Links that dropped on me randomly

To go with Stewie’s weekend post, I have found that in the last couple of days a few things popped (or pooped) itself in my interwebs travels.

Now, I do not subscribe to the validity of these, although Google-related stuff is certainly a food for thought. Thought you might like to scroll through.

Link 1: How the CIA made Google Warning, loooooooong read!

Link 2 (part 2 of the above): Why Google made the NSA Warning, loooooooong read!

Link 3: Google is close to breaking the 256-bit encryption

Link 4 (and this one is crazy): Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced Longish read

Link 5 (follow up of the previous one): They Finally Retire the Stephen Hawking Impostor

Finally, I have been hooked on these series of books about an early 17th century Spain. Didn’t watch the movie, but the description of life and thought of that era, combined with exquisite poetry, makes it worthwhile in my pinion, maybe some of youse like that kind of prose.

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Interesting links Mark. It really kicks off with the problem that I now see with Google in a nutshell and made repeated references to with regards to the issues I note when trying to use it as a search engine to pull up what are now called ‘dangerous facts’:

US and European politicians have called to protect NSA-style snooping, and to advance the capacity to intrude on internet privacy by outlawing encryption. One idea is to establish a telecoms partnership that would unilaterally delete content deemed to “fuel hatred and violence” in situations considered “appropriate.”

And then:

For the last two decades, US foreign and intelligence strategies have resulted in a global ‘war on terror’ consisting of prolonged military invasions in the Muslim world and comprehensive surveillance of civilian population….Established under the Clinton administration, consolidated under Bush, and firmly entrenched under Obama, this bipartisan network of mostly neoconservative ideologues sealed its dominion inside the US Department of Defense (DoD) by the dawn of 2015, through the operation of an obscure corporate entity outside the Pentagon, but run by the Pentagon.

Which is pretty much 100% aligned with the comments made by Andrew Tate in how US Institutions now work for the US’s hostile elites – which is essentially what Jewish Conservatives or Neocons are (of course there are also like minded Goyim are in this group, but the intellectual leadership and ideas pool that they draw from is overwhelmingly Jewish).

This is the current cultural mindset of most Neocons:

I say this because it is the push for diversity over traditional American values ie the homogenous culture built around assimilation and intergration into what was essentially a white Christian society. It also the most common identifiable cultural trait of this group, think of one of their mouth pieces like Bill Kristol (who is Jewish) – even though they are supposedly Conservative they ALL preach diversity and condemn legacy ie white Christian Americans:

“Bill Kristol asks if ‘lazy’ pockets of white working class should be replaced with ‘new Americans’”

They are conservative Jewish values, which are the opposite of conservative homogeneous societies – when they say diversity is OUR strength, they really mean that diversity is THEIR strength (double think and transforming the meaning of a word such that it holds the complete opposite meaning depending on who says it). Everyone knows intrinsically knows that diversity actually makes us weaker, ie divided – which is why double think requires us to hold the complete opposite in our mind if we are to be good citizens.

Given this cultural mindset now completely controls the US and all its institutions it is little wonder that the regimes current mouthpiece, aka Biden, came out with these Prime Time television remarks, basically stopping just short of declaring Maga Republicans terrorists:

“When we talk about our democracy, when we talk about our freedoms, the way that he sees it is the MAGA Republicans are the most energized part of the Republican Party,” she continued. “This is an extreme threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights. They just don’t respect the rule of law. You’ve heard that from the president. And they are pursuing an agenda that takes away people’s rights.”

The hostile elites who control our nations seek complete domination of all the information available to those overwhom they rule, and as elucidated by Andrew Tate, when the information and propaganda system that they have controlled since the Clintons came to power via Google stopped working, they have since moved into censorship overdrive – the changes to Google as an effective search engine commenced in my opinion from about 2015/2016 onwards.

