Do masks make a difference?

Daily case number chart from the WA COVID dashboard:

Experiencing this chart made me convinced that masks do make a difference….but if that’s the case why was it only a spike and not a sustained increase in daily case numbers?


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probably not

there’s evidence supporting them but the quality seems shit and its typically observational

the big randomised clinical trials ive seen (such as the one that was done in bangladesh) showed they practically do F all

the irony also of forcing everyone to wear that shit while also banning plastic drinking straws, so we have to drink coca cola with a paper straw that gets soggy in 2 seconds and has horrible mouth feel but we’re ok with the streets being littered with disposable face masks


That horrible mouth feel you get is from the Coca cola, not the soggy paper straw 🙂


no coca cola is fkn awesome, wat is a good drink according to U


Grape juice 🙂

Derek Ramsbottom

Inside every grape there is rape.
Something to ponder on.



A fly in your ointment

I doubt it is easy to measure the effects masks have with a certainty that the metric was right and it excludes all other factors. I.e., do people change their behaviour when wearing masks and what is the influence on results. There are schit load of other factors even more than what I can think of.

my view is that mask work as they were not invented for this release of the virus, they were in use in surgeries since long time ago. Their purpose is not to pass own fluids to others, particularly if others are cut open, and that seems to work. In case of the Big C, well, it is likely to work only as a protection from thyself and only to a small percentage, jnless we all live in a surgical theatre.

But it works a treat to herd the flock into compliance and fear.


Some research has been done in respect of the use of surgical masks in the Operating Theatre:

The effectiveness and compliance of surgical face mask wearing in the operating suite environment.,blood%20and%20body%20fluids%20during

Whilst the findings appear to be positive, I think it would be a bit of a stretch to extrapolate what works in the controlled and confined environment of the surgical theatre to the rather less salubrious conditions in the real world.

Masks used in surgery are used once, fitted properly, used in conjunction with other PPE and sterilising compounds and procedures, and used by trained individuals who understand their limitations.

Such is not the case in the real world.

Regards the ABC article……that strikes me as a carefully crafted message aimed at reinforcing the prevailing narrative.

What I found interesting was that here we have a senior medical professional openly stating that four shots of the genetic juice were next to useless.

Such a statement just some six months ago probably would have seen him drummed out of the profession.

I also view with interest the increasing interchange of the terms “vaccination” and “immunisation”…….immunisation can be achieved through vaccination, but the process of vaccination does not necessarily produce immunisation.

The fact that the writer of the article had four doses of vaccine and still caught Covid clearly indicates that he was not immunised.

To my mind, the act of vaccination does not necessarily result in immunisation, and the two terms are not freely interchangeable.


the evidence suggests that there is no benefit to patient outcomes from wearing masks during operations
multiple meta-analyses have shown the same thing

Its all theatre

like all of covid restrictions

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Aussie Soy Boy

That’s what I said above I hadn’t read this post yet.

If people want to wear them good on them it doesn’t affect my life.

Like I said, the N95 masks don’t give protection against particles in the air from bushfires because they are too small for the mask to stop. Virus particles are even smaller again.


Experiencing this chart made me convinced that masks do make a difference….but if that’s the case why was it only a spike and not a sustained increase in daily case numbers?

WA COVID mask mandate lifts along with capacity restrictions as Omicron peak passes

Western Australia’s mask mandate will be dropped from Friday, as the state moves to new baseline public health measures.

Other changes include removing capacity limits at all venues, including the two square metre rule, and the 75 per cent limit at stadiums.

The G2G pass system will also be dropped, as will the requirement for domestic arrivals to be triple-dose vaccinated.

Proof of vaccination requirements for entry into venues such as pubs and nightclubs will also be removed, but they will remain for hospitals and aged care.

As you can see, there were more changes made than just the removal of the mask mandate.

Not valid, I would suggest, to ascribe changes in infection rate to just one element of restriction alterations.


