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i luv the christmas themed overlay

Brisbane New World City



lmao who are you man


Therese Rein.

Sunnybank Chang

You should stop complaining about HK people because they are never violent and the nicest in the world. Brisbane needs another 5 million of them.


Sunnybank Criminal



All you got to do is grab the handle of those scooters they seem to love zipping down the footpaths on. Watching the colonisers eat pavement is fucking hilarious even better the dumb confused look they have on their faces, priceless.

Brisbane River Fish

But without the HK there’d be nothing in Straya doncha know? https://streamable.com/bnt0kd


Hong Kong Sunny Bank peeps are Bassed!


Brown Trash of Oceania

‘It’s very easy to buy into narratives such as authoritarianism vs democracy, communism vs capitalism, China vs Britain/West, tight control vs freedom as the reasons for Hong Kong’s decline, but that’s just short-circuited thinking for the lazy.
The real reason for Hong Kong’s decline, is the failure/irresponsibility of Hong Kong’s elite ruling class. Maybe to many people’s surprise, since its handover to China, Hong Kong has effectively been ruled by the local elites, NOT by Beijing. Sure, Beijing appoints the governor, but the governors are locals, and there was never any direct “order” from Beijing, well, sorta until recently, when Beijing began to see the failure of the local Hong Kong government.
Those elites are composed of mega real estate/business tycoons. Being the elites in the most capitalist city-state in the world gives them tremendous wealth and power, but to the disappointment of Spider-man, with that great power there’s no great responsibilities. The ruling class mega riches don’t see income inequality as a problem, but a badge of honor for themselves, to show how “they’ve made it”, while all the poors are just not smart/hardworking enough. Any efforts to “appease the poor” are hindered by the ruling business-politician symbiotics, because those efforts get in their way of accumulating more wealth.
The frustration of the youth and the poor stems from the sense of inequality, unfairness and despair as they see no chances of upward mobility. Yet, even the poorest in Hong Kong is a capitalist at heart, so they are poor not because of the rich, and they certainly do work hard, then who’s to blame? China, Beijing, the mainlanders, because they are evil, communist, denying skwaer de teeean iiman, yada yada…
On the contrary, when the ruling rich saw the rebellion of lower class, without knowing/admitting themselves are to be blamed, they seek help from Beijing. What does Beijing know about governing a country? More control! That’s the only thing Beijing knows, and it’s been working (kinda) with them. So that’s how we get where we are now.

“We so special. We from HK. HK special look at shiny lights. We built HK. Not ebil Breeteesh”

and pretend that they are not refugees from the mainland

“We not Chiners We Special!”

Well, I guess you’re all about to see just how special you are.
Good luck and so long suckers! The brown trash of oceania is now our problem, because they are here




Inspired by @drkerrynphelps⁩ today I want to say I too have been in a living hell with pericarditis because of the Covid vaccine. Vaccine injuries are real and serious and I sincerely hope more people will speak up.

Excellent. I hope she burns in hell for her role in all this.

Aussie Soy Boy

She sounds like a conspiracy theorist. ABC should sack this cooker bitch.


ezfka confessional

i think coming is basically right about the vaccines

as far as an approved treatment goes they are pure crap relatvely speaking but theyre not this ultra deadly dangerous thing. theyre likely marginally more dangerous than covid for people under the age of 40 or so case depending and less than covid for older people, especially if they’re fat and unhealthy

they’re going to be a source of fascination for years to come bc of that brief period of sanctimonious insanity about them between about jul 2021-jan 2022 (culinnated in djokovic not being let into aus) but i get the feeling increasingly no one cares anymore except a few cooker relics still wistfully longing for the days of the lockdown protests in 2021, the absolute peak of which was the cfmeu riots

even as a jobseeker im finding no workplaces or very few are asking for vax proof anymore, and if they are its bc theyre using old copy from years ago and when you rock up for the interview they dont ask at all

