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Hope the pirate takes part as well.


The law isn’t my forte, what’s the brisk for these rich leftards? Could Bruce claim damages from them, or would they just get costs?


This might be a smart play by Wilkinson – the level of proof is much lower in Civil cases.


I love what these cultures bring us, especially their food !



Go to her Twitter account and see Brittany’s chubby little handbag getting a pasting from some guy…classic




Apologies, it was another Leftie luvvie Paul Barry



Lmao David is so catty it’s really hard to imagine them fucking maybe just handjobs

good question raised in the comments though – who is funding Bruce

Maybe he comes from family money, but we very rarely hear anything about his family background



fuckin nice hahahahahaha

hard zing, that must have smarted

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I imagine the fat asexual prick in this game, if his job is in PR doing this stuff he isn’t very good…


brucey is retarded for dragging himself into this probably unless he knows something we dont and hes got an incontriverble case, why roll the dice in civil court where theres a way higher chance of being determined culpable

the BRS school of litigation is no way to go

possibly this is cover for other stuff like those other alleged charges hes got up in toowomba or whatever, still dont know whats going on with that

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Yes that fizzled out to nothing didn’t it

I had thought I read it was all going to be revealed February 15 or something, but it seems our “justice” system wants to toy with the public for a little longer


Soylent Green

The BRS case is reserved for judgment. Weeks of testimony from multiple witnesses, plus all of the disclosure issues, this ruling will take a while…


and that brs verdict is still pending….we’re never gunna get to hear it


The Left don’t need a judgement handed down, they’ve made it.

BRS case was inevitable, but IMHO utter bullshit and classic trial by media. We all have to acknowledge whether you like it or not, that we need homicidal fuckers to do that job. Even those soyboys posting UKR flags on their profile must realise this. Accept it, don’t hang him for it, and move on.

Before that fat lying fuck Al Gore stole the term, it’s an inconvenient truth.


yes and whatever “criminality” has occurred was at the behest of govcvnts.
So just who are the criminals?


OK so in a civil case it’s on the balance of probabilties (done totally without reference to any actual statistical data, so it’s really just the judge relying their view of whatever public opinion is) and in a criminal trial it’s beyond reasonable doubt. Am I right?



i mean reasonable doubt is a bullshit wishy washy concept too but at least you have the feeling as a criminal defendant that the jury is going to give you some leeway in guilt, with balance of probabilities its guilty guilty guilty

brucey should have just walked, there’s gotta be some greater strategic play here

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While your UN/WEF Smart City gulag is being built around you and your financial/health security state is rolled out ‘for your safety’, you concern yourselves with this tripe.

This here must be a collection of the dumbest people of Australia.


what more can we do bro no one is going to listen to us

there is a sense of powerlessness in ezfka that is truly and utterly tragic, like trying to move when nailed to the ground and held with a straitjacket

ultimate proof of this is replying to aus politicians on twitter, none of them listen to you or respond to anything you say

even if 99% of all replies are negative to them or telling them to cut immigration or stop being pieces of shit, what effect does it have

a thread i’ve been interested in posting is something like ‘can australia be saved’ but i’m not sure how to frame it

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Thanks for your feedback Bing, but as usual a self appointed genius can’t provide an ounce of solution or evidence of their pushback.

The 15 minute city has been rolled out already in Oxford UK, the Council has already started blocking streets off and installed CCTV to fine drivers. Residents are allocated permits per household to drive outside their zone which amount to 2 per week.

The Nazi’s set up the Warsaw ghetto as a similar concept…


Announcing and self appointing yourself as the only smart person in EZFKA is weird sure, but giving nothing to explain how is just sad.

But do go on..


ezfka cant be saved


This case has a lot to say about ezfka

it was a manufactured crisis to unseat a PM who wasn’t quite playing along with the agenda

Collusion between the judiciary, the media and the public service “deep state” in order to pervert the course of justice , and achieve their desired result

while most of the units (incl David Llewelyn smith) cheered it on

exact same thing we see weekly in Danistan, or during covid lockdowns/mandates

It is very much relevant discussion imo


Dictator Dan has already trialed 20 minute cities because they’re 5 minutes better, and it was a great success. PRGuy has jerked himself off over a photo of Dan at the announcement so that proves it must have happened.



20 minutes will seem like a luxury compared to the shithole suburbs that are overdeveloped, stuffed full of people and have no infrastructure or transport links.

We have them in Victoria’s North and West, but it’s good to see NSW is catching up!



Post some more of those hilarious “memes” of yours instead!

