Albo’s migrant invasion is the continuation of the Great Replacement and erasure of White Australia

We all knew the front door, tri-partisan supported invasion of Australia would continue under Albanese, despite the silver lining of a two-year respite stemming from COVID. Well, here it is in writing:

“The federal government will increase the permanent migration intake from 160,000 to a record 195,000 places this year and speed up visas for foreign workers after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese warned of a backlog of almost 1 million people waiting for their applications to be decided.”

195k is a pure optical illusion in respect to 200,000 because it seems lower to the average normie reading the SMH. The usual bullshit ensued about food delivery ‘skills’ and platitudes about being a ‘migrant nation’ (circular argument garbage) in order to justify the same old transition from country to an economic zone.

Regular EZFKA cynics know that this just means more subcontinental uber drivers, Deliveroo riders, Indian truck drivers running over the locals and not knowing how to reverse, Chinese plasterers on high-rise constructions sites working illegally and getting paid cash in hand and all the rest of it.

Jobs for Aussies right though, John Setka?

The invitee list was the usual throng of self-interested fags from the business sector, unions who have been MIA over jab mandates including the stupid, self-important dyke from the ACTU, Abul ‘everyone who opposes the cheap labour program that I came from the subcontinent to set up in the 90’s is a racist’ Rizvi and the standard collection of rent-seeking Jews from the property development sector led by Harry Trigaboff. On that note, Brendan O’Connor did a cracking 4-part essay in the Occidental Observer last week about the Jewish domination of Australia’s property sector since the 1950’s, which I highly recommend you go read and will help you understand the predicament we are in now.

You a millennial trying to get into the housing market and start a family? Fuck you.

You a landlord needing six Nepalese slaves in your one-bedroom shithole in Parramatta to keep up with inflated rents? Right this way, goy.

I also certainly didn’t have the ALP on my bingo cards to destroy Medicare and the hospital system, seeing as that’s the only thing the cunts seem to run their platform on every election, but there it is. I can see those useless Indian grandmothers on visitor visas hobbling down the street are already making a bee line for aged care and hospital spots – bravo Clare O’Neil and Andrew Giles for not announcing these visas prior to the election like you made the mistake of last time.

More to the point of this screed, I read a good quote from LSWCHP on MB the other day in regard to this whole dog and pony show that was always going to arrive at a pre-determined outcome:

““No one acts without a purpose. And even what has been happening before our eyes for more than two years now is the consequence of a set of concomitant causes that presuppose an initial thought, an informing principle, so to speak. And when we realise that the reasons given to us to justify the actions taken are not rational, it means that these reasons are pretexts, false reasons, which serve to hide an unmentionable truth.”

Spot on.

It’s all planned and intentional, has been since the late 60’s since the financialization of everything and the gates of Toledo were opened to the west – it’s now just reaching a crescendo across the planet a la Weimar Germany. They want us broke, starving, sick, degenerate and dependent on their shitty system as well as divided in our own houses fighting each other, so we don’t have their heads on pikes.

‘Diversity is our strength’ makes complete sense when it’s out of the mouths of the ruling class – it’s their strength over us. Multiculturalism and mass immigration are a silent weapon for a quiet war, designed to dilute nationalism and opposition to globalist scum in their war against us. Clowns who think invasion is solely an armed force on boats are antiquated and/or historically naïve.  

This is a tactic as old as time itself. The last ones to do it on a large scale off the top of my head, were the CCP in both Tibet and Xinjiang provinces. The CCP moved a large number of Han Chinese in and now the locals are both minorities in their own countries and impotent. The same fate awaits western countries at the current rates of invasion.

Australia and NZ have always been a touch harder for the Khazarian parasites to destroy with mass immigration due to the moats around our countries vis a vis Europe and North America. The advent of rapid air travel and bullshit ‘skilled migration’ and also ‘students’ have seen to that.

What happens when white Australians become a minority in their own country? South Africa 2.0.

In my view, the bullshit Voice to Parliament (supported by notorious Zionist Mark Leibler nonetheless), the continued attacks on ANZAC and Australia Day, Victoria leading the way with anti-family attacks (affirmative consent, two months of pride, etc) and the rest and this is part of a larger global power grab – it’s going on in basically every white western nation simultaneously. Remove an identity and shared culture/history from a nation and replace it with whatever you want – been done ad nauseum throughout history.

