MB showcases upgrades, shows up Google

Following the success of ChatGPT and hot on the heels of Google’s recent lacklustre launch of its BARD AI system, MB has wowed audiences with the unveiling of its own new site layout and Artificial Intelligence system – TARD AI.

The TARD AI system is a sophisticated synthetic neural network, trained to autonomously perform multiple key functions to speed delivery of core services to MB audiences. Technical details have not been revealed, but sources close to the development of the technology have reported that TARD AI capabilities include:

  • “Topping and tailing”research notes and reports published by selected banks and commentators
  • Scraping daily commodity price data and putting it in a table
  • Taking Corelogic data and plotting it is chart (with line and column capabilities)
  • Impersonating that Becker bloke
  • Publishing posts at one hour and half-hour increments.

The TARD AI neural network has been extensively trained on data sets:

  1. historical posts; and
  2. historical events

Through ‘praise’ and ‘punishment’ mechanisms it has been taught to ensure that a correlation between posts and events (lagged 18 months) is maintained strictly in the range of -0.75 and -0.90. Initial values for “outrage”, “pomposity” and “contrariness” have been set in the high range, to ensure a seamless user experience.

TARD AI has been active for several weeks and regular users have embraced its launch.

Long time user Matthias was quoted as saying “It’s been good. The content has been a great mix of warnings about how dire everything is and how wrong everyone has it, how close we are to the precipice, with the tacit promise that us meek readers will finally inherit the earth if we grit our teeth and hold on about another 18 months. Because it’s automated, I can now gear my fear and fleeting hope fix more regularly.”

Long time user Reusachtige said “Yeah, nah. Mechanical devices are not usually what I go in for (although they have a use in getting the fat and ugly chicks to release their tension). But I guess the blokes had to do this, so that they can get real jobs to pay the increasing rents, and I certainly applaud that.”

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If you use the new MB mortgage broking service do they advise you whether to go fixed or variable ?

could be a useful contrarian indicator


I tried it last week and half the returned rates for 30 year mortgage were over 15%.


Variable or short term fixed. It doesn’t really matter. They obviously haven’t tested it properly. $22.5k monthly repayment on $1m loan!


Fixed 6 years


BTW Peachy – I gather this site costs actual money to run not just printed money.

I’m happy to chip in a couple of bucks but don’t see a donation link.



tard ai

they really are lazy now. go back like 5 years or longer and they used to actually write articles and had a lot of independent content now theyre search algo optimisers and spammers

most articles get no comments, a lot of it is bc they banned everyone here tho


5 years ago it probably made enough money to support a reasonable amount of effort on content.
I personally always found the commenters of far more value than the articles though.



Although I agree that young people especially shouldn’t generally get the vaccine, this is how absurd you have people have gotten

The women is due to have a fucking heart transplant, and requires the most severe immunosuppression
But the dumb bitch is refusing the covid vaccine lmao

who cares if it damages her heart when its about to be cut out and dumped into a bin anyway

the absolute fucking stupidity of cookers is staggering
Armenians are the worst patients though, its absolutely no surprise


are they for real

what makes them bad, are they super superstitious / hypochondriac


they are hyper-aggressive

classic eastern euro temper

but also severe paranoia

probably epigenetic damage from soviet times and genocide

A fly in your ointment

You rearrly skipped those history classes on Armenia, eh?


I didn’t realise you were an expert on the history of armenia as well as a PhD in immunology

Tell us what I got wrong


> classic eastern euro temper

Well Armenia’s not in Eastern Europe for a start..

What do you do for a living again? Hopefully nothing important.


Tried to ask chatGPT but cant be bothered making an account

Is Armenia considered Eastern European?
The Eastern Partnership (EaP) is a joint initiative involving the EU, its Member States and six Eastern European Partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

What do you do for a living again? Hopefully not a geography teacher


The Eastern Partnership was set up 13 years ago. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Europe wasn’t set up 13 years ago.

I mean if Turkey isn’t in Europe, why would Armenia be?

That partnership is just geopolitics. Next you’ll be telling me that Australia is part of Asia because we joined the East Asia summit and the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation forums?

I suppose Australia and Israel are also part of Europe because both joined the Eurovision song contest?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Europe wasn’t set up 13 years ago.

You’re wrong

I mean if Turkey isn’t in Europe, why would Armenia be?

