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Commenting on todays outage of cellular and fixed line services across the zone, the Optus boss confirmed that the best engineers across the group’s offshore Technical Excellence Hubs were working through the issues, turning things off and on again, in various sequences and combinations.

The work was hampered to some extent by the engineers’ physical distance from the zone’s telecommunications equipment. Optus has already secured agreement with Andrew Gilles to fast track visas for up to 50,000 specialist turning-off-and-on personnel from Bengaluru and Manila.

When contacted, spokespersons for Telstra and NBNCo confirmed that the 50,000 visas provided to Optus personnel did not eat into their own visa allocations for up to 130,000 script-readers. NBNCo encouraged affected Optus users to test-drive NBNCo’s SkyMuster service, offering near-DSL speeds, starting from $100 per month.

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there are some people out there who are deadset committed to proving that diet soda is bad for you and the amount of resources that have been spent on this question (only to fail to prove anything every time) probably could have cured cancer by now


so like vaccine cookers ?

A fly in your ointment

LOL, yeah, roight,
I guess you learned that from Erdogan

A fly in your ointment

there are some people out there who are deadset committed to proving that diet soda is bad for you


it’s like trying to prove to your dog not good to eat own poo, or other dogs poo. it’s impossible and it is pointless!
instead, let the stupid ones drown in Monsanto, jabbadabba, aspartame, or any other shyte they want to knock them selves out with. Because it’s not proven to be unhealthy.
Why drink dangerous orange juice when there’s diet Fanta.


diet fanta is unironically better for you

A fly in your ointment

you begun to sniff glue again?

it is the pinnacle of human stupidity to say something like that.

Why didn’t you get the jab then? It’s safer than Covid, just ask Coming!


yeah drinking a straight cup of sugar w/ a few vitamins etc in it is somehow way better than drinking a can of water with a few trace sweetners in it (which is what diet fanta is)

juice is pretty much not much better than straight soda, close to empty liquid calories really

A fly in your ointment

good onya moite, just double down and have more of that stuff. OJ is really just a glorified overpriced sugared Fanta.

why then skip the jab when it’s not proven unsafe and Coming said it’s safer than the real deal virus?


Completely futile arguing with most of the people on this website

IQ is in the 85-115 range

A fly in your ointment

and yet you cant seem to get enough of it.
LOL, lemme guess where do you fit on that spectrum…. nah, silly me, we know that, it’s obvious…

A fly in your ointment

you seem to have found your sycophant. who coldva see that coming?

juice is pretty much not much better than straight soda, close to empty liquid calories really

Carbonated Water, Sugar, Acidifier: Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavors, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Vitamin C, Color: Sunset Yellow*, Antioxidant: Calcium Disodium(EDTA).
*This material may have a negative effect on activity and concentration in Children.

I love the sunset yellow, or E110 if you like EU naming. But hey, in total a measly 58 calories!


so besides listing all the things in it, can you tell me what any of it is supposed to do or why its even bad esp at the levels its in any of these products

heres the nutritional label of an egg if eggs had them

fun fact: being obese actually is probably causatively linked to cancer, much more so than artifical sweetners are

so keep downing that all natural sugar buddy

A fly in your ointment

Shit, this is true dubbo shining out, you’re asking me to actually provide proof that a healthy natural diet, fine tuned and honed by humanity for 10s of millennia, is a better choice to synthetic.
It’s overconsumption that causes obesity – thus obesity related cancer, stupid, not eggs, or fats, or sugar. Even your aspartame causes a massive explosive involuntary bowel evacuation when overconsumed.

And please show us where in the egg are aspartame and E110 “sunset yellow” (later derived from oil) and how many of those “chemicals” in the egg are fully synthetic (aka not naturally occurring).

I can’t deal with this level of idiocy, it may rubb off on me so i better go.