Well, here’s a not-so-educated guess:

  1. Covid mask mandate and other restrictions lifted
  2. Punters rip off masks, go to footy, mingle closer in restaurants and clubs, interstate visitor numbers increase
  3. Spike in infections occurs due to 2. above
  4. Spike in infection results in lots more punters in isolation, reducing spread of infection….also possibly scares shit out of others, who revert back to more cautious behaviour
  5. Spike gradually disappears, and infection rate resumes normal background level

In other words, I’m guessing that the spike was due more to behavioural factors, than clinical ones.

You could probably drive a bus through the logic of the above, but it’s the best I could come up with 🙂

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Aussie Soy Boy

The masks don’t work at best they work a negligible amount.

The N95 masks don’t work to stop bushfire particles, which are far bigger than virus droplets.

If the N95 masks aren’t particularly effective, then so silly blue masks that dentists or nurses wear sure as hell do sweet fuck all.

Kind of like taking a vaccine based on the Wuhan strain to protect against the delta and omicron strain I suppose. Feels like you are doing something. Like a child that carries their security blanket around with them.


then so silly blue masks that dentists or nurses wear sure as hell do sweet fuck all.

Those silly little masks are designed to stop you spraying fluids all over everyone else, and at that they are highly effective hence their continued use in operating theatres and other similar places.
Even if you had a mask that was 100% effective at blocking virus particles it would offer little practical protection from the virus as it can enter through your eyes as well.

And what exactly is a bushfire particle?

Aussie Soy Boy

Just whatever particles are in the air from bushfires apparently it’s bad for it to go into your lungs. N95 don’t protect from them. I don’t know anymore than that.

Studies have shown no benefit from surgery masks for doctor or patient. But I don’t really care about mask wearing. It doesn’t offend or annoy me if people wear them.


Bushfire particles? There would be many, but I assume the ones in question would be PM10 or PM2.5.

PM2.5 is caused by bushfires and pollution. These are very small and lodge themselves deep inside the lungs. The cause of millions of deaths yearly. Blue masks are next to useless against this.

Agent 47



Lots more people are dying than normal.

Scientists are baffled.

I wonder what our birthrate data looks like? If we’re anything like the rest of the world, it will be down about 10-15%. For some reason.


From above article:

  • Deaths due to cancer were 4.7% above the baseline average in April, to be 5.7% above the baseline average for the year to April. The age standardised rate for April (11.7 per 100,000 people) was slightly below the baseline average rate of 12.3.

If cancer deaths have risen less than all mortality and are below the average age standardised rate it makes a mockery of comings theory that the increase in all cause mortality is because of disruptions to health care provision(big surprise).
I guess the medical profession is ingesting large amounts of copium after telling the population they should inject themselves with this shit.


its all from poor medical care

if you look at state by state data, NSW is actually about average mortality (despite having the most covid deaths)

while Victoria, and even SA, WA, QLD (despite relatively few covid deaths) are all doing very poorly

Since all states had about the same vaccination rate, you can’t explain that difference by blaming it on the jab

So its probably the fact that those health care systems were probably more insufficient to begin with

I made an article about it on here if somebody wants to find it

but yes, it is surprising that nobody in media or “public health” has made a big deal about it


And now the developing world is not happy with us stealing their nurses:

Looks like further declines in medical care.

A fly in your ointment

yeah… those foreigners stealing our jobs…

ideal imports: family of 2 educated sobs with 2+ children in pre school age.

1. No need to educate – check
2. no need for birthing costs to produce more livestock – check
3. have some work experience – check
4. need home – check

lot of money saved to get max consuming livestock with enough offsprings to maintain consumer supply.


What a crock. Countries like India and the Philippines actively encourage their citizens to train as nurses, not minding an oversupply because most of them will go overseas and repatriate income.

