Because YOU are the help.

Caught your tail yet?

QE is not inflationary, so they say. However the gulf between assets and earners have never been wider. How do asset values grow larger than GDP growth in the modern era? The age of the abundance of cheap stuff that distracted The Help is over. If you see it, you’ve caught your tail. Now what? Crickets.

Can you guess what happened in 1972 that lead to the divergence?

I’d seen the 2nd and 3rd graphs before, but the first graph was new to me and is quite significant. So how will they maintain that ongoing crime and keep The Help in their place? Glad you asked…

There is a new weapon in town. ECB has a new weapon in the TPI (Transmission Protection Instrument). ECB’S PRESIDENT LAGARDE: “SOME TPI TERMS WILL STAY UNPUBLISHED.” So basically stealth money printer go brrrrrr, and you can never leave. Raising rates for The Help while continuing to support financial assets at all costs. It is also a defragmentation tool to fight EU exits – Countries will be eligible for TPI ONLY if they comply with EU’s fiscal rules. A-la-cart QE for the southerners because the north doesn’t need to know.

WEF’s Agent Orange aka Fried Chicken in action with the new Transmission Protection Mechanism.

Let’s say there’s some QT going on somewhere (which ultimately means more QE really) + rate hikes. The ol’ petrol to assets and damp blanket to employment. But QE plus rate hikes concurrently? See first graph for the reason.

Figured out that the great reset is code for global communism yet? Misery shared equally amongst The Help.

Defined Benefit, if you want to identify the privileged on the Animal Farm.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka introduces fuel rationing via QR code. Yeah vaccine passports being put to good use.

Nevertheless God is good.

The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me. Hebrews 13:6 KJV Bible

Not investment advice, educational / entertainment purposes only.

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Noooo they suspended Philip Soos now! WTAF!

Reus's Large MEMBER

They have to suppress the truth, the truth that the lockdowns and BS did more harm than good and that the vaccines are neither safe nor effective.


Was only a matter of time.


I noticed that Twitter altered the link contained in one of his tweets. After that it was only a matter of time…

Capture - Copy.JPG

Why did the US government need a ministry of truth when big tech does the job for them?

A fly in your ointment

this implies no collusion, where syndication of intelligence agencies and media is designed and systemic.
msm are the invisible ministry of truth, arguably formal one

Reus's Large MEMBER

GETTR – where free speech is still allowed and it is not the cesspit that twatter is


The redefinition is the sort of nonsense you do when you don’t want to do something about the real issue. Plus with midterms coming up, it is about optics.

In reality, it won’t matter what definition they use as they will have a deep recession. Oil prices have contributed to many recessions (2008, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s). What makes people think that this oil price increase will not cause a recession?

MR coal

1984 was the first “for dummies” book.


They redefined “vaccine”
They redefined “gender”
They redefined “terrorist”
They redefined “capitalism”
They redefined “family”
They redefined “society”
They redefined “work”
Mehhh….too easy

Basil Thistlethwaite

You’ve always got the Lord by your side.
Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord.


What if it was / is just a speculative mania / bubble ?

MR coal

It has been several bubbles, but the underlying mean has also diverged.


The US wealth-GDP chart is interesting but US asset prices being ahead of GDP is at least partially explained by the world’s great need for USD. It would be interesting to see an equivalent chat for Europe.


Asset prices are a function of income and interest rates. Price-to-income graphs look impressive but ultimately ignore interest rates. Any suggestion that they will mean revert is actually a prediction that interest rates will rise.

Whilst interest rates may rise this time. Let’s not forget the many commentators who have been using price-to-income since the GFC. Special mention of MB commentators who correctly predicted interest rates would fall, but still referenced price-to-income graphs to predict some supernatural occurrence of falling interest rates and falling house prices.

Last edited 1 year ago by Freddy

exellent post, Freddy.

Whilst interest rates may rise this time. Let’s not forget the many commentators who have been using price-to-income since the GFC. Special mention of MB commentators who correctly predicted interest rates would fall, but still referenced price-to-income graphs to predict some supernatural occurrence of falling interest rates and falling house prices

indeed… this stuff is so simple that it’s super embarrassing for all the mega-brains to have misunderstood it.

I mean, really, it’s part of any dcf, bond prices, capm, etc calculation. It’s in the freaking definition of price.

but them mega-brain clowns invented all sorts of “pushing on a string” and similar fairytales to try to deny the obvious.

they did not have the insight of king Canute.

Gruppenführer Mark

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.” – Yogi Berra


Exactly. The imaginarium suggesting that interest rates at zero would be a win for home buyers was a classic example of this thinking.