Georgia isn’t in Asia, why would Armenia be?

every first page google entry “is armenia part of europe?” answers yes, but why don’t you ask ChatGPT

In particular however, the people are certainly CULTURALLY european not asian

Even their language is Indo-European

And I was discussing only culture when I was stereotyping the personality of Armenians

Now, you actually mentioned that I don’t know the “history” of Armenia

What part of the “history” did I misrepresent?


The part where you said it was Eastern European. You might have a perfect knowledge of Armenian history, but it’s not Eastern European. The only reason Europe takes any interest is because they want to keep Russia in check. So they will sign them up to every European institution that they can for geopolitical reasons, and to increase membership since all organisations need to increase membership to pretend to be relevant.

Iranian languages and Indian languages are also Indo-Europeans. When do you think India and Iran will join the Eastern European Partnership? Or perhaps the European Union?

I mean, are you just doing a simple word search and seeing the word “European” floating around and concluding that it’s European?

Are you a citizen of Euro Disneyland by any chance? (That’s actually in Europe by the way)

I guess we’ve always lived in East Asia after all.


europe is a bullshit concept anyway there’s no european ‘continent’

classifying armenia as part of europe / or asia is pretty definitional, ‘european’ is a cultural signifier more than it is an actual geological/tectonic one

armenia & georgia are effectively culturally european more than you would ever consider them ‘asian’

azerbajian isnt

Last edited 1 month ago by stagmal
A fly in your ointment

Tell us what I got wrong

I think the proper answer is that you were not even wrong


theyre basically mountain jews -10 or so iq points


average IQ in armenia is apparently 88, so its more like – 20

they’re more like lebs but even more aggro and paranoid


is it

i thought it was like 95 or so

if so it’s probably because of brain drain, all the talented armenians are overseas sending the money back home


what’s the life expectancy for ppl who get heart transplants anyway

as i understand it organ transplantation mostly sucks


yeah not good

which makes the risks of getting jabbed absolutely laughable in comparison

who cares if you get pericarditis when they’re about to cut your fucking heart out

cookers have the lowest fucking IQ


Does that go the other way too? Western Europeans and their descendants being too laid back and stupid because they have been living in a fantasy world?

Would explain the fake money, fake tans, fake culture, even fake men and fake women these days. I mean, that’s why this site is called EZFKA, right?


weve got an angry slav on our hands here


Well, you opened the door. If you can’t handle the implications of your line of thought, why go down that path in the first place?

In any case, just an Ezfkanian like you.

A fly in your ointment

Methinks the proper way is “ezfker” sounding as easy-fakker


If you can’t handle the implications of your line of thought, why go down that path in the first place?

Because he rarely knows the implications of his line of thought.

A fly in your ointment

… requires the most severe immunosuppression
But the dumb bitch is refusing the covid vaccine

No cognitive dissonance here, of course
What if she had Sinopharm jab or Sputnik?
Nah, those don’t work much more than the main one which don’t work


lmao you stupid fucking cooker

yeah that’s what a rational person would do

Try to import sinopharm or sputnik and then somehow go through the TGA or health minister get it recognised
Rather than just walking down to the GP and getting jabbed

Keeping doubling down on this you retard

A fly in your ointment

That strawman is killed! Good job.

AIR recognises both Sinopharm and Sputnik if jabbed overseas.
Point is of all the jabs, these two are harmless on the long run, and none of all the jabs works hence the stupidity of the request. I bet you the Armenian woman is trying g to get the transplant at Ramsay hospital as these were the spearhead of Pfizerring.

I like your eloquence, epithets too. Obviously a well educated person. But, yeah, tick-tock…. it feels good to be unfizerred


Do you think her getting jabbed will stop her getting covid?
The evidence speaks highly contrarily to that point.
So why does she need to be jabbed again?


oh my god here we go


if you don’t want to play the game, you can leave the field…

I’m not bored yet though


It’s really pointless engaging with Coming. He’s a super aggressive and abusive retard with delusions of grandeur. Sort of like an Armenian, only worse. I ignore him.


Migtronix’s disease claims another


Lol. It hadn’t occurred to me, but that seems like an apt comparison.

A fly in your ointment

Nah, it don’t bother me.
I just want to be a regular fly in ointment and that ,Ares it a different ballgame


So you think lockdowns are a massive overreach but thinks it’s perfectly ok to refuse treatment to anyone who refuses the experimental vaccinations?