Shae The Burmese

If the very issue is respiratory health then any device that impedes that process could not possibly be deemed as useful.


various studies have shown various results, but mostly tending to no strong relationship between mask mandates and spread
If there is a benefit, it is small

And therefore doesn’t justify disruption of society, as well as the wasted resources to maintain and police it

but that kind of logical reasoned cost-benefit analysis went out the window in March 2020


Bronze Age Pervert has come out with another essay, and interestingly while I use to follow him on twitter, I having never actually read any of his stuff before (including his book), however when I took a look at this essay the following paragraph stood out and I immediately found myself in agreement:

A population “bulge” of obese women, single women in their thirties on SSRI’s and other mental meds, and middle aged shrews who bully their husbands—an unprecedented “bulge” of liberated but underfucked women is the “biological base” of the West’s successive hysterias since the end of Obama’s first term. This demographic is the “weight” of the much-heralded “Western world” or the “liberal world order” right now.

High in Openness – susceptible to Govt & Corporate propaganda;
High in Agreeableness – prone to group think and manias; and
High in Neuroticisim – hysterical over-reaction to perceived risk or injustice

This is the toxic femininity that has been empowered by gender politics and resulted in the same sort of distorting societal over-reach and the velvet mafia’s unending promotion of LGBT identities as aspirational lifestyles.*

Both are toxic and both are at the very heart of the social forces destroying the West today.

**(which is rather ironic as I reckon BAP is a probably an enormous poof himself – just one with a bit more self awareness)

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Yes I wouldn’t have used the term ‘underfucked’ in order to describe that particular cohort, but I can see his point.

My own view is that it is more the deliberate pursuit of gender diversity in leadership on a 50/50 basis, rather than whatever ratio merit and capability would deliver instead.

The end result is the same though – our social decision making is increasingly being influenced by neurotic, over-emotional and hyper empowered female toxicity.


He does cover some interesting ground e.g. mentioning the Tailhook Scandal. Reading up on this later and it seems that this event was a pivotal point in the US Armed services history and pretty much marked the beginning of its emasculation and feminization as a fighting force.

He also makes some interesting criticism of the messaging in what the media refer to as the ‘alt-right’ space:

….I know of no historical power that advertised its nubile women in this fashion, as a statement of the worth of their people or race or anything of the sort. It’s inconceivable that either Soviet Russia or National Socialist Germany would engage in such messaging, which screams weakness, brittleness: “we are weak victims with beautiful women; come take our women.”

To the contrary, these regimes posted vigorous images young muscular naked men, because that is actually threatening and frustrating to the enemy. When I do it, I am called gay in screeching replies, very often by these same so-called “white nationalist feminists.”

That reminds me of one of the exchange between BAP and Claire Lemon from Quillet which is was one of the funnier ones that I can remember (alas it appears to have been scrubbed from the internet).

The rest was a bit of a word salad, and mish-mash of different ideas about the Ukraine, Russia, the CIA and Valkeries, that I eventually lost interest in and skimmed through the rest. Not sure if I could bothered to read his BAP manifesto, even though it is meant to be a revered nationalist tome, the meandering writing and pontification was worst than a Stephen King novel.

Agent 47

Ah Claire Lehman, another one of the conservative gatekeeping grifters that arose 2015 and is still stuck there.

Showed her authoritarian true colours during covid like any upper class white woman and her love of lockdowns and mandates.


Neuroticism over the risk posed by COVID triggered her frantic search for a means of mitigating the risk.

Higher openness meant that when a new discovery/idea around the gene vaccines was circulated, she was more open to immediately accepting.

Meanwhile the neurotic flight to safety and higher agreeableness triggered her herding response and she double down not only by accepting it, but through the paradox of agreeableness, becoming enraged by people who disagreed with the group collective.

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Aussie Soy Boy

No-one gets more dick than homos do but look how neurotic and mentally unstable they are.

It seems maybe too much dick and too little dick fucks a person’s head. Everything in moderation.

Agent 47


This is why they targeted women first esp in the 60s. Middle and upper class white progressive women by far the worst enforcers of covid mandates.

Aussie Soy Boy

The whole foundation of gay culture is the right to suck dicks, punch dung, and have your shit packed in.

Most cultures developed in order for security, shelter, food, work, some kind of common activity or set of beliefs that elevate the society.

Gay culture is about taking cock. They are sex maniacs that have adopted a perverse sexual kink to as an aspirational lifestyle.

