Foreign workers prevented from working

“Every time one of the international community of instructors has tried to take a lesson, they have been harassed, to the extent that they can’t teach their lesson,” Mr Todd said.

“They’re physically intimidating us, threatening us, trying to take away our lift passes, trying to remove our ski equipment and stopping us from being able to teach our clients.”

A heartwarming story from the ABC. Of course this didn’t happen in Australia, it could only happen in a nation, not an economic zone.

Australians get passed over in favour of foriegners all the time in Australian ski schools. The difference is Australians think that is OK as long as it doesn’t happen to them. It’s a globalist meritocracy. You’ll find the same in IT, medicine, colesworth, etc, etc.

The only way to become part of a nation now is to begin over while existing inside the economic zone. The Amish or the Mormons are examples. The quakers used to be. All the ones I can think of are religion based. Do any of you know of any examples that were based on anything else?

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hope they all get bashed

god i wish this would happen here

Braemer Hill Murders HK

Bashed? Now now, that’s the Hong Kong brown talking! We are better than that surely?

Looks out window…robotic voice in head starts speaking “NO, WE ARE AN ASIAN COUNTRY’

Georgians are quite the wild ones. Date one of their women a little bit ‘the wrong way’, one of their 100 cousins will take offence bash ya. A bit like the little brown people in HK.

Travel the world and you realize when browns see you getting the local pussy they start acting like brown people.

Rurik Jutting HONG KONG HAPA

Hey that’s disgraceful! No love for Hapas?

Google ‘Rurik Jutting’ a really nice man from Hong Kong. Put’s the Microwave Murderer and Hello Kitty Murderer of HK to shame.

Hint – Rurik is a HAPA and they wont be outdone by ordinary crazies! They’re special crazies! Get to it! Make some Hapas!

Make a HAPA for you, Make one for Straya

He was a QUAPA, which is even BETTER than a HAPA

this guy and his army of retarded alts are taking over this site


Same guy took over at the end

it’s absolutely surreal to me to find him again after all these years

it’s like I summoned a ghost of the internet when I started talking about hapas

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Sunnybank Chang

Is it /u/EurasianTiger aka Tenda Conrad Spencer? is a real trip, as you can see all of the posts that were redacted by admins


yes thank you!


can you tell us more

Concerned Citizen

There’s a bunch about this guy on 4plebs if you search for ‘hapas’. it looks like a lot of the Aussies on 4plebs wish the hand wringing would stop about discussing the realz instead of the fealz. Lots of hands off stuff I mean iz this really what you want to happen here? Tell us your dreaming!

Really? Around 90% of street dr=gs in Australia were imported from China, by their diaspora mafia. If the Ch=nks weren’t able to get drugs through Australian c=st=ms, the domestic dr=g market would barely exist, therefore your b=rder f=rce isn’t anywhere near as comprehensive in their searches as you’ve been propagandised into believing by mainstream media television shows that are in bed with your g= to paint them in a postive and competent light. Australia as a nation is completely dependent upon imports because it is largely deindustrialised. What this means is that because 23,800 shipping containers arrive at your country’s ports, each and every single day, it simply is impossible to search all of them. In reality, less than 1% of all containers brought in get searched. What that means is it’s very easy to sm=g=le containers packed full of dr=gs or w=pons caches, because Australian “a=thor=t=es” do not have the resources to fine tooth comb everything, and they never will.


Google tracking of the word hapa must be up 500% since this bloke started posting here

Gruppenführer Mark

Just like anything that is trending on Google, it may be more popular, but saps energy from the thinking.

Half of discussion is now senseless drivel.


Always was.

The other half was drivelling senselessness.

There are/is no thinking here.

The new EZFKA is an improvement as it doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a colossal waste of time.


There are still some sensible posters here Sacha, but I gotta say I find this happa obsession to be bizzare. It was a bit funny and novel on the first day, and there is some legitimate topics on the subject, but now to me it appears raw and irrational.

I’ll admit my own views would now be defined as racist by most people, even if though these views are all based in well founded, but increasingly unknown facts and behaviours. I have reservations about large scale African immigration or inbred endogamous Muslims, but I’ve explained those biases rationally as to why I have grown to have them or believe what I do. But all my other Criticisms are against culture, and even I don’t necessarily view all other cultures as equally problematic.

By and large, like BigDuke6, I would defines myself as a strong culturalist. This sort of behaviour is as strange and alien to me as seeing some white guy in the 1950s shouting “Nigger!!” at a black woman for simply getting on a bus.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Look, you are about the only one that can put what is happening today in a historical and cultural context.

