Boats are on their way as Labor announces permanent residency for family members of illegal boat arrivals

And there you go, in the midst of a catastrophic housing and rental crisis:

“Labor has cleared the way for refugees on permanent visas who came to Australia by boat to bring family members to Australia.

Under the former Coalition government’s immigration policy, family reunion applications by refugee boat arrivals holding permanent visas were given the “lowest priority” in visa processing under Ministerial Direction 80.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles has now formally reversed that policy, replacing Ministerial Directions 80 and 83.

The decision does not apply to people on a Temporary Protection Visa.

The government estimates the decision, foreshadowed last November, opens a path for visa processing for tens of thousands of family members waiting for their requests to be considered.”

As I called last month, this will do will encourage more to try it on and tie up the appeals system, and play the long game. This comes right after the disastrous Pearson vs Home Affairs decision which the Minister still hasn’t challenged in the High Court.

Permanent protection visas are some of the most rorted visas and very easy to play the long game on. The XA-866 protection visa (only $40 to apply for) subclass is probably the most abused of them all from the front end and is a permanent visa.

Chain migration is a scam that the average Australian is oblivious to how it all works because in fairness, you don’t have to migrate to your own country.

To give you an example, you can arrive in Australia on a tourist visa (UD-601 or similar), apply for an XA-866 as soon as you get here and then drag it out while waiting on a bridging visa A for two years before it’s refused. Then take it to the AAT, the federal court, etc.

This is the outcome I’m guessing that will happen. All that moaning about the visa backlog the last year will be even worse.

I’m guessing that the ALP will announce they will try and deport some of these people on arrival to Christmas Island. Problem is, some of these will be from countries (eg Afghanistan, Iran) that they will not be removal to because of some tenuous claim of danger.

These won’t all be boat arrivals either, the front door is just as legally valid to launch a claim from.

This is all intentional in my view. People can scream incompetence all they like, that’s a cope in my opinion. They’ve been doing this long enough to know what the outcome is.

My cynical view is they are trying to break the migration system, just like every other institution on the planet at this point. I’m sure the migration industry is looking at this as some kind of bail out, as they’ll be able to charge for appeal after appeal.

Expect the first boats to arrive over the weekend. Social chaos a la France, Germany and the UK here we come.

At least you might get to rent a property next door to an ISIS bride.

Guest article from barrister Mark who has served a sentence of over 20 years in the legal world including migration and criminal law

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now walk me through how the alp have recently extended off shore detention.

how does it square up?

aaahhh got it… they’re on the take from serco too

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Agent 47

I think we now know why the “quarantine” camps were really built.


Thanks Mark! Your sources months ago were pretty accurate.


The government estimates the decision, foreshadowed last November, opens a path for visa processing for tens of thousands of family members waiting for their requests to be considered.”

It doesn’t say how many “tens of thousands” but there would be at least two. So, I’m guessing that we’re looking at over 100,000 additional permanent residents right there, given that a “family” is at least 4 elderly parents, but possibly a whole bunch of other folk.


So many credit cleanskins to sell to.

A fly in your ointment

It doesn’t say how many “tens of thousands”…

Why does it feel as it will be hundreds of “tens of thousand”


We all know that the new feudal system will have new aristocracy at the top and rentiers at the bottom.
We all need to get grifting and make sure we are on the top!!


all those refugee elderly parents will help us totally get on top of the skills shortage!


They’ll be making us yummy kofta kebabs and delicious shaworma. oh wait, no they wont, they’ll be on welfare and bunging up the healthcare system


Someone needs to increase the demand for nurses which increases the demand for immigrants who will bring over their parents and increase the demand for nurses.


Someone needs to increase the demand for nurses which increases the demand for immigrants who will bring over their parents and increase the demand for nurses.

that certainly sounds like the way to do it!

Agent 47

Good article. Agree it’s 100% malicious. It’s like they’re trying to cause civil unrest on purpose.

UK and Ireland there are now groups attacking migrant centres after they’ve been sexually assaulting the locals. Took a while but at least there’s now some pushback


so what’s the take home message here

shane drumgold is super sketchy?


