Imaginarium intones indignation over immigration inconsistency

Awwwwgh, pooer pooer diddums!

Who could have guessed that Labor would throw open the immigration gates as wide as they could, when all through the election campaign they promised … absolutely nothing!

They didn’t actually promise anything. They just allowed naive folks to make certain assumptions about what they might or might not do, based on their “Labor” label, or whatnot. Haha, sucked in! Again!

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I’d like to see the members of federal parliament decimated, in the old fashioned Roman sense of the word, to encourage the others.


God help them if I am ever diagnosed with incurable cancer.



totes was right

we”d have been (ever so) marginally better off under lnp


Was more that Labor were absolutely not a solution, and the best thing for Australia was ripping the duopoly apart. Leave them both at the end of the ballot paper along with Greens and teals.

The poor opposition (at any given time) sets the standard. Labor had to be ripped to pieces to force LNP to change.

Imagine if Labor won only 60 seat, and LNP formed government. LNP would be behaving much differently with unknown opposition forming coming into the next election.

It’d be healthy for Australia if the electorate viewed LNP and Labor as the same party and vote accordingly.

Labor showed what they were under Gillard and Rudd. There was nothing to suggest they’d changed.

There are no surprises for anyone that actually watched and listened to what WASN’T SAID by Labor before the election.

MB is a joke. Letting those weasels smith and tezza run the place while banning everyone else will be the end of them. Occasionally I check them out. Still the same woke echo chamber BS.

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but how morally bankrupt and sleazy was scomo?!

with all his sex scandals!

and his multiple ministries!

a threat to democracy and women


yeah to this day the multiple ministries thing has gone down as the most contrived pile of shit ever

an attempt to engineer a trump down under


just shows what NPCs that DLS and the MB commentariat are

supposedly politically sophisticated individuals were absolutely frothing over all this stuff

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I want my 300K migrants with Dutton’s immigration-skeptic seal of approval, damn it!


true enough, probably would have happened as well but maybe it would have been slightly less under lnp so who knows


Well I’m the only real human in the country who thinks corruption is bad when the Libs do it.

So I don’t feel that bad that corruption was mildly pushed back upon for once, even if it got us 50K more migrants or something.

Either way we’re headed for the migrationpocalpyse because the breaks are long gone.

I’m hoping what’s happening will be enough to wake up some who think mass migration is good because Fairfax said it’s good.


The next Tarrant should start with where the real problem lies – the media and fawning politicians.


Corruption will only be mildly pushed back temporarily. It will be back soon. Just look at the corruption in Queensland or Victoria. It doesn’t matter who is in power they just have different priorities for their corruption.


I don’t know whether it’s even been pushed back but to reelect a government that rubs it in the collective face as much as the LNP did would send us towards becoming Ukraine.

And what we’ve seen in Ukraine is what when there are no limits to the level of theft then even the lives of the population can be traded in for some more crooked gains.

We have two horrible options but ignoring blatant corruption to maybe possibly get a small reduction in migration isn’t worthwhile in my book.


I don’t vote for major parties as LNP or Labor is pretty much the same, just the mates differ. Not saying that the LNP are any good, but if enough people refuse to vote for either, then they will become minor parties.

As for immigration, I reckon that the LNP would go for 300k as well. My issue is that 300k will be the new number and any cut to this number will be rayshist.


This is the truth – neither Labor or LNP are anything other than controlled opposition.



MB got caught up with…”Labor are the better option”…

All that does is perpetuate the problem.

There is only one solution.

Destruction of Labor and or LNP.


yep liquidate ’em … and then watch the alternatives get compromised I spose


Primary vote in last election was around 35% LNP and 32% Labor. So it is happening but it is not enough. Need to get rid of some of the minor parties as well.


What LNP corruption are you referring to?
I can give you a loong list of labor bastardry going back to Laurie Brereton, Neville Wran, Al Grassby.
Bob Bottom has documented the absolute rottenness of labor going back to the 1960’s.
Remember Donald Mackay? labor had him whacked, but you young pups have no fucking clue.


That’s why the only solution is destruction of Labor and or LNP.

The fucking crazy thing is, it’s not even hard to do.

All it takes is enough people (maybe 20% of the electorate) that understand how preferential voting works and they’re gone in enough seats to be unable to form government, to then have to do deals with HOPEFULLY great independents that keep them honest.