Watching Albo, the Teal Karens and the Greens reconcile their fake concern for the Indigenous while also bringing in 200k migrants a year from countries that don’t give a fuck about the Aboriginal cause (except using it as a battering ram against white Australians for their own ends, a la Mark Leibler) and with atrocious records on human rights, is morbid hilarious viewing.

To sum up, I think Albo (like Biden) is just the public fall guy for the grand decline of the country and is being instructed what to do, which is to take epic amounts of photo ops and holidays while doing fuck all as the country burns. He’s not in charge like any other political leader, that much has been clear the last three years globally. Globalists need a complete clusterfuck to bring in the CBDC/Digital ID system (the RBA is ‘trialling’ theirs at the moment) they have in the wings in order to wipe out fiat and this is their window to do it. The huge energy fuck up unfolding in Europe is an escalation of the plan.

Adding hundreds of thousands of FOB’s to that mess competing for resources will mean calls for order ab chao. Multiculturalism is a great justification for the ruling class to push a police/surveillance state because that’s the only means (along with a huge pile of debt slavery) that it’s historically-proven bullshit facade can be held up.

COVID was the foreplay, economic chaos is them sticking it in with no lube while you cry out through the ball gag.

All of this can be reversed, I’m not that black pilled. It is hard to find a white pill in the chaos of the last two years and the outright cucked state of the nation that lined up for endless jabs, still think voting will solve anything and are still wearing masks.

As other have commented though, the 200k a year third world swarm may not eventuate at all due to just about everything globally being broken. A likely global depression will mean no-one can afford to come here and a lot of internal strife in many countries will keep people occupied. The gates to Australia have been open since mid-last year and migration numbers are still way down. Tourists and backpackers aren’t here. Students haven’t really come back in any meaningful numbers. A lot of people, foreign and local, have also fucked off overseas given the events of the last two years, which may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Not taking any hopium though. Can only spectate like all the rest of us. In the meantime, do what you can to get through it all.

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i don’t think we’ll be south africa 2.0 bc we won’t have tonnes of black ppl

the way things are going minority white australia will be like 20-25% indian/paki/nepali/bangladeshi and 15% east azn or so and 10% various other ethnic mystery meats (including ss-africans)

which wont be good, but let’s not pretend that will be the disaster that south africa is which is what, 90% black?

a lot of the problems people observe globally they attribute to “diversity” is more caused by having lots of black people around, not necessarily diversity per se

just off the record does anyone have any estimates to just how white australia actually is atm? it is really hard to know because of the way the census counts ethnicity – you can nom multiple ethnicites, and “australian”, which means nothing, can be nominated

my guess is we’re like 75% white or so for PR/CITIZENs, but if you lumped in all the illegals, temp visa hoppers, int ‘students’, etc, it’s probably like 70% or maybe even lower at this point


The biggest issue I have with our immigration program, especially under the auspices of MultiCult is more on its purpose of replacing Australia’s existing Colonial based culture of essentially a White Christian secular society, to some horrible melting pot. The idea of a melting pot is great, but it depends on what the ingredients are – you can have all the best ingredients in the world bubbling away, but completely ruined when someone throws a turd into it.

While Africans may never cause the same sort of civic decay as they have wrought upon South Africa, they are never-the-less a societal destroying problem in their ability to ruin cities. In the UK they form 3% of the population (mainly concentrated in London, where thankfully most of them continue to reside) yet are 18% of all violent criminals – a ratio that is equivalent to the US, despite the UK having no significant history of slavery in its nation and in fact being a leading and early abolitionist to slavery.

Honestly sub-Saharan Africans are in a league of their own in terms of committing crime and being originators of violence, and especially inter-racial violence. Virtually all interacial violence in the US (and other Western nations) is the result of Sub-Saharan Africans resorting to violence as a solution to their problem solving. The problem with importing even a few is the violence and destruction to high trust societies that they quickly bring about, and as an urban population group who are easily incited to to violence for lefty political causes.