I shared one to Facebook last time and got several likes


Smart arse

My boomer privileges have been revoked.

Stop laughing cunt…


Oh wait…

Tough luck buster!

Screen Shot 2023-01-07 at 20.35.29.png

Haha beat me to it.


The next 7 years you’re going to see so much change it’ll make your head spin.

The politicians that matter are all in on it, voting doesn’t help.

If people as a whole don’t start arcing up and pushing back RIGHT NOW it’ll be too late and you’ll end up Palestinians in your own country.

If push back is not forthcoming I suggest you help and prepare yourselves in any way you can.

First and foremost you have to completely extricate yourself from .gov; if you receive any payment from them continuation will be dependent on their TOS.
Then try to generate your own income stream outside of the regular companies/corporations.

If you can accomplish these two you have at least a modicum of a chance.

Good luck.
7 Years, Tick Tock MOFOs…


Bing, when did you buy into Pete Evans’ land commune?



there is no pushback coming. NSW/VIC will be probably 60-65% white by 2030

all these new vote will accue to labor or to a new liberal party that will only keep the flood gates open and the hordes pouring in

Australia Map States Whiteness Percentage.png

surprising to me that nsw is less white than Victoria, that wasn’t my perception

I think its probably due to the fact that NSW is more ghettoized – lebs largely limit themselves to leb areas, chinese to chinese areas etc

whereas victoria is just a stew


western sydney is one of the most multiracial places on earth it doesnt surprise me so much

therre’s also fewer abos in vic than nsw

its so close though it doesn’t matter


yeah i never go to western sydney so that’s probably why my perception is skewed and that’s what I was talking about

very few nonwhites in the east (if we don’t count jews) and northern beaches

whereas even eastern and beachside suburbs of melbourne there are tonnes and tonnes of asians and to a lesser extent indians, there’s really no white areas in melbourne

i havent seen a genuine fullblooded aboriginal person in at least 5 years

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tbh i never see them either and i live in dubbo

very rare


Or alternatively go full on .gov



interesting that the right/christian element of society appears to have growing influencce
first, the jew from clubs nsw was forced to quit
now even the project, which otherwise has immaculate neoliberal credentials, is under pressure

i would prefer that the rational agnostic element of society was supreme, but perhaps the ezfka units aren’t smart enough for that and maybe a return to conservatism and tradition is preferable to the trans/misandrist/anti-white cult


There isn’t any evidence of a Christian leader stepping up here, it’s a Muslim reality TV muppet. I am Catholic and can confirm the white guilt cancer infected the majority there long ago. Too hard to be compassionate but also make the rational adult decisions, much easier to just say you’re not racist and shut up and cop it.

Anyone can say whatever they like about Christians In EZFKA, this cocksmoker case in point. Never seen a non Muslim doing the same routine.

He was doing a routine all pre prepared and The Project Producers had it scripted and time checked with him.

Agent 47


I had no issue with the joke but issue with the fact this poo pusher doesn’t have the stones to do one about Muslims or Jews and would kvetch non stop if someone pointed out he was a shit eating faggot that probably likes kids.

If you’ve ever seen this guy’s ‘comedy’ it’s just some shitty cabaret performance by some cunt who likely did high school theatre and wants attention.



ever seen this guy’s ‘comedy’ it’s just some shitty cabaret performance by some cunt who likely did high school theatre and wants attention.

Welcome to the modern day, where ability and performance mean nothing, but ethnicity and sexuality mean everything.
Guess where that ends up.


I gather Waleed Aly is a reasonably religious muslim in that he practices and observes some basic rules and attends the Mosque on a regular basis. I know his highly open to ideas wife, a journalist, converted in order to marry him.

I think Waleed was genuinely offended, non-radical muslims see Jesus as at least a prophet in his own right. I’m no fan of Waleed, but his groveling apology was the correct course of action and struck me as sincere. Which have to accept.

I have heard that joke before, and in a pub or raucous setting it could be (and was) quite amusing – I’m happy to tell Muhmad jokes, so I’m not going to take offense in the correct setting of a similar joke at my expense. But it certainly was not acceptable in any way shape or form on national television.

Completely unsurprising that the fagwa lacked the perspective to know where acceptable boundries lie…. which is my criticism of so much of so called LGBT “culture”.

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My Catholic sister and family are nauseatingly woke fuck Christ cucks. Bunch of homos.



jesus the luvvies at the ABC are absolutely delusional

The whole country would celebrate if the network was abolished overnight, so I don’t understand what they think a 40 minute strike is going to achieve

‘It’s about sustainable careers and equal pay for journalists in the regions, from diverse backgrounds and women.’

