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This film was No1 at the box office within 3 weeks in Germany, despite only being made for less than 3m Euro. These scenes were not scripted and show hundreds of people’s genuine happiness at seeing him.

How about that huh?



my most popular video on my YT channel is a clip from it. it’s an amazing movie and probably the most realistic/accurate depiction of hitler in a film ever despite being a bizarre black comedy. https://youtu.be/0jLI-1-1Fe8

it’s a wickedly funny film and i’m not sure it was taken in a way the directors intended for it by audiences.

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Top 2 meme of all time

only Banderas tops this

Agent 47

Kosher shark tank


the gratuitous antisemitic-flavoured posts on here certainly bring down the tone significantly, in my view

there was a similar issue with someone (or someones) going on about shitskins, but that seems to have gone away thankfully

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the arborist

I get your point but I think the antisemitic comments are largely a reaction to semites being openly and freely antigentile. Not here obviously, but out in the wild.


To be fair coming mostly deserved the memes in his direction from Azrael you refer to

Agent 47

IMO controlled opp since Pauline got jailed and message was sent. Seems another message was sent.

But gotta give credit to Latham for calling out the fags.


i think stewie, agent 47 etc are all right that they are an intercepted party and controlled opposition. they have been questionable on immigration for the last 20 years to the point i don’t even know if they actually oppose cutting it

Agent 47

One Hindu Nation

Agent 47

IMO Pauline is further proof women shouldn’t be in politics, I can’t find any vagina in Canberra that’s remotely worth it.

Weak men everywhere too, but people like Latham should be the standard not the outlier. Conflict is good.


theyre all weak regardless of their gender

pauline is comparatively stronger than virtually all of the men in canberra, she just sucks too

i dont think canberra has a gender problem it has a midwit and coward problem

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Agent 47

It has all three.

Aussie Soy Boy

I looked up his name and read some of his posts.

Makes a lot of great points.

Seems to be a chogey.


Yes I checked him out

seems very well grounded and realistic

has absolutely no sympathy for legacy Australians or any other type of losers

yet is voting yes to the voice ? Wtf


hes a shithead


Australians voted for this

Australians wanted it
or they’re too stupid to realise what was happening to them

either way he’s completely correct about almost everything


you don’t really have any comeback because your position is irrational


There is a huge amount of violent crime in Sicktoria right now, mostly carried out by Africans. Vic Pol are overwhelmed but too gutless to say anything after they agreed to suck Dan Andrews’s dick one more time in allowing the term “African” to be replaced with “youth” crime.

Anecdata tells me “Sudo’s” are robbing white kids all
day long on public transport and shopping centres (robbing at knifepoint at Chadstone and Southland is out of control).

The Diversity is awesome.

Agent 47

“Too gutless”

Their media releases are edited externally. They routinely name the offenders on their own channels but it’s washed before it makes the press.


Routinely name the offenders…

Deng Deng Kakak you mean? That’s a great help.

How about a focus on stop and seize, otherwise let’s all just accept that carrying a Machete in public is ok then.

Agent 47

How about a focus on stop and seize”

What part of the act am I using then? And if I go and stop and search Adok Gul and his mates for no reason, what’s the magistrate going to say? What am I putting in the court brief and how am I satisfying burden of proof for the DPP to even take the case on? And then by some miracle he gets his 475th community corrections order from Magistrate Goldsteinberg, completely the Police’s fault.

Being armed in public should be socially acceptable again, in fact this is great justification. If I could go armed in public with a few days training in uniform, why can’t I do it privately?

How about a focus on shutting the borders and brining back capital punishment?

The anti-police commentary in this country is so fkn retarded, especially by people who have never been there. In fact fuck it I’ve been meaning to write something about this for a while and will finally do it.


Fair enough, some good points. But you seem to think Vic Pol is not part of the Victorian Government. You also think we can’t argue for lower and tighter immigration as well as proper enforcement of “Youth” crime.

As we saw during Covid, Vic Pol became a political arm of Dan Andrews, their enforcement was more than enthusiastic. Their seniors became handy mouthpieces for Dan’s politics. The “Batshit crazy” facthunt worked in Dan’s office didn’t he?

I don’t profess to know The Act, but I see no reason why they wouldn’t be able to arrest African criminals with the same glee that they did the public not wearing masks and protests against Lockdowns?

Magistrates and Politicians would bear any public outrage, not the Police, if these Africans were arrested and released. The mainly Left Mass media would whine but it’s not insurmountable.

Vic Pol is neck deep with Dan, they might as well use that now to get support for an ability to proactively stop the African crime gangs and knife crime (Bikies are targeted in this way with no issues). Otherwise I see no problem with the big swing towards ‘anti police comments’ because that was well earned, from their behaviour over the past few years in Victoria. I don’t see the same in Qld for example.

