Australia to fight ageing population by letting elderly third worlders chain migrate to Australia

Australia’s ALP government has made a historic migration annnouncement allowing economic boat arrivals to bring over their elderly relatives to fight an ageing population.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles said that bringing in more welfare-dependent, unskilled, elderly people from foreign countries with fuck all English speaking ability in an endless chain migration scam, would be a boon for Australian public services like Medicare and the NDIS.

“No-one had the ALP on their 2023 bingo cards to destroy what’s left of our public institutions with chains of endless, imported welfare parasitism. We’ve been doing it with family reunion through the front door, so why not the back door as well?’ Giles said.

‘The productivity commission finding that these elderly family reunion cunts cost us average $420,000 in public spending per migrant shows us what a wonderful investment it is. The hospitals and aged care sectors I’m sure are looking forward to their arrival.’

‘Chain migration has been one of the vibrant and diverse aspects of turning this country into the economic zone shithole it is today, as seen throughout the first world. It’s a small price to pay for not being called racist by people that hate us anyway’

Thousands of homeless Australians have also flown to Christmas Island to warmly greet economic migrants taking advantage of open borders.

‘I just wanted to let them know we’re happy to compete with them for scarce resources they’re not entitled to,’ Sydney man Chris said.

‘I’ve been living in a car the last year and unable to find a rental for the family, but I’m happy to continue watching the problem be needlessly exacerbated by self-loathing white people.’

Australian Police units are tipped to get massive funding boosts ahead of the new wave of invaders, with experts expecting a sexual assault, terrorism, grooming gangs, domestic violence and aggravated burglary bonanza.

‘It’s just part of living in such a wonderfully vibrant, diverse and low-trust multicultural society that we have no say in. Multiculturalism has been the greatest excuse to build the dystopian, digital surveillance state we see going up across the world and I’m glad Australia is at the forefront of that,” Giles said.

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this isnt even satire this is real life motherfuckers

one of the most astute comments ive read about the migration process is how so many of them end up above and adjacent shopping areas in regional towns, that seems to be the preferred place where a lot of these people get housed

you see them going for aimless walks every evening in culturally diverse atire and sitting around idly on park benches


It is real. I am warning everyone I know not to rely on the pension at all in retirement. That comment could probably be extended to Medicare.

“we can solve world poverty by opening up the borders and printing money for welfare payments” … said nobody.


Renew renew renew.

Soylient green fer sure.

Go to your local hospital to see how stretched the systems are. I’m looking at moving bush, missus talks of all the wonderful oldies she meets at work who are shipped in from remote Qld to be treated in Brisbane. Says do you really want to move away from urban centre as you will be in same boat as these oldies when you get to that age. My view is I’ll stop where I drop and living a more rudimentary life would improve my health more than sitting behind a keyboard deleting all the embellishments on my projects such some ex commie Taiwanese lords can save some coin.

Agent 47

Migrants to the regions is really about replacing white people rurally as well as in the cities. You see what’s going on in the UK with the migrant hotels in small towns causing rapes, crime etc. They don’t want white people to have a space to themselves ever.

France is now trying this shit on as well with predictable results.


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.
Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


Although I wouldn’t have quite put it like that, the honest reality is that based on current projections that every second or third person in the world will be a Sub-Saharan African in a hundred years.

As a consequence of their unbounded population growth, is it fair to ask that while there will be a population implosion in the West, that the population explosion in Sub-Saharan Africans be entirely absorbed by Africa? Why can’t their surplus populations be allowed to emigrate like Europeans did?

Capture - Copy (15).JPG

Damn – I meant to post Steve’s scary graph, where only 1 in 5 people of the future ARE NOT Africans…. demographics is destiny.

Capture - Copy (16).JPG


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biggest incel ive ever seen

its so predictable with these types is they attempt to acquire power to overcome their ogre like appearances

A fly in your ointment

sheet, I’m an extremist for being UnPfizerred and for not trusting any gov/political party without a clear ideology!


You would struggle to find a less capable person in that role over the past 20 years I imagine. We have sheer luck and mutual incompetence between him and any perpetrators, to thank for the lack of any real terrorism in Australia under his watch.

