We all live on a nuclear submarine

So why haven’t any of the armchair generals here commented on the AUKUS submarine deal

Subs are completely useless in modern warfare right?

Like drones will easily find and destroy them, especially as nuclear can’t be turned off so they’re always traceable via sound

Seems absolutely retarded for a country like Australia, which has relatively minimal man power – why would you want most of that underwater doing fucking nothing

We aren’t even going to use them to detect and annihilate refugee vessels under open-borders Albo

also I thought the whole point of nuclear subs was that they could stay at sea indefinitely, and therefore you load them with nuclear torpedoes to launch retaliatory strikes if the need arrives

But we don’t have nukes, so its a double fail

I don’t often agree with Paul Keating, who is the probably the most damaging individual in Australian history and is basically a Chinese spy at this point, but it was good to see the lefties get confused about who they should be supporting here

of course this is essentially just paying tribute to our US protectors, but feel like they could have got better value maybe we should just become a US nuclear base since they can just put the silos in central Australia where nobody has to care if the chinese annihilate them

and if you really wanted to inure yourself against china, surely you’d be better off putting them all in camps, and arming the white and indian population for future guerilla campaigns

Would love to hear what the military autists like Mark and stagmal have to say about this

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A fly in your ointment

Would love to hear what the military autists like Mark and stagmal have to say about this

nah I’m spoiling it for you by responding first

no one is commenting on the sub for the same reason as commenting on jabbadabba. Any further discussion only proves own stupidity and who wants that?
The new Axis is groundwork forthe world post-breakup of Nato. Subs are there to cloak the opening of the latest US overseas base and I am sure ony yanks will drive them. From previous post you saw that most of rzfka units are IBS types and that does not go well in a sub.

A fly in your ointment

sums it up well


i honestly have no idea bc im not really a military autist, those people go super in depth into hardware and shit and i know nothing about it

the sub thing has been talked about over and over and i have nfi ? it seems like a giant waste of time

is any war against china winnable? a lot of people would have said the same about russia but i feel like the whole point of this kind of shit is to invest enough to make any potential war not worthwhile for an agggressor even if the aggressor side would ultimately win if they had the political capital and will to effectively prosecute it, ukraine is using this exact logic now

the confederacy also had this thought process against the union and so did imperial japan when it attacked pearl harbour

maybe this kind of crap isnt as wasteful as it seems but idfk

i dont think china would ever want to invade here but im sure as not fighting for australia if they did

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US has gone all woke and missing recruitment targets by a long shot. UK has a small military. The Age after spruiking a war with China has run an article on the far right in the military. Our military is tiny too.

So who will man these subs?

Agent 47

From my armchair I’m for it and they’re to protect our shipping lanes mainly. Hopefully the long game is to procure nukes because you need a civilian nuclear industry to support these things otherwise it’s a waste.

Everytime we upgrade our defence equipment the usual SMH fags say the money should be better spent elsewhere ie property market but at the same time want more independence from the US shield, so which is it?

We’re a boutique military but having a decent delivery system for WMDs is a step on the right direction.

Whole thing is redundant though when we’re just mass importing the enemy through the front door and selling them our infrastructure.

Ironically this is mainly Keating’s fault for deindustrialization to China in the 80s sp he can fuck off back to Epstein’s island the degenerate tranny fucker.


i dont think nuclear anything is politically possible here australians are extreme atomophobes

also getting nukes is really hard to do period in the modern world bc of the global political consequences of attempting it

i dont think the engineering is that complicated anymore

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A fly in your ointment


By getting any wmd on this island where there are 5 spots of concentration of some semblance of life – 5hrs flying past the middle of the nowhere on the map – we are making a needless target of ourselves, an actual centre spot – bullseye. Because we must protect out precious product which will win any mankind war: RE.
I know, Slants want to destroy Aus, this is their cunning plan – to buy everything here as much as they can then bomb it flat so that they can build bigger and better cities connected with fast rail to spit in the face of Llewdo and Bleato from EmBee.


the assault on the shipping lanes would have to be aerial…. insanity to attempt a ‘blockade’ any other way

A fly in your ointment

being right does not exclude a possibility to being wrong too. This reminds me of claiming that winning lotto numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 would be odd and less likely than any other 7 numbers combo.

paging Coming, George Carlin has a nice video on obedient workers.


claiming that winning lotto numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 would be odd

winning numbers 1-7 would be odd. So would 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or any other consecutive numbers. At least in the unusual sense. Go see if you can find a single example anywhere. A particular example is no less likely than any other particular combination but a set of consecutive numbers is far far far far far less likely that a set of non consecutive numbers.


set of consecutive numbers is far far far far far less likely that a set of non consecutive numbers.

you mean by virtue of the fact that within the numbers from 1-100, there are only 94(?) sets of seven consecutive numbers, but about 16billion sets of non-consecutive numbers?

A fly in your ointment

see, your post is true but wrong at the same time. This because the truth is only partially complete.

