To the Moon!

Still frame from a video transmission, taken moments before Neil Armstrong became the first human to step onto the surface of the Moon, at 02:56 UTC on 21 July 1969. (Source: Wiki)

Wellie, since we have, over the past couple of weeks, gone down many a rabbit hole, I thought I will give you something to ponder over the weekend. Here in the most glorious state of Western Australia the weather is cold and rainy, so put on your gas heater, tuck in with a Port, or a whiskey, and reflect.

All of you East coast cnuts, ha-ha!

This week marked an anniversary of the first man’s step on the Moon. Since, there have been a number of alternative facts (read conspiracy theories) that the event never took place. Now, I don’t have a dog in the hunt on either side, but I read the entire thread analysing, scientifically or not, why it couldn’t have happened.

I do hope, for the mankind, that it did take place. This was indeed a giant step for mankind (err… themkind), that hasn’t been accomplished since, when a man (they/them) set foot on a space object. This is on par with the first space flight, first space walk, the invention of polio vaccine and geometry. This is HUGE.

To boot, Russkies were in the race, it was a thing, and they only managed to land unmanned craft on the lunar surface. Chinese have managed to do it since, but no manned missions.

Without further adieu, I give you Wagging the Monndoggie.

Rare photo: Apollo 16 crew taking a break during their lunar landing.
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i honestly dont believe it ever happened (in 1969)

This is one conspiracy theory that I think is hard to refute

In 1969, simple calculators that could add and subtract divide multiply were the size of a small fridge
In 2022, with microchips and $400 smart phones that are 100x more powerful than the apollo computers, china crashed an unmanned craft on the moon

we are expected to believe that these cunts somehow rendezvouzed with the space shuttle orbiting at 1.6km/s
It beggars belief that they could do that back then and no way we could do it now

plus the videos of armstrong and aldrin getting interviewed after they land back on earth – they seem absolutely ashamed, you’d think that someone just landed on the fucking moon and returned to the earth would be hyped out of their fucking socks

van allen belt etc

plus the very fact that even before the mission they gave it a 25% chance of success – yet they decided to broadcast it on fucking live tv? in the middle of the cold war?

100% it didnt fucking happen


ive already read it you cunt


There are reflectors on the moon that were placed there by the astronauts, and that are still in use today to measure the distance to the moon via laser ranging. They didn’t get there by magic.

A fly in your ointment

true that, about the magic,
however it is not a proof that Buzz and Neil set foot on the moon.


what i find interesting is that it is boomers who are most committed to the moon landing, and unwilling to accept that it might have never happened

They spent their whole lives confident in their superiority and achievements and grew up either having watched the landing or being told about it
So telling them that it was all a lie, they find that threatens their whole reality

Gen x and beyond are much more willing to challenge the idea

A fly in your ointment

outside the collective West but excluding its minions, the cloud of doubt is as big as it can be. They just have better things to do. perhaps the boomer theory applies only to collective west boomers.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I am not going to put any faith in the younger generations that believe that men can get pregnant and that the vaccines are safe and effective.


if the same people that lied to you about covid/climate change/wmd/ukraine/9-11 etc etc

then why would they not have lied to you about the moon landing


I always assumed you were a boomer? Are you telling me that I have lied to myself all this time?


I’m a xennial


I wonder if there is any boomers on here then. Probably not


lswchp is a boomer

robert2013 is a boomer, or at least acts like one


What about the ermington plumber bloke? I always imagined he was a boomer too or at least old gen x


Nope I am X. Also, I’d be curious to know why you think I’m boomer. Is it because I use more formal language?

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for starters, youre a nasa shill

Basil Thistlethwaite

The whole X gen boomer thing was made up by marketing dudes so they can better sell us stuff.
Ignore it


I’m 1962 vintage, so on the cusp. I’ve always seen myself as Gen-X. Never felt any affiliation with Boomers.

Jill Oats

Im a boomer. My husband’s father was second in command at the Carnarvon station in 69 during “the moon landing.” Yet, I remain open minded – don’t be too quick to generalize. Also, didn’t take the poison jab, don’t go in for the Ukaranian nor climate change bullshit and if men want to believe they can get pregant, let them go for it.


Third-party evidence for Apollo Moon landings

Third-party evidence for Apollo Moon landings is evidence, or analysis of evidence, about Moon landings that does not come from either NASA or the U.S. government (the first party), or the Apollo Moon landing hoax theorists (the second party). This evidence serves as independent confirmation of NASA’s account of the Moon landings.