The rest just comes here to shit post. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a free and open forum.

In five years when EZFKA still exists most here will still be complaining and bitching and moaning about the same stuff. Australia will be five years further down the drain, their lives will be more miserable and they will have done nothing to improve it.
I would call that a waste of time.

Going to enjoy the weekend now.
Have a good one mate.


People here are redpilled on what is happening to the country (could find replace Australia with most other Western countries btw), hence all the bitching. And hence the name of this blog website thing EZFKA.

I think that’s a good thing as there are increasingly less places frank conversations on anything can be had on the internet.

I’d be a lot more worried if people posting here thought everything was ok.

This hapa bloke though needs to go it isn’t adding any value.


there is NOWHERE to post this stuff anymore, this site is about all there is besides maybe the sky news YT comment section. the abc locks all comments, reddit deletes/bans you, and even macro censors stuff. im under no illusion we can fix anything but this is the last place on the internet for this kind of discourse.


Sky News on FB or their website lets you post just about anything

King Chink

Just like anything that is trending on Google, it may be more popular, but saps energy from the thinking.

Half of discussion is now senseless drivel.

Considering the sheer numbers of Hapas and asia wife seekers in cities like Brisbane and Sydney it’s a BIG part of our national discussion with their lack of any loyalty and the mental and social problems caused.

Sounds like you fried the rice, paid the price and don’t want to discuss it?


Honestly what the fuck are you on about? No one gives a shit about the incessant hapa postinga of yours.

King Fink

Begging yours mate? Found the Hapa spawner. They really really do S E E T H E

Kumt Busta

Whoever they are, it seems like a heaps important discussion for Australia to have


Leftard uses ChatGPT to crush any alternative discussion, nothing new there. Leftards love their Bots.


Poor Tristram, as he says he’s just trying to live his best life. Sounds stunning and brave anyway.

Aussie Soy Boy

Complaining to the ABC will change their mind I’m sure.

Make a HAPA for you, Make one for Straya

Yep. Look at the statistics.
WMAF couples have astronomical divorce rates compared to AMWF or AMAF.
Hapas have 3x the suicide rates of monoracial Asian men. (I would not be surprised, if these rates were heavily skewed towards WMAF, but there’s no way to know).
Asian men even marry at 2-3X the rate that biracial men are.
The data for biracial men does NOT specific WMAF or AMWF, but it’s clearly WMAF taking the slots for the deleterious and damage biracials.
It’s clearly not okay in paradise.
These are statistics, too, which are heavily swayed by political agendas, and if anything, the “biased” data would state that AMWF has way higher divorce rates, but in reality even with all the insane bias against Asian men, the data clearly states that AMXF is the most stable relationship (not even just interracial). You may wonder, how can “data” be biased? They published studies about how Asian men needed to earn 200,000 more a year to be seen as a partner by white women; but in fact in reality, Asian men have a tendency to earn less than their partners of any race. So, for the data to be heavily biased, and still rule in favor of AMWF, means something is up.

Thank you this is really interesting stuff

can you share some links to the data ?


It’s not interesting
It’s racist garbage by a retard

Sunnybank Chang

I worked with a guy from Sunnybank called Chang and it was horrible. Status was everything, living on noodles/rice and showing off every other dollar spent. Test scores took precedence over every other aspect of life. They send their best. How is pointing this out garbage? When a commenter above points out ‘Braemer Hill Murders’, or someone points out the rampant cheating, theft and tax evasion, bashings of wifes and kids behind closed doors in these ahem ‘comyoonidees’ is that racist or fact? Is this racist? All you hear in the media is about how these people are non violent when everyone knows that mongoloids are capable of being extremely violent when they think no one is watching or when they ‘justifiably’ feel ‘insulted’ or disrespected

“The two young students did not succumb easily, struggling and fighting for their lives for more than two hours.”

the gang’s sadistic leader 24-year-old Pang Shun-yee. A tall man, he was the one who told an already badly injured Nicola she could go if she allowed him to rape her. Although she must have known it could cost her her life, she refused.”

Concerned Citizen

4plebs has the statistics, if you search, for them

King Chink

It is a source for information you don’t want discussed. It’s also a source of what ‘the people are thinking’, again something you don’t want discussed?


As I’ve tried to point out below, the divorce rate of inter-racial couples is less of a racial thing, and more of a personality thing – plus a cultural thing when there has been NO assimilation.

Women are generally conservative on a sexual selection basis. They are attracted to what is familiar, and given that things like political preferences have a +60% herability factor, and evidence of genetic attraction it is likely other things like attraction are genetically influenced to some degree as well.

