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Turns out making every vested interest happy all the time can result in inflation. Long may it continue.


RBA review recommendation to strip Treasurer of powers to overrule RBA monetary policy seems like a green light for RBA to fight inflation without political interference. All the vested interests can suck a big fat one.


As long as the board is government appointed it can ALWAYS be overruled…


Reposting here because its germane

Senator McKim, though, called for Mr Chalmers to make the Budget one ‘that taxes the corporate super profits that are driving inflation and that taxes the rich that are profiting from high interest rates and low rental vacancies’.

You can see why interest rate rises just make the situation worse
Corporate profits MUST rise in response to a higher risk free rate
There is no oxygen for lower cost competition to arise if their profits cannot be maintained above the risk free rate
you can tax profits but that will only drive prices higher as competition is extinguished
Taken to its final absurd extreme, prices for necessities (food, shelter, electricity) spiral upwards to maintain profits to justify deployment of capital that would otherwise be more rationally deployed to government bonds

The solution to inflation is not giving more money out for free via IOR, and interest on government bonds


And what’s the mechanism by which higher rates reduce inflation ?

Gross private and public debt marches ever higher

and that debt now carries a higher interest rate, meaning a higher velocity of money

as well as higher base money from IOR

and the only people going bankrupt are builders


Trollity troll troll


Great contribution thank you




Isn’t that a quote from Hayek?


Which ASX companies have margins that aren’t above the risk free rate? Share price must have been massacred I assume? You keep banging on about this but what kind of shitty company does anything that won’t return more than 3.85? Probably just trash like Milkrun.


Profits are up

70% of inflation has been estimated to be corporate profits

how has raising interest rates helped that ?
it hasn’t
it has worsened it for the reasons explained


That is probably what is happening. Record low rates -> Companies in record debt and now having to protect themselves by raising prices along with rates.

The flip side is the consumer who is having real wage falls. At some stage they will stop spending on everything except simple staple foods. If it wasn’t for the gamed GDP via immigration I’d say with certainty that this ends with a deep recession. But given record immigration it seems govt more than happy to have an explosion in the number of Australians in financial distress. It will be interesting to see how it ends.


They will consume more in $ amount (because they will have to)

they will just get less goods and services for that amount of money

Therefore, no recession


that’s what happens when you create money out of nothing


R.I.P to the degenerates who thought interest rates were the solution on the way down and are now throwing fits because apparently a credit driven economy is only sensitive to rates in one direction…


NO!!! MOPOL should be used instead of further rate rises!

Capture - Copy (17).JPG

How did you get DLS’s latest portrait?

Gruppenführer Mark

What does the Nigerial Mobile Police have to do with this?

The Nigerian Mobile Police (MOPOL) force is the paramilitary arm of the Nigeria Police Force and operate under orders from the Nigerian federal government.


I think there might have been an autocorrect- I was mocking a certain website that was calling for Macro prudential controls as interest rates were being lowered.

Gruppenführer Mark


Aussie Soy Boy

Get the winter booster up inside of ya!


One for mum, one for dad, and one for the country!

Get some!


Oh well, they’re getting replaced that extra bit quicker. That’s what they always wanted wasn’t it? Win!


Why do you keep autistically posting this?

he was a confirmed suicide

died in a cheap hotel on his own not at his family home, found after a police welfare check , with lifeline links on every article

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s for the comment made by the guy working at a funeral parlour. Maybe two people under 40 would come through each month, but they’re getting two per day now.


Lmao yeah the guy who works at a funeral parlour posting on reddit

fuck me you’re stupid

Aussie Soy Boy

Kind of the like the doctor who has to time to spend all day on a cooker blog.


Supposed doctor

Gruppenführer Mark

All Three.jpg

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s a huge issue across the board. The thing that really concerns me is the amount of people under 40 dying lately. I work in the funeral industry and 8ish years ago in our area it would be maybe a couple a month. Didn’t happen very often so it always more tragic. Nowadays it’s a couple a day. No exaggeration. A day. This can’t be right.

Get some!



here’s the ABS statistics released last week

deaths in under 45yo males are actually down on historical precovid averages

but yeah I’m sure an anecdote from some redditor larping as a funeral director is more accurate

it’s staggering how fucking stupid cookers are


1-5yr all jumped 0.25 immediately after rba decision

so rba doesn’t follow bond markets

Aussie Soy Boy

Coming, serious question.

How are the repayments looking on the mortgage?


fixed rate expires in November

I’ve got cash to pay the loan off then

in the meantime I’m paying 2% interest, and I have the corresponding amount earning double that in my wife’s name


Yet even after all these rate rises property prices are on the way up again. Australia truly is different and the land that property prices defy gravity! something that those over at MB will never get thru their heads.