It’s like an old LJ hooker add.

No body does it better, QLD your the best


Of course it still would have happened.

There have been no LNP politicians openly criticizing this migration policy, so it stands to reason that they would have done the same.


In other thread someone made the comment that Albo is the same as KRudd. I wish to point out that Albo is much worse. KRudd sold us out on many things but recall he was sacked for taking on big mining with super profits tax. Under Albo we have complete capitulation letting miners rape us on electricity prices.

We also have the shared equity scam to help property prices on their next leg up. And of course selling out our democracy and destroying our welfare system by letting in immigrant parents become permanent residents.


krudd was actually a very intelligent, thoughtful and forceful leader

Albo is our version of joe biden


Agree about Albo. Disagree about KRudd. He maybe intelligent, but was an ineffective and micromanaging leader.

‘Cor look I speek the moon roons, i smart, see! Wheee!’

The very definition of what dumb people think a smart person iz.


Without the excuse of dementia/ senilality


That was me. I compared them with immigration. I was actually hoping Albo has the same fate as KRudd being kicked out. I recall KRudd’s popularity nosedived when he did his Big Australia confession. I am hoping that people will get sick of Big Australia under Albo and get rid of him.

Even though the miners are raping us with electricity prices, Albo has never been more popular.


I just don’t think it matters anymore.

It’s been long established that the majority of EZFKA units are either home owners or have a mortgage.

People are selfish, and we know that no one wants to see the value of their property fall.

Now if you can afford a mortgage then you probably have some degree of job security. No one in that position thinks that new migrants will be taking their jobs, and if they go to the regions to pick fruit or do some other deadbeat role, who cares, so long as the EZFKA unit can enjoy cheaper groceries.

If new migrants fill the apartment slums and work for cash at 2 bit restaurants and cafes, well the EZFKA unit who can get a cheap coffee is unlikely to complain. Then there are probably people out there frustrated that they can’t get a tradie to come out for a quote, feel like they’re being ripped off or are jealous of those apparently “less educated” doing well. So boosting migration has broad appeal, despite the fact that many trades seems to be protected.

Then you have those in the Boomer generation who genuinely believe that the young have no work ethic, so it doesn’t matter if Sunil from Bumfuckistan comes over on a student visa and works 70 hour a weeks, as he deserves a go and the local kids who aren’t interested in being working for slave wage (i.e. being exploited) should harden up and learn to deal with the competition. National voters in the regions lap up this shit, so Chalmers is probably on a winner here.

I used to think that people would care about their kids and what kind of housing problems they’d end up facing if things didn’t change, but I’m starting to encounter more who state they intend to spend everything, die with nothing and leave behind no inheritance. It stands to reason that if their kids grow up and have to take 25x income 70 year mortgages, they still had it tougher because they paid 17% for a couple of months in the 80s.


Grand unifying theory of Straya, bravo


Awesome post I think you’re onto something with this line of thinking


KRudd is an amazingly sociopathic type, ego was always big but will be huge now Albo caved in to his latest hissy fit (stomping his feet shouting “give me the US Ambassador role now!) hopefully he’ll drop off the radar. His UN membership and shouting from there was just a screen because he is too old to recognise the WEF.

Those YT clips of him swearing as ge fluffed his lines are just a taste, the hairdryer screams he gave to the RAAF woman on the PM plane would have been a ripper.

Albo the useful idiot is so much more dangerous and damaging to the EZFKA.

But our most revered and respected supreme court judges are boss!

One even decided to move from small HK (Brisbane) to actual HK.

It’s like moving from Sunnybank to Big Sunnybank.

Both shitholes, both are pure 100% EZFKA – slimey, filthy, full of the nicest people in the world, more at my user name.

Big Nooker

You can imagine the HK cage apartment ‘wealthy city’ people now


Nook it from orbit before they ALL come here, oh wait TOO LATE have you seen Sydney lately.

Swamp Nuts

NEWS FLASH People pretending to be something they’re not is everywhere, not just in Straya! Julian Sands, ‘WARLOCK’ is missing on Mount Baldy. Maybe he dead. Maybe he alive. But… look at the 2 deaths on the mountain

Feb. 2nd: Daniel Nguyen, 23, fell to his death while attempting to assist a fellow hiker on a steep part of Mt. Baldy named “Devil’s Backbone.” Daniel feel over 1,500-feet after loosing his footing.

