group yesterday sparking the usual outrage about how this would never happen in our suburb. Then someone posted photos from a local park and it was just as crowded. People are so over it.


All it shows is a lack of social cohesion. Sydney people would rather have mass immigration than lockdown and lockout. Can’t blame them: ponzi central will fall over if MI doesn’t get going soon. The Fed gov withdrew much COVID support forcing casual workers and contractors to work sick or not. They are incentivised not to get tested at the first sign of illness because they can’t afford to isolate. I reckon the feds did this on purpose because their mates need the ponzi back ASAP. Full list of mates and co-conspirators here: https://www.9news.com.au/national/australia-business-community-implores-state-premiers-to-end-lockdowns-under-national-plan/


yeh, robert – your plan to extend the lockdown/to not get jabbed for political reasons as a way of delaying the open borders has been largely gazumped by the EZFKA government.

they know that they need the fresh fodder coming in, explicitly. The populace knows implicitly. We’re on a pretty reliable track in that direction.


I knew it always going to get gazumped. Still, there’s already enough evidence coming through that the lack of immigration is benefitting Australian workers. Sadly, we don’t have an opposition capable of exploiting it. Even One Nation are sucking on this. Hanson got diverted to family law. Clever move by Morrison putting her on that committee. Latham harps on about how bad and unnecessary the NSW lockdown is, playing right into the ponzi schemers’ hands. These guys are devious. The populace has now been convinced that high immigration is necessary. I saw comment to that effect on a post about WA on a news site from a nurse. The ABC published a piece on unemployment noting that it takes the average graduate 2.6 years to find a full time job. I commented on the matching facebook post that you can’t have a piece on unemployment that doesn’t look at immigration, and I pointed out that our uni grads have to compete against foreigners thanks to the graduate visa program. Some student wrote back and said that foreigners only got 3 years while studying. I sent him the link to the immigration dept grad visa page. Didn’t hear back. People don’t realise how big the numbers are. You’re looking at around 30% of students each year being foreign. Add in a heap of “skilled” migrants and you’ve got an enormous amount of competitive pressure placed on Australian youth in the labour market for the same low end and entry level jobs. The numbers are so big that students can’t organise against it, they dare not talk about it, and most are afraid to even think about it in case it leads to racist thoughts.


The outrage is funny.

Getting out in the sun, open fresh air, going for a swim, getting under the UV… probably the best thing you can do. It’s not like everyone there is jam packed in. There’s a reason why colds and flus happen in the winter.

but btw I think the post and comments here miss some of the outrage that the media is now playing: a lot of the articles I read where simple class warfare, ie the “westies” complaining that they’re not allowed to go to the beach whereas the wealthy eastern suburbs types can.

pfh 007

The outrage in the badlands is about the selective enforcement of stupid outdoor mask laws. There were plenty of cops roaming around the west today giving people grief about masks. If the cops can’t be bothered giving fines on the beaches they should stop doing it out west too.

On Saturday Health Hazzard seemed keen to give the dopey outdoor mask rules the flick and they might do so when so when some arbitrary target is met. 50% fully vaxed might do the job as that should be reached in the next few days.


From the article:

Hospital beds per thousand (public and private) fell from 6.4 in 1980, to 3.84 in 2016-17 (according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare statistics).

1980 pop was 14.5m
2017 pop was 24.5m

so, on these numbers almost 100% of the reduction is explainable by the pop growth

(24.5/14.5 = 1.69; 6.4/3.84 = 1.66)


Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett’s reforms in Victoria in 1992-99 saw some of the most aggressive dismantling of public healthcare in Australia, with the closure of 17 hospitals (including the world-leading Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital) and firing of 3,500 nurses—Dr Graeme Brazenor, then Victorian chairman of the Australian Association of Surgeons, resigned in protest at Kennett’s “ideologically driven” cuts in 1997, saying that Victoria’s public system had gone from being the “repository of the highest standards” to “if it were a dog, you’d shoot it”.

That Jeff bloke sounds like a right asshole…


Free to air channels in Australia are in the same league as the former Soviet Union’s Pravda newspaper … media accomplices supporting, without question, the draconian, inconsistent and irrational Covid-19 policies of the Federal and State governments.


The difference is the companies run the media and the government, instead of the government running the companies and media…


’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.



A wise egg…

Michael Maloney

Satire, right?

Jeffrey King

Love this. I stand with Freedom whether it’s satire or not. I do hope Aussie’s know the world is watching. https://twitter.com/ariel_jones411/status/1437156478968909828?s=20