Basically when the existing propaganda system used by the elites to control public opinion, ie the msm, stopped working because Trump short-cutted them using social media, the elites in cahoots with their IT enablers basically commenced their total war against our information freedoms.

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Honestly recommend listening to this guy again that I linked to above:

“You shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven… blotting out the memory of Amalek is a military command literally to destroy Amalek…. but also that we are ready to answer people with radically destructive and incoherent versions of history so that we can counter Amalek and blot them out by retaining on our lips in our records their history. By being bearers of history we can help guide the future. Blotting out Amalek need not merely be about military conquest, equally important is ideological victory” [Stewie: basically it is about making our history (Amalek’s history), their history (Jewish history) so their truths and history become our truths and history]

This is why the Ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Romans and countless societies in between are now cast as the villains.

Amalek resides everywhere and it is the Jewish obligation to ensure that no other social consciousness should ever arise or dominate the world other than theirs – if it does, as it has in the West, then it is their duty to destroy it through diversity.

This value is typified by their interpretation of the Tower of Babel, as outlined by this Jewish Rabbi

In Christendom the tower of Babel is an allegory warning against man’s pride in his achievements (God was happy with their achievements, until they specifically commenced building something to rival him – it could have been equally great and he would not have cared, it was the motivation to be greater than him) and how a vengeful God smote the inhabitants of Babel with diversity of language and culture, which effectively robbed the society of the ability to work together in a unified fashion to build further great works. 

The Jewish interpretation of that same story is a call FOR diversity, saying it is God’s will that we should seek to diversity by going forth and multiplying and spreading throughout the world, and that unity is in fact the crime, as it is a force of oppression – which makes sense when you consider that Judaism is a religion of a diaspora. Thus in Rabbinical interpretation the destruction of Babel is in fact a blessing.

Culture matters.

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Not really too phased by the quantum computing article on Google in terms of breaking crypto currencies encryption – it is a much bigger issue in terms of private information or the complete domination over foreign militaries.

Re-crypto for the foreseeable future quantum computing will remain in the hands of Govt or 100bn corporations.

To attack a legitimate legal carrier service that is operating legally in terms of KY/AML and all the existing legal frameworks serves no real benefit when victims can seek legal redress through the courts.

Most transactions that will occur on crypto will be micro transactions worth fractions of a cent – for larger amounts legal redress is always an option.

Finally by its nature crypto tracing is already possible within that space, indeed it is one of the main selling features of it. Authorities don’t need quantum computers in order to break encryption, they already have ample tools at their disposal to trace transactions and link them to identities – as many criminals are discovering.


absolutely the government already has the ability to crack crypto in my opinion

the oil pipeline ransom episode quite clearly shows that in my opinion – criminals that sophisticated would not be silly enough to have left their coins on an exchange

or, bitcoin was created by the government and they have some other kind of backdoor .
But I think the former is more likely

Also explains why they haven’t cracked down on crypto at all, despite its main use case being criminality and bypassing sanctions

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The only question I have with the Stephen Hawkings has been replaced is “Why?”

Why go to the effort? Honestly I can see more reason in the arguments that Michelle Obama is a Tranny than Hawkings has been replaced…

Capture - Copy.JPG

That’s a helluva camel toe. What the hell does she (?) have stuffed down there?

the narrative control is in full swing the conspiracies in the name of the .gov are not even hiding any more… I just take any mildly supported conspiracy as a fact, learn from it and move on. Time cost benefit is much greater that way.


Never heard or listened to  Andrew Tate before, other than a few select quotes that the msm liked to dispense and highlight in order to discredit him and bring him into disrepute so as to justify his explusion from all social media.

This was the first time I’ve actually heard anything he has to say – have to say, I’m pretty much in 100% agreement. Explains why elites needed to destroy any chance he could have contact or influence the opinions of young men:

He says a lot in the two minute clip


weird how grace tame brings up online harassment just one day before her new book is about to be released


she should have got a mention in the grifters article


she isn’t a covid grifter but ya she is a big time grifter


wired too….stupid she ain’t

Aussie Soy Boy

She needs to leave that teacher alone stop twisting his dick.


comment image

Aussie Soy Boy

The fuzzy wuzzies are smarter than Europeans it afterall it seems telling the yanks to fuck off once and for all.