‘Any prosecutor (let alone the DPP themselves) who thinks it is appropriate to text about his property portfolio whilst evidence is being heard in the Supreme Court in serious circumstances such a the Lehrmann trial has lost touch with reality and shows a complete lack of judgment,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘It demonstrates my … point that Mr Drumgold is not fit to hold office and should resign.’ 

nah, Drumgold is doing the right thing. Getting a property portfolio is the reason why the bloke became a lawyer in the first place. Of course he should fucken focus on it.


sounds like he should be promoted to prime minister instead

he understands where a true ezfka man’s priorties should be

bricks and mortar mayte

bricks and mortar

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2 (TWO) beach houses on the south coast!

Remuneration The base salary for the Director of Public Prosecutions ACT is $458,656 per annum.

thats only about 260 after tax

you’ve got to leverage that up and get some NG going if you want to make it

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He was possibly a successful solicitor or barrister beforehand.

also he is old.

so even if he never worked in private practice, as a mid level governmental lawyer 20 years ago, wouldn’t have been hard to pick up a house or three in Batemans bay.

certainly plenty of $2m houses owned by boomers who were labourers or worked in coles checkout.


interesting history

he only graduated law in 2004 ,around the same time as me

married a 16 year old !


He was a postman in the 80s. Probably bought his first couple of IPs back then.

reading the biographical sketch, it seems to me that he is a quality dude. Streetsmart and hardworking.


So when did he turn into a faggot cuck with multiple IPs


I don’t think buying IPs would be worth it back then.

I seem to remember watching a video of Keating whilst he was treasurer arguing against abolishing the capital gains tax discount. He claimed it was unfair and would cause property prices to sky rocket.

Howard changed it in 1998/1999 to allow CGT discount of 50% and then house prices sky rocketed.

ALP’s unwillingless to change it back is a true commitment to EZFKA ideals.


fuck he seems and looks like a shifty cunt doesn’t he

the kind who would have got bullied very hard in school, and now is a fragile narcissist


low trust phenotype


Interestingly the next article on Dailymail was this


will myer and the grace brothers be joining in the investigation too


can mark ever comment on partner visas too? i know they’re one of the most hardcore rorted categories

Agent 47


Protection and Partner the two worst.

Not sure if this guy is a tinfoil hatter or just the regular fedora man… caveat lector


Fuck you better get jabbed and lockdown

The only compensation I receive for my research is via donation. Please consider donating via paid subscription here, or via PayPal at

A fly in your ointment
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It’s not about if it works, it’s more like that outdated Christian ritual of baptism that proves one is worthy of receiving the Lord’s Progressivism’s grace.


fedora made of tinfoil


was just thinking it’s been a long time since I heard of one of these

but then I realised they’ve just morphed into a new form for the modern internet era

the psychology underlying them remains the same

A fly in your ointment

No doomsday, at least not for unpfizered ones

Agent 47



160,000 is heaven compared to Labor’s approx 500,000 for 2023. But tell us again how labor looks after the interests of the working class.
At least the libs bullied the boat ppl and made them eat rotting crab on Xmas island.


It’s been said before but Lib and Lab really are two sides of the same coin aren’t they.

It’s still a shit sandwich you just get to pick the sauce that goes on it, the turd is always there.


yup …vote ’em last forever n ever amen!


I’d argue that Howard pioneered the idea of “skill shortage” driven immigration and whipping hysteria up about refugees to pretend that immigration was under control.

For a long time, the two issues were conflated even though refugees are a tiny percentage of the intake (14k/year ?).

Now that ezfkanistans have learned how wonderful infinite immigration is, the refugee issue is just a political point scoring exercise between the Greens and ALP/LNP that creates the political heat necessary not to talk about immigration.


‘skills shortage’ is the biggest lie of all time




refugees are a tiny percentage of the intake (14k/year ?).

this post was about the tens of/hundred thousands of old people the refugees will bring in.


Well, you said it yourself. ‘will bring in’, not ‘currently bringing in’.

My post was talking about the Howard era. In that time, and for some time after, the refugee/immigration intake were purposeful blurred so that the Libs could pretend to be about reducing immigration while they were actually raising it. So blame boat people, while bringing in loads of immigrants over to “fix skills shortages” and take up mortgages.

