Weaponising narratives

Narrative has been weaponised for a very long time by skilled operators. The growth of mass media in the 20th century greatly facilitated it, the dangers well observed many decades ago by Orwell, Huxley and others. It’s growth was necessary because of dissolution of communities through people moving away to cities. There were no grape vines to hear things through any more. The one way conversation has changed in recent times thanks to the internet, and here we all are. The exposure of the Knox grammar boys’ private chat on Discord is quite possibly another example of how those who seek to control the narrative are pushing back.

Narrative control is a staple of totalitarian governments. “Political correctness” is a term that sprang up around the Russian revolution. Controlling the narrative in democracies takes more effort over a logner period and subversive rather than overt tools. Lenin started this process early through COMINTERN. Today, we have Confucius Institutes, large scale migration, and other tools being used to subvert and control our thinking.

Those of you who subscribe to Grant Williams’ podcast will have heard of Ben Hunt. He has developed tools for observing and tracking narratives in near real time and I encourage you to check his stuff out at https://www.epsilontheory.com/.

Many of us are of the view that China is heavily involved in subverting Australia e.g. Drew Pavlou. However, India also plays a big role. Firstly, there are a great many Indians already here and their absolute and relative numbers are going to increase. They often have the view that 1. India and Indians are the best people in the world and 2. Diversity is “our” strength and 3. The only remedy for our declining population is more Indians and 4. Any opposition to this narrative is racist.

The difference between the Indians and the Chinese is that the Indians now control large swathes of our IT infrastructure and services. Google’s Sundar Pichai, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Twitter’s Parag Agrawal, and are examples. Many content moderation tasks (eg Facebook, Twitter) are outsourced to Indians. These guys are not exactly in a position to control the narrative, but they have to be highly responsive to wherever they think the wind is blowing to retain business. Thus, they act as an amplifier for noisy woke activists, and might subscribe to such views themselves. Anticolonialism has long been part of the marxist package and I still encounter it often even though colonial rule ended decades ago. It is a useful belief to have in justifying actions, subversive or otherwise, against westerners.



Here’s what I believe to be an example of such moderation (found at zero hedge yesterday):

The point is that these moderators are the sharp end of leftist action through big tech and they are not one of us and do not care about our interests. The arguments do not matter only the result that dissent is silenced.

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Excellent post.

In linking to the Zero Hedge piece you linked, I was intrigued and suspicious when Dan Andrews plucked this out of the blue:


When such a Tyrant acts in a seemingly ’good’ way, be wary. Andrews has made Gaslighting his go-to methodology, so there had to be an ulterior motive to this. It really intrigued me at the time, when there must have been a thousand issues with greater priority. Why this? Just like Amazon, Andrews can summarily begin banning anything with that symbol, regardless of its actual content or intent.


But why weaponise the narrative when you can nudge it?

World class sociopath Daniel Andrews simply steals more taxpayer funds and creates a Behavioural Insights Unit within the Victorian Government. https://www.vic.gov.au/behavioural-insights

WHO appointment Prof Susan Michie to head up their own version, enabling her to better push her agenda for permanent mask and social distancing worldwide. An unabashed communist, there are some great clips of her stumbling over herself on this.

The UN also has a Behavioural Insights pushes a Green agenda worldwide via universities with this:


Reminded me of this…

Capture - Copy.JPG

Imagine the taxpayer funded Australian media being too scared to even mention Islam or the countries where these “Australian” girls are sold to…not one mention. Must be Australians’ fault.



From Greentext reposter on Twitter:


Be careful though, some of them are fucking hilarious and it can become addictive reading through them.

Shae The Burmese

Lol India. Try Israel. Merely having an Indian-origin front-man of a company denotes nothing.


True – they are good, unquestioning by the book administrators. That is why African Jews, like the Oppenheimer of Africa and their fellow disporia scattered throughout the continent, imported them en-mass back in the 19th century. Another crime deflected onto Colonial Europeans, who were only guilt of caving into their lobbying.


The Indians running the big tech companies are of a secondary issue to the big tech companies themselves. Big tech has worked out the value of controlling the information. Because of a few big tech companies controlling great deals of information, they are now judge, jury and executioner for information.

Shae The Burmese

And all of it is back-doored to the same place. Regarding India, the majority of Indians who are carving out a middle-class existence for themselves care about very little, certainly not for world domination. In their minds they have peaked if they can live a life of convenience and gluttony, just like the Western countries and culture they so admire. Away with village life and cooking your own food to a middle-age beer-gut and male pattern baldness.