It’s not enough to just suck cocks and take cocks behind closed doors in your bedroom, they peddle it to kids now like they are drug dealers. It’s about perpetuating the culture, about developing new participants as the old ones are put out to pasture due to developing rectal prolapses, arse cancer, AIDS and other nasty shit.

When the foundation of your culture is so weak, you must get militant and in peoples faces to protect it all the time and at all costs. The smallest of crack in the foundation can cause the entire culture to crumble at any moment.


evolutionary theory is that society needed homosexuals to leave behind and guard the women

while the hetero men could feel secure they were not going to fuck their missus behind their back


i see no way homosexuality can be genetic to any great degree tbh

it doesnt seem to have much concordance in identical twin studies

identical twins do not share their sexuality more often than not if one is homo

polymath gregory cochran argued (surprisingly convincingly even though i dont believe it) that homosexuality is caused by a pathogen (the gay germ hypothesis)

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Derek Ramsbottom

Cochran may be right re the gay germ theory but.. he’s an over educated retard.
When asked how Nazi Germany cremated six million jewish people, with a deficit of fuels his theory was –
Bodies stacked in piles ignite and burn of their own accord – spontaneous human combustion.


who are you man

Agent 47

Baking 6 million cookies is a hard task even with German engineering.

Angus Jung

That guy is funny and smart as .
The Red Cross Cookie Association thought maybe 250,000 to 300,000 cookies could be baked.
Oh my sides!


Benevolent uncle or superbreeder/sexy grandmother hypothesis.


Yeah – I’ve heard of that theory before. There is some logic to it when you view it through the lens of gene association with nephews and nieces being 1/4 related.

There is some value to having surplus males around to help out in protecting the tribe and contributing to the group survival, but not necessarily fighting and competing for mates.

Hyper fertile females being more likely to produce homosexual sons, like colour blindness being passed down the female linage and only mainly being expressed in sons.

That is about the only game theory that I can see some possible genetic advantage in allowing genes associated with homosexuality to persist from an evolutionary perspective.

Female carriers of the colourblind gene actually have an extra colour cone, meaning they can see extra colours. To persist, it must provide some evolutionary advantage to females that overcomes the cost of its expression in their sons.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Yeah I don’t personally see there being any one single cause for a persons sexual proclivities or inclinations. Genes may influence at the margins or create an increased likelihood when combined with other environmental or social factors, but that is about it.


I don’t approve of the way LGBT lifestyles are currently promoted, but at the same time I don’t believe all fags are degenerates.

I believe some people are born on a spectrum, there are manly males and there are effeminates males, and there are honestly some people who are honestly born gay, and I think they should be tolerated and viewed sympathetically.

But I also believe there are social contagion aspects to LGBT that can easily persuade some people who would otherwise be on the fence to adopt the lifestyle. Situational homosexuality male is very common in places where there aren’t many females, the army, navy and prisons. While female homosexuality is either driven from the outcome of sexual abuse or rape, or imho increasingly from social contagion as a result of its promotion as an aspirational lifestyle. I know of girls my daughter’s age, who have never even kissed a boy, describing themselves as lesbians.

What I disapprove of is the way it is being promoted as an aspirational lifestyle as well as the over the top public sexuality, increasingly being aimed towards children. If find this very disturbing and know that many gay people share the same concerns.

But as to what they do in private, I’m not going to judge them or say that they are immoral. I think the LGBT movement achieved early success and I support some of their changing social attitudes, especially the violence that was committed against them. I just believe the movement now has moved into over-reach, and I have issues with the way the lifestyle is being constantly celebrated and venerated in public.

Agent 47

The born this way argument been pretty thoroughly shot down for now. I find it more to be a coercive statement than anything else.

Didn’t know until recently that the term homophobia was allegedly coined by a Jewish pornographer who used it to bully straight men into doing gay porn in the 80s. Explains a lot.


The born this way argument been pretty thoroughly shot down for now. I find it more to be a coercive statement than anything else.

There is some implied evidence to suggest that there is some genetic proclivity.