A fly in your ointment

the list of proofs is short of evidence that men took part in walking the moon, in early missions at least.
evidence of hardware is not a proof of implicit presence of humans


Proves absolutely nothing

it’s semi believable that they launched a ONEWAY mission to the moon (manned or unmanned)

but not that they landed , then rendezvoused with the shuttle again at 1.6km/s

then came back to earth
then held the most awkward and embarrassed press conference ever seen

Reus's Large MEMBER

Same could be said about the sailors navigating the world, we had the technology to find new worlds back then, most cunts these days could not find their way to the bathroom without their phones.


getting to the other side of the world is an absolutely trivial exercise for even mentally retarded or quadriplegic people at this point
It costs a couple thousand dollars at most
absolutely highlights how absurd the space discrepancy is

Reus's Large MEMBER

You missed the point, they would not be able to get around with technology from 70 years ago either, none of the kids I know can read a map or even use a old phone.



but we now DO have GPS
and iphones
and supercomputers in the palm of our hands

which makes the whole thing a trivial exercise

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Maureen Emiliani

Yes we did not have technology available to us as you say, but the technology was there but just not for our use. The ds were able to use it also med beds and others just sayin’. That’s what I’ve read on more than one occasion


One of these days…

Screenshot 2022-07-22 22.42.30.png

Screenshot 2022-07-22 22.49.25.png

Maybe someone will find this shortcut useful, but honestly, don’t waste your headspace with this crap. There are better things to think about.


If it did happen, then someone needs to explain how it isn’t 1000x cheaper and easier today

it cost $25bn ( $194bn inflation adjusted) in nineteen fucking sixty nine

they either had alien help, or that was the peak of human civilisation

Agent 47

This. The bigger story is why we haven’t returned in 50 years.

I generally don’t care if we went or not, but at today’s tech level we should be making regular trips. The excuse that it’s too expensive is retarded given show much we spent on the Ukraine in 3 months.

I’m of the belief that the moon is actually an artificial structure and has some other purpose we don’t understand. There were alleged reports of Armstrong and Aldrin encountering alien craft during the trip over ham radio operators who were listening that day, but that’s anecdotal.

When you’re giving excuses like this it’s little wonder people don’t take it seriously.


The main reason why we haven’t been back is because of women and minorities.

Spending money to go to the moon is seen in many quarters as being incredibly wasteful, as the money would have been better spent on healthcare or wasting it on the futile task of trying to turn the African American population from a pig’s ear into a silk purse in the name of equity.

Indeed, had the US embraced mass migration and the diversity cancer back in the 1950s it is doubtful that the US would ever have gotten to the moon, as the African American movement was violently opposed to the waste of money:

The Apollo programme, motivated by the space race against the Soviet Union, cost $25.4bn, the equivalent of $180bn today….The black press questioned how the price tag could be justified when millions of African Americans were still mired in poverty.

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Agent 47

Happy to be wrong, but i personally disagree with that. As much as i hate the tribe and Havits-Cellar Act that led to the simultaneous opening of the gates of Toledo to the 5-eyes nations circa 65-73 leading us to our current social shitshow, I don’t think space achievements or lack thereof can be blamed on anti-white policies entirely, least not instanaeously.

Dr Werner Von Braun gave some very interesting statements regarding space and NASA before his death.

This book opened the rabbit hole for me on the moon as did Jay Weidners documentaries about Kubrick’s involvement in the moon landings at the time.


The most credible explanation for the moon, given that the ratio of the moon that circles the earth is by far the largest in the solar system, is that it was the product of an early solar system collision between proto-earth and another planetary. It explains discrepancies with the earth’s core and the original formation of Pangea. Harmonic ratio’s and frequencies often result in astrological symmetry.

As for not going back – just look at where all the criticism about going to Mars comes from today. It isn’t coming from the small hats per say, there is after all money to be made from exploiting the resources there, rather it is from the groups that their policies have helped empower.

Civil rights leaders wanting the money spent on improving the lot of AA and importing diversity, and the remainder is over empathetic women who view going to the moon as a terrible waste of resources and driven by male egos ergo Musk.

Honestly, just google some anti-Mars news articles, they are nearly all written by POC or women, and it is mainly POC or Women who they quote in the bodies of the articles listing the reasons why we shouldn’t go there.