Not surprising at all.

Organs suitable for transplant are very rare.

Selecting the most appropriate person to receive a transplant is a detailed process.

For the transplant to succeed, one will have to commit to taking anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their life.

So if you present as someone who is unreliable or appears to be determined to ignore doctor’s orders they aren’t going to waste their time and the organ will go to someone else.

A fly in your ointment

So if you present as someone who is unreliable or appears to be determined to ignore doctor’s orders they aren’t going to waste their time and the organ will go to someone else.

c’mon, how that has anything to do with Genetic Treatment jab which dont work at all, is indicated as havinga contra-efficacy and is not a standard vacciantion type?
there is science and there is ideology, can’t be both.

She’d be unlikely to survive Hepatitis or Tetanus or Influenza and these are not on the list of mandatory vaccines.


are you sure they aren’t mandatory? How do you know ?

in any case who actually cares

at the point you are literally about to die , you are going to essentially decline the only remaining treatment because of insane cooker fantasies about how deadly the jab is

it’s so incredibly retarded

its especially retarded because she is actually one of the few people who stands to benefit from the jab overall vs risk

but I’m glad as her death will save the taxpayers millions of dollars in medical costs and disability pension payments

and she was never going to contribute to society being a cardiac cripple and Armenian

Last edited 1 month ago by Coming

You really are a lovely person aren’t you…

A fly in your ointment

Victoria 🇦🇺 The Insanity Continues 💣 … Despite even having a “Vax Exemption”, A mother has been denied a Lifesaving Heart Transplant because she’s “Unvaxxed”…


the woman is not declining anything, she is being barred from accessing life saving procedure based on hers rejection of unrelated arbitrary non performing genetic treatment. A sheer idiocy only a convict class ezfka unit can confabulate. Actually it well defines the mindset of a convict class ezfka units.

She may have contributed none but she may have contributed by far more than all of us here combined for Australia.

but I’m glad as her death will save the taxpayers millions of dollars in medical costs and disability pension payments

this begs a response in the form of mio/pericarditis wishes or a blood clot, but nope , I still hope your genetic treatment number is not a winning ticket

…who stands to benefit from the jab overall vs risk

if you repeat this long enough, you will eventually begin to believe it.

good luck to you mate… you will need it… tick-tock…. it feels good to be unPfizerred.


My guess is that there was probably a bit more to it than just not getting a vaccine. She might have declined to consent for a potential interoperative blood transfusion due to only wanting vaccine free blood, demanded that all medications to be non Pfizer or some other bullshit that would make them think she’s going to be just too hard and impractical to manage.


Lol probably true

what a dumb bitch

also they realised she’s Armenian


now there’s some crackpot Victorian senator getting involved

A fly in your ointment

your guess is as good as a guess that she is used as a showcase of retributions for contumacy
a speculation, nothing more


Anything anyone says about these kind of specific health issues is always going to be speculation.

The reality is likely to be quite mundane – some admin drone goes through the referral paperwork, and if the right boxes aren’t checked it gets set back. They don’t get paid enough to care and you’re just another number on the system. Unless she goes so far as to abuse the clerical staff, the thought that they’d dish out some kind of retribution falls flat.

A fly in your ointment

Coatesworth showed what he’s worth and said having a gene therapy which does not save from an illness is required just because of a minute chance she may get an illness from which she will not be protected by that gene treatment.
Jab status changes nothing towards positive, it is used to show what the penalty will be for unPfizered.

A very definition of retribution. EZFKA own patent.



‘green energy superpower’ is fucking stupid

electricity cant be transported very far


getting sick to death of this crap
grift after grift after grift


Experts Warn that Shopping May Cause Death

Agent 47

On point re today’s migrant announcement


As much as it would annoy people on here, the mostly likely person is W@F. I recall him getting into a scuffle with protestors and having his finger bitten.


my guess is it could be an older video, possibly from last year


I still see some people walking around the streets with masks on.



and these look like derpy redditor types so it could be recent

it could go eitherway


Recall that pre-Covid protestors were banned from hiding their identity by wearing masks. I guess it makes sense to wear them if you intend to break the law.


Interesting – there was a shortened version where they don’t show the women insulting and attacking the man first.