The types of women who will consider marrying outside of her familiarity of comfort zone, will tend to be higher in Openness to experience, lower in contentiousness – when the regular problems of married life rear their head, let alone any lingering cultural differences, it is little wonder these couplings would end in divorce. Because they are the same sort of women whose marriages end in divorce regardless of race.

In contrast white guys marrying inter-racially form much more stable unions because of this…

Capture - Copy (4).JPG
Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

From all the data I’ve read on the topic, compared to a baseline white couple divorcing, the driver of whether an inter-racial marriage will be successful is largely dependent on whether it is a white man marrying a non-caucasian, or a white woman marrying a non-caucasian.

Basically anyone marrying a white woman, other than a white man, leads to higher levels of divorce than marrying someone of the same ethnicity.

If a black man marries a white woman, the divorce rate is about 200% more likely. If an Asian many marries a white woman the divorce rate is slightly higher than baseline white couple. There is virtually no data on what happens if a black man marries an Asian woman, since such couplings are so rare.

Basically the sort of white women who are more likely to marry intra-racially are bigger pains in the arse to put up with. They are the ones who are high in open mindedness to experience, lower in conscientiousness and higher in agreeableness – basically they’re your typical left wing liberal. They’re exactly the same type who are more likely to divorce in white couplings too.

The data on white men marrying inter-racially is quite interesting. In terms of a white man marrying an asian woman the data I’ve read is ambiguous. It ranges from a 4% higher divorce rate to a 4% lower divorce rate.

Interestingly, if a white man marries a black woman then it seems to produce a divorce rate LOWER than a baseline white couple. I put this down to the fact that once a black woman goes out with a white guy she realises how much better they are than black men in terms of what women look for in partners, and all the shit black women put up with.

Pew research in the US did a fair bit of research on this stuff, but then like most topics that are viewed as undiscussable, like inter-racial marriage, this data is becoming harder to find.

Capture - Copy (3).JPG

glad someone threw up the bat signal for our own local version of Steven Sailer

Thanks Stewie!




Never thought I would see that accusation levelled unironically on this website

even if there isn’t “data” I see enough anecdotally to have developed heuristics that match with this

does bigduke have hapa kids ?
very likely in the medical field
plus he seems like the type


I have, and always have been a Culturist of the highest order
I will not be confused with a wascist

Sunnybank Chang

This is a quote from r/hapas

“We Chinese men are going to mass rape white women and cut off your caucroach hillbilly childrens’ heads and genitals before your fucking eyes before raping what’s left of their tiny skulls through their fucking eye sockets. Death to America. China numba 1. we will drop nuclear bombs America, Canada, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.” – EurasianTiger, r/hapas

Sunnybank Chang

Probably in South East Asia as we speak.

Sunnybank Chang

Apparently, racism is a word invented by Trostky to suppress data, and free thought. It actually mean that person believe some race, is better than another race. If you can point out difference between one race and another like the skull shapes mongoloid v caucasions, that is not racism, but, biological fact. If you like to see the inner thoughts, of the mentally ill, then read

Concerned Citizen

/r/AsianAmerican is still one of the best, but /r/Hapas is insane, yes


Bearing in mind that an estimated 70m Slavs died from the formation of the USSR through to its eventual collapse, it is interesting to note that Trotsky wrote the following:

“We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one.We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars quake and pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence

Interestingly when viewed in conjunction with what is happening now in the Ukraine he also wrote:

At the moment, our young men in their leather jackets, who are the sons of watchmakers from Odessa, Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa, know how to hate everything Russian! What pleasure they take in physically destroying the Russian intelligentsia— officers, academics and writers!…”

I take the above quotes as true for the following reasons:

  1. It is virtually impossible to find the above quote using a regular search on Google or DuckDuckGo;
  2. There are no attempts to debunk the letter as false that I could find;
  3. Trotsky did write of ‘The White Negro’ elsewhere

Even putting the following into Google fails to bring up any hits:

“Trotsky white negro letter We must turn Russia into a desert fake”

Putting in:

“Trotsky white negro letter” won’t bring up anything in DuckDuckGo either, but it will still bring it up in Bing, but two search pages in.

Assuming Bing has the least filters on this topic putting in

Trotsky white negro letter “fake” doesn’t bring up any stories either… yet.