White men went to the Moon for the same reason that we climb mountains – because they are there and it is an opportunity to test ourselves. If it was left to AA or women we’d have never gotten off the porch.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

We climb them because they are there.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Agent 47

Yeh I don’t subscribe to the collision theory or the gravitational capture theory. Some of the physics involved are highly questionable.

It’s some kind of artificial structure. What it does, who put it there, how it was put there and why is what I want to know. If its just a rock, cool my mind is always open enough to accept but I seriously doubt it.

That and the monolith on Phobos that even Buzz’s dementia couldn’t keep quiet I want to know about before I kick the bucket. Doubt it.


The moon is exactly 400x smaller than the sun and exactly 400x closer to earth

which is why we can have a complete eclipse

what is the odds of that happening by chance ?

A fly in your ointment

odds are sufficient to make it not impossible to occur naturally.
saying that, it is not a proof of natural occurrence, just a point where Occam’s razor may apply.


Sure not impossible
just improbable

A fly in your ointment

early men could not understand lightening and ascribed the natural occurrence to a supernatural entity.
there is so little we know and understand about universe at this stage.
The chance of lottery numbers draw in pure sequence begining with 1 has equal probability as any other combination of numbers but humans will find the sequential combination as odd and improbable.


In a Universe with quintillions of galaxies, filled with trillions of star systems, pretty good I would imagine. Probably far more common than planets with life on them.

Orbital resonance and gravitational migration are fascinating subjects. Unstable resonant systems simply correct or migrate until they are in synch… just like Peachy or Counterfiat’s post on the Metronomes from the other day.


of course

but the chance that we ended up on that one?
when none of the ones that we know of have life or a similar arrangement with the moon

and of course the fact that the latitude of the pyramids matches exactly the speed of light in m/s

despite the fact that the egyptians could not have had any concept of latitude, metres or seconds

A fly in your ointment

and of course the fact that the latitude of the pyramids matches exactly the speed of light in m/s

imagine the loss for humanity and science if feet was not made a redundant measure and if the Greenwich was accidentally not chosen as a 0 latitude point.

most bugs will not know the basic math and yet they can make hives that are in immaculate ratios and shapes. honeycombs. Flowers are known to have zero concept of the math but still make perfectly ratioed shapes of flowers.

seriously, begining with a healthy doubt and cynicism dose is a good starting point for any research and a claim


No idea what you’re trying to say, but feet and Greenwich have absolutely nothing to do with this

A fly in your ointment

latitude is measured in degrees from the arbitrary chosen 0° point which is Greenwich in UK. Greenwich was not the only choice at the time. Claim that pyramids are ‘exactly’ on the same latitude number as the speed of light is a) not quite exactly, only close to, b) it was the Greenwich that was chosen to be that many angular degrees from the pyramids, c) the speed of light could’ve been expressed in feet/sec and then perhaps the coordinates for massacres in Bucha, Rachak, Srebrenica, Rewanda, Uyghurs and Bermuda trounagles would be the exact multiplies of 666 in ft/s


Latitude 0 is the equator

nothing to do with Greenwich

also the pyramids have shifted due to tectonic shift, up to several kms depending on when you believe they were built

Seconds and metres are nothing like feet – they are derived from
fundamental presets: the length of a day, 360 degrees, and the circumference of the earth

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming
A fly in your ointment

interesting proposition

Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment
A Fly In Your Ointment

true about latitude, I always confuse those as I grew with different names for them but that does not change my original claim that there is only a trivial possibility that some occurrences are supernatural or not a random coincidence.

to take your side, the pyramids could indeed be placed in a spot that is quite remarkable in its relations to other naturals but this needs not be due to supernatural or inexplicable forces, actually it is still likely to be quite natural. Like the golden ratio that the is mentioned in the link you provided. Plants use it without a supernatural power and we are drawn to it without knowing exactly why. These kind of things can draw humans to act from observations and to subconsciously follow nature that they are not intrinsically aware of. building a pyramid close to the golden ratio could simply be (inexplicably them) pleasing to Pharaohs. Equally we may have been drawn in a long arch to a metre as a unit of length through the same forces.

Of course, the position of pyramids could also be anything else ranging up to purely random place, something that was positioned using other arbitrary vantage points used at the time they’re built.