you really get the sense lol that a lot of the types that sooked about lockdown and dictator dan, right or wrong all secretly fuckin loved it, they absolutely loved feeling like iconoclausts and storming the shrine etc. they would do anything to bring it back

they’re the flipside of the covid neurotics and long covid masker freaks who yearn for the days when they could avoid the FoMo of everyone living their life and not being forced to live like they did all the time even before lockdown (friendless losers who have nowhere to be and nowhere to go)

lockdown and vax mandates etc brought anxious cluster C personality types (covid avoidants) and cluster b dramatic personality types (lockdown protesters; aggressive attention seekers, trouble makers) together in a united cause even if both groups were completely unaware of it

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

I like lockouts rather than lockdowns. Zero migration was awesome for us.


I’m 100% right about everything

I know plenty of doctors who felt resentful about being forced to get the vaccine because they felt
a) it wasn’t necessary
b) it carried some risk

but they just got on with it because they had too much to lose

for unemployed hermits like the ones on this website of course they had nothing to lose by refusing

It’s a way for contrarian losers to feel good about themselves

plus they’re too stupid to understand any of this

the vax is about as dangerous as Covid itself which makes sense since they are functionally the same thing (rna with spike proteins)

if you are hysterical about one, you need to be hysterical about both


Coercion cope!
The jabbed get Covid as well


I got AZ

Was that also a 5g death sentence


lol have a listen to it!

anyone that disagrees with you must be a tin foil crackpot.

whatever gets you to sleep at night mate 😉

Last edited 1 year ago by Nemesis

I sleep like a baby

in rude health and with a high paying job


ha ha all about that pay aye mate 😉

unvaccinated are never paid well, I’m sure there’s a study on it

More like your balls are in your wife’s handbag and if you didn’t get the jab you’d be in big strife


Let’s be real you’ve got no woman

or at best an Asian one


ha ha here it goes again

She’s got you by the short curlies ah mate – she make you get the kids done too?

unvaccinated never have wives and if they do they must be Asian, I’m sure there’s a study on it

Seems strange such a winner like you hangs out with losers like everyone else on here


Hmm, I had to get jabbed too of course.
I went with the AZ one too.
More like a flu shot and it got dumped because of Macron bagging it out and the SMH jumping on it. That made it the lesser of evils.
Anyway Happy Xmas everyone

A fly in your ointment

but they just got on with it because they had too much to lose

and that loss (of a job/career/dignity) was imposed because of….?

I had a 6 digit job as a national manager and I was all ready to get the AZ as the nearest shit to Sputnik V (Sinopharm would’ve been the best choice), but the whole thing turned upside down when they:
1. Made it mandatory at the risk of a “gross misconduct ” and instant dismissal at work with no compensation
2. peddled obvious lies
3. demonised any scientific research outside the Emma Renay
4. banned human Iver Mectin and labelled a drug with one of the highest risk/benefit ratio as a horse dewormer
5. banned non-US pharma jabs

I can go on, at this point in time it is silly as one had to literally wear blinkers for 3 yrs not to see the idiocy of ideological “science” we were subjected.
One of the countries in Balkans had a smorgasbord of jabs, literally any jab you chose was available. Most took Sinopharm and Sputnik, only1-2% went for Emma Renay and even less for AZ and Jansem. approx 60% took it voluntarily without the risk of job loss…

Or to simplify all above: in true ezfka Convict thinking… the Warden has spoken, the convicts obey…

100% on all counts.

I too might have succumbed to one of the deactivated whole-virus vaccines had they been offered here – but also, I had to avoid a mandate by burning my leave and other entitlements (mandate eventually got cancelled).

Regardless, I want blood from the fckers responsible; and I simply DGAF about what happens to most EZFKA units.

The country is f***ed if most folk are such sheep.