While there hasn’t been any ‘gay gene’ yet detected that doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t some polygenic combination that significantly increases the likelihood, especially if it is accompanied by other environmental factors e.g. high exposure to gestational testosterone.

It is worth remember and considering that there is enormous resistance to investigate a genetic basis for homosexuality, because then some people would argue that it can be considered a genetic abnormality and treated. There are a whole heap of serious ethical barriers preventing extensive research being carried out.

I personally think that it is a combination of genetic proclivity plus random environmental exposure, like exposure to gestational testosterone, light levels during pregnancy eg Vitamin D interacting with gene expression, a whole heap of possible combinations that interact on the chances of someone being gay – the last of which is social environmental factors.

For example in the link Gouda provided above one of the Fa’afafine that is the subject of the article makes the comment and asks the question:

Alatina Ioelu does not remember not being a Fa’afafine. Yet he does remember not wanting to be one. “You don’t really come out,” he said. …But he clearly didn’t, because his classmates began to call him a Fa’afafine. “And so you grow up being known as that. I wanted to distance myself from it, I didn’t want to be that.” He couldn’t, though, because he realised it was true. “In the end you’re like, ‘sh*t, that’s what I am.’”

There are many feminine boys who end up marrying and having families, as there are many masculine women who do so too.

The issue with creating a specific homosexual identity, is that rather than kids to see themselves as just a man or woman, and allowing the options of their life to remain entirely open, the creation of this extra identity will in many instances pre-determined or pre-destine their outcome.

When you start throwing in other social factors, like the costs and sacrifices in having a family, raising kids, all the manufactured media social pressures not to nowadays (save the environment), and change society so that women become less accessible (Tinder results in 80% of women chasing 20% of guys) resulting in young people today having less sex than their grandparents, the incel and the appeal of situational homosexuality will rise significantly.

Then simultaneously empower this terminator LGBT lifestyle through work privileges’ and other social empower markers that transform it into an ‘Aspirational Lifestyle’, then imho it becomes a serious social problem in terms of limiting the opportunities of living a really rich and fulfilling life for a great many people who would have otherwise found in a family they will never have.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Didn’t know until recently that the term homophobia was allegedly coined by a Jewish pornographer who used it to bully straight men into doing gay porn in the 80s. Explains a lot.

I was aware that a Jewish bloke coined the term, although I wasn’t aware that he used it to ‘guilt’ straight blokes into having sex with each other…. although they are aware of the ‘guilt’ basis of Christianity and use it to their full advantage.

It is interesting to see how much support that Jewish thought leaders like Magnus Hirschfeld have provided to the LGBT movements in the past, and how much they influence these same movements today with the likes of the Sackler and especially the Pritzker families, not to mention individuals like Senator Scott Wiener.

In terms of cultural conflict I could see the promotion of LGBT identities as the promotion of terminator memes. The easiest way to inherit the earth is if no one else bothers to show up in the future to claim it from you or your kids.


Found an interesting factoid article today, ‘half the population of people who were alive in Sweden at the end of the 18th century, have no direct descendants alive today’.

““Despite high birth rates at the end of the 19th century, we find that almost half of all who lived at the time never had any great-grandchildren,” Skirbekk tells”
(you may need to translate the page)

What was also very interesting was that 25% of men AND 25% of women from those times were childless, even higher than the numbers today, of around 25% of men and only 15% of women. This fact honestly surprised me.

The study also revealed that not every social strata had equal chances of perpetuating itself. Those most likely to face linage extinction were the very upper and the very lower classes from that time, the ones that were the most successful were the middle classes, of which we are all mainly descended from today. (I imagine it would be close to the reverse situation now).

Men have always done very poorly on the reproduction stakes, we have double the number of female ancestors compared to our number of male ancestors.

In actual fact 25% is historically pretty good, compared to our more medium term past, where as few as 1 in 8 males managed to reproduce.

Basically the invention of agriculture resulted in the invention of the ‘harem’ because by controlling access to land, a few males were more easily able to monopolise the females. The first born sons were given an enormous advantage – Jacob’s guile in stealing his older brother’s inheritance is a source of much Jewish pride…. poor Esau.

