Manly scraps pride jersey after players convert to Islam

Manly Sea Eagles have decided to scrap it’s pride jersey scheduled for Thursday, after players that were stood down for refusing to wear it have converted to Islam.

Manly have confirmed that they will now suddenly respect the religious beliefs of it’s players and that pride policies would only target Christians, specifically white men. The players will be free not to wear it.

It has also been reported that Peter Fitzsimons and Ian Roberts, who have both led calls for the NRL to have a dedicated Groomer Round, have been rushed to hospital for CAT scans revealing Israel Folau living rent-free inside thier heads.

“Look, it’s clear our policies are distinctly anti-white and anti-christian, we apologise for failing to make that clear,” NRL spokesman Ari Goldberg said.

“I’m pretty intimidated by these Islander boys, but we know white Christian men are self-loathing idiots and low hanging fruit. So we’ll apply these policies only to them.”

Meanwhile, Manly players will be injected with monkeypox ahead of the game to make sure their support of the LGBTQIAA++ community is fully inclusive.

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That’s not a pride jersey.

This is a pride jersey!

Subtlety has never been a strong suit with the Brits 🙂

Football jersey.jpg
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Bumming is popular amongst the poms. I know some proper British blokes who are fond of both sausage and gash. Lolz


Good on the Islander boys. Even though I voted yes on same sex marriage this woke resistance has come at the right time. Constantly rammed down our throats and if you don’t submit your demonize d.


You MUST wear the ribbon!

Gruppenführer Mark

Wait another month…. when all the kids from pre-primary to seniors will be urged to wear purple to support the alphabet soup.

I prefer this dude’s attitude


“Look, it’s clear our policies are distinctly anti-white and anti-christian, we apologise for failing to make that clear,”

yes indeed! Right on the money!


The biggest religious bigots are progressive liberal white men like Peter Fitzsimons and Ian Roberts. The only defense against their religious bigotry is the colour of your skin, and even then their hatred for Christianity visibly boils at the surface.

The progressive left see themselves as being the ultimate arbitrators of morality.

Aussie Soy Boy



peter fitzsimmon is not a man

im convinced he materialised from the earths mantle and formed into a sapient being that assumed the form of a human

below that thin layer of skin is a living layer of rocks


Truly one of the great moments of Aussie sport, all thanks to the French.

Peter Fitzsimmons best moments as a Wallaby:

A fly in your ointment

below that thin layer of skin is a living layer of rocks

utterly wrong!
below that thin layer of skin is a smelly sack of fecal mater.


being the ultimate arbitrators of morality”…it doesn’t take too much scratching to pull out lines from them almost verbatim from the communist manifesto. There are many off the shelf take downs that can be applied from there.


i knew that whatever happened, it would be the white man’s fault

Agent 47

Ian Roberts going on about kids killing themselves.

Cool story, let’s talk about those who took their lives the last two years and the suicide rate in the trans community.

Fucking fags just want to be degenerate and some want to touch kids.

Derek Thropbottom

Good stuff and funny as. Need more of these posts and less of the Narcs offended by banter posts.

A fly in your ointment

Fornicate me silly, nothing can be one sided demagoguery of the higher order than this

Now on the serious side, what else is happening at the moment that needs a squirrel of this size?


What a ridiculous article, honestly the silly twat who wrote it has her head so far up her own arse that she doesn’t realise the world she is writing about hasn’t existed for at least 20 years.

As with racism any display of open, or even covert, homophobia is now practically one of the only one or two social faux pas that can get you fired from your job and socially ostracised.

The reality is that LGBT has long ceased about fighting homophobia or attaining equal rights for fags – those victories have long since been fought and won. All power lies with the poofs now.

No, the purpose of the LGBT movement nowadays is about promoting it as an Aspirational Lifestyle. That’s it – that’s all there is to the movement nowadays. Promoting a terminator lifestyle that represents the ultimate consumer and the most flexible of employees.

LGBT won the war on discrimination, now it 100% about promoting it as an Aspirational Lifestyle.


Here she is:

She writes “I’m experienced in social media marketing and community management (both social media and private forums). I have a background in public relations.”

Why even bother to read her words? It’s clickbait. She mightn’t even believe it herself.

A fly in your ointment

One more… pinnacle of sophism and logical phaluses fallacies

Being indigenous is now simply decided to be, it involves bumphuck or pussylickus, one can be surgically assisted to become one and above all, it is a deviation (from normal).