My Mum developed blood clots in her lungs after her booster shot. Completely out of nowhere. She was misdiagnosed…with anxiety FFS…and almost died…slowly suffocating on her own congealed blood. She’s been under fairly comprehensive surveillance as she takes powerful blood thinners to dissolve the clot.

About a month ago she lost her appetite and her abdomen started to swell up, and 3 days ago she was raced off to Lismore Base Hospital. She has ovarian cancer that has gone from nothing to a tumour the size of a soccer ball in less than a month. The oncogists are wide eyed. As far as I can gather, this isn’t all that common.

She’ll be spending Christmas in the oncology ward of LBH on the 9th floor, amongst a whole bunch of people who are moaning and gurgling their last. She’s weak and pale and confused and frightened. She just wanted to have Christmas with her family and now she may be dying.

Her brother Norm, my uncle, also has blood clots in his lungs. FFS.

My 24 year old niece, a professional athlete, has myocarditis.

That’s just my immediate family. Christmas is fucking great for my tribe this year.

If you believe that idiot Coming and think the vaccines aren’t fucking dangerous, just wait a bit. You’ll find out shortly when the phone rings and someone says “Ah…I’ve got some bad news.”.


Never sure if this is a parody account

or he’s actually that cooked


In case this is for real :

your mum got blood clots because she had a metastatic malignancy (unknown at the time)

A fly in your ointment

because she had a metastatic malignancy

because it can’t be Emma?
Ofcourse silly to look in that direction


It’s not that it can’t be the vaccine, it’s that there are far more likely causes. The young niece with myocarditis is the outlier, especially if it happening within a few weeks after getting the jab.


Being in her 80’s wouldn’t help either. And the brother getting it suggests there’s probably a genetic component.


Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately have some experience with ovarian cancer – my grandmother passed away from it many years ago, was diagnosed late, and only picked up after sudden abdominal swelling. Unfortunately it’s one that is easily missed and can get large rapidly. There is a well known complication of cancers called paraneoplastic syndrome that increases the propensity of blood clots occurring.

A fly in your ointment

i think coming is basically right about the vaccines

as far as an approved treatment goes they are pure crap relatvely speaking but theyre not this ultra deadly dangerous thing


coming is tight from a perspective of a person that wants to justify the jabbadabba as a good choice to cope with cognitive dissonance.

Who(m) decides one must take an experimental jab (instead of a less deadly infection) to save one’s job ?
if there was no mandate, Coming’s point would make some sense.

The Convict mentality in its peak…. suck in to thy Warden to have a little power over other convicts. “it’s the ro


i wish the overlay was a mouse click shoot em game


I was just thinking that for Christmas this blog needed more vaccine comments.


idg the eternal fascination with them either at this point

i was mocked around feb (not necessarily here) for saying that covid was disappearing as an issue and will be mostly a non-factor in society by year’s end

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

even albo to his credit chose to take covid out to the woodshed rather than keep it going. i said it was likely he wasn’t going to try to continue the LARP either bc its political poison now and inflation is too big a deal to ever try that stuff again. getting rid of manadtory iso imo was the formal end of the covid era.

in fact i literally overhead a dominos pizza delivery worker last night in a car park talking to her friend about how she had covid, like legit outright had covid right there, positive, but was still out and working. lmao. imagine someone saying that 2 years ago or even 1 year ago

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

So many cookers it’s like an Asian food court


See above for some vaccine reality mate


I know you feel strongly about it, I don’t because there is fuck all I can do about it and there are many other things to worry about.
Whatever viewpoint (pro or con) posts, I don’t care and couldn’t do anything about it if I did.
I got the Zucchini and booster because I was required to. I didn’t want to, but what actual steps can I take now.
I didn’t let my 10 yo daughter get the shot, although she has had all other shots.


Dear Klaus Schwab,

I know you are a busy man, but can I ask you for a favour:

Could you please speed up the depopulation agenda?
I am seriously done with humanity and its infinite dumbness.

