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could ya explain how it works?


brb getting a PhD in computer science so I can donate $20 to a fringe website


It’s like bitcoin, but with transaction obfuscation.

Glad I was able clear that up for you.


i would donate but i dont know how to use monero, i still dont understand it


Step 1. Open an account with these guys


Step 2. Send $ to them

Step 3. Buy BTC or Monero

Step 4. i) Send Monero straight to address; or
ii) Send BTC to changling to convert then send to Peachy’s address



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Okay – I sent you circa $20 USD via changeit

Com’mon the rest of you free loading pussies – cough up!

Capture - Copy.JPG

Another $20USD coming your way…



Time to start considering whether Labor is even more economically right-wing than the Libs


When did Democrats and Republicans switch platforms, changing their political stances — and why? The Republicans used to favor big government, while Democrats were committed to curbing federal power.

This could happen in Australia.

But preferably both parties would disappear


always have been

paul keating is the QED here

Aussie Soy Boy

If not for Keating this country would be like Argentina.


lol yeah nah

anglos are never going to produce equivalent societies to latino med poison with a good % of mestizo regardless of the economic management style

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Aussie Soy Boy

We have detritus like boongs, maoris and islanders, and have always had factory second migrants whether peasants and misfits from southern Europe/Asia.

Argentina is the whitest country in the world.


it isnt actually unfortunately

the whitest country is probably like moldova or something

any of those eastern european countries that dont get targeted by mass immigration bc migrants dont want to live in them

argentina has a lot of mestizos and indios especially outside of buenos aires, i think about 30% of argentines are mestizo even if many identify as white

i look at places on google street view from time to time and went to some rural towns in argentina and saw the people walking around and you could see that they werent white but very mestizo or even outright american indian, short squat dark slightly oriental features

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Aussie Soy Boy

It is good that the mulattos are wanting to identify as white though rather than glorifying darkie culture.


yeah thats true in brazil as well, ppl who call themselves white there would 100% identify as black in the us or australia


Stagsy you should go, very cheap and great value for things like steak and red wine. I spent some time there several years ago. Those indigenous are Quechua, kind of Eskimo looking but pretty quiet and harmless. I never saw them drunk, dangerous or messy in the streets, unlike Alice Springs etc. They seem to do a lot of the slave type labour, especially in Bolivia. Argentina had lots of population of Italian and Spanish descent, a lot more European than Chile. It would be a great retirement spot, actual culture in places like Buenos Aires too.


i really would like to it is a great country

its fair to say buenos aires is the last great white metropolis (10m+ plus) shared with moscow

dont think therre are any cities of that size int he world left besides these two that are still overwhelmingly white

it really is sad


Yeah I loved Argentina – it was by far the best country I visited in South America, although visiting it when they were in their depression and everything was as cheap as chips probably influenced my opinion.

Their larger cities are very cosmopolitan and have great food and culture, thanks to the Spanish and Italian influence, although the drop of in standard of living between the larger cities and the smaller ones is much more marked than in Australia.

It is much more dysfunctional and corrupt though in terms of Governance.


Correct – it had open borders in the North in the early part of the 20th century and is full of 90 IQ Mestizo’s in the North.

It was also less discriminating than Australia and took in heaps of Spanish bogans and Southern Italians, which is why its economy and governance more closely resembles those countries.

The whitest country in South America is probably Uruguay.


If not for Keating this country would be like Norway


doubt it too

it wouldnt have changed anything if keating handt been around howard would have just done everything instead

we just follow what other countries do at the end of the day, neoliberalism went global in the 80s and 90s

not absolving keating but he just happened to be holding the bag at the time


if keating wasnt evil, howard would never have been elected

he basically made neoliberalism the default

we no longer had a meaningful opposition representing the people and AGAINST financialisation

and so there was nothing to differentiate labor from liberal except culture war type bullshit (saying sorry, gay marriage, greenie nonsense, the voice etc)

similar thing happened when howard ramped up immigration – lnp was supposed to be the “racist” party that would keep australia australian not like that slimy poofter keating

The illusion of choice was maintained, but Lib-Lab became indistinguishable with these two

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aus is never going to be sold weird non migration anti neolib holdout country like japan we dont have a disciplined or insular enough political elite

theyre all obsessed with approval and being good little american cockcuckers, if it hadnt of been keating or howard itd of been someone else

if a white country tried to do any of this stuff theyd get cia colour revolutioned in 5 seconds flat

