Australia votes to hoist Sally Capp up Westgate Bridge flagpole after Melbourne City Council cancels Australia Day

Australia has voted to string Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp up the Westgate Bridge flagpole, after Melbourne City Council voted to cancel Australia Day.

3-time Diversity Hire of the Year Capp will be flown from the flagpole after her and fellow communists on Melbourne City Council voted to cancel Australia Day and further erase the history of Australia.

“Capp’s always been an upper-class privileged retard that hasn’t achieved anything in life. Her role is purely performative bullshit just like her previous role at the Property Council of Australia,” a spokesman for the ‘String Up Sally’ movement that forced the historic vote said.

“No surprise that a council that represents an area that is almost exclusively international students living in dogboxes and third worlders in public housing wants to cancel Australia Day – they are the ultimate EZFKA citizens and have no ties to the nation state they consume resources in.”

Capp will be strung up with fellow councillor Nic Reece, who recently underwent transition surgery after doubts about his masculinity, in a ceremony to take place next week.

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How did I end up stuck in this terrible timeline? Its been overrun by insane bug people who can’t think straight and want to force their lunatic ideas on everybody else.

I want to go to a timeline where people are normal. No transgender bullshit, no pride human shit (if you know what I mean), no billionaires proposing that we eat bugs, no covid bullshit, no white privilege bullshit etc etc.

Gruppenführer Mark

Learn Russian?

A fly in your ointment

Or North Korean?

Ich möchte Russisch oder Ungarisch lernen.

Agent 47

Oh the timeline gets better. Normalisation of cannibalism is here:

Agent 47

Apologies. It’s a very convincing satire that got me, well played.

However not far removed from reality.


A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there used to be a country just like that.

It was called “Australia”.


Probably a step in the right direction?

The NHS is to close the UK’s only dedicated gender identity clinic for children and young people. Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has been told to shut the clinic by spring after it was criticised in an independent review.
Instead, new regional centres will be set up to “ensure the holistic needs” of patients are fully met, the NHS said. The trust said it supported plans for a new model due to a rise in referrals.

The changes will take place after an independent review, led by Dr Hilary Cass, said the Tavistock clinic needed to be transformed. She said the current model of care was leaving young people “at considerable risk” of poor mental health and distress, and having one clinic was not “a safe or viable long-term option”.

A fly in your ointment
Shae The Burmese

At the risk of sounding New-Agey, you can exist in whatever reality you choose; ie. unplug you TV, choose what media / info you consume, spend time with people who aren’t completely cooked, etc etc.

Aussie Soy Boy

No abos in Melbourne. If they lived somewhere or spent time in a place with a bunch of them they wouldn’t look at them as victims rather a violent criminal class.

Worst group of people I’ve encountered on the planet. Nothing to do with skin colour just their violence, depravity, zero respect for anything or anyone. Abo towns are worse than any ‘dangerous’ developing world slum area I have visited.

Stewie likes to talk a lot of shit on here about muslims but go anywhere on Earth where there are muslims and you will receive nothing but kindness and hospitality (the ones that come to Australia or go to Britain are the misfits the lowest of the low just like the poms, Irish, wogs that came out here).

Not so aboriginals. As nasty and depraved group of people I ever seen.


Your observation is yours.

I would add that I’ve seen stuff in regional UK and parts of Europe on par. I love a bit of pom bashing but I’d suggest the soap dodgers who came out here are not the degenerates you make out. Paddy’s same.

Cunts just act up when on holiday visa.

Wogs dunno more of a Sydney and Melbourne thing, I used to love acropolis now,

I’d suggest it has more to do with depravity than anything else.


There are a visible minority of poor aboriginals who have been empowered by the media and essentially the entire progressive liberal movement, to believe that their lot is life is purely due to white racism and that they are deliberately oppressed and denied opportunity.

Basically this group of indigenous are EXACTLY the same as poor white trash who have a similar chip on their shoulders, except, society and the media don’t condone, encourage or empower their grievances.

Both groups generally reside in our larger capital cities or regional towns, and when encountered are equally unpleasant.

There are also many poor indigenous Australians who reside right throughout our regional areas who are good and decent people who are trying to cope with adversity and disadvantage, which is especially common in regional country areas, as best they can. The media rarely seeks them out, other than to film them for ‘poverty porn’ because they don’t support the narrative that the msm choose to run with. Jacinta Price is a good example.