So hurry up already!



Ha ha see my Utopia comment, you wish may have already been granted 😉


Northern NSW is being severely depopulated, should be some cheap houses there soon.


this a joke or is actually happening FR?


It’s happening to LSWCHP


For those who looking for something to watch over the Christmas break, check out the 2013 UK Series Utopia

Series 1

Series 2

The parallels with the last 2 years are uncanny. Apologies if this is well known only just watched it.


I watched it when it first came out

great show

never could have imagined back then how the future would pan out

a different time

no gender dysphoria


peak puahate era


Here’s a question for the cookers

(And for the Covidiots)

why does Sweden have almost no excess mortality

despite being one of the most jabbed countries on earth

and the least locked down



bonus points if you somehow manage to work into your answer the anecdote of your colleagues friends grandmothers niece who was an elite athlete


C’mon man!
Use that giant Mensa brain of yours for a moment.

An 8-10x difference between the highest and lowest percentages?
How is that even possible in countries that are fairly comparable for general health, medical care and jab rates.
Even accounting for variations in how covid was handled 2-3x is hard to believe, 10x is grotesque, especially over a 3 year period.

Stats from here:

The chunk in the middle is most probable for all these countries (incl. Sweden), between 20-30% over 3 years.


Excess deaths champ

not total

really irrelevant whether you think it’s “hard to believe” or not

you can’t pick and choose what stats you believe just because they doesn’t suit your narrative

there IS a large variance in excess deaths
that is not correlated to vaccination rates

sweden, a heavily vaccinated country, has minimal excess deaths despite the novel virus pandemic

therefore, vaccines are not contributing to excess mortality in either direction

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

Yes, so what is the difference in standard deviation between Sweden’s and the US’ excess mortality rate over 3 years.

If you really think that is statistically normal I have a bridge to sell you.

You’d think excess mortality is just that, no ifs or buts.

But if anything has been made abundantly clear the last 3 years is that you can very well pick and choose numbers and stats to suit any narrative.

A fly in your ointment

But if anything has been made abundantly clear the last 3 years is that you can very well pick and choose numbers and stats to suit any narrative

to cast the light on this from another angle, too many data is very unclear on what it represents. A simple case of deaths from/with NoviCaugh19 being smudged and mix-n-match for any narrative, to put it simple too much data us tainted to tell us anything meaningful and credible by analysing it. It tells one thing that is indisputable- not all the stats are the word of God.


The logical fallacies just keep piling up in cooker land

the stats always prove your point
except when they don’t , then they’re not credible

and you fall back on anecdotes
but not the majority of anecdotes, only the anecdotes that are consistent with your delusion

A fly in your ointment

Perhaps you could re-read my comment and try to comprehend its mea ing before smearing it with your biases.

The data being worth shit means it is silly to draw any conclusions, from it including your cognitively dissonant and mine ___________ (insert here as you wish).
Except the conclusion as to why oh why the data was/is tainted.


So basically you are admitting that your theories are based on selecting the data that supports your irrational belief, then ignoring the rest

what data can you present showing excessive mortality in sweden in the post covid era?

if you can’t present any, why? Why does every other country in the western world have data showing high mortality EXCEPT sweden?

is sweden doing this deliberately just to discredit cookers ?
if so, why aren’t other countries involved in this conspiracy ?


Here ya go:


Excess mortality per million.

I have only selected input for Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the top 3 countries from your stat.
(You can play around adding/deleting countries).

Here Sweden has the worst outcome (double Denmark’s). Looks like by having lockdowns all NOR and DNK did was delay deaths, as the graph shows, and in the process destroy their economy.

