Putting Immigration Rates Back to ‘Normal’ Will Be The New Bait-N-Switch

We’ve been hearing a lot more in the media about immigration lately. Prior to the covid era, the primary approach in the media towards the issue was not to address it at all. Never talk about it, never even defend it; there was no one criticising it with any degree of public prominence anyway, so there was no need to. Prior to the ‘end’ of covid and Albanese’s great re-opening, it’s become something significant enough that the media on at least weekly basis feel the need to defend it. The rate is indeed worse than it has ever been, and there does feel to be at least some momentum even amongst EZFKA’s worthless conservative political class that something should be done at some point to ameliorate the effects caused by such a high rate of immigration.

I can assure you that if it ever happens, that something will be


Putting the immigration rate back to what it was in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes folks that same rate that was causing all of the issues we are experiencing now to a slightly less degree will return, and then everything will be fixed. Even MB will be declaring victory and taking credit for the result when it does, at least for 2 days before they go back to complaining again. No more questions about immigration will be asked by the punters on Q&A, the occasional op-ed article will all but disappear. It’ll be problem solved, business as usual again, and that’s assuming anything will be done to begin with. It’s the most optimistic outcome we can hope for in the EZFKA today.

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You will get the immigrants that the Great Princes want you to get, and you will be happy. That’s how the world works.


Yeah they don’t care at all what we think of it

History ended in 1993 now there is no alternative


They literally conquered the Soviet Union

I guess China is kind of an alternative but not really

All the axis of evil countries are neolib, they’re just not fully US controlled. Still people pretend there’s a deep ideological difference when there really isn’t.


I don’t follow


Read Machiavelli’s book “The Prince”.

The world has always been run by Great Princes. The details have changed so they wear suits now rather than robes and crowns, and they’re called “Bankers” and “Fund Managers” and “CEOs” and “Media Barons”, and they attend the WEF at Davos. But still, they are the Great Princes. They run the world, and we will get as many immigrants in Australia as rhe Great Princes want us to have, and we will be happy with what we get.

Note that politicians are not Great Princes. Politicians are dimwitted drones and lickspittle lackeys who are owned by Great Princes and mouth the words that they are told to emit. If the Great Prince who owns Albanese (Murdoch?) told him it was time to kill all the niggers in Australia, that would be ALP policy within a few weeks,


True – the only way they will baulk and be any change of direction is ‘forceful’ negotiations with one or two Princes, such that there becomes some form of personal risk to among the remaining Princes in terms of continuing to get their catspaws in Govt to do their bidding in respect of immigration.

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Thanks I’ll take a look


Albo has had so many brain farts its hard to keep track

-the voice
-National public holiday for the matildas
-importing 2 million indians

there’s no reason to think the last one wont also fail to materialise

when that happens expect albo and all the usual suspects kos, liz etc to claim its because of racism

also I expect the US nuclear submarine order will also be cancelled or simply drag on forever past the expected delivery date because its simply absurd and also unaffordable

AUD is now into the 63s so things are going downhill fast


I reckon you only think that because you are a RW contrarian

normies probably just think he’s a kind bloke


I’m talking about albo

the voice hasn’t done him in

it will just be spun to be albo being a compassionate good bloke from a housing commission
and dutton racist


time for a charismatic strongman to emerge

Aussie Soy Boy

I don’t mind Dutton when I listen to him, but when I watch him all I can look at is that liver spotted bald head of his.

Albo is a poonce though.


LSW should take credit for the term honking duck voice Albo has


Albo’s last press conference was pretty chaotic, see here



Ta. I’d like to see “duck voice” and “honk” permanently attached to his name.

Eg “Today PM Duck Voice Albanese honked about the increased numbers of immigrants he’s been ordered to bring into Australia by his owners”.


You would think so, he looks like a nasty man, but what we are getting now is nastiness under woke. If Scomo can win so can Dutton I guess.