I heard those printed animal-free steaks are yummy and one can have them as much as can be stuffed in the bovels and it will not cause obesity.


why the f_k does it matter whether something is synthetic or not

the devil is in the details

‘natural’ doesnt imply something is good, anymore

i dont think aspartame is even good for you, i just think its basically NOTHING, theres a difference, especially in the quantities normally consumed

the point about orange juice is that orange juice is pure liquid sugar with some positive ingredients in it like vit c, antioxidants etc, which are good — but depending on what you’re eating otherwise, that mighn’t be relevant at ll bc you could be already getting them anyway (you dont get extra health points for eating more vitamin c than you need) and there are far better things you could consume to get those nutrients, and youre probably mostly or entirely getting them anyway regardless

yes the sugar is natural, but fucking irrelevant – its pure calories with few to no steps your body needs to take to convert to energy, so even worse than an equivalent caloric content from something like fats

a lot of food dyes, preservatives are literally just taken from natural sources

obesity is caused by eating too many calories

the human body is not some mystical dimensional vortex that can defy the laws of thermodynamics, you add more energy to it than you are consuming, and you will turn into a fat ass given time, controlled for the thermic effects of different types of food

go eat your “all natural diet” — but try eating 5000 calories of it a day

you are going to end up one fat motherfucker – and unhealthy as all fuck to boot, bc its the obesity and the added adipose tissue on your body that is the major switch for nutritional related health problems

and this is especially true in an industrialised society where most people arent micronutritionally deficient and you basically have to go out of your fucking way to be (especially given how fortified nearly everything you can eat is)

the biggest problem today is ppl are overnutritioned, they eat too much fucking shit, bc food is too cheap and theres fuck all else to do and most peoples social lives revolve around eating, and also bc the median age creeps up every year and when youre old you look like shit anyway so you might as well just eat bc its the only joy in life at that point. yes sugar plays a role in that, too much sugar, but theres no one true bogeyman and the people who act like there is are doing everyone a disservice and go and get fucked

trying to blame fucking aspartame and sweetners for the so-called obesity epidemic lmfao, yes lets all those diet soda consumers go drink OJ instead thatll help them

cooker nutrition

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A fly in your ointment

Noice killing,
But whom said all that (I did not).

As much as I name you the names, you’re not that stupid (just have your episodes).
You yourself claimed that diet soda uis good as it allows for gluttony to remain or to expand. My contra argument was that culture of substitute and artificial food only support furthering gluttony. It puts you in the same basket as printed meat and ze bugz burgers or plant based shyte loonies. It is inherently wicked and wrong. Have a healthy natural diet and suddenly you just naturally control the food intake,

Please stop making an idiot of yourself. You’re better than that


Just drink water.


Turning things on and off fixes around 90% of my technical issues.


She looks like an affirmative action action hire Karen.

Not that traditional boomer male CEOs were any better.


She’s a saffer

need our phrenology experts agent47 and Stewie on the job

Last edited 5 months ago by Coming

just lmao


Lol – I was just researching that very question. I thought she was a bit Semantic looking, my suspicions were then even further aroused when I saw that she went to Stanford – basically the Ivy league Uni’s are impossible to get into now if you are white white, as nearly all the “white” allocations are filled by jews masquerading as white.


its at the point now where i dont even need to research it

i just know

banana man

Bayer was the dead give away


You should check out her Linkedin page – she’s also a director of the REA Group.


these cunts are just laughing at us at this point


Three shit stabbers sitting around a table with their racist tropes against the sand niggers. Totes OK, cause the Palestinians are savages blah blah blah.

What Israel is doing is genocide.


The Palestinians are savages.

What Israel is doing is genocide.

And that’s quite OK. The fewer Muslims there are in the world , the better off we all are.

If the Israelis killed every one of the 2.1 million or so Palestinians, I wouldn’t give a shit.




There are great female leaders – history has them, they exist and they have been accepted into male hierarchies, because male hierarchies are based around competence, which in turn creates power. People following you because you are competent is a form of power. So there are powerful women.

The problem is men and women as population groups are different, while there is considerable overlap there are also considerable median differences.

The biggest mistake, and this one that has come about from marxist ideology that has subtly infected most Liberal thought is that we are all the same, not only in legal rights, but in biology and capability.

The truth is as a population group women are:

High in Openness (susceptible to Corp & Govt propaganda)
High in Agreeableness (susceptible to group think)
High in Neuroticism (hysterical overreaction to risk)

And under Gender Diversity Laws that seek 50/50 gender representation, we are jam packing our decision making superstructure with people who are high in these qualities, but not necessarily equally high in competence as male counterparts – the simple fact is, these companies are actually drawing from a smaller pool of capable women in the first place, because so many capable women have different interests than involving themselves in the Corporate world.

This CEO may be a component women, undoubtebly she has some level of competency. But the problem is we don’t know whether she is truly there from her merit, or as a semi-competent female, simply been swept along and fast tracked through Corporate leadership, simply because she has a vagina.

