Paul Keating slams AUKUS submarines as worst deal since he sold out Australia’s entire industrial base to China in the 80’s

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has slammed the recent purchase of 8 nuclear submarines under the AUKUS deal as the worst deal since he was Treasurer in the 80’s.

Keating was scathing at the price tag and the mere suggestion that Australia spend any of it’s GDP on modern defence equipment at the expense of the property market.

“These things are a rip-off. I couldn’t even get back to Epstein’s Island with my daughter in one of those without being detected,” Keating said.

“This is by far worse than the time I offshored our entire manufacturing and productive heavy industry capacity to a country now using it as leverage against us. Absolutely appalling decision.”

Keating scoffed at reports that his retarded ‘import Chinese otherwise they won’t trade with us” mantra from the 90’s that has resulted in foreign political subversion as the main culprit.

“I took a dumb shit ideological bet on an ‘Asian century’ which no-one wanted anyway and that has completely backfired. We need to secure our future by continuing to mass import hostile migrants and fracture the social cohesion even more. I won’t be around to see it, so fuck it.”

Keating further denied rumours that he and Jordan “Friendlyjordies” Shanks were an item.

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I watched Jordies yesterday, his latest vid is him whinging with some academic soy boy about a couple of acres of land being felled in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t look away. How inane the left are. I think Albo one more term after this then back to Libs for another 10 years.


thats been his brand of journalism for a while besides going up against clubsnsw lol which caused his house to get burned down. while he pandemic was going on biggest thing thatll happen to us ever (the lockdowns/response) he completely ignored it in favour of talking about koalas and the water system in fucking wilcannia.

i dont agree albo will be re elected, the libs are never going to make an issue of stuff like immigration, if they did maybe they could win. nobody would ever elect dutton anyway he looks like satan

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Agent 47

Albo will probably be knifed for a vagina mid term. I know they changed the rules after rudd but like rules or voting matter anymore.


Yeah Dutton looks repulsive. Almost like hes there to lose the next election. Then they might get someone normal looking as leader like that SAS guy from WA.


Seems like FJ has got a leak from a Nationals insider, as most of his recent content has been around Barilaro bragging to his mates about pork

On pandemic/lockdown topics Youtube have demonitized all videos about coronavirus, so most content creators have avoided it for ages.

I think Albanese only loses the next election if the cost of living keep getting out of control. The price of food has skyrocketed, but it also has a limited shelf life and have seen plenty of 50% off sales recently as consumers are obviously electing to hold off and ignore more expensive products.

On the issue of higher rates/mortgage repayments, so far it looks like the RBA have been copping it more than the government. On the whole EZFKA units have been so quick to praise themselves for buying houses and IPs, and as most have bought under the previous government it also making it harder to blame others for what are ultimately their own financial decisions.

On Dutton, Stagmal is probably right – no one will ever admitted it for fear of not being “politically correct”, but appearances count for a lot, and the bald Dutton looks like some kind of cartoon supervillain. I think he’ll get tapped on the shoulder, although there is no obvious replacement at first glance.

A fly in your ointment

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That is kind of the way I see it. We are not paying for the subs. We are paying USA to be stationed here and “protect us”. Cynical quotes because USA could not GAF about protecting us, they just want logistical access to our shores.

A fly in your ointment

there is also a catch where if fat slobs were to attack slopes from those subs, bombing them back would mean snoteaters have to be involved as they “own” those subs. It’s a guarantee of a war business coalition, and snoteater lords are aware of that.


The US will provide the bullets and we provide the blood for the conflict with China. Yet, we pay for the bullets.

China is not going to invade us militarily. The world’s biggest moat is one of the best defensive assets. They own plenty of our critical infrastructure assets such as electricity transmission in Victoria. Shutting this down would be far more effective than sailing ships towards our shores in the Coral sea.


How long after they shut down the power grid do you think police/military would be nationalising those assets by force?
Ownership means nothing without the ability to enforce it.

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Why invest in subs when cyber warfare will be more effective. Look at our major companies (Floptus, Medibank, Latitude, The Good Guys) all getting their data hacked. But yeah, subs will fix it.

A fly in your ointment

Just a “staff” member whom don’t like to be spat people to be crossing his path.

Agent 47

Peter Tulip in the house


im pretty sure increasing densities only increases prices anyway it doesnt alleviate them. its a well known paradox in economics the most dense cities are the most unaffordable


That would be a cause and effect thingy, increasing prices increases density not the other way around…


That sounds emminently reasonable and obvious and yet London had 8 million people in 1939 with people living mostly in low rise. That figure was not equalled until 2015 or so. Culture and priorities matter. It was and is possible to build 2 or 3 story dwellings and retain a small but usable back yard. Australia is only just beginning to do this instead of chucking people in single story houses where the house takes the whole block or putting them in high rises next to train stations and busy junctions.