Ant to make sure it is clear, I do not discount the supernatural proposition about pyramids as impossible.

Too much unknown is there to allow for a very strong and specific claims like from the link on pyramids.


a lot of odd coincidences

the most fundamental constraint on the universe and even time (speed of light), matches up perfectly with the most mysterious and inexplicable human construction ever (pyramids)

the possibilities are
-coincidence (extremely unlikely in my opinion)
-we are living in a simulation/shared hallucination
-there was alien help to build the pyramids
-time is circular

Agent 47

– Civilization was more advanced in certain areas and was wiped out post their construction.

I’m still in the alien intervention camp when you also consider things like the Nazca Linea in Peru.

Fitzroy Wanker

*per se


The main reason we haven’t been back is because there is no point. Being the first to climb Everest was a great technical and physical achievement with lessons learned from doing it applicable in other fields. Being 100th is a personal achievement only. Same with the moon. Getting there is an amazing technical achievement and the learning involved has wider applications. Mining the moon may become cheap enough to be profitable. It will probably be mostly robotic. There is no other reason to be there that I can see, except maybe military. Living in space is a shit idea. There is no air, no water, no plants, no animals. It’s not a nice place for humans to be. Everything you do there, including breathe, will involve an expense that you must pay for.


except china HAS tried to do it, and couldn’t successfully land

let alone return home (after doing a LOR no less)

its really a fantastical tale


They probably think they will benefit from the technical learning.



but the point is – they failed, where nasa allegedly did something much much harder 60 years prior

Reus's Large MEMBER

Being that China has stolen every bit of tech they can and not come up with anything themselves does not lend credibility to their ability to get to the moon.

Even their longest lasting invention “covid” was mostly made by western scientists.


It took approximately 4% of US GDP to get to the moon back in the 1960s. I doubt it would take 0.4% of US GDP to go back there today if there was a need to.

they either had alien help, or that was the peak of human civilisation

It was – our civilization flamed out with the 1965 Immigration Act, and we have been only coasting forward ever since on the tremendous momentum that we’d built up prior to losing control of our own social destiny.


a computer in 1972 cost $95,000 ($500,000 inflation adjusted)

And was about 1/1,000,000th of the power

also most of the calculated cost of the Apollo project was in R&D (Teflon , Velcro etc ) , and doesn’t need to be reproduced

Considering all this, the cost of flying to the moon in 2022 should therefore be absolutely trivial
not even 0.0004% of GDP

A fly in your ointment

perhaps the land is barren and nothing worth of mining is there?

imagine the hardon Triguboff would have if they declared the Moon inhabitable and buildable. Prices to the moon would get a new meaning


perhaps the land is barren and nothing worth of mining is there?

I suggest you Google “Helium 3”


Escaping Earth’s gravity well is never trivial and will always ensure that there is some sort of floor in terms of cost. Musk and Bezos’ reusable rockets have brought down the costs significantly.

But the main reason we haven’t been back is political – if the Chinese put a moon base up there, I would have money on the US find a reason to get back there in a flash… Space Force come to life lol

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

why would china not spend the trivial amount required to get to the moon?
They love a bit of nationalistic fervour

would be a very cheap way to solidify their people’s pride and faith in government
and a cheap way to sting the americans


They still have to escape the gravity well, but I believe they are working on it:


“Working on it”

60 years later

A fly in your ointment

landing on the Moon does not require massive real time calculations and recalculation. If a certain failure ratio is accepted as the bare minimum, coupled with a human preservation methods in case of a failure, the same computers from the 60yrs ago would suffice.
Probably the biggest blow to Moonwalk is the inability to make good rockets in US and it’s 5 👀, and of course the premature death od the pedo Mike L. Jack & Sons.


your assertion about rockets doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny – rocketry has advanced since 1969.
Just look at hypersonic weapons etc

As far as real time calculations go, you can read the various fantastical accounts of collins armstrong and aldrin – they had to make various on the fly adjustments (eg collins realised that the coolant was freezing when he was on the dark side of the moon, armstrong saw that the lunar module was going to land amongst boulders, and had to change course etc)

but the most fantastical part of the whole thing was the lunar orbit rendezvous
All of which was performed manually, not by computers
Docking a flimsy piece of aluminium foil with a shuttle travelling at 1.6km/s

the plan was supposedly discounted by various committees at nasa until wernher von braun pushed for it and we know what a dubious figure he is

the whole thing stinks to high heaven


Me too. My only knowledge of moon conspiracies has been from comics like Billy Bat.