No yank should exists outside of its borders which western Europe is learning the hard way.


Solomon Islands has one of the lowest per capita GDPs of the Pacific Islands. Yes, the Prime Minister is a wannabe dictator and a Chinese Naval base is not good for Australia’s security. But we really didn’t do much to improve their living standards. Didn’t Albo say we don’t have money anyway?


Spot on, Solomon Islands has always been ripe for rape and pillage from a Colonial power, hence why the Chinese are there.

650k total population, 97% of its 6 islands are forested. Total GDP is the same amount of money Daniel Andrews has literally spent on Facebook ads since being in power, $1.5bill.

Locals are basically still swinging from the trees. Australian troops helped quell their rioting, and we could have lobbed them some money and visas to keep them sweet. Now they’ve shown all it takes is the smartest one from the Planet of the Apes to sell his home to the Chinese and here you are. The CCP funds a new port capable for berthing an Aircraft Carrier and landing strip capable for any long range bomber.

But don’t worry, there aren’t any Yanks carrying out 1,000 rapes a year, and besides Penny Wong has got it all sorted right?

Aussie Soy Boy

Our foreign policy is the nazi yank foreign policy and you have the cheek to say the fuzzy wuzzies are prostituting themselves to a colonial power

Fuck me


I wonder if we’ll end up with a mRNA vaccine for all this “sudden illness” that seems to be going around at the moment?

South African actor Charlbi Dean — star of Cannes Film Festival award winner Triangle of Sadness — dies aged 32

Dean died on Monday at a hospital in New York from a sudden, unexpected illness, her representatives said on Tuesday (local time).

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Aussie Soy Boy

Nice piece of arse. What a waste.

If she had the jab or three of them, the only thing I can say is sucked in though.


One of my cousins, aged 50, was moaning on Facebook last week that one of her schoolmates had just died of suddenly. A completely healthy woman with no known problems just dropped dead in front of her family without warning. Iwas going to point put the Vax facts but what’s the point? It’s happened, it’s too late now.

I know 5 people who died in the same manner between May 21 and Feb 22.

Average life expectancy in heavily vaxed western countries is going to drop significantly over the next 20 years as large numbers of people drop dead of suddenly, or experience massive cancers etc etc.

Scientist will of course be baffled. It will probably eventually be blamed on Covid.


My Nanas friend died a week after the 2 booster, she told her not to have it as she was unwell at the time , dead.

There are too many examples to ignore. I wanna see heads on fucking spikes for this whole period of shitfuckery.


comment image


Are we up to 123 genders? I must be behind the times. Although I didn’t think I thought Shaq was a has been for 20 years.

A fly in your ointment

true, there are some of us whom are proudly Petrosexuals with pronouns Turbo/Supercharge and in plural as TwinCam/VVTI who’s pronouns are stil unrecognised.

In protest we will gather around racetracks and anoy the sheet out of Coal powered bEV A-Petruals (a portmanteau from A-Theists).


comment image


An EV has more emissions for less than 60,000 kms compared with an equivalent ICE due to the emissions intensity of making the vehicle.

Add in child labour mines for cobalt (apparently getting child to work in mines is better than buying from the Russians) and whole green thing is a farce.


Interesting. Obviously those emissions aren’t in the city which is generally the appeal.

Plug in hybrids I really think are the way to go in Australia, best of both worlds.


Try talking to a Tesla owner, it’s like the early days of the Pro Waxxers. Anyone driving an ICE is killing grandma (sorry our kids), won’t listen to the facts on how it is produced etc.

