Aunty says: ain’t nothing more important than mortgages in EZFKA

In case there was previously any doubt! Actions speak louder than words and the ABC staff actions have loudly declared that nobody gives a shit about anything except their mortgage rates:

ABC sources privy to the decision said members thought 40 minutes was long enough to make a statement while undertaking modest action. “Note the timing is when the RBA is expected to make its interest rate announcement next Tuesday for maximum impact,” a source said.

So there ya go. EZFKA units’ attention might be captured when they can’t find out what’s happening to their propadee for 40 minutes…. Or more like 40 seconds as they repoint their browser to Fairfax or whatever.

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They will strike for themselves, but they will never write an article in support of the working classes, and definitely not against mass migration. Useless woke twats should be fired on the spot and replaced with Indians working twice as many hours for a quarter of the wage.


You missed a choice few ABC pieces linked to last week show that the ABC already have rabid and Idiotic indians writing for them. It won’t be long before they are as Australian as CCP owned mining companies in the Pilbara!

I try to avoid clicking on ABC links nowdays.

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This is old, but the tiers of US oligarchy the author lays out are almost identical to the EZFKA control structure.


They have Oligarchies, we have the Great Australian Duopoly.