EZFKA Book club

Last week, Dictator Dave recommended A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic by Laura Dodsworth.

I thank Dictator Dave for the recommendation and now add Peachy Props to it!

MB dolts come close to knowledge of house pricing; veer hard left to avoid encounter

Those bloody MB guys seem to never learn. As they stare at decades of obvious and well documented action-consequence situations. As they ignore everything written in even the most basic beginner-level finance books. Even as they personally pen the headlines that plainly paint the picture….they can’t quite make out the shape of things! The shape … Read more

Midweek Macrobusiness mirth

So sorry that the regular EZFKA contributors have been too lazy or busy to post anything up this week! To avoid ye olde weekend links comments overflowing any further let’s takes DictatorDavid’s comment as the starting point for a new discussion. I have to laugh at this post on MB. All the bravado and talk … Read more

MPLOL- now official! Davo finally gets religion

I’m so relieved. I feared that Davo was so obstinate about the nature of MOLOL that even when the APRA’s Chairman Byao told him that he won’t do jack to lean on on house prices, he’d still have his fingers in his ears, chanting “lalalalala it doesn’t count unless the term ‘MPLOL’ passes his lips!” … Read more