Did they really suggest that ?

it was supposed to come with macro pru

Speaking of which : Wayne Byers just quit / sacked as head APRA

smart move so that as it all goes tits up, the new bosses can just point fingers at each other while the people responsible have moved on to well-paid corporate consultancy gigs


Byers has done his job for the Banks. Will no doubt will be rewarded with a cushy $1m+ job.


Yeah, DLS said it to someone calling him out on his rate cut calls in the comments.


Jim Chalmers on Byres’ exit

I thank Mr Byres for his outstanding contribution to APRA and his dedicated service to Australia. He’ll be greatly missed but I wish him well.

Good lord!


Looking at those charts you would almost think Nixon ending the convertability of dollars to gold in 1971 was a major macroeconomic event.

It’s unfortunate nobody talks about this since the whole power structure relies on money printers go whhrrrrrr to enrich themselves at the expense of the plebs.

The whole Bretton Woods II system relies on the world trusting in their fiats, and it’s why they need to go hard on rate rises to keep this trust, or the whole system will implode. Will they succeed?


I read that last bit as “trusting in their farts”, and thought for a second that you argument was a bit weak there.


Its worked so far on smelly hot air, so you know…

Reus's Large MEMBER

The “BRICS” just agreed on a new reserve currency in opposition to the USD, looks like those sanctions on Russia are going well then …..


So the Alphabet soup brigade are out in full force, crying about how people are stigmatising them and calling Monkeypox a gay disease.

Meanwhile WHO reports that 98% of cases are in men who have had sex with other men.

Obviously facts no longer have any relevance. How long until they attempt to mass vaxx against it???


Not long until mass vaxx us. Didn’t the WHO announce that Monkeypox was a serious concern over the weekend?

You just gonna have to do your part to protect those men, just in case you happen to catch the virus and decide to have sex with one of those men. What are you, homophobic? Don’t you care?

Basil Thistlethwaite

I think the big lesson one may deduce from this Monkeypox brouhaha, is that one shouldn’t fuck monkeys.

A fly in your ointment

You just gonna have to do your part to protect those men…

must use the key word:”because it’s the right thing to do” and you’d have 96% of them take the jab in the land down under

Aussie Soy Boy

The 2% are women who caught it from their closet poof husbands.


Lol. Imagine how flaming furious you would be if you got it that way?!

srsly, though, is it really 90%+ blokes who bonk other blokes?

Aussie Soy Boy

I read about a couple cases in children. Imagine that in the playground the kids chanting “you got monkeypox, your dad’s a poof, na na na-na na”


“Representatives of Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Nigeria updated the Committee (in this order) on the epidemiological situation in their countries and their current response efforts. With the exception of Nigeria, the remaining four countries reported that 99% of cases were occurring in MSM, and mainly among those with multiple partners.”

MSM = men who have sex with other men.

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s like with AIDS they destroy their immune systems with things like crystal meth and sniff poppers to loosen their sphincters up so they can get their arses smashed longer and harder. They’re quite disgusting. Then throw in the vaccines which seem to be making people more ill and now the poofs are susceptible to this monkeypox. Sure poofs are the ones who have gang bangs most women wouldn’t be into them so naturally spread it easily with each other, but their poor immune systems to begin with because of lifestyle choices must be a big reason for this being a pandemic of the poofs.


I thought that this was a satire “quote”, as is the usual fare:

With the exception of Nigeria, the remaining four countries reported that 99% of cases were occurring in MSM, and mainly among those with multiple partners.”

but no, this is actually the official WHO summary of global statistics. Holy hell.

then they follow up with this:

The United Kingdom reported on a few severe cases of monkeypox (including encephalitis), and it is also planning to modify its case definition for monkeypox, to include newly recognized conditions such as proctitis.

what’s going on there?!

and how come Nigeria is seeing 3% case fatality but not seeing (pretending not to see?) any MSM link…


Meanwhile EZFKA press, the bastion of investigative journalism, reckons its climate change.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peachy

“Deforestation” is the new euphemism for fucking monkeys


Those monkeys should cover up if they don’t want the attention.


I must say, here, those monkeys must be pretty small, because any decent-sized monkey (say in the 12kg+ class) would rip all the tackle right off and cause all sorts of other potential injuries.

Aussie Soy Boy

A sore bum is a case of correlation does not equal causation

A fly in your ointment

98% of cases are in men who have had sex with other men.

You are obviously not open to a possibility that one of the fags identifies as a woman…

Reus's Large MEMBER

Bitchin – that karma got her real fast, if you got it on the kidney, you probs have it on the liver too and if so you are proper fcuked


Someone should bash her ear.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Basil Thistlethwaite

Someone should bash her

I think chemo and radiation will be the equivalent. But yeah, fuck her for pushing the vaccs on kids.