I have less of an issue with Sub-continental types PROVIDED they aren’t Muslim. I see Islam as an aggressive, expansionary and incompatible culture to large Christian secular societies. The main issue with sub-continental types is for women – they are just far more rapey (although again less so than Africans). Which is really one of the most important points to make about MultiCult – the biggest losers from MultiCult are actually women. They have to suffer significant losses in the amounts of personal safety they can expect compared to living in more homogenous socieites.

Finally it is worth noting that after 70,000 years of essentially genetic isolation beneath the Saharan desert, which is equivalent to 3,500 generation – Jesus was alive and kicking a mere 80 generations ago and all our ancestors were only just sweeping down off the Caucus steeps in the Aryan expansion only 400 generations ago.

Basically sub-Saharan Africans are completely out their on their own in terms of their genetic characteristics…. almost as though they are on another branch of their own.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

i have been saying this for the longest time, to some extent there really are only “two” human races – sub-saharan africans and everyone else. all other peoples are practically eurasian including the amerindians in their distance to one another compared to ss-africans

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

Which is why, with the exception of ss-Africans, I believe Culture and cultural fit is more important than ethnicity in respect of immigration.


An interesting thread on the forecast decline in IQ – from broadly 100 at the start of the 1900’s (due to ‘Civilization’ essentially being confined to the West at that time) through to an estimated 75 by 2100 thanks mainly to dysgenic reproduction in the West and the higher fertility of low IQ countries, mainly in Africa.

The future is going to be cities in the West unable to maintain drinkable water, just like those cities in the US especially Mississippi, which have been black run for decades:


“you can have all the best ingredients in the world bubbling away, but completely ruined when someone throws a turd into it”


Gruppenführer Mark


In your blind anger and disrespect directed towards the Labor party you are missing an important point. This is a way to progress the innovative policies of the Coalition government that are being embraced by the business community in Australia.

I fully support an increase in highly-skilled Deliveroo, Uber and other operators. This creates an opportunity for many savvy investors and business visionaries to convert Australian ingenuity gained in the property sector to services sector.

Australia have successfully created an entire economy based on buyers chasing scarce goods and services and offering a premium to obtain these. It is the opposite in every other sector, where sellers compete with each other by offering a lower price, better quality, or both – all to secure a sale. Of course, I am talking our property rental market.

Imagine if we create a similar market among service delivery professionals? Imagine, next time you call Uber or Deliveroo, you are able to sell your valuable product of giving others the ability to earn a pittance? Imagine if you are able to select which Deliveroo driver will bring you your order in exchange for a cash refund? Imagine if you are able to select your next Uber ride based on the driver’s sex, appearance, body odour, or provision of extra services all based on customer reviews? Imagine gaining valuable social credits based on your generosity – how often do you sell your product and how often are your reviews accessed by others from your upper caste?

This is a great opportunity. I am going to register a new site, I am looking for some venture capital to build the platform and get the project off the ground and onto the ASX.

Oh, mb in the website name is not MB.

It is “eat me, bitch”!


holy shit – there is some sneaky sneaky happening with the IAEA

comment image


Was sceptical at first….but seems there might be something to it:

The Kiev regime planned to use IAEA team as ‘human shields’ – Russia

The Russian military has provided new details on the botched Ukrainian raid on the Zaporozhye nuclear plant

Kiev forces wanted to seize the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant in a daring military raid and use the personnel of the UN nuclear watchdog as “human shields” to maintain control over the facility, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Thursday.

The botched raid came shortly before a team of experts with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – including the organization’s head, Rafael Grossi – arrived at the plant for an inspection.

According to the Russian military, multiple Ukrainian “saboteur groups” crossed the Kakhovka Reservoir in speedboats and barges near the plant early in the morning, but were intercepted and destroyed by Russian troops and National Guard forces.


Out in the open now…….just don’t wait to hear about it on the MSM:

UN thanks Russia for stopping the Ukrainian amphibian attack on the nuclear plant this morning and keeping the UN inspectors safe.

I think that to say that the UN spokesman “thanked” the Russians might be a bit of a stretch.

More like a Claytons thanks.


Sky News obviously going along with the opposite story:


OK. So the supply of food is feing disrupted in the name of saving the planet from climate change…no fertiliser for you! No meat for you! Eat bugs and worms! And the supply of energy is also being disrupted. Think gas prices here, and the catastrophe in Europe. And we’ve been beaten to shit by covid measures (not the bug itself) for the last 2.5 years. Lockdowns, police brutality, mandatory vaxxes etc. Everything is fucked.