Gender diversity laws are actually really harmful for competent women – they always have been accepted into male hierarchies (admittedly with a higher standard of expectations perhaps to counter the higher levels of neuroticism).

The result of diversity laws is that they are going to make our society subtly and gradually less productive, which over time will have a cumulatively greater effect.

All laws designed to achieve “fairness” are basically expressions of female neuroticism at the family level, ensuring all her kids equal access to family resources, irrespective of their capability, amplified en-mass up through society to demand that all members of society achieve equal outcomes.

As a phenominum this isn’t just me noticing this:

EXCLUSIVE: Sam Joel, chief executive of charity GiveTree, has stepped down after posting a raft of offensive remarks regarding women in Australia’s tech industry.

I wasn’t able to read the article but apparently he basically ranted that women have become mandated corporate handbrakes.

A fly in your ointment

…dailymail doing real investigative…

At first I laughed at this reference to a tabloid but then realised, sadly, that perhaps the last remnants, the traces of investigative ‘anything’ are actually extinct everywhere else for decades


Yeah, like Soviet communism. Why bother trying if some idiot is gonna do better than you.


Marxism being rooted in ‘fairness’ is a very female ideology. It is little wonder that it emerged from a culture where the men think like women:

Ashenazim are a hybridization of male south eurasian race (just as the arabs), with female european race of much higher neoteny.

Hence (a)lower neoteny and higher jewish aggression (b) ashkenazi intelligence is expressed in the female verbal pictoral empathic bias instead of the traditional european male, systematic, mechanical, operational bias. (c) and our race differences in mental illness reflecting sex bias as well. (jewish neuroticism).

Last edited 5 months ago by Stewie

intelligence is expressed in the female verbal pictoral empathic bias instead of the traditional european male

People think differently ergo population groups think differently at median behaviour levels too.


No we are different – there is no better and there is certainly no sneering or spitting tone.

It is an observation that there are differences, and trying to understand how those differences change the way our society functions.

There are and have been many great female leaders. The only reason I remain in my current role is because of my boss who is a woman.

But if female leadership offered ANY consistent benefit, history would be resplendent with nations, founded, built & lead by women. The first tribe to adopt their so called competitive advantage would have outcompeted those that didn’t.

The fact there are none, proves that until now there has been no advantage – the future remains an open question and freed from the shackles of male oppression a Golden era for humanity may lie ahead thanks turbo charged female leadership… but history would suggest that this is unlikely to be the case.

Women should be free to pursue whatever life or career they so chose, that is an ethical standpoint which I agree. But that doesn’t mean arguements against that position aren’t completely anti-ethical or don’t contain valid criticisms.

But where I strongly disagree with female empowerment, is with policies and laws designed to elevate the female representation within our social narrative and decision making infrastructure, beyond where it would otherwise reside through merit alone. These polices are imho having disastrous long term consequences on the function of our society.

But you cannot make that argument without accepting that there is a problem with excessive female representation – and if there is a problem with excessive female representation then it must reside in recognisable trait differences. Which is what my preceding comments have attempted to outline as I see it.

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banana man

where is this image from? Can I go there and help out?


$180-200k for HR

I’m putting this in the communist bit of this thread.

Definitely another “chosen” industry it seems.


I saw a video recently of some American bitch in Hong Kong berating demonstrators there because they preferred freedom to safety. That was her point. She angrily criticised a group of young men because they wanted to be free rather than safe.

If people like that take over Western society as they appear to be doing, the place is fucked. And deservedly so.


It’s never been more over for pajeets

A fly in your ointment

what’s this graph proving?
that tinder us a sausage fiesta?

what’s your point?


Exhibit A

A fly in your ointment

see, I ask you a legit question and you will claim “can’t argue”.

if you leave a graph which has several angles, how does one know which one you’re trying to make? Much easier with Brucey and the fat Cinderella as that we know clearly – your wankfiesta.

Is I that there are no fags and other LGHDTV+ mob on Bharati tinder that youre truing to indicate?


Gotta redistribute the excess Indian males to Europe and the UK until the rest have a chance


No surprises that gang rape is popular in India.


How do they manage to shit out so many people then.


In a grand scale clearing of cookies and cache we should deport the last 500,000 pajeets to arrive in Australia and see how society would operate much more efficiently.

A fly in your ointment

not sure how you created a causation and correlation between the two. What’s more or less efficient now than “before the pajeets”?


If you were here “before the pajeets” you would know the answer, pajeet.