Aussie Soy Boy

Electric vehicles are awesome everything about them in better. If you get 250k KMs out of your car and have solar panels at home you are probably having some token effect on the environment (if anyone genuinely cares they’d get a bicycle and download the bus timetable), but to me that’s the worst reason to buy one.

Apart batteries needing replacement if you want full range again, the only repairs will be brakes, windows packing up, etc. I have kept my cars a long time, maintained them, drive smoothly which contributes to them not having major problems, but it can be luck of the draw with ICE vehicles then you’re up for a $5k transmission.


What do you meant apart from batteries?

That’s one of the biggest issue with them, batteries are cooked after 100-150k rendering the car worthless

Aussie Soy Boy

Not worthless. You will be able to buy a replacement batteries, cost will only decrease, range improve over time.

Lot of low quality cars like VW’s last little more than 10 years anyway before they are scrap.

Not to mention there’s the performance aspect of EVs if that appeals you.


Aren’t those unproven assumptions re: battery tech at this point in time?

And what if batteries actually become even more expensive if demand for lithium forecasts are to be believed?

Probably some truth to VW there with the $10k DSG gearbox replacements and complicated engines. More an exception not the rule though.


You have obviously had little to do with well maintained and driven ICE vehicles.

Mileages in excess of 400,000 km are not uncommon……with little more maintenance than the usual oil, filters, and belts.

The ICE only needed some more research into efficiency, and perhaps some legislative restrictions on the unfettered rise of massive SUV’s being used for the shopping and the like.

Some decent public transport would have helped to relieve the commuting pressure bought to bear on the family car.

And a decent train freight system would have put a lot of fuel-guzzling, smoke-belching semis off the road as well.

The EV scam, on the other hand, is nothing more than a fabricated business opportunity…….megabucks to be made by forcing a complete replacement of the world vehicle fleet.

In years to come, the pollution and disposal problems (solar panels are already clogging up landfill……just wait till the batteries join them).will make the old oil-burner look pretty friendly indeed.

And, please, don’t fall back on the old “recycling” yarn……have a look around and see just how good we are at recycling the material crap we currently make.

The recycling argument is the classic bait-and-switch used by the vested interests to achieve their objectives .

I consider the push to move over to EV’s in the same category as the WEF telling us we will have to eat insects in order to save the planet.

Last edited 27 days ago by plaguerat

Proof right there that Tesla owners are the most boring self righteous moronic fucktards around

Aussie Soy Boy

My cars have always lasted a long time but I maintain them, drive very smoothly and gently, don’t go off road.

But in general cars will start to have a multitude of problems once they get to 150,000 kms unless they bought a Toyota. Especially for anything European they make terrible cars.

Most people don’t look after cars. With EVs it won’t really matter there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong.


But in general cars will start to have a multitude of problems once they get to 150,000 kms unless they bought a Toyota. 

That statement came straight out of the “I don’t know what I’m talking about, so I’ll just make something up” department.

As an interesting exercise, go to……select “All makes”……..enter 150,000 km minimum in the odometer drop-down, and have a look at the 31,450 cars for sale on that website alone.

Especially for anything European they make terrible cars.

Europeans make cars for European conditions….they are not designed to handle Australian road conditions, climate, or even the type of driving experience in Australia.

With EVs it won’t really matter there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong.

You obviously have had little practical experience with electronics/electrics in a real-world adverse environment.

And if you think that the maintenance cost of ICE vehicles has increased dramatically in the recent computer-controlled/OBD vehicle world, just wait until your “big computer on wheels” starts playing up.

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s quite common for cars to start having problems at 150,000 KM.

I’m sure there’s many cars. People just fix their major problems.

That’s why European cars are crap, poor durability, low quality.


Generally rubber and wearable parts will go by then such as bushes, shocks, mounts, CV joints and things like that. If you’re unlucky on cars with a harder life some peripheral items like LSD diffs, radiator and such also.