Aussie Soy Boy

People get $300k to do office jobs or manual labour, most people have a lot of money.


Are you being sarcastic? People on $300k in this country would be less than 1% of the population

Aussie Soy Boy

Exaggeration, but average full time without overtime and bonus is nearly $100k.

There’s little productivity. A big money for glorified office jobs or manual labour.


they should have mortgaged themselves to the hilt and bought a house 4-5 years ago given they are already 32

after tax they probably take home 300k

net worth is 1.15m but some is super
so only $875k accessible for home purchase

put aside $175k for stamp duty and they have 700k for 20% deposit , they can buy a 3.5m house if they max their debt out

that’s a reasonable house in a nice part of Sydney suitable for a family with kids

$2.8m mortgage means $168k/yr annual interest which is 4x their current rent
more than half their after tax income
they could do it but they’ll never payoff the principle and she can’t take much time off after the baby is born

or they could buy a 3bedder in Alexandria for say $1.8m
leave them with a $1m debt
$60k a year interest
they could pay it all off in 5 years if they don’t waste money on shit

that’s what Asians would do but this series focuses on feckless white gen y and z

theyre comfortable but not rich
if either of them loses their job or goes on maternity leave then they are on struggle street

Aussie Soy Boy

They have $600k in savings, $200k in shares, can always rent somewhere cheaper, net $22k per month and save $14k.

Not rich, but doing well for a couple of workers.

But yeah, an Asian couple on that money would have just bought a unit for $400k in a suburb that white professionals would snicker at from day one and put their rent money into that, once it’s paid off in a few years upgrade or rent it out buying something else.


That would be peoples not people. I’m not going to get into a dick measuring contest about household income, I’m doing just fine thanks


Many on fixed rates haven’t done anything to adjust their spending so we don’t know where mortgage stress levels really are

No FHB can buy houses at current prices, existing PPOR not moving anywhere with smaller mortgages are maybe ok.

Investors getting creamed but not actually selling, yet, as rents are probably doing enough for now to take the sting out of the rate hikes.

Still has a bull trap feel about it.

Last edited 27 days ago by The90kwbeast

The fixed raters were posting on reddit about rolling over soon. Didn’t sound like many had been properly preparing. One said they were hoping others felt pain before them and rates dropped before the rolled over in Aug 2024 lol


Banks learnt a new trick during Covid. If nobody defaults then prices can’t fall due to lack of supply. Then throw in govt with their old tricks of high immigration to increase demand and there you have it.

What would be interesting is if rates stay persistently high and owners burn through their equity into negative equity. It could end up being a negative loop of banks forcing sales -> prices drop -> more sales


I like your thinking but if the past 20 years of Australian property has taught me anything it is they will just find a new way to engineer things and prop prices up. They will most likely hold rates high just long enough to fill the cities full of immigrants wanting to fill houses with 3-4 families and then slash rates and let the good times roll again!


Not sure if you remember but 2 years ago I said that when federal government tore up the ‘belt and road’ it would bankrupt Victoria. All those big ticket spends like the outer rail tunnel were being bankrolled by the B&R.

Fast forward to today and the state has a debt of $165 billion, it’s all over the news how the interest alone is millions a day, the state is literally on the edge of bankruptcy and feds have said they aren’t (can’t) going to step in and help.

The only way the state knows how to pay off it’s debt is to import more and more people who pay tax. They are going to crush load Melbourne and the best place and with so many coming the best place to stick them will be high density. There’s already heaps of talk about converting office blocks into apartments. They have to go somewhere if you want them to pay tax…


“Open teh gates”

…and so they did.


From the minds of infants….


so if mortgage is unmanageable buy a caravan…….
and suicide by truck!


Aussie Soy Boy

I don’t understand how van life is cheaper than renting or owning a unit, or renting a room somewhere. Basically up for a new caravan or car every 5 years, can’t cook proper meals so eating out all the time, showering in gyms, shame associated with it, less employment opportunities. Everything would smell, dirt and crumbs everywhere. So disgusting.


Basically up for a new caravan or car every 5 years



Reuters and all those WEF-sanctioned media org’s aren’t even hiding this..

The Ukrainians have an SS division and this guy’s code name’Adolf’.



When did they try to hid it in the last year? They have spent the last year rewriting history.


We’ll just have spruikers travel to Shanghai to flog off property instead.