Prior to the invention of agriculture our male linage as hunter gatherer’s was much more egalitarian and more closely followed our female linages. You can see the dip in the chart quite clearly where agriculture suddenly arose.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Yeah I found it very interesting, especially the bit of more women in the past being childless compared to today. Been doing some family tree work with my daughter atm for a school project. The tree stops in Australia back in 1822 for my Father’s side, but stretches back to 1662 on one branch on my mother’s side. Was strange looking at the family tree thinking that more than half the branches stop within three divisions instead of intermingling forever.

Why bother at all?

It is through our children that we enter heaven, by ensuring they are still around to look and marvel upon God’s work i.e. the wonder and mystery of existence, blessing us with the momentary opportunity to spectate upon the Universe.

A fly in your ointment

Tried to think of a caption… 🤯

Agent 47

Ukraine? That was 9 current things ago.

I’m sure Jess is receiving the Taiwan editorial instructions in the next few days.

Agent 47
Aussie Soy Boy

Aborigines need to get over photos of dead people lol.


“rebound positivity”…ffs


kafka kicking himself “why didn’t I think of that?”

“The problems are related to the fact that the German company Siemens, which produces turbines, does not fulfill its obligations,”
Читайте больше на .

…presumably because of a gas shortage????

Angus Jung

Guys, the Reserve Bink is meeting this week and I’m excited.
Can we get every ones predictions?
Especially want Peach/chubby werewolfs take.


I think they must already be getting nervous about house prices

so I reckon 0.5% this week to make it 1.85% or MAYBE if they’re feeling very brave they go 0.65% to make it an even 2%

then that could be it – shit may have really hit the fan by September
or maybe just enough time for another 0.5%
So 2.35-2.5% terminal rate , or maybe only 1.85-2% if things go downhill really fast

2yr bond yield is down to 2.44% already

Angus Jung

I agree re the house price nervousness.
My prediction, based on nothing but media sentiment and being an old cunt, is between 0.5 –> 0.75 and then that’s it.
House prices down to 2019 levels then off to the races.


I don’t think I want to play this game anymore! I didn’t want to play last month either, but you made me

Angus Jung

Just have a girly stab at it.


No they don’t make sfa difference:

  • For them to make a difference, the people wearing them have to 1) wear them correctly; 2) not re-use them; 3) get the right ones.
  • Unless you’re completely anal, if you’re like me, you couldn’t be arsed buying a new pack so you wore the same one over and over again for weeks on end until it tore through and couldn’t fake the illusion anymore.
  • “taking them off to eat” makes them completely pointless.
  • The most anal place on the planet in regards to mask usage – Hong Kong / China – you wear the damn things at the height of summer 36 degrees and 100% humidity – after 10 seconds outside they’re damp, and the idiots there keep wearing them? yeah… that’s effective.

end of rant. it’s been a while.


Welcome back, Pensum!

I think you are 100% on the ball.

in – particular individual case, perhaps wearing a mask might prevent the transmission of the virus from person M to person N.

but life is not just a singular encounter between M and N, it’s many many dozens of encounters between millions of people every day. So in aggregate, there is no way that masks “work”.

good explanation I read that made sense to me was measuring mask effectiveness in the incremental duration of time that people might spend together without passing on an infection.

eg – for unmasked people it might be 10 mins. For masked people it might be 15mins…

so the efficacy at the individual is probably not zero. But at the population level – it is.


Rules for thee and not for me


I guess high oil prices have no effect on your behaviour when someone else is paying.


Masks make no real difference in stopping the spread of respiratory infections and that was the recognised scientific opinion right up until it suited the powers that be to change it.
The sad thing is the evidence is plentiful that masks are useless or nearly so and yet Governments around the world just lied about it.

Reus's Large MEMBER

140 studies so far have shown that masks do SFA

A fly in your ointment


forget “Dry July” (

the new thing is “Die July”!

Reus's Large MEMBER

And you say I am pithy … LOL 🙂