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I disagree

Australians generally were very disagreeable

History is shaped by a few exceptional people

Imagine if we had had AH instead of PJK for instance

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there could never be an Australian H

were too mediocre to produce a personality like that

germans are natural autists imo so german civilisation produces a lot of iconoclasts and towering creatives who arent cowed by what other people think of them

think like mozart, goethe


even smart australians have the temperament and attitude of midwits

australian movies are fucking shit

australian music is shit

politics are shit

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ok then a bukele or mussolini or castro

castro is a good example
cubans seem naturally lazy but culturally macho


alternate history timeline: Whitlam refuses to go, the army arrests Kerr

Australia becomes a great socialist state eventually forming an eastern hemisphere axis of power with china and russia and SE asia

Aussie Soy Boy

Legacy units think they are European (while aping yank culture) and still look down on chogees even though they eat a legacy units lunch.


Nobody knows what a chogee is


I do indeed look down on people who post Minion memes

Aussie Soy Boy

You don’t call gooks choges?


australian music is shit



Yeah. Savage Garden proved him wrong years ago.


Australians generally were very disagreeable

I’d generally agree with you – to pack up everything you own and move to the other side of the world in order to obtain freedom and opportunity, means you inherently reject ‘current things’.

The ‘Aussie Larkin’ such that it ever was, is descended from that mindset.


Labor party meeting


Just about any meeting anywhere in Australia.


This explains why Dan Andrews was focusing on the Italian newspaper Il Globo.

More branch stacking to get his Socialist Left colleagues, using dead Italian people’s names to sign up and use their votes for their selection.

It has been an open secret that Dan Andrews uses corrupt means in every stage of his measly little life.

How fucking low is this guy that he literally grave robs…?




this one was absolutely hilarious

its only 25 pages mate, and youre trying to rewrite the constitution


25 pages of trash

Aussie Soy Boy

There’s a real lack of diversity in this women’s Socceroos team. Mostly from legacy anglo backgrounds and/or homosexual.

In this day and age it is quite appalling to be honest.


how do you know theyre all not abo

Aussie Soy Boy

If they had a drop of boong blood in them they would have told the world by now.


I quite enjoy lesbian porn.

Aussie Soy Boy

There will be a lot of lessing off around the country tonight if the leso Socceroos win.





Too many conservatives fail to see that the crime is the point. It’s not a side effect of leftist governance: it’s an essential feature. Sam Francis called it “anarcho-tyranny”: a descent into managed lawlessness. Crime is a tool to impose a particular kind of social order.

In basic terms, the tax-producing (white) middle classes are hemmed in and controlled by means of high taxes, prejudicial laws, political correctness and endemic crime. This is now the default mode of governance throughout much of the West and especially in cities like London or New York or Paris.

When you step out onto the street to protest the unprecedented shuttering of small businesses during a pandemic, the riot police arrive in full force and beat seven bells out of you, even though you’ve always paid your taxes, worked hard and are only exercised your foundational political rights as a citizen. Low-level criminals, on the other hand, especially from minorities, are free to riot and loot and murder in the name of “racial justice”. Any ordinary member of the public who intervenes to stop the madness, if they aren’t beaten to death on the spot, is then subject to the full force of the law in retribution for daring to challenge this new order.

The essential nature of anarcho-tyranny is why Western governments and the Western media, which totally colludes in the maintenance of this system, hate somebody like Nayib Bukele: because he’s showing that crime, even the worst kind of violent crime, is a problem that can be solved quite simply, by the judicious application of state force against the perpetrators of crime. Our establishment doesn’t want us to know this, because they need crime. It’s that simple.


putting people in jail so they cant commit crimes is the only way to solve crime period

carceral rehabilitation is a bit of a myth, prison only works to deter future crime (upon relase) bc if you keep people in jail long enough they eventually become old enough to no longer desire to commit crimes on account of being too physically old or hormonally depleted to have the energy to do so

otherwise its effectiveness lies in the fact that it segregates criminals from the rest of the population and thus prevents them from committing crimes


capital punishment (death and physical torture) would be a very good deterrant

but prison is an easy ride and fun for most islanders and lebs and aboriginals as well as legacy trash

Aussie Soy Boy

Singapore style punishments for drug possession.


we’d save a lot of money and reduce crime

really quite bizarre that the west wont even consider the possibility that their policies on crime and punishment have failed miserably

especially when we have the asian and muslim examples


theres no question about it

only solution to crime is to brutalise criminals

we need judge dredd like cops for weedheads and junkies


The most brutal punishments have always been reserved for political enemies and always will be

If cops are allowed to bash people for smoking weed then they’ll be allowed to strangle them for being a right or left wing extremist

Aussie Soy Boy

No they won’t.