From the FAQ page:

Where do you get your data from?One of our key tasks in producing this publication is to bring together the most reliable and informative data sets on a particular topic.
There are four main sources for the data that we bring together:

  1. Specialized institutes – like the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
  2. Research articles – like Bourguignon & Morrison (2002) – ’Inequality Among World Citizens: 1820-1992’ in the American Economic Review.
  3. International institutions or statistical agencies – like the OECD, the World Bank, and UN institutions.
  4. Official data from government sources – for example, our COVID-19 vaccination and testing datasets compile the most recent official numbers published by governments and health ministries worldwide.

You see now what I mean?

Which stat are we going to believe champ?

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 11.51.32.png

was the vaccine available in Jan 2020 champ ?

how about you enter the data from POST vaccine : February 2021

and then tell us what you find

maybe throw in some non Nordic countries who also pursued lockdown and vaccination

now explain how the data suggests that vaccines caused excess deaths


‘how about you enter the data from POST vaccine : February 2021’

Where does your data/stat show that period?
FMD the only cooker here is you.
Your stat is for 2020-2022 cumulative, so is mine.

My only point in this whole discussion was that anybody can find stats to suit any narrative.

You showed me one stat, I showed you another.

We’re comparing the same countries over the same timeframe with supposedly the same inputs and yet get different outcomes.

With your stat Denmark has about double excess mortality (calculated in %) compared to Sweden, with my stat Sweden has double excess mortality (calculated in per million) compared to Denmark over the same timeframe.

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 14.04.07.png

Click the link you have already provided

move the slider across to Feb 2021 (you should be capable)

do simple arithmetic to determine the number of excess deaths since that time

explain how vaccines have contributed meaningfully to excess deaths in the post vaccine era

I’m sure you can’t be this stupid


To be able to put those excess deaths numbers in perspective you first have to know what typical mortality rate per 1 million people in that same period was expected. You know, excess means over and above the norm.

All you can say now is that on your selected timeframe excess deaths are still going ‘up and to the right’ after the jab duh…

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 18.58.13.png

“ Up and to the right “


sweden is flat , and then has little bumps

you know in winter

when people catch respiratory viruses

and we released a new one into the world

now why don’t you compare sweden to for instance USA with lower vaccination rates

or to Australia or NZ or Germany with similar vaccination rates , but aggressive lockdowns

then you can realise the relative magnitude and contribution of covid, vaccines and lockdowns (all of which contribute) to excess mortality


now why don’t you compare sweden to for instance USA with lower vaccination rates

Why don’t you go fuck yourself.

“sweden is flat , and then has little bumps 
you know in winter 
when people catch respiratory viruses 
and we released a new one into the world”

That is included in typical death rate, you know the death rate that is normal and expected every fucking year!
That’s why excess death rates are so interesting you absolute fuckwit. Everybody knows that except you, and then you have the hide to call others idiots.

Again, you showed us a statistic without any context, took it as gospel and said see see! I told youse! So I showed you a different stat where in the top 3 your best country ended up worst.

I wanted to show you data and statistics can give different outcomes depending on how they are used, like garbage in – garbage out, and you should never just take one set of data as the absolute truth.

The best data will come from actuaries as they work for companies that actually have to make a profit selling (life) insurance. We are still early on into that process so time will tell asshole.

Now go play along you nasty little man.
You can go back to morbidly obsessing over some ugly fat slob and if she is wearing knickers or not.


EXCESS deaths increase in winter, because the burden of EXCESS deaths from covid is predominantly in winter

The total rate of deaths, as well as the rate of excess deaths both increase in winter

How fucking stupid are you?

Again, why does sweden have the LOWEST excess mortality in the world in the post covid era, if vaccines are driving it

You have no data to show that, because its false




According to your chart, Sweden has had 337 excess deaths in the last 23 months (since February 2021)

Equivalent to 176 deaths per 12 months

Average number of deaths in sweden is ~90,000/yr

Which corresponds to an excess mortality rate of

wait for it


Go back to posting shitty facebook memes you stupid fucking cunt


‘Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust: A Narrative and Meta-Analytical Review’

“We find a statistically significant negative relationship between ethnic diversity and social trust across all studies.”