Read his comments and it’s all inane rehashed unverified guesswork, scarey that’s the best ASIO can put up. I’ve had a clearer outline of potential threat profiling from my barber. He’s less informed than an msm opinion writer, and has less grasp on actual facts than a hack churning out MAFS write ups for Mamamia. He’s not even a savvy enough politically to suitably amp up the fear for his budget allocation.

A fly in your ointment

imagine the uselessness of new generations when these “third worlders chainimmos” (whatever that means) are less of a drag on state and society then the current youths.
At east these oldies can use their thumbs for more than just one function, like bumming up the convict class to literally show them that Warden Class Australians are having a new preferred immo class. Convict class being what they are will obviously blame the later day immos for them being replaced and not being the favourite sheep any more… Wogs were always second class units and by the looks of it, they will remain so


no one gives a fk about whos gonna be a drag on who

we want these cunts to go home

more people is bad, idc if theyre rocket scientists or uber drivers

if anything the latter is arguably better bc they dont clog the housing market

Last edited 1 month ago by stagmal
A fly in your ointment

we want these cunts to go home

Then you should begin to bark up the Warden class Australians tree and focus on where the problem actually comes from. Canberra, behind the stage.

Warden class wants you to divert your anger elsewhere until that frog is boiled.


that’s what we’ve been doing on this blog for the past 2 years ???????????????

A fly in your ointment

Um, nope.

It was always about how slopes and gunga dins are gaming the system and abusing it…
Utterly inverted perspective

Key difference (and I repeated this ad nauseum) is that gaming was impossible until about early 2000’s whence it became possible for 100000 to immigrate – and immos did not change rules and regulations in Aus, it was the Wardens (their lap dogs in Canberra).


shore thing nigga u been readin different to what ive been

A fly in your ointment

I pointed this once to very you in the past…. my nigga… i will remind you of this conversation the next time.
(but i am not trying to single you out, almost everyone here does it)

Agent 47

Lol what horseshit. It was even easier to rort the migration act and commit identity fraud in the paper immigration era than it is today in the digital one.

Relying on your one tenuous anecdotal experience of coming here in the 90’s and making it applocable to everything else as usual.

A fly in your ointment

Yeah, sure… you went through the PR approval proces so you must know.
Besides, even if it was easier to rort the system (as you wrongly claim), it was 25k immos per year.
Whom changed that number to 250k per year? Slopes? Gunga Dins? MP Mick in Canberra?

How dense a mind has to be to be unable to comprehend that the swathes of Asians and Africans coming every day are vacuumed, not pumped into Aus and by who’s orders.

Agent 47

Because right on cue, he’s triggered by the fact he is essentially the self interested economic parasite that rocked up once the first world country was built, and then applies this arbitrary criteria that migrants are completely absolved of all responsibility and wrongdoing (cultural, economic or otherwise) by virtue of the fact they made a completely conscious decision to buy a plane ticket to a first world country. It’s all the fault of the EMMA RENAY JABBERWOCKY EZFKA PRISON WARDENS (or whatever lame faggot term) and no one else, forever.

Repeat until the next immigration article and he says the same thing.

A fly in your ointment

I understand the sour feeling each the emperor is exposed naked.
From this comment I gather you did not even bother to understand what I am saying as your response did not even miss the target but it is a shot in opposite direction.

Agent 47

Oh no! You had to submit some paperwork, pay a fee and wait for approval from the public service. The horror!

Literally no one on this blog disputes the immigration problem is primarily top down, it’s the whole point of the blog. What’s being pointed out is your continued denial and deflection on the topic of migrants like yourself being absolved of any and all wrongdoing upon arrival and contributing to the problem. To the point where we now have so many migrant groups actively lobbying for their own interests at the expense of the founders of the host nation, ie us convicts that you despise so much that you’re compelled to stay here forever and benefit from, that we also now have Sikhs and Hindus fighting street battles in Federation Square over a country that doesn’t even exist yet.

Your argument is literally people that arrive in point b from point a have nothing to do with making a choice to do so and anything that happens in point b is not their fault.