At the same time, rhe pronouncements and the decisions of the governments seem insane. They are not rational. Well, not rational to our eyes, but think of how governments see it. The unspeakable truth. If you are well fed, warm, have money and can drive your car etc then you are independent. If you are hungry, cold, immobilised, poor and fearful then you are dependent…on them. If the citizenry are tired, cold and worn out then they are easy to control. It’s as simple as that. Everybody must be fearful of The Current Thung.

As per the quote in the OP (Cheers Timbo), ignore the bullshit these cunts are spouting about diversity and climate change etc. The Great Princes don’t give a shit about that nonsense as they travel the world in their private jets. Everything that is happening is aimed at keeping us all confused, impoverished, weak and docile, so that profits can be made from us.

We’re not gonna vote our way out of this, because the alternatives are just offering more of the same. What is required to resolve this is heads on spikes. I see no other solution.

A fly in your ointment

I’d simplify your post into a plane ole fear and crisis. It is a leverage and a method to introduce and cement tyranny and making plebs like it. A method for select political channels to frame and retain power.
It is not a conspiracy, it is a natural liberal capitalistic way where a business grows into monopoly and gains power, pretending less and less with every day that the business is only about making money. Politics have turned into a business. The EZFKA
Luckily, the world has become multipolar… Other sides offer different propositions.


Saw something the other day about bugs being the main food source for Africa. This isn’t the link, but should give you a few companies to avoid.


As we enter a world of increased resource scarcity, it is about lowering energy consumption in the West so property developers and our Financial overlords can continue to profit off the immigration trade longer.

Our livings standards are being exchanged to make our largely Jewish property developers richer than God.


lol – Kim Jong-un on Gab: ‘It sounds like the Rabid Dog Biden has stolen many…’

Kim Jong Un is mocking Biden!

4chan has got nothing on clown world omfg!


Isn’t that a spoof account?


comment image


What’s this about?


That’s Biden during his recent speech about the soul of the nation. Looks fucking satanic to me. Or Hitlerian, or both.

Whatever it was, it was fucking weird. And having soldiers in rhe background during a party political speech? He’s basically threatening military force against people who don’t vote for him.

He seems to have gone completely off his rocker.


which particular bunch of cvnts staged it?

…know your enemy




Triangle and eye – see the symbolism. Also worth noting its on September 1.

Guess which other famous speech was made on September 1? Little guy with a funny mustache back in the day.

Last edited 1 year ago by T

Looks demonic.

Watching the US is watching an empire collapse in real time. Never did I think that an empire could collapse so quickly.


Superb Timbo 🤠


Shit is about to get real. Zugzwang is a thing after all.

@timbo – Rules for the righteous – martingeddes and Five reasons to keep fighting – martingeddes

For when I get down sometimes. Maybe they take it all and we individually lose. Thats ok. We lose so others may fight on. It is what it is.

I also pray quite a bit. Am convinced that this is as much a spiritual fight as it is one of ideas, guns, food etc etc.

Aussie Soy Boy

There is no great replacement lol.

Roger Dickings

Look, how is Peachy going to monetize this website if you’re carrying on like this?


*Wry chuckle.

Roger Dickings

I spotted it a while back – it’s just par for the course in the Economic Zone where it’s “All for one, and every cunt for themselves”.


This website is 100% a honey pot

the only question is who owns it

Agent 47

Yeh I don’t think the glowniggers care about EZFKA.


Look, how is Peachy going to monetize this website if you’re carrying on like this?

dont worry, it’s become quite clear that not a cracker would ever be contributed to this website by anyone

Gruppenführer Mark


I stand firm in my commitment to send you some cash. All I need is an amount and a PO box where you can collect said cash.


yeh…ya’ll use bunnings cards???

Roger Dickings

You said in an earlier post re MB website that it was about clicks and eyeballs, not “subscribe!”.


why the hell is every post so off topic

great post timbo btw


That’s the glorious, chaotic charm of the place, isn’t it?

A fly in your ointment

it’s that every topic is about the topic and “other interesting information”

Gruppenführer Mark


I beg to differ, sir!