Mmm… I only read the second tweet where she advocated vaccinating kids. Seems like she’s already gotten her comeuppance.

Basil Thistlethwaite

Yes, a good telling off

Aussie Soy Boy

We need workplace mandates in place where those identifying homosexuals (and there’s many of them these days and not too shy about telling us either) aren’t allowed to work in industries where they are in close contact to others. If they lose their careers, have to sell their house, that’s just too bad. It’s a pandemic of the homosexuals.

Basil Thistlethwaite

Based Coconuts


It is friggin hilarious how everyone expected it to be “resolved” and it hasn’t. Manly have effectively thrown away their season. There is something to the “Get Woke Go Broke” meme.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Apparently the rainbow jumper has sold out, so I expect other clubs to follow suit.

Art Now

Pretty sure all comments here are performance art or 4d irony and not to be taken seriously.


Including the one you’re replying to

Aussie Soy Boy

What if I write p00fs instead of poofs is that kewl?


Is this legit does anyone know?

comment image


I doubt this is the case as I’ve never been asked to upload proof of vaccination when registering, but will let you all know when I go through the process later this year. Personally, I think AHPRA aren’t going to do anything to reduce their annual payment windfall.


‘immunised against any relevant communicable disease’.

That’s quite interesting, given the definition of “immunised”:




past tense: immunised; past participle: immunised

make (a person or animal) immune to infection, typically by inoculation.

“the vaccine is used to immunize children against measles”

Immune to infection, eh?

Now there’s a loophole just begging for a bus to be driven through.

Or perhaps another “redefinition” on the way?


The majority of health providers are vaccinated, and I doubt AHPRA will bother to demand evidence of vaccination be uploaded or allocate resources to go through it all.

I think what will happen when registration starts is that there will be a checkbox stating that one will comply with the Code of Conduct with a link that most people probably won’t bother to read. If the changes are true and you tick it, I suppose later on they can challenge you if there’s a complaint.

As a historical example, the Vic state government mandated the flu vaccination for health professionals around 2017-2018 – this was never formally announced outside of parliament, let alone enforced, as they’d have to get someone to contact GP clinics and private hospitals demanding the information. Even the public services who administer their own flu vaccines don’t keep the results on site, and feed it into the national immunisation record. So someone from the department of health would have to spend time contacting that body and cross referencing all the various medical staff… just another waste of time which for the most part won’t show up anything.

If anything, the changes in the new AHPRA code of conduct are only going to be of significance to those who are against vaccinations. Those most troubled by the leaks will either refuse to reregister and thus exclude themselves from the health workforce of their own volition. Prospective employers aren’t going to be interested why one isn’t formally registered, only that they are or are not. Alternatively, they may actively protest, draw attention to themselves and end up making themselves a target of AHPRA. I suspect someone like McLinden who has been so vocal about not getting vaccinated is already in this category.

Aussie Soy Boy

Both sides peddle equal amounts of BS this would imply births are maybe one third of what they used to be this would show up in every maternity ward in every fully jabbed western society.


A quick search of the AHPRA database shows that he hasn’t been deregistered or sanctioned.

I can’t see that he has any public positions, only affiliated with Mater Private. He would probably have been a contractor with admitting rights, and they may have well decided to revoke his clinical privileged if he refused to get vaccinated.

It’s also possible that he may have informed patients that vaccination increases miscarriage rates and/or advised them not to get vaccinated, leading to complaints. Other theatre staff, anaesthetists etc may have also refused to work with him once his anti-vaccination views became public. Another possibility is that his own rate of miscarriage complications was higher than average, and he is blaming the vaccination for his incompetence.


Just like journalists, unions have to be government approved. Just like in the USSR.


Does QLD also suffer from incompetent opposition like in Victoria? You wouldn’t be so brazen otherwise.


Wonder who these changes would benefit:

Labor or LNP all dance to the tune of their paymasters.


listed for 2.95 in 2021
Now dropped to 1.95 (33% down)
Also could only rent it for $1300 (previous yield before expenses 2.3% , now 3.5% based on assumed price)

Will be interesting to see if it sells


Place down the street from us sold for $2.6, had some renos done and is now on the market at $1100/week.

Ran into a fellow school parent on the walk home today, the guy was practically in tears heading off to his second job he’s taken up to make ends meet. Bought right at the pre-covid peak, tons of structural problems in the building costing him a fortune and mega mortgage to finance. Wishes he was still renting, I think there’s going to be a lot people regretting they bought in the last five years.


But they’ll increase the migration rate and produce a rental shortage. So will end up no better off renting.


this dope can’t wrangle bankruptcy?

A fly in your ointment

one more prof rhat would’ve sumk the Titanic, but obviously not the mandates