ABS excess mortality statistics for 2021

ABS recently released the mortality statistics for 2021


In summary, the overall excess mortality in Australia for 2021 was 3.5% above expected levels

The ABS concludes that this is consistent with effects of the pandemic

However, if you look at the state data there is something very fucking odd going on

NSW excess mortality is essentially negligible – in other words, bang on average

This is despite NSW having the largest covid outbreak of 2021

And also inspite of NSW having the highest vaccination rate of 2021

Meanwhile, WA/SA/TAS all had excess mortality way higher than expected, in the order of 8%+

This is despite them having

-zero covid

-the lowest vaccination rates in the country

So you lunatics can’t blame the jab, and the other lunatics can’t blame the virus

The ABS completely ignores this – which is very puzzling in itself, as how can they just ignore excess state mortality several standard deviations above the norm?

Victoria is a basket case as usual, also in the 8% range, with the high case numbers of NSW but also with the high vaccination rates of NSW. God hates victoria though

So neither the covid fanatics nor the anti-vax lunatics are going to be able to explain this through their preferred fixation

Why did NSW with the worst covid outbreak and highest vaccination rate, have the best outcome?

Why did WA/SA/TAS with zero covid, but also lower vaccination rates, have the worst outcome?

There is no line of best fit that can be drawn here

My speculation is that the outcomes are related to differing lockdown policies, more particularly related to how those restrictions and rules affected local health services

But it is reassuring that

a) covid infection isn’t that bad

b) vaccination isn’t that bad

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Probably a lot more to do with the overall health care system in each state. Victoria was a basket case prior to Covid. WA/SA and Tas are in a similar boat. WA was collapsing pre Covid.

I remember taking a young child to a Victorian hospital on a Sunday afternoon and waiting hours in line. This was six years and nothing has changed. Improve your diet, exercise more as you don’t want to use the hospital system in Victoria. The doctors and nurses are all great, they are up against the population ponzi where health services lag population growth.


This implies WA was a basket case in 2021:

I believe that ambulance ramping was a key issue in the recent SA election.


I’m thinkin’ that the WA health shemozzle has been a potential basket case since circa 2011.
covid allowed the total “fucked uppedness” of WA health shitshow to bloom in full in 2021…. and the bastards got away with 8% excess deaths.


8% is kind of a lot, if it is sustained!

A fly in your ointment

because it is impossible to know the effects of jabbadabba due to severe obfuscation of data, mangling of definitions (deaths with and of c19), unprecedented mass media disinformation (well, until the death of unupolarism on the 24. March) it is impossible to draw any strong conclusion simply because the integrity of (m)any data is tainted.

not having an explanation for one effect does not negate the case for either side of loony.

A fly in your ointment

I expressed serious doubt of the integrity of the published excess mortality data (well, pretty much in every daya relating to the c19, be it direct or remotely connected).
the rest was to support the claim of reasonable expectations for such doubt.

A fly in your ointment

don’t get excited.
I claim that any data can be fudged or massaged to appear by design, particularly statistics, and that is before we take into account the possibility for a benign error like a delay in data inclusion so that some deaths attributable to 2021 simply spilled over across to 2022.
I may not know exactly the answer, however, my mind is open for *any* explanation that can endure scrutiny, not just convenient ones.

A fly in your ointment

bottom line, there can be a simple explanation too, as to why the low excess mortality. it can be as simple as better vit D levels in NSW…

A fly in your ointment

there’s more to it than just the number of sunny days.

Dick Trickle

Lol, fuck your vaccine and your coping, you Covidiot.

Dick Trickle

You got the clot shot for your work and you’re plopping out statistics to justify your shit decision. You’ll mutate into a pig/chicken mutant and God rest your soul.


I thought there are 2 sorts of covidiots…

Reus's Large MEMBER

Like the ones that don’t wear masks in the coffee shop but put them on to ride their bikes home …… covidiot’s everywhere.

The Grammar Police

Watch your tenses Peachy.


Watch your tenses Peachy.

“Had thought”?
”have been thinking”?
“there had been”?
“there will have been”?

Aussie Soy Boy

This place getting more comments than MB.

Must be discouraging for DLS to pump out a couple of articles, tables and all that jazz only to have 1 comment.


Oh wow. We’re really getting the full necrobusiness experience here!


EZFKA can’t afford a ban button 🙁

i guess first EZFKA needs you to subscribe, then use your money to buy ban button functionality, then use it to ban you!

Reus's Large MEMBER

That is genuinely the best thing about this site is that it is not a echo chamber and while I may disagree with you on things, that is exactly what makes this site good,


Where is W@F?