Druggies are sub-human filth.



This is your cooker obsession

the arborist

Indeed this. Great post.

Gruppenführer Mark

Very good post.

Continuing from the last thread, the police, being human, would almost always go after those who present the least danger to themselves, both personally and politically. The school shooting in uvalde, Texas, where armed cops huddled in hallways for an hour rather than putting themselves in harm’s way sorta demonstrates that.

So those who are being prosecuted successfully are those who tend to acknowledge their wrongdoing, those who tend to think that cooperation with po pos will result in leniency, or those unfamiliar with the system.

Gang members, druggies, other undesirables know through group knowledge know the buttons to push. Thus the state gets efficient outcomes by prosecuting relatively minor crimes rather than spending finite resources to pursue crims who committed serious crimes but will bring up every loophole.

Short of calling for capital punishment, two ways to deal with this. First, humanitarian. If the crime caused bodily harm or reduction in quality or enjoyment of life for the victim, then no bail. If mental health, etc. claimed, prison hospital ward. Second, jails need to be jails. Kerobokan style, none of this workout rooms, tv rights, 2 person cell. Group cells of dozens, and labour. Refusal needs to result in harsher conditions, solitary, etc.

When jail stops being an acceptable place to be in, we might get somewhere.

Family court is a separate subject.


Yes this is general self interest, fight the battles you can win and all that


What is going on in the UK at the moment is a prime example – robberies and stabbings galore, but what does the diversified police force do? Send 5 coppers out to arrest an autistic teenager, drag her out of her house, because she said an obvious carpet licking cop looked like her dyke grandmother.


The same thing went down in Russia – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about it. That it earned him a Nobel Prize in Literature has had the small hats gnashing their teeth ever since.

the arborist

I’m willing to make a donation, but I don’t / can’t / won’t do crypto.



how about a po box


Crypto is simple – it has a well deserved bad rap, but for small discrete payments, which is what it was designed for, it is pretty handy.

the arborist

Well this fills me with confidence.

Today, 13 women and 10 men will graduate as new police officers, boosting service numbers further across the state. 
The South Australia Police (SAPOL) Academy Course 60 graduates range in age from 19 to 35 and come from many walks of life.



I don’t see how they can hit that objective without massive inflation in the construction sector.


I don’t get it

who is paying for these houses

I hope its not public housing

we don’t need to encourage bludging even more than we already do


Journos are such morons they can’t even do the basic numbers, it will be up to some AFR white dude to explain but no one will read it.

Albo might as well have said he’d build a Gazillion houses on the moon.

Saying he’ll build 1.2 million in 5 years is ridiculous anyway.

There are 10.8 million homes in EZFKA today. These have been built progressively over 100+ Years remember.

The average number of homes built in NSW annually since 2016 is 47,000.

With construction costs at historical record highs, and huge gaps in labour, only 46,000 have been started nationally so far this FY.

No one has even asked how these 1.2 million homes will get planning approval?

Councils refuse probably 20% of current applications, and delay or place costly conditions on the rest making them delayed or infeasible.

Expecting Councils to ramp up staff to even just assess applications is a fantasy.

There is no system or infrastructure in place for government to build 100 homes right now. So all Albo is proposing is to throw cash at someone he hopes will build homes.

This is beyond a joke.


Great post. You will note the total absence of critique in the ABC article there, the unquestioning acceptance of this policy without any counter point.

Best case we wind up with a bunch of 20 storey 1 bedroom apartments in Blacktown as a ‘home’ built


It figures the ABC would use a white Saffer family to lead a story about migrants whining about how hard it is to bring their elderly parents with them to Australia.


What I’d like know if why anyone would be entitled to this in the first place. When I moved here I never imagined that my parents would follow. If it’s so stressful not having your parents around move the fuck back to where you came from.


the way you articulated it is 100% right and i never thought about it, why do these people need to have their parents nearby them why is that a human right


Surely whatever (few) economic benefits are obtained by migration turn zero when parents are bought in

the arborist

Worse than that. Below zero.