Many such articles – it is well document but not well covered.



New Twitter is the same as the old Twitter 🙁


Speaking Truth about America’s the UN & WEF’s sacred cows goes against the narrative – this is how it will end for everyone, until the knowledge of difference is squeezed out and the only justification that remains is our supposed racism.

Capture - Copy.JPG

By diligently censoring/scrubbing/filtering facts, over time inconvenient truths will disappear from documented history.

Orwell’s memory hole is most apt to today’s experience.


Like 450,000 becoming 6 million…


Red Cross numbers are very hurtful.


This number is a mystical number that has been used many times prior to WW2 in reference to the number of Jews that were being persecuted, had died or were at risk of dying as a result of Goyish aggression.

“This is called “the purple earth.” It shines with every kind of light that proceeds from hashmal. In this earth are sunk twelve thousand myriads of pearls, sunk in this earth and reaching as far as the eastern gate. There there are six million open gates, and Anael is the chief guardian of them.”

– Zohar Hadash,

The Zohar is a a collection of mystical Juicy texts that also form a big part of the Kabalist and Chabad-Lubavitch momement. No one knows and uses the power of prophecy better than the Jews in order to manifest their own destiny.

If there is one thing that COVID has taught me, it is the power of the press to promote a lie until it becomes the accepted truth. My skepticism over the official narrative has only increased COVID and the media’s role in suppressing the truth. If they can do it for that, what else can they do it for?

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Since the time of Edward Bernays and his uncle Sigmund Freud it has been well established how important it is to keep control of the narrative to keep the minions in line.

These skills have been honed to perfection for a hundred years now.

Psyops have been used militarily against the ‘enemy’ and also very clearly agains us through the media. Realising this you have to then ask the uncomfortable question if maybe we the people are also perceived as an enemy and treated as such?


I often ask myself the Question:

“If Hitler had won the war, would he have sought to permanently destroy the societies and cultures of his enemies, by deluging them with mass migration and psy-op them into believing it was good for them?”

Asking that question makes many people very angry.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

I can’t answer that question, but what I do know is that the more you start digging into history the more you notice that it’s never simply as black and white as they want us to believe.


The Second World War can be understood in a very real sense as the American conquest of Western Europe.


Through the Marchall Plan a lot of influence was bought to further certain ‘American’ ideals.


For those who doubt that the quote or even the fixation of the quote and that particular number exists:

Symphony of Six Million is a 1932 American Pre-Code film directed by Gregory La Cava and starring Ricardo Cortez, Irene Dunne and Gregory Ratoff. Based on the story Night Bell by Fannie Hurst,[1] the film concerns the rise of a Jewish physician from humble roots to the top of his profession and the social costs of losing his connection with his community, his family and with the craft of healing.”

Symphony of Six Million – Wikipedia

Symphony of Six Million – Rotten Tomatoes

Which also happens to be the exact number of Juicies were were always under threat, whether they lived in Poland, Russia or the whole of Eastern Europe, the number was always the same.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Happy Christmas Stewie.
The smartest person on this site.


LOL – thanks for the faith, but they say you never want to be the smartest man in the room, as it usually means your the only person left in the room – holding the bag. Fortunately there’s no shortage of smart, interesting contributors to EZFKA. A big thanks to Peachy for creating this space! Hope everyone had a merry and safe Christmas!


Psychoactive drugs and its effect on spider web building.
Of particular interest is the influence of crack cocaine on the spider community.
(2 minutes)



Have a great Christmas Peachy and the rest of the EZFKA crew.


“…phraud is still a phelony. (it also pierces the EUA liability waiver)”

hehehe hope this blows up .. merry christmas indeed….for years



“We shall soon be in a world in which a man may be howled down for saying that two and two make four, in which furious party cries will be raised against anybody who says that cows have horns, in which people will persecute the heresy of calling a triangle a three-sided figure, and hang a man for maddening a mob with the news that grass is green.”