Australia is only just beginning to do this instead of chucking people in single story houses 

Have you been to sydney? It’s full of old terrace houses in the style you describe of old london. We knew how to do this long ago, the car just gave people a choice znd they chose something “better”.

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Yes I know. They haven’t been built for a long time. In Sydney they only exist in the innermost suburbs.


So do you know why they only exist in the innermost suburbs?

Or an even better question. Why

chucking people in single story houses where the house takes the whole block or putting them in high rises next to train stations and busy junctions.

Is what happens?
Hint : profitability.
The market only provides what people will pay for that can be made profitably.

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I went for a pleasant stroll around the embassy suburb of Yarralumla this morning. It was very interesting, including the fact that one embassy had an armed AFP officer on foot patrol around the perimeter of the facility. You’ll struggle to guess which ((country)) it was from.


Occupied Palestine?


that was my house


im hungryyyyyyyy


Imported American to gee up outrage about Trans freaks, add in a hundred retards to protest but too scared to actually follow up in their shouty threats, Vic Pol being usual fuckheads, then sprinkle with 15 or so silly young blokes who need a better hobby.

Welcome to Melbourne, and untold days of The Age confecting outrage amongst its Teal readership.


Vic Pol loves a cowardly cheap shot, still it’s only gonna hurt a fuckhead so…


why is melbourne full of retards who have nothing to do but protest all day. like wtf i swear people do this bc its a free day out for themselves, great weekend out in an unaffordable country where everything that costs money cant be done bc its unaffordable.


This utter scumbag Andy Meddick is a Victorian MP, who voted for the Lockdowns and jab mandates.


Giving nazi salutes makes you a target. Why do it? Is it to demonstrate courage? If so, to whom? Why do I seem to be the only one curious about this? Neo nazis (if that’s indeed what they are) aren’t born, they are made. Why don’t the journos ask questions rather than reporting their opinions?

Aussie Soy Boy

Keating is correct as almost always.

It’s crazy to agitate and antagonise the biggest economy, biggest trading for the next 30 years like this. Not to mention we’ve outsourced are foreign policy for the next few decades at a minimum to the yanks who are the greatest threat to peace on earth. It puts a target on our backs.

Not to mention the Indonesian economy is close to overtaking Australia, they won’t appreciate nuclear subs in their backyard. I wouldn’t blame them is they sought a defence partnership with China in order to ensure their security.


Coming is that you?

A fly in your ointment

PK is fastly becoming my hero. Anyone with his/her bukake pipe aimed at the establishment is.
Imagine the crime if the wrath from the fakenews.comau is such to make a 1000 words essay of demagoguery galore.

The moment former prime minister Paul Keating does bukake on shitty journalists at the National Press Club(Alternative title: “When all fails, bring in Uyghurs”)


What is the establishment?

When Keating abandoned Australians and in particular the working class by implementing his neoliberal policies, was Keating for or against the establishment?.

If you need a refresher. Keatings achievements:

Privatisation of tertiary education via HECSPrivatisation and deregulation of the banking sectorPrivatisation of the pension system (superannuation)Asian free trade agreements used to suppress wages
Nearly everything bad about Australia and its unrepresentative democratic has traces from this evil motherfucker. If getting submarines pisses him off then we should be all for it.

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Agent 47


Not to mention introducing negative gearing in 1987 starting the housing market fuck up, his daughter being friends with Jeffrey Epstein as well as being a complete sexual degenerate himself.

But yeh, “anti-establishment”

A fly in your ointment

I see, a fair point you have.

anti-,establishment is anything against the current momentum working towards further enslavement. That would mean to be anti PK in his days, granted, however it means being pro PK today.

I do understand your need for vengeance, being against his today’s viewpoint will not punish him for past deeds, it still punishes you. In general, the last thing we need is disproportional knee-jerk overreaction to misperceived threats (slopes are not stationing nukes closer to us) and PK’s today viewpoint makes that clear (whatever his motivation).

PK may have had a plethora of bad policies, how many have been removed by his successors after he left?


his successors are pk disciples….more correctly pk was the stalking horse from the left flank


100% agree. Keating initiated neoliberalism in Australia. It has just been put in overdrive by Howard and subsequent PMs.


Sounds about right to me


Disgusting arrogant social climbing turd this one, wonder what he got up to on Epstein’s Island? It’s clear his daughter was heavily involved.