14k refugees of a 200k intake is … 7%. That’s how it’s been for years now but it’s politically acceptable to discuss refugees (from Greens to Pauline Hanson) because there’s political mileage. But no one talks about reducing the overall amount.

The immigration graft has become more overt in recent years but it wasn’t always so.

There was even a time when Bob Brown (2011?) was advocating for a reduction in immigration and to shift the lowered rate to humanitarian / refugee intake. So net lower immigration, but with more refugees.

I’d guess most people would be happy to take on more refugees if we could have an overall reduction in immigration. Would you be opposed to an intake of 70k immigration per year if the refugee intake was doubled to 28k?

I think that if Pauline Hanson was legit about reducing immigration, she’d propose exactly that since it would blindside the progressive types whilst still pushing for lower numbers. But she won’t.


“Most people think our lifestyle is good, but some of the bigger cities are bursting at the seams,” Senator Brown told reporters in Canberra on Monday.

“We’re at record high immigration and it’s got to be reviewed.

“I think immigration levels should settle down much lower than they are at the moment, without cutting humanitarian immigration.”

Last financial year, 184,000 migrants were granted entry to Australia.


‘oo dis cvnt?

Screenshot 2023-02-12 09.57.51.png

I’m not saying vote for the Greens or that the Greens aren’t just a bunch of virtue signalling dipshits detached from reality. I’m saying the debate has changed and the political debate wasn’t always as overtly pro-infinite-immigration as it is now.

If you go far back enough, you can find this bit where the Greens wanted low migration until the red lady from Queensland frightened them off.

My guess is the Greens have been bought off by the property development lobby same as everyone else and realised they could have a jolly good time while doing nothing except slagging people off.

Whether things can change again is up for debate although I’m not hopeful.


your guess is clearly right


bob brown was the real deal


It wouldn’t blindside them, they’d keep calling her racist, it would alienate her supporters though.

Progressives aren’t dumb, they have their eyes on the prize, you won’t get them supporting you even if you 5x the refugee numbers if that reduces migration overall.

We have no representation anyway so it hardly matters, but if we did, we should be uncompromising in cutting immigration way down.


Maybe, but the NPCs would have to blink a few times to accept the claim that it’s racist if Pauline of all people said ‘refugees fine, just get the number down to 70k’. You might get the NPCs onside.

But I definitely get behind the idea that Australians shouldn’t have to justify why they don’t want to take refugees to immigrants.

You’d be surprised how many immigrants want to get the numbers down.

Agent 47

Brace yourself for more of this shit

So he wuz gud buoy Atem here was about to go back to South Sudan on a holiday, the country his family apparently fled from that it was so dangerous never to return, once again exposing the protection visa system for what it is.


It’s possible that this man was just a bystander and Sudan 20 years on might be a different place.

but seems more probably that it’s gangs


Sudan 20 years on might be a different place.

If sudan is different/safe now, it’s probably best they all go back.


Off Topic – Queenslander!
Licences and weapons in QueenslandAs at 09/02/2023, in Queensland there are –
Issued licences: 214, 858
Licensees: 198, 075
Total number of registered weapons: 1, 008, 767


Highest in the country you reckon?


I dont know the figures for the other states/territories sorry, but it seems like a lot.

Agent 47

Third highest IIRC. Victoria and NSW have more due to public land hunting being allowed bit banned in Qld.


If sudan is different/safe now, it’s probably best they all go back



sudan isnt so bad compared to south sudan


I like short cuts to the chase scene. It was inevitable.

Aussie Soy Boy

I thought this was one of those EZFKA twitter posts for a moment


Meanwhile Zelensky’s not even hiding his massive Coke habit


Not sure why they insist on putting him and his stupid green t shirt on camera constantly

he has no charisma whatsoever
creepy little cocaine goblin


hes a male model compared to aus politicians tho


Can’t have theatre without actors..


Something are never change in any worlds


Certainly not in our perpetual economic growth model. Nothing is allowed to fail.


“Use slips of paper”… indeed!