Timbo’s post stirred up emotion that most of the regulars feel when they understand that the system we live under today is failing and is wrong.

There is an undercurrent running through the society where the majority know it’s wrong, but are too scared to speak out because the minority has the podium, the media, and the “high ground” to espouse their values.

This is the dilemma. Does one take a stand, knowing one can lose the lot, rather than winning? Go with the flow is the natural leaning, see Germany pre-WWII – all voices against the policy were silenced.

I don’t want to paint all of us ozzies with a tar brush, but it does take balls of steel to make a stand, to defend your belief in the society and what it should look like. By and large, that conviction is not there. Internet warriors proliferate, real-time warriors are absent. Hell, I’m one of them.

All in all, I remain pessimistic as to the ability of the masses in the western societies to mount a formidable offensive to the current narrative. Part of it is the relative comfort that the able members of society are experiencing. Part of it is the controlled discourse that the society is allowed to participate in.

Glamour has become discourse. Kardashians have become the subject of discussion. There was a time when subjects of societal conditions and future were being discussed, various groups were formed to understand philosophy and implications thereof. Yes, there were radicals, black and white views, but the erudite part of the society were engaged in the conversation and were able to mobilise the less educated.

Today, we lost the art of critical thinking, we have lost leaders who can articulate the vision beyond “us vs. them” argument. We have lost a significant portion of the society that can think independently and come up with its own conclusions.

Propaganda, and I have no other word for this, has truly taken over. In your everyday interactions, ask yourself how many times you have expressed your views and opinions just to see the opponent’s eyes glazed over?

All those calling for revolution are hopelessly lost. A revolution is not possible without a thinking upper and middle class, able to distill it’s virtues to workers and peasants. Examples: 1825, 1905 and 1917 in Russia, the last three attempts in the modern age.

First was drowned in blood because the leaders were so far removed from the masses, they didn’t articulate well enough the principles of their vision to the masses. It was a pure bourgeoisie movement against the monarchy that did not consider the fate of 90% of the populace beyond the attempt to seize power.

Second was drowned in blood because the leaders went against the monarchy, the only institution that was the only steady thing that the masses relied on after a devastating defeat by Japan in the 1904-1905 war.

Third was drowned in blood because the leaders were installed by external actors to pander to “people’s movement” to remove a great power from WWI. Even if it meant a staggering defeat.

The western society is not in the position to repeat any of the three above. Our current masters learned their craft well, and there is no chance in hell that it would ever be allowed. I’ll have my money on an extinction event before anything else resembling a revolution.

Further to my post above, the human race have not come up with a societal structure that has any sort of equality for all involved.


War lords

Feoudal system






Market-based some of the above

Human race, inherent on any system above, is steeped in inequality. To imagine anything else is akeen to unicorns shitting skittles. The sooner we, as species, get to this conclusion, the better off we’ll be.

We are, as any other species, driven by conquest.


I’d argue Australia was pretty close to as good as it got in the 70s and 80s as a capitalist society with meaningful safety nets

Roger Dickings

Yes. I’m old enough to remember when Aus population was 12-14 million and it was beautiful.
Young people have no idea how good it was here in the 60’s 70’s 80’s.

My apologies, forgot China. Yep, drowned in blood. The Cultural Revolution was, by far, the bloodiest example of how to remake and rebrand a society. It was a success, for the first 60 years or so. Mao and Dan are still regarded as heroes in China and elsewhere. Xi is trying to write his name on the same scroll as the other two visionaries.

Except that it didn’t work in the long term. It never does. Neither does any other form of government that is inherently steeped in oppression of man to benefit the other man. And we don’t have any other way to be governed

Bottom line, as I said above, we are driven by conquest, just like any other animal. That is our quest. That is our goal and our destiny, written in a genetic code. There is no higher purpose, no moral superiority, no emotional superiority beyond kill or be killed.



B+ at least

Gruppenführer Mark

You know that my most intense desire is for you to have my child, right? And then, when you retire from your RBA job, we can apply for Centrelink and move to one of those government housing precincts that Albo is so proud of.

Hell, our offspring can become the next PM!


The Aussie middle class is about the most entitled and wealthy out there. They have nothing to worry about so long as they were/are invested into property.

That’s the beauty of the property boom.