How about a Christmas update on Ukraine stagmal

MB completely dead I see. I remember when they used to get 300-400 comments


i’m working on a draft its in the admin panel

yeah lol

i also think its bc they unnecessarily split their posts over so many different threads which only kills the site further bc no one wants to have to go over so many different links

if they rationalised their content and reduced a lot of the superfluous posts MB might be doing better


does anyone know who geoffery leonard was

he was this old pedo sicko from hornsby who was the feature of the absolute funniest current affair segment of all time in the late 2000s


became a subject of many memes etc around the time

well there’s this YT channel who is still obsessed w the guy and makes periodic videos about him

his house in hornsby was up for sale and it sold for 1.3m, the house itself is a rotting worthless old shack but the land itself seems like it would have been worth more than that?

here’s the video about it they did


Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

Absolutely never heard of him and this is really bizarre

I hope the police are aware of the person making these videos seems disturbed


Fuck lol the RE agent write up is quite disturbing in context

5 Rosamond street

“Superb chance to be part of a family friendly neighbourhood”

“Delightful backyard for kids to play”

(Proceeds to list off all the schools nearby)

seems like a high price compared to other sales in Hornsby , where you can get fully renovated houses for that much but I don’t know the area


– Knock down and rebuild a double storey luxury home (STCA)
– Superb chance to be part of a family-friendly neighbourhood
– Perfect level block set on a peaceful, tree lined street
– Large land size boasts a delightful backyard for kids to play
– Potential for granny flat to be built for additional income
– Footsteps to bus stop with direct route to Hornsby Station
– Six minute drive to local library, cafés, cinema and eateries
– Only a short drive to elite schools including Knox Grammar
– Falls into the catchment area for Hornsby North Public School
– Also zoned for Asquith Girls and Asquith Boys High schools

fmd lmao

not one cunt buying that house would have had any idea it was the lair of the great grub himself

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

Kind of thing that really makes you believe pedos run everything


if bill clinton etc ever takes an unannounced trip to hornsby on a private jet any time soon ill be spewin


Ha, yes, by “choice” I’m sure. Got to love the ex post rationalisation



ABC Presenter Dies of Suddenly Aged 37.


He had a good Innings, life well lived and all that.
Gonna getcha ‘Coming’. God will not be mocked.


Jewish Powerhouse Dies Suddenly Aged 41
God will not be mocked Coming. Apostates will perish.


Lifeguard Dies On Duty
Pray to the Lord Coming, in His Holy Name.
You put It in your vein, now you’re riding the Long Black Train.


the irony of all the women complaining about taliban banning women from university is so funny to me

like why are feminists so deathly afraid of a world in which women cant work and have to therefore be dependent upon and slaves to their husbands

but somehow a world in which women are forced to work and therefore dependent upon and slaves to their employers is infinitely preferable

what is the difference at all


So you’re saying you prefer feudal serfdom to capitalism


He didn’t say that. You’re saying that. Please explain how women going to work is capitalism and raising their own children is feudalism. Or perhaps you meant it the other way around?


I think it’s pretty clear

the serf toils in the fields of the lord
they never own anything
the lord ensures their safety and survival

the ezfka unit seeks to acquire and consume
under a mutually exploitative (but generally imbalanced) relationship with capital

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

For a comment originally about women, I’m quite surprised that your reply doesn’t refer to them once. I have a problem with you (and the feminists, marxists, et al) appearing not to acknowledge that a woman raising her husband’s children is also raising her own children, whose success she holds a direct biological interest in. Once children are born, women and men have a shared interest in working together to ensure the success of their offspring, which is ultimately more important to many people than their own prosperity or happiness for the reason that survival without reproduction is pointless.