Other staff concerns include career progression through pay bands, regular, transparently reported gender and race pay gap audit to address issues with inequality and retention of diverse staff along with an improved buyout system.

Community and Public Sector Union members at the ABC WILL WEAR RED and publishing social media posts in solidarity with striking MEAA colleagues. 

jesus fucking christ shut it down

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Agent 47

The whole thing is about diverting attention away from the RBA announcement IMO.

I’m more interested in the rumors that Paramount may end up closing down channel ten.

Agent 47

I think that may be the play. “We’re losing money for years, oh heres a reason to close up, sorry. It was all Lisa Wilkinson’s fault”


the trouble is getting brucey’s case heard ..the fuckers have a 1year term on defamation cases being lodged, and it’s way past that.



he looks like a rat, so it makes sense that he’s escaping from a sinking ship

Agent 47

PVO is another glass jawed fag that can’t take the heat when he gets it wrong.

Not quite a Paul Bongiorno but pretty close to it.


he’s LVOS cousin right

how many van onselens could there be in aus


Who watches free to air TV anyway? I barely watch it at all and don’t miss it. I won’t miss channel 10, I haven’t watched it for years now.
The only good show that Channel 10 had were the Simpsons and they haven’t been funny for 20 years.


So true. Our dilapated rental doesn’t even have an aerial socket in lounge room so have to track a 10m. Cable from living space downstairs which is illegally built in. It’s only an issue when I want to watch the NRL as wifey streams all her shows.


This is the only purpose of the ABC nowadays…

Drink Milk - Copy.JPG

Here’s one for stewie “Aboriginal Australian genomes reveal Indian ancestry”


Yup – particularily related with Southern Indians i.e. the Dalits. These had higher Southern Denvosian ancestors than other population groups and the markers are easily traceable. Read a few other articles on the topic. Makes sense given the proximity of WA and NT to the coastlines of Indonesia that stretch all the way through to the gulf of India.


Skippy, enjoying his financial independence.

Listening to Devo while waiting for the bus after another day busting his balls renovating houses ‘just for fun’.

I particularly like his rainbow slippers.

Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 11.38.17.png

That is actually pretty close to my mental image of Skippy!

Agent 47

Lol so true

Agent 47

Amazing what $3 million tax payer dollars and a holiday in the Pacific can do for mental health issues brought on by fake rape allegations.


It’s almost like it was a bullshit excuse to avoid a retrial and innocent verdict…

Aussie Soy Boy

The borderline personality disorder remains though


100% she has bpd same w/ grace tame


Blast from the past (2009):

’Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation’

“The philanthropists who attended a summit convened on the initiative of
Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, discussed joining forces to overcome political and religious obstacles to change.

Described as the Good Club by one insider it included David Rockefeller Jr, the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty, Warren Buffett and George Soros, the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey.”



Meanwhile in South Africa:

“The South African government has stated they’re not constitutionally bound to provide electricity to the republic, and as a result, not bound to ending rolling blackouts either. Further increasing societal chaos.”


Good link to see daily life in SA falling apart in real time:



electricity grid operation = society wide iq test


We aren’t that far from that here.
Rolling blackouts = maximized profits in a free market.
We failed that test decades ago.


The US is ‘catching up’ with SA. I assume we won’t be far behind.


“If only Africans had been returned as freed slaves to Africa” ==> Liberia
“If only Africans had overthrown their masters and sought freedom” ==> Haiti
“If only Africans had never been Colonized” ==> Ethiopia
“If only Africans confiscated white people’s property” ==> Zimbabwe
“If only Africans were given the right to vote” ==> South Africa

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Hard to say of course if it’s all of Joburg, but this has been going on for a while now, and only looks to get worse.

Maybe there’s some gated communities that are still ok.

Some people say there were some very nice neigbourhoods in Rhodesia also. They’re all gone now, don’t know what happened.

I think they’re lying anyway, they even faked this photo to imply Rhodesia had their own airline:

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 15.23.51.png

Pic is great but comments below are even better


Ironic Boomer

Paper beats rock.



someone leaked/hacked the UK govt lockdown chat from 2020

should be completely ignored by most media outlets and MB


Whilst you were all distracted by this Higgins and Lehrman shenanigans, the elites are putting you a giant step closer to digital serfdom.


Why do you consider this a giant step towards digital serfdom


even if it’s true and we’re ‘distracted’ what is knowing the ‘real’ thing we’re supposed to care about going to change anything

idg this mindset


fmd im bored


Read this thread then.