Gruppenführer Mark


Yes, there was a sweet spot in our societies. Can’t speak of Australia in 70s and 80s, wasn’t here. But I did see societies crumble into themselves in 10 years.

I hope we find that what made us humans. But I doubt it.


Yes. Refer Rogers comment above. I’m 34 so in no position to observe history anecdotally but it’s patently obvious that things are now getting worse every decade in Australia despite supposed reform after reform which are meant to achieve the opposite.

I think a capitalist society with impregnable safety nets, and without excess globalisation is probably peak.


“Can only spectate like all the rest of us. “

Nope. We can act. Not easy. Very scary. Is this place going to be a source or a sink? None of us are ready yet. The response to mandatory COVID jabbings showed you who your friends are likely to be. Not many, and yet here we are concentrated.

I urge you all to get out on Sunday 17th if your in any of Australia’s capital cities. The people you meet won’t be the great and the good. A few will be total nut jobs. The organisation and posters are a bit amateur. But this is how things get started.


NSW Covid Stats for August, 2022:

NSW August stats.PNG

They get more incoherent , irreconcilable and unbelievable with every passing month

89 filthy anti vaxxers died at home in their own secretions , refusing to attend a hospital ?

at least they aren’t burdening the health care system , making mockery of vaccine mandates

A fly in your ointment

so apart from having one shot, the next better proposition is being “unknown” then unjabbadabba…
oh irony…


There is nothing good about the “one shot” group that I can see.

the distribution of outcomes is proportionally about the same as for those with any other number of shots.

Plaguerat – can you update these awesome numbers with some kind of figures for the size of each cohort (eg how many % of the population have 4 shots, how many 3 shots, etc)… to make them even more awesome?


Thanks Plaguerat.

on a quick look this supports my initial sense that the jabs don’t work for shit.

number of hospitalisation/icus/deaths in each cohort relative to each other is pretty much exactly proportional to the size of each cohort (eg about half of the jabbed people have 3 shots and about half of the dead people have 3 shots, etc). Picture is probably worse for those with 4 shots.

these numbers also exclude about 2m people (NSW population is 8m) who have nil shots….

maybe I’ll sit down a bit later to work this out a bit more properly and do a chart………….

A fly in your ointment

from above it can be interpolated that the unjabbadaba are 3% of the population and that hafa-jabbadabba are 2.6%
200k of unjabbadabba in NSW is biggest load of bull.
Proportionally for even distribution the jabbadabba-dos should be 97 for every 3 unjabbadabba or 2877 per period.


the numbers published by the .gov are independently unverifiable and the expectation of unbiased fully developed dataset from this entity which was proponent of experimental injections is just a naïve expectation.

my earlier comment was not a serious arse-ssment but rather a tongue in cheek kind.

Agent 47



The biggest problem that the vaccinators have is… that the vaccines don’t work.


But you are using the old definition of a vaccine. The definition of vaccination has been updated by the Brandon administration along with the definition of a recession and definition of a woman.


Meanwhile the MSM and assorted self-hating Leftards whip up a storm about some Sydney rich kids saying a few nasty things in a private chat. Farks ake, I bet Albo will be asked by the media what his view on it is tomorrow. Anything to avoid looking at the burning piles in the EZFKA


Mixed thoughts on that.

1. Private messages. No else’s fucking business.

2. Quite liking that the kids of elites are copping some pain.

3. Complete distraction, just like all the others including the Morrison portfolio BS.


Yeah, but they don’t need a distraction at the moment. They have had a hugely successful jobs summit where everyone there got what they wanted. Businesses and unions got the mass immigration on overdrive. A few free TAFE spots to keep unions happy. They even spoke about the gender pay gap. Everyone is a winner except the working and middle class, but they don’t matter anyway.


Everyone is a winner except the working and middle class, but they don’t matter anyway.

its like one of those meetings, where whoever isn’t there (didn’t get invited) ends up being assigned all the work/costs


Shouldn’t you be cheering on the Morrison portfolio stuff?

Could result in the end of the Liberal Party as the optics of a modern day dictator are hard to shake. Labor’s day will come next with this mass immigration rubbish, and that’s it for the 2 party system.


Let’s hope so.


We can only hope.