But EVs mostly won’t solve any of that either and again, you’re up for a $20k battery if you want good range after 150-200k anyway.


yep ….every work vehicle i’ve owned has been driven past 300k b4 updating [3of’em]….
current one is 18yr old petrol [owned by me for 5yrs]..performing faultlessly


A guy at work was raving about his new Tesla and how awesome it was.

I asked how many km he got per kilo of coal.

He had absolutely NFI that we burn coal to make electricity.


I asked how many km he got per kilo of coal.

ok, so I have to ask the question…. What’s the answer to that? What’s the actual number, in terms of kilos of coal.

like, if X = amount of electricity required to move teh Tesla 100km

and Y = kilos of brown coal such that

Y x [generation conversion factor (average EZFKA power station design)] x [1 -  transmission loss] x [1 - charger loss on way into Tesla battery] x [1 - loss on conversion to kinetic energy on way out of Tesla battery] = X

presumably for it to work out better than petrol, the generation conversion efficiency of coal to electricity in a big power plant would need to be that much better than burning petrol in little gasoline engines for the overall calculation to put coal ahead (ie less coal burned to move teh Tesla 100km compared to petrol burned (say 8L) to move normal car 100km).

Is large scale coal generation really that much more efficient?


Bottom line, even if we disregard distribution losses, etc., oil and its derivatives have higher calorific value than coal or gas. Gas is especially light on calories.

interesting read – I knew there’s be some proper engineering terms for what I’m getting at. But my intuition about the broad parameters of the “problem” seems about right.

and if the physics/chemistry are such that 1kg of coal is 8,500 units of energy while petrol is 11,000 units, I find it hard to imagine that it would be possible that the coal fired generation is so incredibly more efficient that it will result in less kilos of coal burnt per 100km in an EV than kilos of petrol burnt in an ICE car.

from my reading years ago I seem to recall that the process of turning combustion into motion (as in an ICE engine) had something like 20-30% efficiency, with the rest (70%-80%) being waste heat. Because thermodynamics. Also apparently because thermodynamics, to go from 30% to 40% would take a fucken incredible engineering miracle.

so with coal starting 30% behind in calorific terrificness it seems like it could never really catch up…


Peachy, it gets even better:

IEA: Mineral supplies for electric cars ‘must increase 30-fold’ to meet climate goals

At least 30 times as much lithium, nickel and other key minerals may be required by the electric car industry by 2040 to meet global climate targets, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

These metals are among a handful that are considered vital in the manufacture of solar panels, wind turbines and other clean energy technologies.

Overall, the Paris-based organisation says the production of these key minerals may need to quadruple over the next two decades to achieve the Paris Agreement target of limiting warming to “well below” 2C, or expand by as much as six times to reach net-zero globally by 2050.

We’re gonna need an awful lot of zero-emission mines to get that lot out of the ground.

And then there’s this:


Dangerous territory that, talking to a Tesla owner. Like the Soyboy above they’re moronic fucktards whose sole aim is to be the most boring unpaid spokesmen for the EV industry.

Aussie Soy Boy

Teslas look gay. EVs are simply better. Less maintenance, better performance. You will all have one in 10 years and pretend you never hated them. I had one guy tell me they’re too dangerous because you can’t hear them coming LOL.


But $15k new batteries every 150-200kms rendering the car worthless you keep forgetting that part

Better performance is possible assuming the car has been engineered to deliver that

Plenty of total slugs of EVs or PHEVs getting around


comment image


What the hell are these Indian upstarts doing trying to compete with their far more learned and ethical US and European betters?

Somebody will have to do something about this!

Oh……..they already have:

Suspension of supply of COVID-19 vaccine (COVAXIN®)

Today, WHO confirmed the suspension of supply of Covaxin (Bharat Biotech) through UN procurement agencies, and recommended that countries using the vaccine take action as appropriate.

The suspension is in response to the outcome of a WHO inspection on 14–22 March 2022, and the need to conduct process and facility upgrade to address recently identified deficiencies in good manufacturing practices (GMP).