After reading this thread I went down that hole

A fly in your ointment

One if the first things I trawled the internet in mid 90’s was the moon landing filming methods and even then there were probably about 1 “loony”for each 2 decent analytical Web sites. Now the noise has completely overtaken the Aether and the muddying theories are dwarfing the decent ones. (Muddying theories are those that by a design juxtapose good doubts with those that are spurious or simply obviously crazy to smear them all).
In essence, there is plenty a stink around Apollo 11 claim of a human setting the foot on the Moon, however, the later missions may have indeed succeeded.
We will never know with enough certainty or better said – with deficient amount of doubt.


The petty small mindedness of Buzz Aldrin refusing to photograph Neil Armstrong on the moonm as payback for him pulling rank to be the first man on the moon, is ample evidence that the landing took place…. a faked landing would have had photo’s of Armstrong resplendid in every conceivable pose.

A fly in your ointment

Space rockets and those for the atmosphere are different. Check why the ISS is supplied and manned from Baikonur and not from Cape Canaveral.
You pretty much confirmed my assertion that better computers can do a better job for a Moon mission but are not essential. Like flying, a good pilot is quite a lot of computing power. Computers can almost do the same job but in essence it will be really just repeatedly tireless and infinitely more precise in more cases. This does not need to be essential for the mission which expects little deviation.
As to docking, I am unsure of the full claim however, in vast space and whilst orbiting, it is all about the relative speeds. Moon travels at about 1km/s. Landing a vessel on it is a routine task in a sense.

I am not disagreeing with you on the stink, particularly in case of Apollo 11. I would probably agree on the assertion too, however, I will not clutch to things that really are within realm of possible and/or scientifically plausible for the period. These claims actually cause more harm than help for the cause.

Aussie Soy Boy

So the plan is working then.
Create a divided society that is riven by racism, sexism, religion, cultural and gender identity, and general fear of “the other”……
Add in copious quantities of financial stress covering the gamut from house prices and the gig economy, to the old maxim “deflation in everything you want, inflation in everything you need”……
Liberally douse with the tried and proven fear of conflict, “war on terrorism”….”war on drugs”….”war on everything” ….
Garnish with the fear of new, and some old, viruses allegedly wreaking havoc on the human race……
And then run a concerted campaign to convince everyone that they are all slowly going mad, and that only the government and certain approved corporations and institutions can possibly see us through this terrible affliction…..
Fear of any pushback from a divided, fearful, anxious, and dependent population?
Absolutely zero.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Drug companies are not there to cure you, they are there to make money out of repeat clients.

Agent 47

He might be a Scientologist but he’s vindicated. Everyone called him crazy when this interview aired.

Aussie Soy Boy

Depressed people suck they just want something or someone to blame because they are entitled assholes whose lives didn’t turn out as easy or as good as they feel they’re entitled for it to be. They wouldn’t last 5 minutes almost anywhere else on earth or at any other time in history. All their problems are self imposed.

ouch, this is a too strong viewpoint to even attempt to refute it.
I’ll just say that it is inaccurate in all or almost all parts due to its very narrow perspective (within which it may be somewhat accurate).

amongst other definitions, depression is inability to cope with certain situations, quite often the same situation that one have been many a times before and coped with it in the past in every instance.


Having been raped, pillaged and left for dead by the family court to my ex wifes great profit, I’ll second that.

A fly in your ointment

my first encounter with antidepressants was short. I asked the doctor whom was prescribing it about the dependence buildup and recovery and her answer was that “most can get off the drug” after it is asserted no further need is required.
it prompted me to research and find that antidepressants are predominantly one way street.
Instead, I took the age proven high proof naturally distilled medicine that has a much better track of recovery post use.

Agent 47

Was certainly my experience when I was prescribed them as a naive teen after witnessing a sibling death.

The withdrawals were fkn awful and required literal willpower to get through. Just glad the old school psych assigned to me didn’t believe in them and got me away from them after a couple of months.

I can only imagine the damage they’ve done to society and explains why a lot of people are partially cooked in my opinion.

A fly in your ointment

a nice video from Adam Curtis on antidepressants, I think it was in this video:

to note, I do not agree with everything Curtis says or claims, a chunky dose of angloupperclass elitism is there but it is predictable and once removed leaves a lot of good information.