This is modus operandi for the MSM. All the MSM contains these days is:

  • Someone said something that may offend someone
  • Celebrity or influencer wearing some sort of bikini
  • How much is your house worth
  • Trump bashing
  • New in 2022: Ukraine having the upper hand in the war

Anything requiring research or investigative journalism died out years ago. We’ll cover a few nasty chat by private school boys, but not why prices go up whilst we produce these things or why we can’t produce essential things in our country.


Speaking of Ukraine…….

Apropos T’s earlier post about the alleged something-less-than-successful Ukrainian raid on the nuclear power plant…..the ABC this morning had a lengthy BBC report about the IAEA visit to the plant.

The BBC bloke waffled on about how the delegation members could only talk to the plant operators in the presence of a Russian minder, and how the visit was being carefully stage-managed by the Russians.

I was waiting for him to say something about the Ukrainian raid…..I’m still waiting.

Can’t help but wonder how many of the IAEA delegation have got a second job.

Just heard that the Russians have agreed to allow the delegation to remain permanently at the plant…….seems like Ukraine and the West aren’t real good at 4D Chess. 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

The MSM swallowed the whole Russian is firing missiles at the ZNPP after warmonger Blinken’s speech. Not one critique of why would Russia fire missiles at a plant under its occupation guarded by its soldiers.

Anything that the MSM says about the war, you know the direct opposite is true.


I’ve found Reuters is trying to keep a semi level head about it by reporting on what they are told but stating they were not in a position to validate the facts where they were unable to do so.


 investigative journalism died conveniently for these monsters


It all started with Chantel Contos’
Somehow she got all this attention now, even though none of this is new. NSW now says that you have to actively and continually affirm consent to sexual activity. Femmos have been pushing this for a long time. This piece is mopping up – reminding you why it was necessary.

Last edited 1 year ago by robert2013

What alarms me is that whenever these invasive laws are pushed through they come in the wake extreme outrage. Debate is not only stifled but contorted. In the gay “marriage” “debate” being against gay “marriage” seemed to mean that you wanted to make all homosexual acts illegal. Similarly, here, being against the invasion of these boys privacy means you are trying to protect “rape culture”. 

I have never accepted the femmo’s insistence that there is a rape culture. Nor do I accept that “changing culture” in valid target for policy makers, government or corporate, because changing culture amounts to deliberately setting out to change the subconscious contents of people’s minds rather than by persuading their conscious minds. It results in laws that are disproportionate to their stated purpose. 

Rape is a fact of existence right across the animal kingdom. It isn’t taught. It’s a behaviour that emerges from our biology because it works at getting females pregnant. It has always been illegal. However, attempting to eliminate it at all costs is resulting in “unforseen” or trivialised consequences, many of which are emergent features of a complex system and will take years to “properly” identify. 

I suspect that our inability, as a culture, to breed at or above replacement since the 1970s is a symptom of this. Partly as a result of success. Here’s a theory on how this works. If women feel safe and secure, they don’t really need a man. And quite frankly, it works the other way too. Being alone and mortgage free is a pretty good day to day existence (I’m with Mattias on this one). It seems that in order to get women and men together, they need to have non-reproductive reasons to do so. Historically women sought out good men to protect them from bad ones. Without the bad ones having some leeway in society there isn’t enough of a threat to make this happen. 

There will be no attempt, just like there never has been with child support laws, to measure or track the impact of femmo laws on wider social issues. Above any debate that might lead to the expression of concerns about the future of our society in the next 100 years must not even be started. 

The best you can do is not to send your kids to school.


I suspect that our inability, as a culture, to breed at or above replacement since the 1970s is a symptom of this. Partly as a result of success. Here’s a theory on how this works. If women feel safe and secure, they don’t really need a man. And quite frankly, it works the other way too. Being alone and mortgage free is a pretty good day to day existence (I’m with Mattias on this one). It seems that in order to get women and men together, they need to have non-reproductive reasons to do so. Historically women sought out good men to protect them from bad ones. Without the bad ones having some leeway in society there isn’t enough of a threat to make this happen. 

i like your thoughts in this direction! Rings true to me… we have become victims of our own success.

I guess it could be regarded as an instance of the idea that “tough times make strong men, strong men mage good times, good times make weak men, weak men make tough times”, but I’m the context of pairing, mating and reproduction.