And for that you deserve to be overwhelmingly mocked, bullied and ridiculed accordingly.

Agent 47

What sour feeling? I love my country and what my ancestors gave me, something you’ll never understand.

I understand your ‘argument’ very well, it’s retarded and been taken apart almost daily on this blog.


I’d prefer to have removed from the country those dumb cooker aussie bitches that set their house on fire

How many millions have those two milked in DSP and carer’s benefits and public housing and medicare over the years

A lot of useless mouths in this country including aboriginal, legacy, and new australians


Except if you’re already here you can play the system according to the pre existing rules how you like, as you are legally entitled to. Literally every country let’s you do this.


well thats how they have made the immigration laws so you are legally entitled to play the system according to the pre-existing rules

Stop complaining then?


My comment was in reference to citizens and existing PR holders.


I know?

I don’t understand what the point you’re trying to make is – immigrants are just playing the games by the rules that were created for them


So you are aware of the whataboutism you just deployed then I see.

The thread is about very low value near future migrants being able to exploit the system and you’re trying to hijack it into some obscure example about people already here.

There is a big difference and you know it.


no – I was responding to stagmal saying that he doesn’t care if immigrants are rocket scientists or uber drivers

I dispute that by stating that we rather accept industrious and peaceful immigrants, rather than keep the lazy and obnoxious locals that we have

It isn’t whataboutism at all – stop using words that you don’t understand


the idea that a country is just some place where you ‘minmax’ out people based on how much alleged gdp they produce is the the pure unadultered essence of ezfka thinking

Last edited 1 month ago by stagmal

i wish it was because we could do with some facets of Nazi ideology (not all), but unfortunately it isnt

EZFKA is about squashing the productive middle class, so as many useless mouths as possible can get fed to enrich the tiny ruling class

I know its going to be a very hard pill to swallow for most of the people who hang around this website, because a lot of them are useless parasites themselves

Thought don’t see themselves like that so will be some strong cognitive dissonance

Last edited 1 month ago by Coming

nazis wouldnt be replacing us with indians and shit tho theyd just be trying to improve our own ppl

which ith ink is reasonable, wholesale ethnic replacement/genocide (the ezfka way) aint


no but they wouldn’t be indulging retards and trannies and disabled people either

I understand that Hitler greatly admired the Japanese

i know this is going to be a tough one for you to accept, given that you are LDAR but most indians/chinese make better citizens than you

just be glad you are amusing
Once chatGPT improves its over for white slackers like you – no value left

Last edited 1 month ago by Coming

nah im actually looking for a job now, no more LDAR for me

LDAR is funny and its fun but its a meme basically

id happily live in a country that just hands out jobs to people and forces them to do it fyi i think thats preferable to the current employment market system we have

Last edited 1 month ago by stagmal

ok but chinese would be working like dogs from 5 years old

while you sponged off the country for x decades already


working like dogs doing what mate

there’s no correlation between individual hard-work and actual production esp in a society like ezfka

someone who works as a marketing executive at a big company has worked very hard, but they are literally more parasitic and useless than a dole bludger

if anything its probably a more reasonable way to allocate resources to just hand people money to do FA all day than have them drive 8 hour commutes to work at some faggot corporation that does absolutely nothing valuable for anyone except drive useless consumption

Last edited 1 month ago by stagmal

come on now son, lets be real

its not asians becoming marketing executives and tiktok influencers

they’re doing STEM at a rate that is probably 10x the white population at a rough guess

Last edited 1 month ago by Coming

as I said, this is going to be a very hard pill to swallow for lazy and self-indulgent legacy australians

which is the majority of them, including here


yeah theyre becoming civil engineers to build more roads bc all the pre-existing ones are being clogged up by their co-ethnic mates theyre lobbying to be brought over here


wouldn’t be clogged if we didn’t have so many useless lazy cunts here though would it

the ones who’s only claim to fame is being born on our shores, then working out how to milk the system while doing nothing useful

Like I said this is going to be a very hard pill for you in particular to swallow