In the health service you are constantly dealing with foreign doctors of all ages trying to tell you they were professors and brain surgeons back in iraq/india/Egypt…whatever
Backed up by the guardian doing articles about how they should all be fastracked to seniority …. and it’s wascist not to
I shall tell you a true story of Britain’s nhs
I was working there doing a surgical fellowship
I was doing a keyhole surgery and there was one of these Pakistani profs begging me to let her get involved, I said I’d let her put a port in when I was ready, I turned my back and bam she’d whacked one in without permission from me , it looked low but wasn’t bleeding and the urine was clear
I told her to back off and completed the case perfectly
I went to see her the next day and she’d had a midline laparotomy which is a cut from the pubic bone to the ribs
So after my op she’d had pain
If I’d been called I’d have told them “that dumb Pakistani put the port through the bladder. Just put a urinary catheter in and the pain will settle and it will heal in a couple of days”
But no
The Swiss junior doc didn’t call me but called the welsh boss who was suspicious of my Aussie skills , so he charged in , slotted her and rooted around in her abdomen. Found my op to be perfect then saw the small hole in the bladder
Life changing experience for that 23yr old girl , all for diversity and cheap medics
Any properly trained doc spends about 20% of their time correcting the fuckups of foreign medics
I suspect it’s the same in most other fields
The white guy ends up doing most of the work

Sunnybank Chang


You probably haven’t yet heard of ‘high caste’ doctors from this region of the world working in America and being caught out by judges intentionally injuring patients who had the stones to try to ask their doctor some questions. There was a Dr in Qld called Patel. Coincidence?


The money grabbing (mostly female) Aussie trained surgeons don’t want to work in Bundy so there was no one to watch him ,like is necessary , as I’ve said above. Jihad has many forms. That was his

Sunnybank Chang

Life changing experience for that 23yr old girl , all for diversity and cheap medics

No. Because ‘we’ all decided to take on the evil jermyns hundreds of thousands of mens’ lives were lost and these people brought into replace them. UK changed forever. Today, it’s about the war against house price deflation that brings them in.


Nah – our elites (and by them I don’t mean our politicians, but the ones who pay them) want the sort of diversity that never assimilates; arrogant culturally and ethnically endogamous population groups that will be useful against any majority or the ability of any majority (other than a coalition) forming.

Most people think ‘long term’ is them retiring after finishing their working life. Some cultures can remember their linage all the way back to King David – it produces a different cultural attitude towards the concept of ‘long term’.

House prices are just transitory, we’ll all soon be dead, but the demographics are going to be changed forever. This suits our elites, as they wish to rule forever and it is much easier to rule a divided factitious population than a culturally and ethnically united one. This has been known for Millennia:

But Sennacherib, king of Assyria, had already come, and through his policy of forced population transfer he had scrambled all the nations of the lands, as it is stated in reference to Sennacherib: “And I have removed the bounds of the peoples, and have robbed their treasures” This indicates that the children of Simeon were also exiled

(Isaiah 10:13).

House prices now are little more than the 30 pieces of silver being used to bribe the current generations of home owners into selling their children into eternal slavery (financial peonage). Eventually no one will be able to afford them, but by then it will be too late because the consumer units who live here, won’t be citizens of a nation.

The future inhabitants of EZFKA will be atomized consumer units, renting their lives from their financial masters. Their only sense of ‘community’ will be fearfully competing with endogamous ethnic silos, feed off the available social capital that our masters will seek to transfer to them in the name of ‘equity’ but really just to boost consumption. At the same time, these groups will only sharing their resources and gains from their efforts amongst themselves.

Make no mistake, immigration as it is being used today is for the purposes of cultural genocide.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

As it is in every western country. It’s almost a penance and reverse colonialism.


Only when a country has been truly atomised do the descendants of David feel safe. They can control low IQ street shitters with ease but organised Caucasians scare them


It’s why we’re importing millions of these types, look at the skills they bring. Here’s a great example of their engineering prowess in Delhi.


My old man was a dentist. He use to complain about these Paki dentists that use to travel around remote communities doing dental work.

This was because at the time Medicare use to pay by the filling. So instead of drilling out the tooth properly and then doing one single substantial filling, these ‘dentists’ would instead do 4 or 5 micro, spot fillings, just patching the surface decay and collect 4-5 times the Medicare rebate that they should have.

Then the tooth would continue to rot and decay, until like a badly patched rotten roof, it would inevitably collapse and the tooth would disintegrate and/or the patient would get an abscise, that would require them to drive 100kms in order to get emergency treatment, because the Paki dentists weren’t interested in providing a service, only swooping in and harvesting the easy money.