PS: Bells Palsy generally results in drooping of one side of the face……one can only speculate on the effects of Bals Palsy 🙂

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A fly in your ointment

no listing of Sinovac, Sinopharm and Sputnik V!

Roger Dickings

Q – “Oh hi Rungnapha, how’s the sex trafficking going”
A – Heng dong bix nood shang dong ding dang!”


Well, she is a very skilled migrant so I’m sure the ALP would approve



These two are also prime grifters, but hard not to like john adams
north is tedious as it gets though

this chap is a loony buy like the little Yorkshire terrier, he barks at everything that moves in conspiracy directions and unearths good stuff at times.

Apparently UA has no more aircrafts and pilots….


Can one of the “hike the rats, that will fix thing” clowns explain how that will fix an energy problem that is morphing into a deep and prolonged recession? But im sure because house prices will be lower it will all be ok in the end, so perhaps you could also explain why banks will continue to lend money in that environment?


Funniest thing in that Zero hedge article is the muppet has a Ukrainian flag on their Twitter profile pic, then wonders how the world got so fucked for her…

I bet it’s not got something to do with pouring billions of arms and money into the hands of the greatest grifter of all time, is it? You play stupid games…


Funniest thing in that Zero hedge article is the muppet has a Ukrainian flag on their Twitter profile pic, then wonders how the world got so fucked for her…

But what hope for the world when this is the depth of critical thinking out there?


I live in Victoria, there’s no hope.

The media and all the snouts in the trough will ensure Daniel Andrews gets re-elected. Even worse Simon Two-Dads will further piss on Australians by getting this Teal bitches aka the Climate Karens elected.

Aussie Soy Boy

The rate hikes will slow down spending but they aren’t aggressive enough. The economy is pumping, job shortages everywhere.

Aussie Soy Boy

worker shortages I mean


There is the issue. The wealthy households did very well out of Covid and lockdowns. The wealthy households holding capital did well out of the house price increases and a booming sharemarket. The working class did not do that well. The rate rises and inflation has flattened the working class. I went through Frankston a month ago and it doesn’t look good. The inner city areas seem to be going fine.


Yes, rates going way higher.

Everybody focused on Ukraine, supply chain while ignoring money printing go whhhhrrrr and changing geopolitics of US dollar hegemony. It’s why they’ve been wrong every time in this inflation cycle.


But if incomes also go higher, doesn’t that generate a wage price spiral?

Is there actually any example of inflation inflating away debts ever?


The flood of mass migration Labor and big business have planned all but ensures there will be no wage price spiral.

The best that we can hope for is that a Global recession of such severity occurs that:

i) The migrants won’t be able to afford to come (unlikely as slave holders in Aust will fly them in and get a tax deduction for the privilege; and

ii) The crushed wages will so totally decimate the working class that Labor might turn out to be a one or two election flash in the pan, before some anti-establishment freak is elected in a complete backlash, in Australia’s own mini-replay of the election of Trump.

Albanese is our Obama.


Or a Chinese invasion of Taiwan followed by attacks on Japan and SE Asia

Aussie Soy Boy

No, the reunification of China and denazification of Okinawa and Yokosuka.


Yes the timing of the population Ponzi turbocharge is so perfect it can’t be coincidental.

Going to upgrade my house mid to late next year as a hedge to hopefully pick the short term bottom in prices as well as hedge against this bullshit.


If by mortgage you mean principal then yes

But the total repayments under that scenario would be brutal as your mortgage rate would be 10+% also, on the assumption the OCR would have to be 6-10% also.

So academically it’s possible but there would be mass defaults and that isn’t inflating away the debt..