Last edited 1 month ago by Coming

i dont htink its remotely as close as 10x

asians arent that smart compared to whites, even if their performance iq profile is quite a bit higher relative to their verbal iq

another issue oriental east asians appear to have quite low mercantile skill, even groups like lebanese and armenians are better than them at that

from what i understand verbal iq predicts economic performance better than performance IQ does

its why asian countries while doing pretty well never seem to supercede whites like germany, u.s.a etc in terms of economic performance, despite the fact that theyre higher iq overall


no its because their countries have no natural resources and poor geography

if australia had been settled by east asians it would be a global super power rivalling the US by now


like germany has good natural resource endowment either tho lol and it absolutely smashes asian countries out of the park, per capita it smashes u.s.a out of the park too

its not even close, hitler was right germans are the master race


germans are way better people than australians

so you’ve just proved my point

but germany also benefits from its historical location


industrious and peaceful immigrants….

Keep going, you’re on a roll sparky.
They’re all useless dead wood just like you. please self deport back to ladyboy land you annoying little hairless dicked oriental


lmao i love all these alleged mino gps we import as somehow model amazing citizens they cant even speak english and are the shittest doctors imaginable

i groan when i rock up at the medical centre, have to wait like 4 hours for an appointment then i see some paki or whateve guy standing at the door waiting for me

webmd is better than these people


Try and find a non third world doc. Even if they dont bulk bill it’s better than getting maimed by some fake credentialed goatfucker who hates you.


i’d love to know what value you contribute to society

You don’t seem to have been too affected by refusing to be vaccinated, so its unlikely you have a proper job

Disability pension?
Or are you a cash economy worker


how easy do you reckon it would be for a reasonably high iq person to pull off faking gp credentials and setting up a practice

ive always thought about it and reckon it would be possible

like that principal in victoria who faked having a teaching degree and ended up working in a hs for like 30 years and being great at it


its possible but you are too lazy


Fake doctors usually can get away with time in the public hospital system, but the amount of checks and balances to work in any kind of private practice means you would get found out very quickly. 

Anyone who thinks it’s possible really doesn’t know what they don’t know.

Let’s take something as simple as seeing a patient, writing a script and billing Medicare for the consult.

You need 2 unique identifiers to do this. One is to access Medicare billings, the other is required by pharmacies to fill scripts. Without the medicare rebate either you don’t get paid, or the patient doesn’t get it – the average EZFKA unit is entitled and will definitely ask questions, complain etc which will end your business fairly quickly.

But let’s assume you already know this. Both identifiers are linked to national registration – so you’d also have to fake that. Even if we assume you have the means to do that, there is still one last issue that is insurmountable, and that relates to the location specific property of one of those identifiers. Any fraudulent application would stick out like a sore thumb compared to a legitimate ones. It’s probably something you’d only know if you work in the medical field, a high IQ isn’t going to be enough to work around it.


Lets imagine you’re my GP, which is unlikely because you’re probably the manager of a triad owned nail salon/brothel,
but if you were, you’d be the most passive aggressive little weasel that anyone would encounter.
That’s why you’re an oriental pimp and not a medico – they wouldnt let you near actual humans.


im going to take that as you are a disability pension bludger

not really surprising tbh


You’d be a shoo-in for the DSP with your constant and relentless masturbation, like a horny bush monkey, drained of your disgusting oriental fluids.
They’d shake their heads and say ‘sad case here, drained of his bush monkey fluids, we should give him the DSP’.


It’s just really pathetic that you’ve never contributed or achieved anything

but that’s why cookers are cookers : so they can feel special and proud for once in their lives

like they did something amazingly brave

when really you sacrificed nothing by going unvaxxed since you don’t work or socialise anyway

it’s your identity now, because your old one was so shitty



Mors tua vita mea


How about we deport you, since you seem to be pretty obnoxious yourself


It is also literally whataboutism

You have successfully trolled a satire thread and turned it into how you personally think most white Australians are lazy trash.

Shut up.

A fly in your ointment

well thats how they have made the immigration laws so you are legally entitled to play the system according to the pre-existing rules

Ouch, the one that usually do not want to get it – got it amongst the first.