Him being half Asian or whatever could be used to get some % of the votes.


People elected Keating… after he stabbed Hawke in the back, simply because the opposition was such a shit show. It just depends how tired Labor get and how much discipline Dutton can maintain.


I think there was a sea change and the numbers won’t go back to pre COVID. Canada is just a little ahead of us on this path. EU countries are also joining the mass immigration model. Albo will say we can’t go back while Germany, Poland etc have seen the light and are just ramping up.

Modest cuts such as from Dutto getting in will still put us well above 2019.

Aussie Soy Boy

All dogs over 5kg need to be summarily executed or used for lab experiments.


Also owners held criminally responsible for their animals treating the assault/murder as if the legacy unit dog owner himself carried out the attack.


The article said the owner of the dog left the scene

Where did he go and who restrained the dog


I’m inclined to agree

though i remember during lockdowns we did discuss how a pack of cooker-trained pitbulls would fare against police and police dogs

having said that I no longer have any hope that a popular revolution could ever occur as Australians are too cucked

so we basically have more to lose from letting bogans have these dogs, than we do from any potential freedom-fighting benefit

same goes for guns now imo – I have changed my opinion on that

Everything should be banned

turn EZFKA into a complete police state because that’s a better option than letting bogans have their run of the place

Would prefer we try for the Singapore route

Aussie Soy Boy

Go after drug possession like Singapore and most other social issues vanish.


The nearest Cookers got to a civil rebellion was those idiots in Qld who shot 2 cops and a civilian.

Of course the media and Gov have labelled it “Australia’s first Fundamentalist Christian Terrorist attack” on Wiki. Complete bollocks, but what can you expect.

Fact is they ambushed two patrol cars, the cops were not trained for or ready to defend themselves in that situation. Cookers were just that, unhinged but you can guarantee if they were Muslim there’s no way the media and Gov would say it was religious terrorism.

Would have been interesting if the nutters had been better trained and or used their location better etc. A long siege with full media coverage and comms would have been something. Instead it just showed police command and Gov they can keep doing what they want and EZFKA will just cop it.


would have been a waste of time and lives either way

see christchurch shooter etc


Why was Christchurch a waste of time?


Nah – just ‘forcefully’ negotiate with a few catspaws remotely, Clare O’Neil, Innes Willox, Jennifer Westacott, a couple of their heralds, like Greg Jericho or Peter Martin and then remodel a select few of their offices like the Immigration Council, the BCA or even the ABC.

Stick a pitchfork in each of them and watch immigration plummet.

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Wtf I hate white people now.


Someone should model what would happen if Albo stopped being a fuckwit, and cut all immigrants overnight.

Aussie Soy Boy

Why does this legacy unit still have custody of her children?


Ms Aura said she has an online course on “yoga, energy and inner child healing” but now can’t see clients in person as she lives in a tent, which has restricted her income.

She is aiming to raise $10,000 via GoFundMe, she said, so she can build a deck, shower and toilet facilities and buy a car. So far, $400 has been raised.

3.7% unemployment and she’s double dipping from the taxpayer by e-begging and claiming the dole/DSP/NDIS/muh mental illness.

Aussie Soy Boy

Her surname is Aura as well surely she changed it to that?


The young woman I mentioned in the comment above was named Saffron, of all things. She now has two kids, both of them trans. Her brother also has a trans kid. A lot of dysfunction in that crew.


Fucking Kuranda. My then partner’s niece finished year 12 back around 1990. She wanted to relax for a while, so she moved to Kuranda, where there is no work, went on the dole and lived a comfy life for a couple of years smok8ng dope at taxpayer expense. She then moved back to Sydney and because she has huge tits she got a job as an executive assistant in some multinational within a couple of weeks.