Agree with the legal right to carry in public. Progressives have already made it so hard to hunt in Victoria though, so it’s not going to happen.


at the very least any person who defends themselves in a self defense situation should never face charges ever

dont even care if they lop someones head off with a sword

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Gruppenführer Mark


Not an expert either, but if those “utes” (Joe Pesci) were to be stopped and searched, because of so called “racial profiling”, even if something was indeed found to be illegal afterwards, the entire “progressive” MSM will be howling about illegal search or some other BS. Judges and pollies will cop no blowback and it will fall squarely on police.

Just look at our old mate Bruce, case thrown out of court, yet he is still being interrogated in the public arena, latest was on a breakfast show, with suggestions that he acted morally inappropriately for not checking in on Brit, and suggesting he’d take a lie detector test. Whatever the final outcome, he will be guilty in the court of public opinion, because of all the biased press he received and continues to receive.

That’s why police would rather write traffic infringements or go after a demographic that is not considered underprivileged.

As to conceal carry, forget it. Can’t control armed and somewhat trained population. Or an educated population for that matter.


To be fair, Bruce has probably raped at least one woman

Gruppenführer Mark

Define a “woman”.


I strongly support citizens being allowed to be armed in public, after suitable training and ongoing refresher training.

Being disarmed by the gummint, which crims just ignore, is stupid.


I would absolutely support stop and search, and I don’t care if it’s racially profiled or not, so long as it’s effective. A reduction in crime benefits everyone regardless of skin colour.

I lost almost all respect for Victorian police after the pandemic and the fact that there seems no accountability for anything that happened. Like everything else in Victoria it seems a compromised organisation so maybe the issue is just Victorians. I’m sure there’s decent cops .. but I don’t see it.

Maybe we should just start moving the scumbags into the backyards of politicians and judges to get them back in touch with reality.

Looking forward to your write up.


There will usually be one or two legacy Australians who will back stab you if you say anything.


Probably a major reason for any police sentiments are a a specific response to Kettling by Victoria Police, which is deliberately antagonistic. Trapping and antagonising animals is pathetic, it doesn’t get better when the instigator is supposed to be trained and the victims are fellow citizens at their wits end under Lockdowns.

Case in point the coward who no doubt is still serving, who goaded the protestors with “Come on pussies” and his own team with “come on boys here we go!”

No public or parliamentary enquiry has looked into those tactics, nor the officer himself. That leads the public to think it’s condoned.

Shooting protesters in the back with rubber bullets is also strangely not going to endear yourself to the public.



Look at champ with the mask on standing behind the shields and listen to him. Why the anti police sentiment? Hmmm



>“Come on pussies”
I dream of beating the shit out of that guy. All armoured up, got government, media on side, yeah so tough.



Agent 47

Charles Martel wondering why the fuck he bothered


The comments below have been moderated in advance.

even the dailymail has been cucked

French politicians spoke of their outrage at the attack, with some on the far-right blaming an apparent rise of ‘barbarism’ in France for the rape. 

“Far right”

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Love that term, any time I read “Far Right” it makes me laugh.




Ah Charles, one of the greatest yet least known of historical figures. We need another like him now.


I think being dragged behind a car until you are just a bloody legless stump is a pretty fitting punishment for this sort of crime.

Agent 47



We like Australians yet they hate us. Liking Australians is a big mistake. Be polite but expect almost everything to come out of their mouth to be worthless self serving drivel.


Go and have a chat to the boomer across the road who is selling one of her investment properties to shit up the road with a caravan. She’s a property manager, totally set the world on fire with that skill set so clearly deserves multiple properties.

the arborist

I assume all you shut-ins have seen Oliver Anthony make it big on the interwebs?

He’s clearly a white supremacist bad man.




the arborist

10 million views in 6 days.

For anyone interested, here’s him talking just before he made it big.

And here’s Rolling Stone fagazine’s take on it.

RIGHT-WING INFLUENCERS ARE losing their minds over a new country song that just appeared on streaming services today.



but why is it notable

the arborist

It’s notable because it’s being noticed. It’s a protest song about the working poor being crushed by the corrupt elites. A lot of people see it an anthem of sorts. Meanwhile, the corrupt elite attack poodles are framing a poor working man’s lament as a far right screed.

Those 10 million views in 6 days suggest a lot of people have a fair idea what’s going on and they want to fight back.


pretty sure he’s a grifter
or just dumb and being used by grifters

it was a bit too convenient
and if you look back it his old videos

why mention epstein’s island and fat people
pretty bizarre with everything else to complain about makes me think it might be controlled opposition

apparently he owns 80 acres of land? so not really working class

very talented musician though and the sentiment is very good

the arborist

He seems authentic to me. But maybe I’m naive. Or maybe you’re a cooker. Who knows. Everything is insane these days.


He might have good intentions. The only solution is literal fascism though. Bit hard. So he will probably make a few dollars then settle into some little section of the eceleb market like they all do.