Feb. 6th at 5:10pm:  Dong Xing, 47, fell with his wife Linda, 44 in the Icehouse Saddle area. Dong was killed, his wife survived with”major lower-body injuries”. Linda was helicopter hoisted out in the darkness using ” a night hoist rescue using night vision goggles.”

Maybe some people belong in swampy places like Hong Kong and Sunnybank, and not on the mountains, which are the province of huwites?



But wait, that’s not all.

As likeable and brain dead as those Infomercial hosts, Albo is now letting his mates go after private Super.

Puppets like Albo are dangerous for the payoffs he makes to get into power. Just like immigration, their secret plans for funneling our money into their mate’s big Superfunds is now being rolled out. Those Superfunds in turn fund their Labor mates and policies (like hijacking people’s super for more residential development projects and more immigrants, rather than, say, investment returns).

The Labor votes he bought to get into the leadership and power are now coming in for their blood money. Jim Chalmers nasty little bureaucrat assistant (I’m Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl) has just announced legislation to target larger SMSF’s.

“One of the things that does stick out is incredibly high balances that just don’t seem to have any bearing or relationship with retirement income”.

In other words, we want you to be living quietly under our control on a measly pension, don’t dare think you have the right to invest your own money how you want to…


Yes, the unions involved in super made me start up my own. Their unlisted assets are shady as hell, and the fees funding politics I dont agree with? fuck them


hehehe …yeah she might well run….


Arden wants to be remembered ‘As someone who always tried to be kind,’.
The fucking hide of this donkey faced bitch to say this.
One of my kiwi mates almost necked himself after being locked out of his own country. fuck me dead.

Most try to escape. 1/4 of NZ lives in shithole Brisbane, so NZ must be pretty bad.


This really chaps my hide. I would be on the phone with my mate every few days calming him down, and we couldnt even meet up because he was in the 5klm distance sydney lockdown and I was border locked in QLD.
Special place in Hell reserved for these people.




A horse is a horse of course of course
And this one’ll talk ’til his voice is hoarse.
You’ve never heard of a talking horse?
Well, listen to this…


another tyranical ego who did nothing of worth


The WEF will move on quickly without her.

There’s a Melbourne woman at Davos speaking at WEF at the moment, Jade Hameister.

Google her. Daddy is a big property developer, even bigger Chardonnay Leftie, driving an E Bentley.

It’s like an even richer Teals woman, screeching about Climate Change while her Daddy (not Simon Holmes a Court this time) flies her around the world for Selfies at the South Pile or just hugging poor people with a sad face on.


Here is the MB take

Fair point I guess

She probably knows she isn’t going to win the next election, and its therefore better to go out on your own terms “on top”

rather than resigning as a loser
(or even worse staying on in complete obscurity as opposition leader in NZ parliament)

Now she can go on to her next job at blackrock/pfizer or $200,000 speaking gigs like krudd while lecturing us about women and climate change

However, I amm very surprised that she didn’t choose to go on one last trip to Davos – seems a bit weird doesn’t it?
Go and shake hands with your future employers and line yourself up a new gig?

Maybe gaylord got caught dicking the nanny again?
Another personal scandal about to emerge?
She has the VAIDS/myocarditis/graphene poisoning?

Time will tell

The interesting thing will be whether the house price and economic collapse will come for Albo too
Or whether he will continue to blame everything on scomo and the media help him get away with it


Scomo is the gift that keeps on giving, for Labor and it’s lackeys in the media.

Anything less than burning Scomo at the stake in front of Parliament House means the Libs will be held accountable for him for a generation. Even that complete twat spastic ego ball Dreyfus can look good around him.

Gruppenführer Mark

My money is on another personal scandal. There have been various rumours circulating about hey partner, him being arrested on drug charges, and him getting their daughter’s babysitter pregnant. These are some specific allegations.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gruppenführer Mark

Where do these rumours circulate at?


Her insescent swing side to side and bobbing like a bobbly head .


Agent 47

Who cares tbh. No conservative in NZ has the balls to overturn what she’s done. Same old shit.

Swamp Nuts

Even a big chinned fat Brisso mum from Bardon would look better than Mrs LONG FACE NEEEEEEIGH!