Last edited 5 months ago by Arasaka
A fly in your ointment

ok, a Mr nobody wants to interject with a torch and inflame.

noice, nah, move on Mr nobody, not interested in your fecal matter.


What’s more or less efficient now than “before the pajeets”?

Says some weirdo from Kazakhstan who should be deported.
It was better before you dumb slavic inbred donkey fucking muthafucka

A fly in your ointment

shyte, I knew a guy as angry at slavs as you. His mum remarried to a Maccedonian and he saw the size of his python strangling her every night…. now he hate all the Slavic people.

Wogs have nothing to do with your own kind selling everything to the to the highest bidder and now the only game left is to bring in more bidders.
I hope you enjoy your “wealth” on the paper until the chosen ones take it away from you and you’re left with an unaging debt and a brand new iPhone every year.


The successful challenge to indefinite immigration detention was brought by a plaintiff whose visa was cancelled because he was convicted of child sex offences.

is this a fucking joke ?


Thought you’d be celebrating this result. What were you saying about pedo obsession again?


I’m starting to think Coming is a distractor; a kind of double agent.


Hence the endless trolling


That’s what happens when you’re a highly paid meducal professional with a difficult role. Snurkle.


back when I was a lad the corner stone of any respectable Telecommunications systems was a concept called 5 * 9’s relaibility

Basically it meant an up time of 99.999%
Every aspect of a communications system was built/engineered to this spec and judged by this spec.

5 Nines was the spec,

Move forward 20 or is it 30 years and we have the CEO of the second largest carrier trying to excuse a 12 hour complete network outage. Like WTF
I don’t give a rat-ass how much you saved by using this that or the other data or comms structure you have just exhausted your next 100 years worth of downtime in one event. AND I’m not even sure that you know why!
FFS this stuff is important


We live in a 3rd world country now. Nothing is more important that enrichment of an ever dwindling number of people at the top.


Please don’t embarrass respectable 3rd world countries by making such scandalous comparisions.

Having an entire network down for half a day isn’t even acceptable in South Pacific Bananna Republics.
If this CEO has even an ounce of honor, she should fall on her sword immediately ….but that’s not what’s going to happen and therein lies the real tragedy and the real cost for Australia.


Correct. Corporate accountability is an increasingly foreign concept.


My partner’s boss has a made in china shitbox EV. The brand is Build Your Dream, or some such nonsense. He told her he was glad he made his trip up to the central coast last week because he’s with Optus, and he needs to use an online app to charge his car. No internet means no motion.

How fucked is that, eh? Only a fucking lunatic would buy a car in Australia that depends on internet service to run.


For me this is 100% proof that Optus has built a fragile network.
For 5 nines reliability: to even be a dream of this, you had to consider all sorts of failure modes and design / engineer solutions so that these systems could continue to operate (with possibly reduced capacity) in the presence of faults.
You had to look at your network topology and eliminate any single point failure that could bring down the network. In some cases this meant using tripple lock out redunency (3 voting computers where two had to agree to lock out the third as faulty) Typically a LOT of time went into these critical systems because they needed to be correct.
It wasn’t unheard of to use 3 different sets of hardware running 3 independently developed software/firmware stacks.
Telecommunications Engineers took this shit seriously and Telecommunications management was 100% on board wrt necessity. Core control wasn’t the part of the network that you cheaped out on, you spent till it hurt and then you said some prayers.
What worries me is that Optus has just proven to the world that their network is incredibly fragile. Now imagine I’m a hacker at some enemy’s government research lab. I am going to get to the bottom of what just happened at Optus because I’d want to know exactly where this structural weakness is. I’d want to know exactly where to inject a purpose built virus to cause maximum strife.

Can you imagine the advantage at the start to a war (when the missiles are launched) where you can make your enemy’s entire comms network shit the bed. That’s the risk were are talking about when we accept structural fragility in a systemically important Telecommunications network.

This is no F’ing joke, yet KBR seems to believe she can survive this if she just keeps her head down… F’ing clueless or what? See what I mean, there’s nothing left but to fall with dignity yet she can’t see that.


She’s taken but she can be my new Twitter waifu.


Bring on the rate rises. Too many stupid people have enjoyed living off too much stupid debt for too long, while cautious people like me get bent over and fucked in the freckle without benefit of lube.

I hope rates go to 7 or 8%, like I was paying back in the mid 90s without thinking it was at all unusual.


We live in a Cuntocracy.
Useless overpaid bitches everywhere fucking things up.