No big surprise there.


It’s just a great example of how shit stirring and insulting people online doesn’t translate well when taking it out into the real world. The black haired girl probably didn’t expect to get clocked, but I’d bet she’s accused 100s online of fat shaming.


She didn’t get hit because she accused someone of fat shaming…


The way some of these people behave online, it’s likely if they had the ability to hit people they wouldn’t hesitate. Was funny seeing him defend himself against 3 of them with one hand on the camera.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gouda

Indeed, but online they have people banning comments that hit back verbally. Seem they thought the banhammer would stop physical retaliation as well.
This is an end product of removing violence from our childrens lives completely. People seem to not understand any more that if you hit someone you will get hit back.


That is the world being created by social media, big tech and the ruling class.
And its barely begun.



holy shit

someone with the surname “silverstein” is advocating for unlimited unchecked migration to white countries

you can’t even make this shit up anymore

Agent 47

I don’t even need early life. I can just feel it.


Perverting and white anting our country and culture, safely ensconced in our University system:

Jordy Silverstein
jewishness, diasporism, history, memory, solidarity, justice. she/her. ‘Cruel Care’ forthcoming 2023 with Monash Uni Publishing.

Toxic Jewishness for all to see.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stewie

Some advice for “Coming”.
When the Police interview you, make sure you say “He told me he was eighteen”.
You’re welcome.


a proper doctor’s professional opinion

A fly in your ointment

indtead: Subscribe!



lmao I think that fucking spastic Hugh Pavlevitch copy pasted bjws bullshit on afternoon links

you boys now have the “don’t buy now” guy on the cooker bandwagon congrats

EDIT: hi Hugh ! Don’t just lurk, post your boring links every day

Last edited 1 month ago by Coming

Your level of hysteria takes me back to the golden age of COVID


He knows that The Angel of Death is coming for him, sooner rather than later


Did it ever occur to your dense brain that that isn’t a list created by me, and he probably didn;t get it here?


Speaking about fat shaming…


It’s great that the Guardian already have a replacement image.

Aussie Soy Boy

Fat slob. Go do some exercise and eat some vegetables you disgusting pig.

Agent 47


EZFKA Twitter boys do your thing.


What’s everyone thinking about all the “UFOs” that have been shot down by military jets lately

just an excuse to save them embarrassment of having allowed all these Chinese surveillance drones into their air space ?

funny coincidence that it’s all started just after the balloon debacle


More likely this many ballons had been flying over for a while, the chinese just made the mistake of flying one so low the public noticed.


Latest war drums beat-up on par with the start of Russiagate, where Russia allegedly committed the evil act of trolling Facebook.


Why aren’t they blaming China then ?

why appear to blame extra terrestrial aliens

it’s been an absolutely bizarre episode that everyone seems super nonchalant about

fucking crickets from the Australian media



one of DLSs fever dreams

could be true though

if you aren’t safe here at the arse end of the world then where else can you go

I could even imagine them planting our own zelensky type puppet here to conscript young Aussie boys to fight for the country that was stolen from them many decades ago

whos a likely candidate ?
Avi Yemeni ? Or maybe that’s too obvious
Norman swan maybe

Agent 47

Norman Swan is also from the tribe. Real name is Norman Swirsky.


That was the joke


The other thing is we would have a
ready made repurposed use for all the covid quarantine camps that Dan built

mikeMB could be in charge of rounding them up

Last edited 1 month ago by Coming

There could never be an Aussie Zelensky because an Aussie who grifted a much as he has would retire to spend more time with his 2000 house portfolio



lol now they’re suddenly panicking

why are they asking USA if balloons flew over our country
how could they not be aware

yet spent so much money on surveillance that they knew if you went for a walk during lockdown or went to a cafe without a vaccination certificate

guess they don’t know when people smuggler boats are coming in either

so they only care about monitoring the activity of local EZFKA units not foreigners

what a shit hole country this is

Last edited 1 month ago by Coming

They are blaming China, what cooker websites are you reading where they’re blaming UFOs


Who is blaming China ?

the US govt? The media ?

I haven’t seen anyone official blame China

they have all called them unidentified flying objects , and said they are looking for wreckage

one general even said aliens haven’t been ruled out


what the fuck are you actually talking about



Imagine being as confident as you are but actually being unable to even use fucking Google