Holomodor 2.0 – Australian Greens support same farming policies that crippled Sri Lanka and want us to starve

In the midst of protests from farmers worldwide about the WEF wanting to cripple food production so they can introduce their own version of soylent, Australian parliament has resumed and carbon emissions are top priority apparently.

In among it, food production is in the crosshairs. Heading over to the Greens policy website reveals they support the exact same bullshit agriculture policies that destroyed Sri Lanka and is being forced on every country simultaneously:

2. Assistance for farmers to implement sustainable and regenerative agricultural systems and practices that restore and improve soil health, carbon storage, water quality, water use efficiency and biodiversity.

3. To assist farmers to minimise or eliminate the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers.

4. To support farmers to reduce emissions, including through reducing usage of fossil fuels and nitrogen fertilisers, and supporting research and changing practices to reduce livestock emissions.

5. To foster community-based decision making and empower and resource Australia’s rural communities to implement sustainable agricultural systems and address climate change and soil and water degradation.

TL;DR starve, you kulak peasants. The eat the bugs propaganda is really hitting all-time highs as well.

The food shortages are a control mechanism and designed partially as a wealth transfer to keep the middle class poor and to steal land. In my view, it’s also a sinister motive to cause even further mass migration into western countries as hungry third worlders starve by insane commodities prices.

Why do you think they really built the currently unused quarantine camps for?

Expect diversity by the boatload under the guise of starvation.

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anyone else watching the footage in the netherlands? its amazing how much te media is ignoring it but its more hardcore than the canadian trucker protesters were, theyve got the entire country by the balls bc theyre not just demonstrating they’ve totally shut down the country’s logistics. farmers are tearing the entire place apart.

A fly in your ointment

Nothing is going on in NL.
I just checked Spectactor, News, SMH and Aye-Bee-See


Went searching for it on YouTube. It is insane how little information we get about it, but from what I can tell a lot of support from ordinary Dutch people.


I have a slightly different take on this. If you want to use natural fertilisers then you need more land, and either more animal fertiliser or a heap more land. You also need to financially protect the farmers from having to compete with overseas farmers who don’t have the same constraint. Then of course food prices rise so local workers need a wage rise to compensate.

This all boils down to deglobalisation and also ending mass immigration. This is where the Greens cognitive dissonance kicks in and they instead destroy our agriculture by enforcing those constraints without the protections.

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A heap more land. Yeah, that will be the issue given in Australia, the best arable land is often under suburbia. Mass immigration will ensure more productive farmland is turned into McMansions.

Then you have the University of Queensland putting a solar farm on the fertile plains of the Darling Downs. Just so progressive of them 🙄


then you need more land, and either more animal fertiliser or a heap more land.

That’s the issue though. They aren’t making any more of it, and any that is usable for farming is already being used.


Is this the same Adam Bandt who fled to their country property during Melbourne’s lockdowns. Not declared on his register of interests of course. The old rules for thee… anyway he’ll probably only able to safely visit the 🌈 town of Daylesford these days without being lynched. He can say hello to 2 Dads aka Holmes a Court and his immense wind farm that will now be getting huge funding thanks to his efforts to elect his Teal puppets.


The previous Greens leader Di Natalie was caught ripping off his Nanny, only paying her $6 an hour…get in with the Green grift here lads, it’s the only way.


Greens are into grift just as good as the rest of them in power. They are just the bigger hypocrites.


All the wind farms seem to be far away from the Teals (just like the migrants). Yet, the wind farms perform better just offshore like just off Brighton Beach or Manly Beach.

Gruppenführer Mark

To me, another side of the food security discussion is the proliferation of GMO foods in some parts of the world. GMOfoods have been banned in a number of countries, but are still in use in USA, Canada and Australia, and others.



GMO foods are owned by the manufacturer of the seeds. I have personal knowledge of farms taken by the GMO company (I think it was Monsanto) because their non-GMO fields got polluted with GMO seeds, so patent violation etc. led to the seizure of the entire farm.

A fly in your ointment

I heard of that in the past… apparently re-seedung the gmo crops is illegal too.
Modern life causes food waste that can feed the planet and still have leftover. GmO is convenient as it makes food waste inexpensive.

There are two sides to that there were some farmers in the US that sued Monsanto with huge success after their “organic” farms got contaminated with GMO seeds, you just need to know how to work the system to win.

A fly in your ointment

this, about the working of the system.
the catch is that every hole in the system gets to be plugged eventually, hence it is not far from a possibility that soon non-gmo producers may be legally liable for losses from their non-gmo crops pollinating GMO crops and reducing the yield.

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A fly in your ointment


Gruppenführer Mark

Awesome! Now someone needs to do one with Brandon sniffing Z’s hair…

A fly in your ointment

‘nother wan

Aussie Soy Boy

Must be the richest man in Ukraine by now. Certainly the world’s richest comedian.


jewwy swinefilled probably still has more

A fly in your ointment

indeed on the wallet thickness, but sweinfield lacks enormous power and might. The Zed comedian just announced 2 or 3 coolies are sponsors of terror for trivialities and the world western media followed.


Missing image from post below:

Zelenskyand wife.png
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It seems like he really has made the cover of Vogue:

The Phoniest, Most PR-Intensive War Of All Time


Catch you later….I’m off to watch “Idiocracy” again, to get a dose of reality into me.

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That article should get the author on the Ukrainian black list. I have found people on the black list like The New Atlas, Scott Ritter, Colonel Douglas McGregor have the best updates about what is happening in the war.


You simply must watch this video:

Volodymyr Zelensky: Losing the plot?


A fly in your ointment


like many other republishing, expect that the aggregate news from trawling the net will end up as “real” news somewhere, quite often.