Can one of the “hike the rats, that will fix thing” clowns explain how that will fix an energy problem that is morphing into a deep and prolonged recession?

well, really depends on how you define “thing” that is to be fixed.

but the big picture must be that higher rates will slow the buildup of consumer debt (by making it more expensive) and so less stuff will be bought. less demand for stuff and services, less production of stuff and services, less energy input required.

now, I know that on the other side conceptually-similar things happen on supply of energy (fewer new oil and gas wells, as more expensive), but that plays out on a different timescale. Much slower. So in the short-medium term, the demand destruction should predominate.

also, this is all “in aggregate” – there is a lot of detail in who actually gets stuck with most of the cost of this adjustment. If history is anything to go by, it’ll be the groups with least power.


there are all these newly created deposits, that are now collecting increased interest

Remember the chart of M2 going vertical? It wasn’t private debt that made it explode


Right, so prolonged and deep recession it is then? Happy to punish households for fiscal expansion and poor energy policy. Are you a fan of eating bugs?

Roger Dickings

Didnt U.S banks do a similar thing in 2007 and it all went tits up?

Roger Dickings

Thanks. I remember steve sailer banging on about blacks/hispanics taking on the Ninja loans.


The Jews Bankers will lend to the Blacks and Hispanics, most of whom will go bust in a replay of 2009 and then demand legacy Americans bail them out – as they become twice as rich in the process. Rinse and repeat, as has pretty much been the case since the US came off the Gold standard.

Concepts of money are bound up in cultural values – there is little wonder that we are now living in an age where money, which use to be a store of wealth, is now just a transactional mechanism, while real wealth is stored in property and assets.


Lol, overleveraged much?

Can one of the cut teh rates to negative clowns explain how that will fix the economy?

Kick ths can! Kick the can!


No such thing as overleveraged haha. A miracle will save him and he’ll laugh at us doomers.


If the last 20 years is anything to go by then you’re right… Just remember MB’s number 1 enemy was Nathan Birch. Yet he’s had the last laugh.


I thought The Kouk, and Michael Pascoe rated pretty highly on the MB hate list also.

Also Dr Andrew Wilson.

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Holy fucking shit.

The ABC “fact checkers” really just compared an absolute number with a percentage increase.

That works out to be an increase of 1,101 per cent, although the actual number of additional deaths (771) is far smaller.”

But good news everyone, that 1101% increase in excess deaths among children in Europe doesn’t have anything with vaccines, lockdowns, etc, no proof actually given, but hey, trust the science.

Aussie Soy Boy

I hope they deny it for years. Get everyone onto their 7th and 8th jabs before they work it out.



“That works out to be an increase of 1,101 per cent, although the actual number of additional deaths (771) is far smaller.”

But good news everyone, that 1101% increase in excess deaths among children in Europe doesn’t have anything with vaccines, lockdowns, etc, no proof actually given, but hey, trust the science.

Phewph! I know about 700 families will be mighty fucken relieved to know about that!


On a similar note, is this the ultimate CV19 grifting?

Get a $300M deal, ship some dodgy product and then declare bankruptcy.

The Australian arm of a Brisbane-based biotech company that struck a $300 million deal to send COVID-19 home testing kits to the US has gone into voluntary administration.

Last edited 27 days ago by Viking

Great pickup, the fake news need fact checking their fact checkers.


I think they are trying to say the absolute level of deaths isn’t that high in the scheme of things since a 1100% increase sounds massive, but obviously off a very low base.

I don’t see an issue with it?


I think they are trying to say the absolute level of deaths isn’t that high in the scheme of things since a 1100% increase sounds massive, but obviously off a very low base. 

I don’t see an issue with it?

maybe the issue is that in trying to save 700 grandmas, they’ve killed 700 kids.


An interesting release from the ABS on Covid deaths to July 2022:

COVID-19 Mortality in Australia: Deaths registered until 31 July 2022

I found this table particularly interesting…….information I had not seen tabulated in any other source:

Country of birth.PNG

Killing grandma…. foreign grandma.

Just in case anyone needed reminding what a disgrace the Covid panic has been!