Are we at the start of the Weimar phase..?

ouch, the new format for ezfka.com is not millennials friendly: need 2 thumbs, a middle finger and attention span longer than 14 seconds.
(in case you did not know why the middle finger – it is to express a full spectrum of emotions a millenial can ever do)


yo what happened to the rates thread


there are comments gone from this thread too.

looks like data loss going back a few days.


we get hacked?


I notice there is now a downvote button as well as upvote

And there is a little banner at the bottom “We will survive”


we demand answers


Babe, wake up
Newest bcnich just dropped

This is normal in markets, there are always corrections. We could easily see a few months of a bounce.

I know you give me a hard time but I’ve had enough credibility on my calls

On big astrological events you often see extreme moves,

Last time we had the huge solar fare.

If you’re self aware many of you would have felt out of sorts from 6th into 8th peaking on 7th, not sleeping well agitated, angry frustrated

The big sell,off last night was related to the FULL MOON,

Big shift in the solar system, Saturn moved out and Pluto moved in.

This is a very good 2/3 years ahead for a few signs especially Aquarius

We are in the Age of Aquarius.

I’m telling you that jolt & aggressive in markets was a reaction to the intensity of the shift, fear & panic

What does give me hope of better times ahead is being in the age of Aquarius

The big sell off in house prices is bringing fairness back.

I’m actually trying to teach you to be open minded to understand everything is connected in the solar syste.

Don’t be surprised to see some reversals as full moon subsides

The next few months is going to be a positive shift, we could see stabilisation & bounces in many things.

People will react on their emotions

I’m telling you markets are affected by solar & astrological changes

Look what happened last year on that major flare in the sun, was a big move too.

I told you as we moved in into solar cycle 25 the virus would disappear, the sun cools on solar min and the colder period breads virus

The bext major minimum is around 2030, there will be a catastrophic even as solar cycje 25 ends

Wonder if he’s a hyper advanced post-modernist troll


I remember reading some analysis that 70-80% of all major stock market turns coincided with a major astrological event. Maybe there are enough people who believe in that shit to the point of putting their money in or out of the markets based on what they read in their horoscopes.


Yeah some correlation causation questions there hey


I use to completely discount this numbers and planets bullshit until I started looking into the Kabbala and the Occult and realised that it plays a very important part of their belief set.

The Culture from which both of these intermingled mystic or spiritual belief sets emerged from has always been besotted with numbers. For heaven’s sake there’s even a book in the Bible called the Book of Numbers. If you observe Rabbi’s reading the Torah many are obsessed with word counts, spelling, the number of times certain words are used, etc.

As a trading culture is it really that surprising that its diaspora should feature so heavily in the lists of Mathematicians and Physicists? Taking it a step further, is it so hard to believe that many of them see ‘magic’ or ‘power’ in numbers in the same way that other cultures see it in other objects in the world around them.

I’m not saying that I believe in the power of numbers, but I am saying there are lots of powerful people who do. That belief can, like many things, eventually manifest itself in the world by the people who do believe in it acting in a certain way – just like there is an element of truth in technical analysis (which is again based around numbers).

Same thing with the movement of the planets. Saturn has always played a big part in the cycles of Jewish Calendar, so again – if enough powerful people believe in it and act accordingly ‘Reflexivity’ occurs.

Underlying the well-known link between Saturday (Shabbat in Hebrew) and Saturn (Shabbetai in Hebrew) is the reference to Saturn as the planet in charge of the Jews. Behind the link between Saturn and Saturday is the astrological theory that assigns the seven planets in succession, beginning with the sun and following the order of their orbs, to the 24 hours of the day and to the seven days of the week. 

Prominent Roman historians such as Tacitus (56–120 CE) and Cassius Dio (ca. 155–after 229), as well as Church fathers like Augustine (354–430), acknowledged a special link between Saturn and Saturday, the holiest day of the week for the Jews. That Jewish society of the talmudic period recognized the same association is shown by the fact that the Babylonian Talmud (Shabbat 156a) refers to Saturn as Shabbetai, i.e., the star of Shabbat (Saturday). Greek and Arab astrology, however, considered Saturn to be the most malignant of the seven planets; and thus the Jews, astrologically governed by Saturn, were considered to be contaminated by the planet’s wicked nature.

Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Much of Judaic Law is actually knowledge pilfered from the Babylonian Empire which itself was descended from the Sumerian Empire, that reigned across a vast empire for nearly as long as the Egyptian Pharos and new all the techniques for dominating and subjugating those it conquered and ruled over

But Sennacherib, king of Assyria, had already come, and through his policy of forced population transfer he had scrambled all the nations of the lands, as it is stated in reference to Sennacherib: “And I have removed the bounds of the peoples, and have robbed their treasures” This indicates that the children of Simeon were also exiled

(Isaiah 10:13).