In today’s world all the knowledge and learning you could want is on the internet. The success of leftists in destroying western society began at universities and persists with bullshit degrees, especially those with ‘studies’ in the title. I would be quite pleased if most of our universities were shut down. So, while the Taliban are stopping women going to university, they are probably no worse off, and perhaps better off, if the measure of success is how many children you raise to adulthood.

Fedualism vs capitalism is besides the point.


Coming! I’m going to wear your skin like a suit!
In your home!




Anyone read Mishtalk?

I am interested in this PapaDave character: https://mishtalk.com/economics/merry-christmas-taxpayers-more-omnibus-details-emerge-and-they-are-inflationary

Some sample comments:

“Merry Christmas MPO. Thanks for your comments this year; in particular your investment and demographics comments.

If each of us becomes healthy and wealthy enough, we shouldn’t have to worry too much about health care costs.

I would rather do that than constantly complain about the government full-time. Much less stressful.

Stay positive!”

“Yep. That’s the way it is.

The solution? Work hard to become healthier and wealthier. Because you can’t change the system.

Or move to a country with a better system. Some Americans seem to be opting for that.”

He posts similar sentiments in most articles. Besides that, he flogs oil shares. He does all of this ad nauseum.

I’m sure for most of us malcontents, it is impossible that we would ever stop complaining about the government. Someone like Elon Musk has surely become as wealthy as anyone realistically can, but still complains regularly about the government. If, in theory though, we could do that, does this point of view actually have merit?

It is true that the EZFKA appears immutable, unchangeable, irredeemably ruled by mates, although still better than the USA’s Soviet-style decay.

I think there’s a decent chance that if everyone had the PapaDave mindset, we’d probably still be in caves, trying to accrue the most animal pelts and spear-tips to become wealthier in a shit world rather than to improve the commons in any particular way. Or in the modern context, the EZFKA would go into overdrive with no opposition left to speak of, and a whole new cohort of corrupt nihilist grabbers.

I also wonder if this sort of quietism is the result of getting one’s bag and as a result, not having any particular opposition to the establishment. That’s definitely the case for some subset of society, mostly Boomers.


with no opposition left to speak of, and a whole new cohort of corrupt nihilist grabbers.

That is exactly why we call it the ezfka. It already happened.


ABC’s indigenous affairs editor Bridget Brennon on the purpose of ‘The Voice’ to parliament, “It must be feared and revered” but more importantly that its purpose and powers are being deliberately left undefined and ‘opaque’ at this stage and therefor open to having its power being expanded in the future.


Firstly ‘The Voice’ will be undemocratic and goes against all our democratic principals, secondly its powers will be expanded. They are telling us this to our faces.

A fly in your ointment


What could go wrong, eh?
Rabbitz, foxiz, the whole lot et cie

Human induced global climate change, in its true meaning.
Perhaps we should stick with Teslas and wind turbines as a lesser evil


the electric car stuff is pure bullshit

even if they are cleaner and greener than ICE cars theyre still a half non solution

no one wants to grapple with the reality that they will likely have to give up on private automobile ownership altogether if they really want a solution to ‘climate change’

its a phony salvation for people who want to have their cake and eat it too


Transport accounts for 18% of co2 emissions in Australia

and only 2/3 of that is passenger cars (12%)

changing to electric is going to make fuck all difference overall , as that only reduces it a bit when your electricity is mainly generated by coal and gas anyway

even abolishing cars altogether and making people walk will get us down 12% so yeah

we need a mass depopulation really if we are taking this seriously

A fly in your ointment

No, I do not think coal powered vehicles will save the world (from what?) but some people should play only with Lego since playing with nature can bring disasters, particularly if that play is ideologically driven.


Wasn’t someone here recently reporting their daughter got bashed by gangs in brisbane?

But it looks like the boys are “white” in this photo, doesn’t it?


The Southside boys are white trash bogans. But the gangs on the north side are all zulus. You can see that in the video and the colour of their hands.


why cant we get them to kill each other

A fly in your ointment