A fly in your ointment

Ruski Standart


The basic mistake was that they bailed out the people who failed.

The way the system was supposed to work, when people fail, smart, competent people come in, take over the assets, reorganize the assets, and start over again from a sound base.

What they’re doing this time around is, when people fail, they take money away from the competent people and give it to the incompetent people, and say to the incompetent people, “OK, now you can compete with the competent people with their own money.

More or less what Steve Bannon said:


da ruskis say wut?
balls deep inda space race
balls deep in MAD ICBM defence philosophy
balls deep in orbital surveillance to launch counterstrikes.
balls deep in realpolitik propaganda against the usa on a global scale.

but hey fk let nasa fake this shit and get them one up on us in the propaganda stakes… like never disclose that apollo rockets were actually kiddy fairground helium balloons….


Steve Keen getting interviewed by Lex Fridman (who seems to be in with the new elite as he has had zuckerberg and musk on his show, and went to ukraine to bend the knee recently)

Steve has been wrong about a lot of things, but its a couple of hours of multiple wild flights of ideas and a bit of economic history

fred smith

aside from the aus housing bust in 2007, what else has he been wrong about? not trying to be a smart arse, i just dont follow him that closely.
his thoughts on neoclassical economics being wrong is correct, as is his conceptualisation of mmt as accounting, and the way economists (hilariously) incorporate climate change into their models.
the obsession with marx is disturbing, but that is coming from someone who is only aware of marx at a high level and therefore completely ignorant, so happy to stand corrected on this if you have a view.


Keen basically made the same mistake that I use and that MB and DLS still makes – he underestimated the determination of our hostile elites to ‘save the system’ and do whatever it takes to preserve the status quo.

In earlier times things would have been allowed to fail. That was one of the defining characteristics of our Democracy and Capitalism, failure played a small role in ensuring that incompetence was at least eliminated and not allowed to perpetuate and profit.

It was an easy enough mistake to make, thinking that our society was still our own and that the values that underwrite our economic system of our parents and grandparents were still supposedly the ones under which we operated.

fred smith

right, that’s one mistake that a lot of us made, myself included. dont forget dls also walked up our tallest hill with steve following the infamous bet he made. and full credit for doing so, a lot of people currently in charge of the system wouldnt have had the balls to make the bet, let alone follow through with it.

but what other mistakes has he made as implied by coming’s “wrong about a lot of things”?


it really hit home to me what the steve keen stereotype is

blowhard know-it-all white man who marries an asian woman, because white women can’t tolerate him


I mean how much else could he have gotten wrong ?

the only thing that matters in economics is money (creation)

and he misunderstood it which is why he was wrong

Agent 47

Lex Fridman is a tribe member and a controlled opp. He does have good guests on and allows the to talk but he’s just better at obfuscating his colours.

Never forget the episode where he had two Jewish Zionists on talking about American nationalism.

He’s nowhere near as bad as Russell Rothschild Brand though, will give him that.


Lex did very well calling out steve’s bullshit and overconfident alarmism on climate change

and tied it back to the covid scamdemic

i honestly wanted to clap


I will be listening later. Keen a proponent of helicopter money. I hope he discusses all the covid stimulus money and whether he still believes making this a permanent thing is a good idea.


fuck it was cringeworthy

embarrassing for all australians

in particular:
– the amount of time he spent sucking off china
-his newfound religious conversion to climate change alarmism
– his DLS-like rants about the LNP (why would any one listening to the american podcast care)
-his stories about aboriginals and AFL (ditto)

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

You know they are lying when they say he is still putting in 8 hours of work a day, he was never even doing 4 hours of work a day before he got whuflu!


Here’s an interesting read about vaccine ineffectiveness and vaccine harm. Things aren’t looking good for the vaccinated.

Agent 47

Come on mate, that was at least 8 current things ago.

Now it’s all about Monkeypox. Looking forward to the pride parades celebrating that.


They’ll have to make yet another modification to the increasingly ridiculous degenerate flag, which already looks like a TV test pattern.

I suggest a red circle in the middle of the flag with a yellow centre, representing a Monkeypox pustule. Or perhaps a string of diagonal red and yellow dots representing a burst pustule?


What about a big fat ass. I thought it was all about the butt sex


But if you stay in the pink your safe yeah?