I don’t think that W@F has been around.

hope he’s ok, what with his family tragedy and all.


I imagine he is nearly through his ‘Grub’ stage and has constructed a chrysalises for himself, where he will pupate over the winter before emerging as a beautiful butterfly sometime in the spring.

A fly in your ointment

Must be discouraging for DLS to pump out a couple of articles, tables and all that jazz only to have 1 comment.

the disconnect in brain waves can cause one to think that absence of nonechochambering comments means that all the kafirs (كافر) are at bay and at an arms distance.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Well that is hardly surprising, locking people in their homes and giving them, fast food vouchers while plying them with fear is not going to have favorable health outcomes. Never mind the missed cancer etc. appointments from the most locked down places in Australia.

The estimated cost of the lockdowns in the UK is around 2 million deaths more than average. So I expect that there is correlation to the length of lockdowns and excess deaths here.


estimated cost of the lockdowns in the UK is around 2 million deaths more than average

But its alright – As long as it was mostly the wrong type of people died & copped the other costs of being locked in/out, and the right kind of people got the benefits of “Covid protection”.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yeah for sure, it is the poor that bear the brunt of this, the rich have private health and still get their appointments and treatments on schedule.

There is one thing that I have noticed from this pandemic and that has been if you follow the money then you will find the truth. Big Pharma pushing the “vaccines” on everyone, the hospitals in the US that had financial incentives to put people on ventilators and admit people as whuflu patients even though they had been shot or in a MVA.


I’ll leave this here – Bad Cattitude published a more elaborate article on how the jabbed are getting much more infected, based on UK data.


Reus's Large MEMBER

Looks like my depopulation theory could be coming true, with the vaccines causing issues with reproduction as well as killing off those that have been vaccinated.

Plus if you factor in the coming food shortages, then that reduces the 3rd world population that were smart enough not to get the vaccine.


We haven’t discussed the depopulation theory for a while, but my main objections to it are:

  • it would be too hard to coordinate in the first place
  • I don’t see a sensible follow-through. Say you get rid of 50% & you are so smart that you only kill the people that you deem “undesirable” (with no collateral damage). Then what? People will breed up quickly and there will be a new lot of “undesirables”
Reus's Large MEMBER

On the contrary, if you look at the global alignment on the vaccine mandates etc. then I think that they did a great job of co-ordination. The control of the MSM, CDC, WHO, TGA etc too all leans towards the forced control of the populations.

Being that they are trying to target 5 year olds for the jabs now, you are looking at reduced population for many years to come and now with the benefit of control over them via many means including force, as shown by Canada and China


f you look at the global alignment on the vaccine mandates etc. then I think that they did a great job 

I don’t quite see it this way and I was trying to make a slightly different point.

what I was trying to say is that I don’t think it was possible to plan all that happened, ahead of time.

Also not possible to arrange it so that all the different vaccines from different manufacturers result in [infertility/death within 5 years/mind control/turning into zombies/choose your own terror]

the fact that there turned out to be a great deal of alignment on mandates and other stuff is easier to explain in terms of similar circumstances driving similar behaviour everywhere (including the less creative people copying the more creative people).

…in this vein and as an illustration by analogy – why, in the last decades, did almost all central banks lower rates, why did they all print money, why did housing rocket everywhere? Probably not because one shadow world government ore-arranged it and dictated it, but because people tended to make the same/similar choices when faced with the same/similar challenges…

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yes but the plan has been in play for a long time, and remember that all the manufacturers use the same source of the mRNA technology they all get it from BioNTech, so there is a common part to the death jabs ….

Do you notice how much they all seem to say the same thing though, and pretty much more then ever since 2008, we there was a lot going on before then too like WMD’s etc. In fact if I go back to 1990 when I was first red pilled by a trip to the UK, I realised then already that there was a level of global collusion that determined the narrative.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Some links from the rabbit hole I just went down

Concerns over the jabs


When did whuflu really start


Peter Daszak talking about gain of function research in 2019


Last edited 2 years ago by Reus's Large MEMBER

The nakedemperor article (and others there, including on the nudging/guilting strategies) are very good.

the daszak and is funding stuff….perhaps I’m not quite ready to fully believe yet.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy
Reus's Large MEMBER

Yeah I am probably a bit sceptical about the biolabs stuff, but Daszak and his gain of function research in the Wuhan lab is right, and explains the outbreak in Italy in late 2019 from the Italian researchers who had been working there and gone back to Italy.