Like I said I’m a culturist and Pakistanis are the most disgusting, unsalvageable goat feckers on the planet. The Uk imported them by the millions and now Australia seems keen to do the same. Breaks my heart. HKers are a dream compared to these street shitters

King Chink

HKers are a dream compared to these street shitters

Let’s not go to far here. A LOT of HK people are greedy, facile, violent if they feel their face has been disrespected, and always sneaky, some kind of sociapathics ‘We are not Chynes!’ The one’s who inhabit Brisbane are worser!



Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Aussie Soy Boy

That’s disturbing.

Are surgeries filmed? A camera looking down the patient from the roof, nurses with bodycams or anything like that?


No. All responsibility is with the surgeon. You have to be in charge. I never thought for a second some junior would have the nerve to act without permission. I watch these type like a hawk nowadays


I just moved to a rural town and been doing the hunt for a GP. Usual indian and mainland chinese docs and one iranian who studied at SHAHEED (martyr) university in tehran. Past experience with indian and arabic docs has been horrible, just avoid.
I lucked out and found an older scotsman with good practical skils. He enjoys some banter as well.
I’m so relieved.


Scots make the best drs in the world


Poor Tristram, why didn’t he apply for a job as a lifesaver in Delhi instead? Beach looks good.


hahaha these cookers are funny as

whatever happened to all cops are bastards


is it really that bad in brisbane?

Hard to tell the race of these young men

of course its ALP do-gooders who have created the problem by making youth crime laws so toothless in an effort to protect aborigines


Robert, In west aussie there was the nation of Hutt river which had it’s own currency and passport.
Most attempts like this and the sovereign citizen people tend to get squashed by the state.
The religious based ones seem to be tolerated.


I got a sovereign citizen vibe reading about Hutt River, but you’re right about the tax issue. They were blueing with the WA Govt about wheat royalties?
I have mates who are Jehova witness and Seventh Day Advent – they have a social framework which lets them participate in our POZ culture, but also shields them from it.

Aussie Soy Boy



I reckon so. Those SDA’s are vegetarian and eat raw fruit and veg. They need to cook because otherwise there toylets block up.


EZFKA has literally hundreds of ‘nations’ apparently….just Google Indigenous nations Australia.

Of course use of the word ‘nation’ is not the way any normal person would use it, or the way it is been used for say hundreds of years.

Tribes is clearly the correct term, families actually more relevant, but that doesn’t fit with the narrative.

Agent 47



Oh that’s good


falling down should be requied viewing for anyone who wants to comment on this site



I’m the bad guy?


It didnt work out well in the end for D-FENS did it?


To be fair what does a struggling renter give a shit about what the suburbs look like. They ain’t Boomers.


there are heaps of garbage cinderbox and redbrick 50s-60s apts all over the suburbs, i live in one in dubbo. it’s the worst possible way to live


I don’t get it.

Is it really misogynist to call someone a cunt? How is hating on her pro-Putin? Then also claiming that calling her a cunt hurts all women? Perhaps a small part of the anger was because of her psycho reaction during WuFlu, but mostly because she is a woman? She was a tyrant and she knew it (see any of the interviews she gave during lockdowns) but calling her out on that is some how Jordan Peterson’s fault? Dan Andrews was also a massive cunt And even the simps at embee called him a dictator but does that mean all effeminate men are cunts? (Well actually 99% probably are, but thats unrelated to Dictator Dan)
And finally claiming it’s sad that people were mean to her? People were mean to Trump but don’t see articles like this.

They should just come out and say because she is a woman (or identifies as one, I forget where we are on this now) that she can’t be criticised, just like Gillard.

I thought the AFR was bad for printing propaganda and playing corporate soggy sao, but this is an all time low at simply making stuff up (also I used to like Sam Neill, so fuck this for ruining him in my world). Bring on AI to replace this kind of reporting.


The Twitter swamp is chick full of whining women and their Cuck Simps saying as much, what an inspiration she was etc. and all claiming any criticism was due to her being a woman.

Strange because those whiners were also making it all about her being a woman.

As Clarkson says, “Oh well..”


tyrant is right …pos


Redacted did a good summary and it is not flattering

Gruppenführer Mark

It is the narrative that “they” are pushing on to you. Shaping what and how you think.

Case in point, and I won’t post a link, because more eyeballs means approval.

The infamous video of Clarke being berated and slapped, assaulted, by his gf is not called out. This was a domestic violence episode. Any man would be charged for this. Yet, it is him apologising, it is him, who is going to potentially loose (TM) contracts. A woman can do no wrong. It shits me to tears.

Equality in Australia goes one way only. I have a mate that got thrown out of his house for 5 months because of the allegations of domestic violence. Allegations were proved wrong, but nobody is going to give him his life back.

The day the West gave voting rights to women is the day the West was lost.