Everybody who lives in Karanda should be killed, cooked and eaten.



this is fantastic

will keep all the bogans out hopefully and maybe there can be a renaissance in the city

they also need to introduce noise cameras and instant deregistration of any noisy vehicles with heavy fines and loss of license


Why not just ban cars all together whilst you’re at it

Problem solved

Realistically with heavy traffic you’re doing 30 anyway

40 is slow enough for times with less traffic


Watching the Uber bicyclists amongst the traffic, I was thinking too myself how dangerous the speed differential was. I believe it should be 30kph for all traffic, and the electric pedal-assist limit raised from 25kg to 30kph.

Once done they should get rid of all the dedicated bike lanes in the city. These are also a danger because pedestrians look at the mostly one-way traffic in the city without realising the bike lanes on same street are two-way.


Yeah nah. It’s roads literally designed for cars not a scooter bicycle sharing thing.

Like I sarcastically joked why not just ban cars to solve the problem?

Make the buses do 30kmh and make bicycles only legal to ride in bus or bicycle lanes. There are enough of them in the city. Otherwise walk on the footpath with the bike until the next bus or bike lane opens.

Buses have much greater stopping distances and in any crash at 30kmhs there are no airbags, people standing go flying and so on.

Modern cars are the safest ever with significant safety systems yet we still want to reduce speed limits and have even more regulation.

It’s overkill.


Economic Zone For Karen-Australians



wow some of them are pretty good
especially the WAGs

Could think of much better things to watch them doing than playing soccer


Christ what a lez fest. I couldn’t think of being much more privileged than being a dink lez couple. 2 piss easy overpaid jobs.


Another granny flat built in the street. Boomers will stand outside and give a glare then go back to listening to Ray Hadley.



You have to admire the level of ingenuity here

Standard legacy units can’t manage anything more complex than DSP or carer’s grifting

But these gentlemen are obviously asian
Very intelligent people running an ingenious scam


and at the end of the article they discuss the gentleman who first pioneered the scheme

now living in Israel

the arborist

The worn / damaged coins were sent to Asia to be recycled into blanks and then sent back to EZFKA to be turned back into shiny local currency. Asian insiders grabbed the damaged coins before they were reprocessed and shipped them back to EZFKA where they were deposited into ATMs.

Aussie Soy Boy

У Керра было две возможности попасть в сетку с трех метров во втором тайме.

Три гола произошли в основном из-за полных индивидуальных ошибок. Он должен быть грязным с ними и хлестать их языком. Вверх и вниз и буквы алфавита.

Aussie Soy Boy

Heh keeps auto translating.

Kerr had two opportunities to put it into the back of the net from 3 metres out in the second half.

The three goals came from basically complete individual lapses. He should be filthy with them and give them a good tongue lashing. Up and down and the letters of the alphabet.


I bet they don’t mind a tongue lashing


I would be willing to bet that Duck Voice Albanese’s breath smells of semen.


also I expect the US nuclear submarine order will also be cancelled or simply drag on forever past the expected delivery date because its simply absurd and also unaffordable


Just saw this now
At the same time I called it , ALP mouthpiece prguy17 has floated the idea that the subs are going to be cancelled

need to “get in front” of the issue before they drop it on the electorate

make it seem like fiscal responsibility
even though they will pay out billions and get absolutely nothing in return

ala Dan Andrews commonwealth games fiasco

every single Albo policy and plan is going fail and/or be pulled
absolutely comical


PR Guy must be in the “pro-China” Labor faction

Thinking this will be cancelled is the flipside of MB’s China collapse cope


I believe it will

of course we will still end up giving some money away for nothing



The only way it could happen is if the pro-China faction managed to seize power

There’s a ton of shit they can cut to pay for the subs, they could scrap the NDIS to start

We’d be lucky if the US only cut us loose for cancelling the subs, in all likelihood they would start a dirty war against us

Suddenly Niger is having troops killed in groups every other day: https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/niger-says-17-its-soldiers-killed-ambush-near-burkina-faso-border-2023-08-16/

Crazy now that happens as soon as they offend the West

So even if it gets cancelled, actually keeping it cancelled and keeping that pro-China PM from the fate of Whitlam, is also unlikely. The entire media will shill for the Libs, Twiggy Forrest will donate them a billion, and all Labor donations will disappear.