Hasn’t been a great 18mths for them


Heston would love this stat


waiting for Stewie to compare the racial mix in those countries


japan has lowest homicide rate according to this

honduras has really high bc of all the drug cartels there and gang violence

its still not even the highest

A fly in your ointment

…to compare the racial mix in those countries

let’s pretend there are no foreign interests there profiting from lawlessness (amongst other significant factors) as it may become a fly in the convenient ointment.
pluck yeah, silly me, it has to be only the racial mix (and it’s not a mix at all, after all)…


North Korea gained ‘Independence’ around the same time that the Congo gained independence from Belgium. At the time North Korea had effectively been bombed back to the Stone Age, with the equivalent of 1/3 of all the bombs dropped in WW2, dropped within the Korean Peninsula.

Meanwhile the Congo gained independence with the most infrastructure outside of South Africa – they even had a functional nuclear reactor at one of their Universities. Needless to say their GDP per capita was substantially higher than those North Koreans.

Fast forward 70 years and the Congo has gone through several iterations of Nationhood, and at $577 USD per person it has one of the lowest GDP’s per capita in Africa, let alone the world. Its infrastructure adequacy rating has plummeted, and it is a basket case – like pretty much every other Sub-Saharan society. Zimbabwe, breadbasket of Africa to starving, they are like the reverse Midas touch.

North Korea, the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ on the other hand, practically cut off from Global trade and finance, is shooting missiles over Japan and conducting under-ground nuclear tests, having raised its GDP per capita to $2k or $3k per person.


The incidence of gun crime/death committed by white Americans, is on par with citizens in Denmark. Although I believe death by suicide and gun is higher in the US.

The racial mix speak for themselves. Honduras is another stone age culture. There are fewer Mestizos and whites and more Mayan and indigenous than many other Central American Nations. Still they are probably about 300 years ahead of our Indigenous folk in terms of domesticating themselves.

Apparently the Honduras President basically imprisoned 1-2% of the most violent citizens, in a massive abuse of “civil liberties” and crime fell 90%, and his approval rating shot higher. Interestingly Europe use to execute between 1-2% of its population for much of the 400 years up to around the 19th century.

Another way to look at it, is that it took 400 years of culling the most violent offenders in a society, to skew the moral outlook in the “West” so far towards passivity, that they could no longer bear executing well deserving criminals.


Interestingly Europe use to execute between 1-2% of its population for much of the 400 years up to around the 19th century. 

Another way to look at it, is that it took 400 years of culling the most violent offenders in a society, to skew the moral outlook in the “West” so far towards passivity

my hunch, having done nil specific research, is that those numbers (1-2%) are waaaay off the mark. Possibly a whole order of magnitude.

such a rate of executions across the population would make the infamous Reign of Terror in France look like a frolic through blossomed meadows on a fine spring day


“Courts imposed the death penalty more and more often and, by the late Middle Ages, were condemning to death between 0.5 and 1.0% of all men of each generation, with perhaps just as many offenders dying at the scene of the crime or in prison while awaiting trial. Meanwhile, the homicide rate plummeted from the 14th century to the 20th. “

I wasn’t far off the mark.

in article where everything is uneducated guess and non-sequitur speculation, it is impossible to refute it as it is not even wrong.
To make it simple to opine, some kids should simply NOT take their fathers name, particularly if that father is the artificial blonde whom signed this article (was it AI that wrote it?).


When my wife and I got married, I asked if she was going to take my surname. She said she didn’t want to have to change her email address. Fair enough.

So now that we have a child on the way, I questioned my assumption that he would take my surname. Why should he? Just because it’s a convention?

On reflection, I think all children should take their mother’s maiden name. Firstly, it’s a way more reliable indicator of genetic lineage. If a woman gives birth to a child, you can be 100 per cent sure it’s hers. You can’t, however, be sure of who the father is. Yes, yes, I’m sure your partner is faithful. But there are plenty out there who fall in love with a colleague, or visit an ex in a low moment, or spend a little bit too much time with the plumber. Working from home can be tedious

what an absolute beta cuck!!

actually strike “beta”, this is “epsilon” material.

deferred initially to an email address.

then deferred to the possibility that a plumber dicked his wife, so better not give the kid the wrong surname.

hope it is the plumber’s… better for society if epsilons like that don’t breed.