Kudos for the Mr Inbetween reference in the article pic…


bond yields collapsing at the moment

2yr is at 5 month lows

You have to reckon that property is going to be saved

Might be on the lookout for some distressed sales in the next couple of months – might be a buying opportunity?


Mass immigration and a drop in rates. Reusa will be right yet again. A satire account on a blog being more accurate than the blog itself.


reusa aint a satire account imo he’s the real deal


I love Reus.

Lounges, Chinamen ladies, under your bed with your nappy on, youse, loose, loosers, fix thing, negative sideways movement.

What’s your opinion on what he is?


I reckon satire by a now 40 something middle class IT professional who actually did buy a house just post GFC, and has perhaps one or two investment properties.

So his opinions and statements about lifestyle is perhaps an inflated version of reality but not totally fictitious.

He absolutely gets his kicks from knowing DLS in particular is an idiot, and the site is full of permabears that are wrong on everything.

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so you think inflation is still happening?


It’s interesting because the 1/2/3/4/5yr bond yields are all now below the RBA IOR rate (3.1%)

maybe the RBA is already done

hold in February
start cutting in a couple months after that


One jobs print in Aus doesn’t change much. I was working back in city this week and was shocked at the prices of food, and the length of queues willing to pay such high prices.

As for USA, here is something to think about
comment image

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Why are bond yields falling so hard then


3.4-3.5% Hard?

The whole thing seems nuts. If a year ago you were told cash rate would be over 3% and 10-year bond at 3.4% what level would you expect ASX to be at?

Last edited 1 year ago by Freddy

3.2% on Wednesday
2.9% today

you reckon stocks are too high? They’re supposed to be forward looking

or bonds have it wrong

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I don’t know how some of those other sites are coming up with a yield of under 3%. Perhaps the new year has fried their calculations and they are excluding some of the due interest payments. The yields on ASX site are all over 3%.


All of them seem to show the same range

cant make head or tail of the asx website but I presume they’re calculating based on cost Vs face value and coupon


ASX image is out of date and some of them are a bit under 3% when you click on the links.


Yeah so I think we agree then a February rate rise is unlikely


That’s an awesome GIF.

Agent 47





Ask for 1.5 million so when Chalmers announces 1 million it’ll look like he’s considering voters’ concerns


Jesus he looks like absolute dog shit

I forget that this bullshit has been going on 15 years now

it’s a very long time
most of my adult life


getting outgrifted by gonzalo lira probably aged him 20 years on the spot

Chan Tong-Kai HK Gent

He’s still alive and kicking?


Poor bloke has had a hard life

Its almost comical
a microcosm of online loserdom

sold his house in Sydney at the bottom of the market November 2008dumped by his wiferemarried a Thai brideLost bet with Rory Robertson that house prices would fall 40% and had to walk up mt kosiosckosacked from job at Sydney unisacked from job at UK unistarts online grift, only to be defrauded by Gonzalo liragoes on lex fridman podcastmetamorphoses into a toad

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

I worked with Rory for a while – Steve was the regular butt of jokes. It was around that time that I came to realise that house prices would NEVER be allowed to fall.

Metamorphoses into a toad – lol


It fully “wordpressed” me

Poor bloke has had a hard life
Its almost comical
a microcosm of online loserdom

sold his house in Sydney at the bottom of the market November 2008

Dumped by his wife

remarried a Thai bride

Lost bet with Rory Robertson that house prices would fall 40% and had to walk up mt kosioscko

sacked from job at Sydney uni

sacked from job at UK uni

starts online grift, only to be defrauded by Gonzalo lira

goes on lex fridman podcast

metamorphoses into a toad

Biggest regret Probably not getting in at the beginning of this speculative bubble in housing when I first moved out to rent in the 1970s. If I’d wanted to be financially comfortable, I should have done that. I didn’t buy a house until 1989. I didn’t believe the bubble could go on for as long as it did.

holy shit imagine being born a white male boomer in Australia in 1953 and still managing to fuck up that badly

and still not learning your lesson 50 years later


I think he has done some interesting work technically in economics but so badly fails to grasp the political overlay in any economy

Basically it’s the classic confuse a social science with actual science mistake ( economics is most definitely a social science)


that’s it imo … the counterpoint is phat wolvy …. he does get the political shit

Aussie Soy Boy

The original cooker


And as usual the uniparty delivers again

Peachy didn’t you call Chalmers a year or two back doing exactly this to fix thing in the economy?