Do you think Whitlam was removed by the yanks?



Can read John Pilger on it to start

John Kerr and the Australian intelligence community were fucking pissed about Australia turning against the Vietnam War and threatening Pine Gap


I’ve not read John Pilger’s account of it but I remember coming across some wikileaks documents discussing Pine Gap and issues of sovereignty. Thanks for the reference.

I would have thought there’d be more discussion about it but most Australians seem oblivious or look at me like I’m crazy to suggest it.


Most people wouldn’t even be aware of largely undisputed historical facts like Operation Condor in Latin America, US involvement in the Italian 1948 election, the Anglo-US coup against Mossadegh in Iran…

So it’s not surprising that they’d consider it crazy where it applies to their own country and isn’t 100% certain

Honestly, I don’t think it’d change many people’s opinions even if the US said that they got rid of Whitlam and even would do it again. We all know how apathetic EZFKA units are.


Somehow wouldn’t have expected many Pilger readers on this site.


Horseshoe theory is real


While I don’t always agree with the way Pilger interprets the facts and his opinion, where he does come into his own is that he actually mentions facts hidden from the general public.

To most people Whitlam was removed due to Financial ineptitude – this was the narrative that the media initially ran with.

However the reality was that it was more due to him trying to position Australia more neutrally, including issues with Pine Gap, intelligence, etc which you are already aware of.


Righto. Any specific facts/interpretation you’re referring to given the variety of topics Pilger has reported on?

I’ve not read much of his work; I saw some reporting a couple years back about China/US relationship and a report he did on aborigines. I disagreed with the aborigines bit and agreed with much of the Chinese/US stuff.


A female journalist on ABC 7:30 just made the serious statement that we we need to pay more attention to water management because we’re now confronting global boiling rather than just global warming.

We really are fucking doomed.


Lol apparently the AFP raided a house and there was U-238 isotope inside

wtf is going on

any or the physicists know if it could be used to make a bomb


Dirty bomb tho ?


How do I get corrupt QLD bucks, then go have a prawn cocktail.


Why did god invent acne.


How many lives has acne ruined.

God is a faggot.


cut down on your wanking habits you greasy creep


Fark, I guess the State is retarded if you think that Dan Andrews is still in power, let alone above ground.

Cue Dan announcing a lid to be placed across Victoria following the ‘Climate Boiling’ rubbish.



Advocates for the so-called progressive No vote on the Voice referendum are putting lives at risk, says a senior figure at the Central Land Council, pointing to the urgent needs of remote Aboriginal communities.

When you have no other arguments, just say “lives are at risk”

Why does Albo need to change the constitution so he can save these lives? I guess they’re just gonna die if the referendum doesn’t get up.


Where are the No pamphlets?

is like to surreptitiously physically dox a Teal neighbour.


The problem with all the abos in remote communities is that they live in remote communities.

It’s remote. There’s nothing there. No work, no services, nothing. They want to live Western lives, without the driving forces of western life such as productive economic activity that sustains their femote existence.

Or to put it another way, blackfellas in remote communities want whitefellas to pay them shitloads of money (which we already do) so they can sit on their arses, sink piss, beat their women to death and complain about whitefellas.

Speaking of shitloads of money, Have a look here to see the details of the billions being spent on these people already, apparently to little or no effect.



Peachy, this “you are posting comments too quickly” is annoying. Can’t even edit to fix a typo anymore.

the arborist

I’ve never had it happen. And the forum is free, so we can’t complain too much.



Comedy that this MP Josh Wilson is willing to go to the mat over the nuke subs but not Albo fucking destroying this country

Legitimately wonder what is going through his mind assuming there’s no kickback from China