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A fly in your ointment

don’t think he understands why surnames exits in all mankind even where no cultural connections existed. I think E. Westernarck touches this in his book The History of Human Marriage


EZFKA Twitter hitting the mark so well, the rich white women and Leftie wreckers are squealing.

Zoe Daniel no doubt is renovating her Brighton mansion (paid by ABC and taxpayers) to house some of the 500,000 immigrants Albo is pouring into EZFKA.


lmao ezfka boys are fucking amazing


Their Great Replacement being pushed by the Teals, Kon Karapanagiotidis, the Greens, Albo, etc. has already been underway in the UK for some time. We’ve seen the hotels booked out and towns destroyed.

So it seems importing hundreds thousands of single men from various Sub Continent and Middle Eastern shit holes (sorry “refugees” and skilled workers) isn’t that popular with the locals:

No doubt Melbourne will have its own spin with established African gangs able to show the way for these types.


The Scousers are standing up for their country when the government and police won’t:

A fly in your ointment

The Scousers are standing up for their country when the government and police won’t: wants to fluck them.

sorry to be pedantic, it completely changes the context/meaning, that tiny little thing



A fly in your ointment



Should have read:

The Scousers are standing up for their country when the government and police won’t.

The mass immigration and housing of these types in hotels has been a disgrace. Inevitably the immediate social problems have arisen. Instead the media portrayals of anyone opposing this disastrous move is that they are “Far right”. The locals are working class, being subservient and despised by the Left in reality, so easy to manipulate for government.

It’s a quick look forward for EZFKA in a year or so.


Instead of dealing with the problem of fighting age men being dumped in their thousands, authorities are telling parents to watch their kids.

The comments on the story are interesting.

It appears there are many more instances the media etc are not mentioning, schools on ‘code red’ due to migrants hanging around outside schools…


Media nowadays = Jewish Homosexuals and Liberal White Women.

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A fly in your ointment

from the pedantic response, it significantly differs in the root cause.
it is silly to say that .gov and .pol will not protect people from the very thing .gov and .pol does/did to them in the first place.
like saying that the farmer will protect meat destined sheep from abattoirs. instead farmer will lure them with food until they board the truck
the situation Scousers are in is created by .gov.

Last edited 1 month ago by A fly in your ointment

“Racism” !



But don’t worry, when these thousands of single men arrive from they’re “skilled workers” and ‘refugees’ and won’t be an issue.

Certainly nothing like following 11 year old girls, taking photos of them, etc.

Hot Air: No Global Warming for Eight Years

has eco hysteria peaked?
I see more and more articles which are cognitively conflicting for eco nazis


pj media dot com

high credibility informaion right here

Last edited 1 month ago by stagmal
A fly in your ointment

the CNN says completely opposite hence it is proof enough.
Methinks the original source is this article on The Daily Sceptic

my point was that with every passing day/month/year, more and more has to be “explained” and “fact checked” to be disproved. As a general rule, fact checking is a proof of concept that there could be fire behind the smoke (of course, not a guarantee of it).

I could not stand this guy in the past but since the Wall concert in Berlin in 1990, the view has flipped. Confirmation that this was a good decision followed ever since, to present times.

Roger Waters speech in the UN assembly

otoh, my previously favourite PF guy, the fatso Davo Gilmour has become a shill for nefarious powers. What a tool


Blokes like that can be summed up by, ironically, Glenn Greenwald circa 2005:

And therein lies the embodiment and definition of “anti-Americanism”: the paramount desire to find fault and evil with the U.S. and thereby adopting that goal is the first and only real principle, from which everything else follows. That goal is then fulfilled by selectively and endlessly highlighting and exaggerating America’s faults and downplaying, ignoring and even defending far worse flaws in others. In its most virulent (and quite common) form, this extends to making common cause with the most abusive and genuinely evil regimes and movements around the world, whose only virtue — the only one the European Left needs — is that they are opposed by the U.S.