Nope, the poor boy is not at fault. It is those that platform his novelettes as some sort of educated opinion. Of course, they do it to push an agenda. To fuel cancel culture.


2yr aus bond yield now down to 2.62%, so I don’t reckon we will get the overnight rate to go that far

Inflation is fading
immigration floodgates about to be opened
and most importantly, MB is fully calling a housing crash

Reckon the smart contrarian thing to do in the next few months might be to buy distressed housing if you can find any

not sure I have the balls though – im already invested enough in australian housing

Aussie Soy Boy

I sold TBT early last week, but the inflation story isn’t over. There will likely be an energy crisis at some point going into winter.


But if discretionary spending falls off a cliff and we get good summer crops (not washed out), the RBA will say mission accomplished and start cutting rates.

As for energy, they will announce a review, but domestic gas consumption will drop from September. Review will be released in late summer when gas consumption is low and nothing will happen.


Why do I suspect prices arent going down regardless of what the supply situation is (at least in food)

cant remember the last time a supermarket ever put prices down in anything


Really? Waht about Coles’ “Down down prices are down”?

A fly in your ointment

Not sure if the inflation is to subdue soon, this is really just the beginning, an appetiser.
Short of magic potion (and some of it is still available), any move they make will feed the monster, inclusive of the immigration (because wages will not offset the reduction of spending power). I am almost certain this is all designed so that it culls a few sheep and shear the flock, not to slaughter it.

I would be inclined towards Interest rates following the pulse of the RE market, slowing down with a ramp up of defaults per month, just short of causing a runaway stampede. Hopium can cause many to hodl until they used up all the spare wealth – a win-win for wealth transfer up the ladder.

I’ve been wrong once before in my whole life, i could be wrong for the second time… no one knows.

Reus's Large MEMBER

The food shortages have only just started, we will only see the full effect of the reduction in fertilizer use and “geeen” effect of shutting down farms later this year and into next year, the expectation is that US & EU food production will be down around 30%. That is going to feed into inflation big time especially if they divert corn to food production instead of ethanol etc which will feed into fuel price increases. Inflation has a long way to run still, they may shuffle the basket to mask that but the average household is going to be paying a lot more for the basics by 2023


The goal by WEF types is to create a global famine that will trigger unstoppable waves of mass migration that will overwhelm western nations and their welfare systems (i.e. the Cloward-Piven strategy) that will then trigger a further crisis requiring global resolution.


Marxist-Leninist revolutionary theory


We have redefined what a woman is, redefined what a vaccine is, redefined what a recession is, we can definitely redefine inflation.

Aussie Soy Boy

How about this vile example of human filth

https : // www . theguardian . com / world/2022/jul/23/i-literally-screamed-out-loud-in-pain-my-two-weeks-of-monkeypox-hell

Reus's Large MEMBER

Seems like the alphabet screechers pushing their woke agenda are just a bunch of pedos that have hijacked the cause so they can groom and fiddle kiddies.


Among all the talk of pride and waving of rainbow flags, remember that this is all about arse fucking.


Prolapsed rectums. It’s for you Molly. Ring ring

Angus Jung

Oh, you heard that phone up the clacker story as well?


Are you talking Molly Meldrum? I guess I can guess the story. Or at least the overarching themes.


It was on Hey hey

They played audio of a phone ringing and Dickie or Daryl goes “it’s for you moll’

Angus Jung

That’s a good one! I heard something through a person in the music industry


Quoted this to my mum this morning for a good chuckle.

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Aussie Soy Boy

I love how these islander meatheads got upset about wearing some rainbow colours because of religion, but got ‘POINTSBET’ splashed across the jersey.

Fuck me. Gambling causes more harm than some dung punchers.

They really are morons.


Disagree. The promotion of homosexuality has played its role in reducing the appeal of making family the central purpose of one’s life, contributing to the resulting in collapse in birth rates, then leading to today’s situation where less than half the country was born here of people born here. What was once an Australian nation is now the EZFKA. Give me gambling any day.


It is all about promoting it as an Aspirational Lifestyle.


Remember when a player from the AFLW refused to wear a pride jumper because of her Muslim beliefs and the media went crazy?

Oh that’s right, everybody ignored it.

I can’t wait for Monkeypox round!

These woke fcukers don’t realise that when the CCP or whoever else takes over that they are going to be the first to go.