This was out months ago, Vic Pol was offering $1,300 cash for their ‘uniform allowance’ to any cops claiming to be non binary. Of course cops would be quick to be in on the scam…



It’s more that they decided to conduct a raid yesterday

like they might catch them secretly being cisgender


Albanese was hooting on the 7:30 report, and I just wondered how this limp, soggy, flabby, puffy, pasty-faced effeminate girly-man with the honking duck voice came to be PM.

He’s a forgettable mediocrity who shouldn’t be in charge of corner Cafe.

We used to be a nation of hard men, and now we’re lead by a piece of nothing with all the attributes of a bowl of cold porridge. It’s disgusting.


elmer fudd


If you don’t act like a weak poof you get attacked by the mob these days.


Last time Labor had a PM this bad was Kevin 07 remember?

Mark Leibler got rid of him and installed Julia Gillard.

We could be looking at Tanya Pilbersek and her heroin dealer husband as the next PM…


Duck voice is gold

The bloke that does his voice in the PH cartoons does a good job also


The biggest of elephants, Indigenous men killing their partners.

Not one of these Leftie regards will dare say it.



“The biggest of elephants, Indigenous men killing their partners.”

Always was, always will be.


aus gonna lose

finally let that be the end of this shit


Jesus yes please

also don’t want a fucking public holiday

imagine doing that in the middle of an inflationary crisis

you just fucked all the patents, self employed , small business, hospitals etc etc

what a dumb fucking cunt that bloke is

actually I hope they do win so we can all be forced to experience the fucking shambles when he’s forced to go back on his promise



absolutely hilarious if someone got badly hurt

the Indian security guards give zero fucks

diverse new Australians disobeying all the rules

serves you right for taking your kids out in public to watch lesbian sportsball on a tv screen


id rather watch indian bus drivers race each other than soccer lol


Give them ice beforehand it would be very entertaining


mate theres a whole yt genre of it


absolutely insane imagine being on this bus



fucking lol now they’re lighting flares

how good is Australia


lol england 3-1

ya theyre out



England were definitely the stronger side. Don’t get too comfortable they’ll think of something else to annoy the shit out of you with pretty soon.


Was at the game.

I maintain soccer is a shit boring kids sport, with the women’s version being worse.

It’s truly 80 minutes of nothing for 10 minutes of action where anything happens.

The first half in particular felt like being at a local kids match full of polite mums and corporate seats.

The Simpsons had a nice take on it.


Aussie Soy Boy

I thought it was a good match because there was a lot at stake and they were in it for 80 minutes. Australian games often have little noise, with the women’s crowds even quieter than usual. The few thousand English fans made more noise than the 75k Australian fans for the most part.

It’s a World Cup semi final albeit a women’s one, at home, deserves hype, in prime time so big ratings are deserved, but not media commentary like the biggest sporting event of all time in this country and other hyperbole. They are a top 10 team and have been for years (top 5 at one point).

They did well, but we don’t need commentators pumping it up into something it’s not. Only turns people against it in the end because it ends up feeling like woke brainwashing instead of just letting people enjoy a match.

The ref was completely intimidated by England and lost control of the match. It really stunted Australia. I’ve never seen such bad officiating. Quite a debacle, but Australia basically gifted their goals to England anyway plus they weren’t going to beat Spain.


At least in the welcome to country they avoided selling the voice

But yeah nah soccer sucks as a sport

The only reason last night was good is because there were 75k people there to provide atmosphere as an entertainment event

The fact you had people doing Mexican waves at a 90 minute game not a 1 dayer speakes volumes as to how boring the first half was


Have you been o’s to matches?

Boca Juniors at home was awesome. The Den was another great experience I am happy to have had. Would rather listen to a Dan Andrews press conference before I’d watch womens football though.

Some of the Ultras from Eastern European teams are worth a follow too.


I saw a Boca juniors game at their home stadium in BA – it was the most insane thing I have ever witnessed. Remains to this day the only live game of Soccer I’ve ever watched…. it will never be surpassed cause I’m never gunna pay for a world cup ticket.


I love Jacinta amplifying Abott’s dissing of the “Welcome to Country”

“It’s not welcoming, it’s telling non-Indigenous Australians ‘this isn’t your country’ and that’s wrong. We are all Australians and we share this great land.” That is Jacinta Price’s view.


Gruppenführer Mark

Wonder what the end of the cognitive dissonance would look like…



Even if mass immigration stopped and house prices crashed 1/2 of white people would still kill themselves through navel gazing.