Because there are much less combinations with consecutive numbers, their chance of being drawn are naturally lesser than that of random sequence numbers. Equally, numbers gapped at 3 numbers are even less likely but still more likely than sequential numbers gapped at 4 or 5.
this it is true
I never said consecutive number(s) only that this combination (which happens to be consecutive) has the same chance as any other combination.
thus it is wrong.
to the original post link, claiming that there is common ancestry of all the presidents of US to a 800yorun royalty is recognising the same patterns humans can see and claim that it has a meaning greater than that of a coincidence


I never said consecutive number(s) only that this combination (which happens to be consecutive) has the same chance as any other combination.

thus it is wrong.

Yes but what a person you tell it to thinks is the likelihood of a set of consecutive numbers not any particular set of numbers.

I also clearly explained what I was explaining so I really don’t see what point you are trying to make.


Subs are a whole lot better than ships at sinking ships without being sunk themselves., and can do it as a a single vessel rather than a fleet. And nuclear ones can do it a whole lot further away from a fuel bowser than conventional ones.

Whether that has value or not depends on if you care how quickly and how many troops a foreign military can land in australia. Any serious invasion would need to be shipborne, and subs, especially nuclear ones can sink those ships far beyond our shores, particularly in shipping choke points.

A few hundred men in a sub will certainly be far more effective at stopping invasion than a few hundred with rifles and tanks…


All the enemy ships need to do is ensure petroleum products don’t reach our shores and we will have war amongst ourselves.


true, so we just disband the military completely?


or maybe face reality and spend some defence sub budget [dudget] on domestic / military fuel refining capacity as a matter of extreme strategic importance


Nonsense just mount a 50 cal to some Teslas she’ll be right mate

Gruppenführer Mark

All right, I’ll bite.

I’m not a military autist, more of a history retard.

Submarines are necessary to deliver destruction via undetectable means to the enemy. Military technology moved far beyond moving from getting off a couple of torpedoes or nuclear-tipped ICBMs. Name of the game is to park them off shores of your enemy and fire hypersonics that cannot be stopped. What we bought don’t have this capability.

So it is a waste, unless we as a country turn this waste into some sort of reinvention of our industrial capability.

Of course, your home street-shitting country already mastered this capability by floating corpses down Ind and Gang rivers that bloat and blow up, poisoning the water supply.


Name of the game is to park them off shores of your enemy and fire hypersonics that cannot be stopped. What we bought don’t have this capability.

Is that statement correct? We are talking about a short-range missile not aimed at a specific target.


Seems like we caught up to 1990s tech at last


So what does have this hypersonic capability.
*(in a proven functional not theoretical capacity)



can this shit* be believed?

under development*…drink

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Gruppenführer Mark

All three of Russia-designed (known) hypersonic missiles are in active setvice: Zircon, Avangard and Kinzhal, with the latter being used in Ukraine


The subs will keep the Military Industrial Complex well fed, but with little benefit for us. Being girt by sea is a massive advantage in that an invading military would be easy to spot and eliminate.

For $386B we could have re-industrialised Australia and be self sufficient in petroleum products and the ability to produce artillery pieces. But nah, our country is beholden to corporate interests and we’ll close down our remaining refineries to ensure we live a real life ‘Lord of the Flies’ when the fuel is cut-off from Singapore.




Better go long 50,000 Tesla semis


how to charge them??? oh I know charge ’em with a buttplug

Aussie Soy Boy

Hitching our foreign policy wagon for the next three decades minimum to the most murderous regime on the planet to antagonise the world’s largest economy, and by far our biggest trading partner, must be our biggest foreign policy blunder in our history.

The end result is ASEAN and China eventually forming a military alliance with China supplying the hardware

Aussie Soy Boy

It shits white anglos the world over to no end that this is the Asian century, Asians are smarter, better educated, China is going to absolutely dwarf the yanks in 20 years time, the western world can’t function for more than a few weeks without Chinese goods, their women don’t have fat arses and tats (apart from the hookers of course).

Asia will dominate for the rest of human history now.


We’ll see. You are also forgetting culture.

China is corrupt and the developed world has worked out who they really are as a country, which is a communist dictatorship. Also they won’t bend the knee to the global banking cartel so there’s that.

And actually they are looking likely to get old faster than any bigger whilst countries such as Nigeria are on track to the be some of the largest in the world in another 60-80 years.

I think China’s current geo political and economic position is being tolerated allowed but if they overstep and start behaving all imperial like, which seems to be on the cards sometime in the next 10-15 years, all bets are off.


China has poisoned its air, land and water. China will grow sick before it is rich and powerful. Same will go for India as their cities are even more polluted than China’s.

On the other side, the US is descending into chaos. Banking crisis and endless wars is weakening the US.


Sick or old. Both work for me.

Which makes Xi jingping all the more dangerous because he knows it also, hence my 10-15 year comment. Could even be more like 5-10 the way things are going.


erryone jes lurrrvvv han chinks…so trustworthy


Anything above battalion level doesn’t interest me much. Below that though, I could talk all day about the correct employment of machine guns.

One of the most moving days of my life was spent looking down over the Somme battlefield from the German positions around Pozieres, Thiepval and the Schwaben redoubt and marvelling at the brilliance of the German defences, the magnificent lines of fire, and the astonishing heroism of the poor buggers who marched into that maelstrom of interlinked beaten zones.