There are also many successful aboriginal people in regional locations, however as they have generally found their success through successfully integrating and assimilating into wider Australian society, once again the media have no interest in telling their story.

Finally there are many white Australians with the barest slither of indigenous heritage, who will cloak themselves in possum skins and flock to ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies like flies to shit. The media love these White Australians carpet bagging Indigenous identities, and their performance art virtue signalling, because their politics follow the same progressive liberal script as most of the msm.

Finally our indigenous Australians, unlike a bunch of imported Muslims, actually have an attachment to the country that extends back thousands of years.

Furthermore EVERY indigenous Australian alive today had ancestors who were present during the formation of Australia and its colonial period – a vast number of indigenous Australians contributed massively to the formation of the nation we now call Australia. But again, if they didn’t die at the hands of a bigoted white man 150 years ago, the media isn’t interested in their stories.

Muslims in the main are highly endogamous population groups, meaning that they would much prefer their children to marry their Muslim cousin than any infidel that they consider themselves forced to live by, even when they voluntarily move to another nation in order to take advantage of that societies social capital for their own benefit.

There are Muslims who will eventually assimilate and intergrate into wider Western societies, in the same secular fashion as Christians have, but in the main they arrived in the West in earlier phases of migration, where the expectation of immigrants was assimilation and integration, as opposed to the toxic social policy of MultiCult which essentially encourages the establishment and indefinite perpetuation of cultural colonies.

One group have suffered from historical persecution, and through the reality of real Human Biodiversity, are less endowed with key HBD traits like IQ distributions that are necessary to really succeed in todays high tech world. Never-the-less, they have a right to be here.

The other group have no historical connection to Australia in any way shape or form beyond the slightest incidental or individual connections, and in the main have moved here for no other purpose other than to obtain a short cut to a better life, mainly built around taking advantage of the social capital of a group of people they have historically despised and sought to oppress and exterminate from other locations around the world.

Your ‘agreeable’ Muslims are generally only ‘agreeable’ while they get a foothold in your country. The Muslim parrable about the Camel’s nose is a story you might like to familiarise yourself with.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Aussie Soy Boy

I’m talking about muslims in muslim societies being welcoming and hospitable people with strong values, not the misfits and outcasts that move to the other side of the planet to a degenerate secular nation.

We get the worst of the worst muslims in this country are just garbage. Garbage people, total ignoramuses, zero values. All bad genes, ugly heads on them, no manners, scammers and schemers. They were all outcasts, no status in their own countries otherwise they wouldn’t move to a degenerate secular nation of all places. Would be like me being one of those people who move to Kuwait or some lawless region in Africa for a job only some kind of misfit chasing a buck would do that.

I’m not going to cut the aborigines any slack or make excuses for them. If Australia was predominantly aborigine then our cities would be like Port Moresby only more frightening and depraved. I’d rather live in Lakemba than Alice Springs, Bourke or Fitzroy Crossing. They are total degenerates.

Don’t care if it’s genes, culture, education, grievances from the past, they are terrible, violent, depraved people by and large and if you have any sense of self preservation you go out of your way to have any contact with them.

A fly in your ointment

Abo culture is not global north’s style citities, hence the misfit.


Well said Stewie.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Fuck the woke cnuts


I fucking love the media and government struggling to come up with the monkeypox narrative.

We know from the WHO, even they can’t fake this data, that over 99% of cases are in MSM, the official WHO acronym for men who have sex with other men.

There’s only one possible course of action here, and that is for men to stop having sex with other men!

But this health directive is offensive and bigoted so of course it will never be suggested. Nobody gave a shit when they introduced all sorts of ineffective health directives against Covid, but we are being led down the path of mass vaxx, all so we don’t offend MSM.


There’s only one possible course of action here, and that is for men to stop having sex with other men!

But this health directive is offensive and bigoted so of course it will never be suggested. Nobody gave a shit when they introduced all sorts of ineffective health directives against Covid, but we are being led down the path of mass vaxx, all so we don’t offend MSM.

is ok to lock 100% of the population at home for months. To lock 30%++ out of jobs.

not ok to tell <1% of the population to keep it in their pants for a month.

makes sense.

🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈


Remember when the initial response to Covid was “go hug an Asian, or you’re racist!”?


That one I do remember!

Aussie Soy Boy

They are fucking foul people. Has sex with random men, catches the clap, catches monkeypox, blames the system for failing him.


That was hilarious. The story of his agonising anorectal lesions that made him scream in pain had me rolling on the floor!


Yeah I laughed out loud over that comment.

The funniest bit was how he thought it was all so unfair – honestly that faggoty self indulgence, just keep your dick or other people’s dicks, out of your asshole during the middle of a monkey pox epidemic.

But no, it’s the human right of fags to fuck like monkeys whenever they want.

Aussie Soy Boy

Whether someone’s sexuality is normal or gay, casual sex is not some kind of lifestyle choice to aspire to, especially casual sex with multiple partners, even more so multiple partners over the same weekend.

Instead of self reflection and wondering where a supposedly educated man went wrong in life chasing endorphin highs through non-stop dangerous unprotected casual sex every weekend, he’s somehow pinning his STDs on the health system.

I think homosexuality is a mental illness more than anything.


too funny


What a loser. Works in sexual health, knows about monkeypox, still goes out and has sex with “several” men over one weekend.

I’m with LSWCHP, how can I go back to a normal world where people had morals and some personal responsibility?


Men cannot have sex with men. They have sodomy.

Last edited 1 year ago by robert2013
A fly in your ointment

not ok to tell <1% of the population to keep it in their pants for a month.

of course it is not ok.
you should be inclusive for those that identify as trannies, nanies, granies and women. They may not wear pants! Thanks to medicine, they may not even have anything to tuck in!
geee… this place… not inclusive enough!


As I’ve said for some time – all social power currently resides with them.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

That’s why I’m so happy to hear about their arseholes painfully disintegrating under attck from the pox, the arrogant smug shitheads. Fuck their stupid Pride flags, and their vile parades. It’s about time they had a little agonising anorectal comeuppance, as it were. They’re here, they’re queer and they’re bleeding from the rectum. Hahaha
Who cares?


Your going to be even more smug when you learn that those who participate in such activities end up wearing nappies due to busted ass.(so a nurse says)


Yep. I’m even more smug. These arrogant cocks ponce about demanding that people not only tolerate their shitty lifestyle, but actively embrace it. You have to be an ally, and if you’re not then you’re part of the problem and have to be cancelled, deplatformed etc.

Well fuck them. Going out and rogering a bunch of strangers every day is great fun, until it’s not.

I hope anal monkeypox spreads like wildfire (heh) among the anuses of these degenerates. Go long adult arse nappies.


humble pie yummo

yeah, but somehow, after conceding that the jabs don’t work for shit, the fuckwit decides to proselytise maskwards… fuckwits will fuckwit.

In May, I’d had four shots, including one just the month prior, so the emotional side of my brain wanted to believe I could finally ditch masks and get on with life like it used to be.

I did, and was promptly infected.


So what’s my plan, now that I know the risk of heart problems and other poor health outcomes is just as high on a second or third infection, and in the absence of a vaccine to stop BA.5 infection?

I’m dropping my COVID hubris and donning a mask.

Think about it.


what’s your theory about these articles coming out now? feels like a set up to me as shit like this would never have been published 6 months ago, but I lack the imagination to figure out what the grift is…


well dunno, but how ’bout another untested shit vaccine???


he’s deadset thick…. and he’s gunna cop covid again..
I wanna know what is his next spinfilled epistle gunna espouse

Aussie Soy Boy

1/ COVID is not a cold. Correct. It’s a cough.

Also, how did these jabs give 95% protection against delta strain when the vaccine is based on the Wuhan strain. If they’re useless against one variant then they’re not going to be almost 100% effective against another variant.

Fuck me. Do they even listen to themselves?

Glad that cnut got heart inflammation that’s what you get for peddling drugs that are next to useless at best, deadly at worst.


Yeah, what a fucking idiot. Just goes to show that you can have degrees out the wazoo and still be a fool.

At least he acknowledged a few home truths, Like the vaccines don’t work. How he could be in the role he’s in and get jabbed 4 times is a wonder for the ages though.


Great example of the Woke’s Failing Upwards and jobs for the girls.