Well I was hoping Xi would prevent the chinks and their money from leaving.



any evidence vaping even does sht1

just like smoking where the health effects are super exaggerated


Smoking is probably the worst thing imaginable for your health

super low IQ and low inhib thing to do
girls who smoke are always the best roots though

I have no idea how regular people afford it though it’s like $50 a packet now

I wonder how many cookers are also smokers ? Wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s a high proportion


yeah its one of the worst things imaginable for health

but its still like 1/10 chance or so of actually getting cancer, not what people think it is

and some of that 1/10 is going to be coincidental anyway

dont ge tme wrong those are horrible odds and you shouldnt do it but when you tell people that number they think you’re a big tobacco shill

also you fucking di ewhen youre like 75 or whatever anyway wow


Yeah my grandad-in-law smoked for 40 years a pack a day

still alive at 95

like most things in life, genetics is the primary determinant


You know what’s worse than smoking? Alcohol. Yet it never gets mentioned in these discussions and I think really says a lot about this country.


Yeah well it’s not the educated professionals having babies in this country…


Smoking is probably the worst thing imaginable for your health

The risk from smoking is right there with the risk from the vax. So is it not worth worrying about or the worst thing ever. Can’t be both.


I find it hard to believe that you’re a doctor if you think the reason people become addicts is low intellect.

Aussie Soy Boy

Yep only spastics can’t overcome addiction. It’s really easy to overcome addiction you just don’t go to the shop and hand over $50 for the fags, and even if you are stupid enough to buy them you don’t put the fag to your lips and light it up.

These are all conscious decisions, so if you somehow can’t resist at some step then you are for sure a spastic.


hilarious that you will both dismiss the dangers of vapes and cigarettes , but vaccines are an extinction level disaster

cognitive biases are fascinating


vaping consistently is probably about as bad as getting the jab


I think they should make you vape consistently to keep your job Coming


I’d fucking do it

Aussie Soy Boy

It has to be bad breathing those chemicals what it is deep into lungs several times an hour everyday.

Gruppenführer Mark

And there is this IQOS thing, banned in Oz, of course, but all over the world allows people to quit smoking cigarettes.

Fatty Bumflake

Iqos is a line of heated tobacco and electronic cigarette products manufactured by Philip Morris International. It was first introduced in November 2014 in Japan and Italy. Most of the IQOS products are devices that heat tobacco without burning it.


Then Labor wonder why they are so detested. Smokers are usually some of the most disadvantaged people out there.

There’s little shops, plain out in the open where you can get cigs for 40% off now. For some reason the cops can’t shut them down.

Labor faggots just don’t like the sort of people that smoke, they are usually free spirits and people that have no respect for pretentious fake lefties like Jon Faine here.



Smokers are the most detested people in society

Polluting the air and ground with their disgusting addiction, and clogging up our hospitals

worse than heroin junkies, only just above meth users

I think you’ll find nobody else gives a fuck about them

They’ve been presented with countless other options too: vapes, gum, spray, patches

Really shows you that some people are poor not because of chance or circumstance, but because they are truly stupid


“Polluting the air and ground with their disgusting addiction, and clogging up our hospitals”

yeah but they pay for themselves even before they pay a cent in tax

phillip morris made this argument in a court case in hungary i think they were basically right

smoking should be illegal though for no other reason than the fact that it’s a vasoconstrictor which rapidly advances the onset of skin aging

Last edited 27 days ago by stagmal

care less about the money and more about the fact that I’m forcibly exposed to their disgusting habit

Far worse for me than the jab mandate to be perfectly honest

passive smoking has been shown to be a major killer

and actually the taxes don’t pay for the extra healthcare
but what does it make it worthwhile is that they die shortly after reaching pension age, and so the money we save on pensions (because they’re all poor and stupid) makes up for the extra medical costs

Last edited 27 days ago by Coming

“and actually the taxes don’t pay for the extra healthcare
but what does it make it worthwhile is that they die shortly after reaching pension age, and so the money we save on pensions (because they’re all poor and stupid) makes up for the extra medical costs”

it isnt just pensions its the fact that being old is inherently unhealthy, there is no way to be a healthy 80 year old regardless of what you do in most circumstances unless you’re fairly lucky

living to a certain age requires an increasing amount of geriatric medicine and healthcare just to exist, or else you kark it

smokers die before they get to that point so ciggies save money just from that alone


Big pharma lover calls people disgusting.