Capture - Copy (2).JPG
A fly in your ointment

Swiss plan B(itcoin)?


It is meant to be a trading signal Paolo gives out in advance to significant moves that he is aware of. Posts an image with Red in it, BTC is going down. Something with Green and it is meant to go up.

It is interesting going back through his posts and seeing his random image posting within some inane reference or observation, that has a dominant element of one of those two colours in it.



Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Not a bad signal for 12 hrs and 5 times leverage…

Capture - Copy (3).JPG

Yeah – suits my needs. Having a small punt with nearly zero transaction fees and no custody or credit risk issues.


Italian has to be the most ludicrous language in the world


i think it sounds cool

finnish sounds like absolute dog shit


Mama mia!


Absolutely amazing that airbus not only sold out every single Australian uni student and recent graduate but he flew himself and his apparatchiks to India so they could jerk off about it


and all the gen z retards will still vote for him

muh scomo rape culture
muh climate change
muh multiple ministries

dumbest population in the western world


Fuck me dead what a find.

‘This new mechanism means if you’re an Indian student who is studying or about to study in Australia, your hard earned degree will be recognised when you return home.

‘Or, if you are member of Australia’s large Indian diaspora – 800,000 and growing – you’ll be able to feel more confident that your Indian qualification will be recognised in Australia,’ he said in a speech.

‘It is the most comprehensive and ambitious arrangement that has been agreed to by India with any country.’

Mr Albanese added that Australian universities having a presence in India provides a foundation for tertiary institutions in both nations to build stronger partnerships.

‘Of course, we always welcome students to come and study in Australia, and that will continue to be an important focus for us,’ he said.”

But the whole problem is these indian students WILL NOT RETURN HOME AND EVERYONE KNOWS THEY WON’T

So basically brace for 200k indians p.a. to roll in as students never to leave

This is treason


This country really is fucked long term, policy after policy enacted by governments treating existing citizens with contempt

We’re like the existing customers of a big 4 bank; rip em off blind on existing mortgage rates and hope they don’t notice, and all the new arrivals get $3k cashback for showing up yesterday.


White people are dumb

A fly in your ointment

White Westworld people are…

You must’ve had your AI autospell corrector turned on full Leftard


More like representative democracy is dumb, and is really not working for the people whom it is supposed to actually serve.

Maybe it was always this way and people are waking up now, or maybe it’s gotten worse. I am unsure. However it’s really a total pantomime when you see shit like this play out.

There is simply no way one could possibly construct a narrative whereby this decision remotely benefits anyone that isn’t either ASX200 C suite or the C suite of Australian universities, or better yet their capital masters.

This place is going full blown plutocracy.



Alternatively imagine all the young Aussies going to study in India, think of the vibrancy that would bring to Delhi.

Except that the intake for that might be a half a dozen p.a. as opposed to the 200k in the other direction

So net net 199,988 net migration inbound to Australia

Again – I need to buy a house that can fit 6 bunk beds ASAP to profit from this

A fly in your ointment

But the whole problem is these indian students WILL NOT RETURN HOME AND EVERYONE KNOWS THEY WON’T

That is NOT the problem, well, not for those that make the law in this country. It is their desired outcome.

I hope it is clearer now what I keep saying for donkey years: this country is not invaded, it is recolonised*

(* a policy brought to you by Warden class Australians to flagellate convict and other class ezfka units).

Cool. So it is the problem just like I mentioned.


What performative nonsense

Must have a new PR agency on the books of the RBA



when is someone gonna have the cajholes to tell these creeps to pound dirt

Aussie Soy Boy


Imagine necking yourself over a house.


So the US Fed reserve language has toughened yesterday. 6% cash rate by the end of the year on the cards probably? This is clear as mud they’re gonna pile drive inflation to the ground with further rate hikes.

“The latest economic data have come in stronger than expected, which suggests that the ultimate level of interest rates is likely to be higher than previously anticipated. If the totality of the data were to indicate that faster tightening is warranted, we would be prepared to increase the pace of rate hikes.”

Aussie Soy Boy

Yeah inflation must be 10%. 6% is still highly stimulative.


10 and 2 year curve is so inverted now it’s not funny. All signs pointing to a massive global recession soon enough


These fuckwits are still going to do a Welcome to Country every meeting and not see the hypocrisy…



They are blinded to the hypocrisy by their own virtue.