The best you can do is not to send your kids to school.

…or send them to a school that aligns with your own (more traditional?) values…?


Schools are a target for activists both within and outside government. Whether the school is private or public does not matter they are all forced to follow government dictat.

Maybe organising a small group of like minded parents could work.

A fly in your ointment

it may help now but it will not help in the near future.
Moving to Ru Ssia may help plus I hear they have a high standard of living with everyone being able to take a hot bath or a steaming shower – daily!

I carefully choose words how to explain my kids why deviant sexual activity is – deviant and why they should look at the topic as something we keep in the family and covertly dispose the malediction. Anecdotal evidence of Nordic deviant states removing children from parents for dissenting thoughts on what the sex and sexes are in their natural form is plentiful. Soon to come to a town/school near you. You’d be accused of “failing to teach Australian values and inclusivity of a minority viewpoint” and be stripped of your rights for parenting.


In Christian societies there was great importance in shielding children from pervert sexual identities and allow them to discover their own identity for themselves, especially as they pass through those crucial teenage years as they discover who they truly are as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

Normalising deviant sexual behaviour is a core goal of cultural Marxism. Framing deviant ‘Queer’ behaviour is an attack on the concept of ‘family’, as it promotes it as a fine alternative to traditional hetrosexual identities. This is problematic because it normalises a life path that really makes it difficult to achieve a lot of basic life goals that increase total quality life satisfaction – and instead promote a hedonistic, materialist and selfish life, that essentially becomes a pursuit of self indulgence.

So at one end of the spectrum is sex purely for procreation, that is God’s view, at the other end of the spectrum is sex as recreation, that is the Devil’s view. The reality is we live our lives in between the two, but there is no reason why we we can’t instead aim towards Godliness.

This is why deviant sex is ‘Evil’ in most religions – because it turns the individual away from life values of giving, which is essentially what becoming a parent is all about, to once about complete self focus. Like most sins, it is about focusing on self over society – in religions, sex is purely for procreation where the act will quite possible produce a child which you will have to support for years. We are told that sex isn’t for that, it is for recreation – i.e. the self.

Then there is the economic and resource consumption aspects, where a society is burdened with a population group who only want to use the resource available to them to invest in their dead end pursuits and interests.

These two factors lie at the heart of why normalising deviant sexual activity is a social wrong, and far from liberating and enlightening us, it is leading us down the path of social and moral decay.

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Case in point:

“Sex,” he continued, “isn’t just a frivolous pastime. For many of us, sex has serious meaning, sex is one of the things that makes life worth living.”

“I’ve stopped going to sex parties,” he said, given that public health authorities identified such gatherings of men as major monkeypox risk factors. “I also stopped having sex with people who live off their OnlyFans. I additionally stopped cruising at the gym, I did not continue to go to Fire Island, and I stopped attending orgies.”

…the terrible sacrifice of living without orgies renders life meaningless.




the people are real?


Like how families with one parent , french: send kid to french school, Japanese: send your kid to Japanese school, Jew send them to Jew school, Chinamen send your kids to Sunnybank school.

I used to say years ago on the knitting club website, look at London to see the future of Australian cities. Cultural melting pot they say…

A fly in your ointment

However, attempting to eliminate it at all costs is resulting in “unforseen” or trivialised consequences, many of which are emergent features of a complex system and will take years to “properly” identify.

the fastedious regulation, which supposedly aims to introduce a hard line in the sand where apart from extremes there are 150 shades of grey, is serving a purpose to further decrease the formation of families. Other than cases in one side where everyone would unanimously agree the rape occured, venture into area where not even victims can be 100% sure it was a rape – without external assistance, are impossible to police without grave errors. Persistence pays with women is age old saying. Name a women that is not turned on by jealousy but when that same thing spills back at them then they vehemently despise it.
Unfortunately, none of this is to protect and prevent the rape victims, by the looks of it it serves the immediate purpose of making lawyers wealthier and render human copulation to a business transaction. Underlying agenda is even more siister

A fly in your ointment

“Technology has made it significantly easier to be a creep.”
it is inviting as the new normalcy has been created around daredevilling in absence of other thrills which stems from plenitude galore.
Next time give your kid *everything* they want without earning it…