I thought this forum was for males, you’re a Karen.


people that smoke, they are usually free spirits and people that have no respect for pretentious fake lefties

lmao its hilarious that this is how you see yourself: a rebellious free spirit

whereas everyone else sees you as a dirty little faggot loser desperately sucking on your little phallus

lmao that is hilarious mate


Banal, obsequious dogshit normies see me as a loser. Good. Get the fuck away from me. Smokers are usually way cooler people.


one of the most pathetic copes I’ve ever seen on the internet


Anti-smoking puritans are usually little betas that have never been liked by a hot chick that smokes.


one thing i never got was people affecting that the smell of cigarettes is the worst thing in the world, cigarettes just smell like smoke to me. smoke is a scent thats loved by virtually every human culture ever

weed on the other had is absolutely vile, one of the worst smells its like a mixture of hardcore BO and rotting fruit

Last edited 27 days ago by stagmal

its absolutely fucking rancid and gets into everything

I would never live in the former house of a smoker. Shit gets into the walls and floorboards somehow, you basically need to strip it all back and repaint/polish

the most vile and pathetic habit imagineable

That smokers themselves can’t detect is worse than indians not being able to smell their own bo

next time when you travel far, perhaps further than Bali and Thailand, go to one of those smoking lounges and try to enjoy the smell. It must be the most squalid stinking place known to the mankind – the smell of tobacco smoke which previously went through one’s lungs.


fucked a couple chicks who smoked in my time

they were good fucks I will give you that

All had poor characters and were stupid and failures in life
Not gf material but definitely would hook up with one again

… I’m forcibly exposed to their disgusting…

LOL, for someone whom endorsed forcible exposure, this is quite dissonant in cognance


I think you’ll find it’s the obese and boomers that are clogging up our hospitals. I haven’t needed any serious doctors attention in my whole life. I counter it by exercising.

Worse than heroin junkies haha, you’re a faggot. Smokers wouldn’t be as poor if we went back to not taxing them so much.


haha you are stupid and poor

I always forget there could be absolute poverty morons on the other side of the screen


It’s that nanny state faggotry from people like you that has allowed the banks and powers that be to have zero respect for freedom and capitalism. Too busy wanting to fuck over people you don’t like because you’re such a faggot you have a meltdown if you breathe in some smoke.


“There’s little shops, plain out in the open where you can get cigs for 40% off now. For some reason the cops can’t shut them down.”

where? what are these? are you talking about the vaping shops that are popping up everywhere in every joint now or what


Yes. They sell bongs too.

Aussie Soy Boy

We should make them $100 a packet from tomorrow.



Aussie Soy Boy

They’re obviously too cheap


Nah. Need a faggot tax.


The French live long, and smoke like bastards, because they don’t eat copious amounts of shit, like most genetic sewerage English speakers.


Fair enough. I’ve lost respect for the English language, because it’s mostly used for propaganda.


Really this is what you choose to ‘moderate’

As opposed to comings daily horseshit trolling

has the sarcastic humour centre in your brain been damaged in the youth or was it surgically removed at some stage?

the pun in the joke above is as far from moderation and yet it does both at the same time in a smart way.

Coming may be having his grey cells turning in spike protein at an accelerated rate but nothing he said to mee seemed as moderation material. The more he says the more chance to bicker and more chance for anyone to prove own cognitive superiority.
Apart from obscenity if it repeats at no particular reason there is little to be moderated in this den so far.



just going back to this

it’s interesting that excess deaths in all age groups are falling below average

(due to covid/jabs/lockdowns bringing forward deaths in 2022 of people who were probably going to die soon anyway )

EXCEPT over 85s who are still dying at an elevated rate
wonder if this will persist

if so it’s an enormous demographic boon for Australia

truly the boomer remover


i dont think theres a single boomer over 80 years old yet

joe biden isnt even 80 and hes the first silent gen president


1/3rd dead so far, so it’d be a bit lower here due to lower life expectancy in america


If this will persist

if jabs or covid or failure of health care systems have permanently lowered life expectancy


seems plausible to me, pretty remarkable to think about you’d think there’d be more of a focus on eliminating fatties

i was at maccas this morning and this fucking fat disgusting tradie came in with a gut like santa claus, looked like he had 5 pillows under his shirt

at least i got the jab im safe hurrr

Gruppenführer Mark

Why were you at maccas? For the coffee?


yeah bored shitless

Coles and 711 do better coffee than Macca at the fraction of the cost. I dare say I actually like the Shell/Coles coffee

Aussie Soy Boy

I don’t really understand the fetishisation of coffee, or people that complain about caffeine addiction or a coffee after 4pm keeping them awake lol. If I’m home I’ll drink three of the pod coffees to start the day so I’m fairly wired, but if don’t have any coffee at all the next day it makes zero difference to me.

$5 for a cup of coffee when you’re out makes a $13 pint of beer look like fantastic value of money.

you’re conflating the current thing and soylateism with coffee connoisseur acquired taste. It makes your comment stand out in a wrong way like those that can’t see the difference between wagyu steak and Colesworth meat cuts tray. Makes you sound like Jamie Oliver.