I wonder what the so called far right grifting economy is worth.


not a lot

problem with right wing grifting is you get deplatformed and shut down

its a terrible career choice

the arborist

Somehow Ben Shapiro has been able to make millions with right wing grifting. I wonder what quality he has to be so successful where so many others have failed.


hes not that controversial


His sister has those Khazar milkers


Yeah the rebeljews lot are still going. They did help out with the vax though.

Also Isaac Butterfield has 2m subscribers.


80 acres of land is dirt poor as it is large enough to be a financial burden but to small for livestock farming.

Agent 47

Not sure if anyone’s following the Hawaii fires but pretty interesting cohencidences popping up. The boats catching fire on the water is ridic.



lol joel davis ratio’d dutton


too bad this doesnt translate into the real world

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who the fuck is joel davis



some rando twitter guy who for some reason manages to ratio a lot of important people

he ratiod albo somehow

i think he uses brigading tactics but it does work to make them look really bad


I think he does some podcasts or has a channel, so has a bit of a following.


More worthless shit from arts degree scum. Doesn’t say if there will be a war or not but it’s all white man’s fault and we need to censor social media.


Could be a jew but looks white to me and I fuckin hate her.


Pantry full of garlic and wardrobe full of little hats.



avi Yemeni has 16 siblings apparently

I wouldn’t say no to any of the sisters tbh


Ok so you’d bang approx 70% of the female population. Cool man.


Ok so you’re a faggot . Cool man


You should go and live in Utah. Be a Mormon. Have multiple fuckin mole wives. You just have to give up coffee.

Gruppenführer Mark

One small step forward for the Dept. of Home Affairs, one giant leap backwards for Australia.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs recently announced a significant reduction in the average processing times for various visa categories, encompassing areas such as international students and skilled workers in the health and education sectors.



howd they manage that? not checking peoples information anymore?


Probably have ChatGPT churning through them now

Or outsourced the processing to India

  • Provide an additional $48.1 million over 12 months to support 500 visa processing officers to manage the number of visa applications on hand ($96,200 per officer)
  • Invest $27.8 million over two years to upgrade existing visa ICT systems to improve visa service delivery efficiency, and increase Australia’s attractiveness for talent, students and tourists.

Some quotes I found interesting:

The Department is implementing a 12-month international marketing campaign to attract overseas skilled workers in key occupations, and to promote Australia as a destination of choice for skilled migrants, as announced in the October 2022 Budget.

Digital advertising is targeting the health, education, infrastructure, and information and communications technology sectors. A dedicated campaign website, http://www.smartmoveaustralia.gov.au provides information about living and working in Australia and how to apply for an Australian skilled visa.40. As of 31 March 2023, the website had attracted over 6,973,107 visitors. Over 54,138 users had commenced the SkillSelect expression of interest form for a skilled visa for Australia as result of digital advertising.


Despite these challenges, social cohesion and the support for immigration and multiculturalism have remained strong throughout the pandemic. In 2021, the Scanlon-Monash Index of social cohesion Scanlon Foundation

continued in a positive direction, with an increased proportion of respondents (76 per cent) indicating that “accepting migrants from many different countries makes Australia stronger” and fewer respondents than previously believing that Australia’s immigration intake is too high (31 per cent). Moreover, the 2022 Mapping Social Cohesion Report points to increased positive support for multiculturalism (88% of

respondents were in favour) and a belief that immigrants are good for the economy.


The Australian Government has zero tolerance for the exploitation of workers, regardless of their visa

status – this includes the underpayment of wages and entitlements.

From: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/programs-subsite/files/administration-immigration-program-11th-edition.pdf


That has to be bullshit. Even the fucking immigrants don’t want any more immigrants.


Just need to employ a few more white athletic midwits in kevlar vests. Based. Maybe a few wog girls that dye their hair blonde.



Earlier this month, the price of natural gas in Europe spiked by as much as 40% on the news that gas platform workers in Australia may launch industrial action.

Who says Australia isn’t a superpower?

Albo will crack some fucking skulls if Aussie workers disrupt globalism

Gruppenführer Mark


Who downvoted this



I don’t get it


gash is euphemism for vagina

The Ashes is a legacy sportsball competition between england and australia


I laughed out loud.


21m people. Better to live under drug cartels.



21m long, man!


Joe Aston column in the AFR today another banger ‘Qantas the only voice reaching Anthony Albanese’.

”For the unacquainted, “Yes23” is Albo’s answer to the dual questions “Would you like a secret Chairman’s Lounge membership for your son and how old is he?”

”Albanese was in full rhetorical flight. ‘There is no company in Australia that immediately says Australia like this brand of Qantas’ he said. So Australia is a complacent, decrepit, tone deaf, immensely greedy, a bully, a welfare bludger, a horrible boss and a voracious influence trafficker? Little wonder we all suffer from the cultural cringe”

”Incidentally someone should ask Joyce how many indigenous Australians he’s invited to join the Chairman’s Lounge.”


Joe is so good


At least that vile short Irish poofter who sounds like a moron will soon be departing.


c’mon. Like this is not a troll from one of those white leftards. Migrants don’t have the nous to do something like that.