5 bucks coffee is 5 bucks because they can. Where there’s sheep there’s a shearing station.


Also I find pod coffee tastes better than the shit they serve you in cafes which is always sour for some reason

no 711 in dubbs and i had nfi coles even did coffee they dont offer that here. i rarely ever drink coffee but i was bored and i woke up at 1 am and couldnt get back to sleep so the only thing to do in the morning herre is go to mcdonalds


EXCEPT over 85s who are still dying at an elevated rate

wonder if this will persist

Aren;t the over 85’s the ones still actually getting vaxxed?
Even the pro vax people aren’t getting boosters anymore around me.


A Nurse, 2 Doctors and Medical PHD on one side of the family were none too happy when the Christmas lunch discussion turned to their work and Jabba Dabbas. Obv they are all pro jab, to the Dan Andrews style of being forced, they’re causing the Pandemic of the unvaccinated etc.

When one mentioned a morbidly obese fuckhead she was caring for, I casually mentioned the same should apply. Fuck that fat shit, he’s caused his own demise. Fat fuck is in hospital because of it, so they should force him into a decent level of health.

Aussie Soy Boy

Cigarettes should be $100 per pack increasing to $200 within 5 years. Can only be purchased using a government approved debit card from licensed cigarette shops with a prescription that needs to be renewed each month (this service not bulk billed) Using this data from the debit cards an additional tax at year end based on the amount spent throughout the year on fags. Also, this information given to health insurance providers and these people charged additional premiums, also the more you smoke they less they get back from Medicare.

Selling and buying of illegal tobacco treated like you would with schedule 1 drugs.


Smokers are already net funders of Medicare so this would actually reduce Medicare’s resources if you got people to quit


>should be

Imagine being such a beta you get butthurt over a few people suckin on durries. Anglo countries have become the biggest bet wetters in the world.

Aussie Soy Boy

I have to breathe in your shit though.


Wake me up when I can tax certain demographics for that distinct body odor.


Feels like 2021 again. Just move to China, they’re good neighbours and if they’re not, there’s the social credit system.


As I said. Bed wetter.


Move to Indonesia you retard fuckwit

lots of smart cultured people there who all smoke


They all smoke in your beloved France too


Pretty high in Germany surprisingly.

Both countries that are way more focused on preventing evil behaviour like pumping house prices than being a fuckin faggot nanny state lover.



Even in Germany they need low iq retards to clean the toilets

As you yourself said it’s the poorest most squalid , desperate members of society who smoke

Rebellious free spirits hahahah lmao wow that was an instant classic


>hahahah lmao
Sounds like you got bashed at school by smokers for being a low t faggot.


I made a meme.


No muckin’ around with that one. Straight to the point.


I see enough Asians around where I live that smoke. You’re such a faggot it’s no wonder boomers dgaf about replacing you.


Are they all rugged individualists and rebellious free spirits like you ?
with all the hot smoker girls after them


still the most cringey thing I’ve ever read here

you’re a sad dumb loser , like everyone else who smokes


You’re the one getting butthurt over sad dumb losers having a puff. Which makes you even more of a loser.


information given to health insurance providers and these people charged additional premiums,

given the demographics of smokers how many do you think have or are likely to get health insurance anyway?

Aussie Soy Boy

He got his winter booster to keep grandma safe! Good lad!


What a great way to go…. if you are 90. Very sad.



Interesting to see how Russia reacts. They behave in such a restrained way against Ukrainian government decision-makers, this is probably the most extreme provocation possible, so can this change things?

The US would respond with an Iraq-level invasion of any country that tried this one on them. From Russia, I’m expecting a few missile strikes on some unimportant targets.

A fly in your ointment 🇺🇦

the attack is questionable by itself. Only Belling cat can prove it either way I guess. Anything even remotely connected to Da Big P is guarded by several layers of protection and air strike is the least likely to succeed in even flying in that direction. Human stupidity can also explain some of it so after all….

A fly in your ointment

iz dere a dokta in da houz?

a nice animation here on the last 3 years

and of course some nice memes


sum more?


“because the stats say so” Coming


picture tells a million stories


Karen exploring meme


yeah… voting changes sumtin….


what the leftards, libtards, necontards, neolibtards, neoantifascists, neofascists, neocurrentthingtards and all RE spruiking gov and agents tell you the excessive slopes of Immigration looks like:


$70 RnT with her is not that excessive.

parent(s) should be arrested for this atrocity.



new diagnosis to hit the meducal vademecum shortly

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