I saw the links. My issue is that big tech is too big and control too much. Barrier to entry is now too hard and too costly. Additionally it seems every company will depend on them because cloud is apparently the way forward. Now that everyone depends on you, you set the rules.


Stumbled across this guy’s thread who does a decent job of explaining a concept of an ‘Egregrore‘. This is something I’ve repeatedly tried to explain in my own way, with varying degrees of success.

Essentially an Egregore is “an entity that arises from the collective thoughts of a distinct group of people“. It does this through the values that a group of people collectively hold, and which manifests itself as a God or a Demon, through the works and influences of the people who hold those values.

“God” under this view is a social construct that manifests itself in the world through our collective actions. Together people of similar values can come together and literally transform our world, creating heaven on earth. Our world today would seem like heaven to nearly everyone who has ever lived – most people live peacefully to old age in lands of relative abundance compared to virtually everyone else who has ever existed.

The question of spiritualism or belief in the afterlife or a supreme God as some sort of entity, are as irrelevant to us as to the question of ‘are we living in a simulation? They are irrelevant to the us in the fact that this is the only reality we will ever know so we should live and treat it as such. The only “God” that matters is the one we manifest into the world around us through our collective values and beliefs.

This chap is effectively arguing that since now modern secular society has now obtained heaven on earth, it has instead turned towards self fulfillment over self-sacrifice, and in the process manifest multiple Demons into the world.


Capture - Copy.JPG

i know roko. he’s in our slack sub group. i think you would fit in there stewie

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You should share the concept of Egregore to him then – it seems as though he is already half way there.

I have heard of slack but never used it and know nothing about it other than it was originally an app Techy nerds apparently used for work.


If your sub group is slack then you need to get them to unfuck themselves and tell them to get their shit tightly wired. Who wants to hang out with a bunch of fucking slackers? [1]

[1] I suppose it’s necessary in these fraught times to advise that that was an ironic comment. I now feel like an American who has to add “Not” on the end of any ironic statement to make the irony clear because they’re mostly pretty dim, so here we are.


ya i didn’t make it a russian guy did, its just a place certain commenters on unz.com talk on, i was invited into it by my friend


From a spiritual point of view they are meant to be viewed as “mysteries” unsolvable and personally relative spiritual questions for which to be pondered.

From a practical point of view I see Christianity’s focus on Jesus as the son, to represent a break with the Hebrew God of the Old Testament. Jesus of the New Testaments main philosophy was “Treat one another as you would have them treat yourself” That is the whole TLDR summary of the New Testament.

His life, suffering and death and ascension into heaven, humanifies him as a God into something we can relate to. Life is suffering, we all have our crosses to bear.

By contrast, the Jewish God of the Old Testament is a harsh desert God, he hates women, he hates other tribes who don’t worship him, he’s a general fuckwit and so are most of his prophets.

None exemplify it more than perhaps their greatest Prophet Moses, who lead them out of Egypt and to the promised land – while along the way, geonociding all the men and boys who “escaped” from Egypt

Then he said to them, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Each man strap a sword to his side. Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor.’” 28 The Levites did as Moses commanded, and that day about three thousand of the people died. 

– Exodus 32:27

Of course what it doesn’t say under laws at the time, the dead men’s wives and daughters were available as slaves if they decided to keep them.

Another great example is the Prophet Israel named itself after – ‘Jacob who I shall name Israel‘ was such a lying fuckwit that he stole his older brother’s inheritance, something that apparently was noble and to be admired.

However the old Testament is very good at re-telling us some wonderful mythos from God’s older than the Jewish God, like the story of creation, the Epic of Gilgamesh, etc. It also does a good job of describing the sacrifice needed in order to create order out of chaos, i.e. to create a functioning society.

Finally the spirit is simply us – those who supposedly follow the Lord i.e. “The spirit lives in all of us” which is repeated ad Infinium in most Christian services or commentary.

Basically all three come together as:

God the Father – the Harsh Patriarch who made our lives possible
God the Son – the reformation of Judaism by the Egyptian philosopher known as Jesus, and
The Holy Spirit – the Christian congregation.

The values that each of them are supposedly meant to teach us then get expressed through our actions, and so effectively manifest God into this world.

But that’s just my practical interpretation of the Triune, from a spiritual perspective I have zero idea or understanding. I observe spiritual people but I simply don’t understand it.


the communist party of the russian federation has some effective advertising haha



When I see a divergence like this, I’m more likely to pass if the professional critics are loving it and general population hates it. Then again, with a popular series like LOTR it may be very polarising and prone to review bombing.


Metacritic now has 1,345 negative reviews.

The detailed arguments advanced in a lot of those reviews suggest that they might be a tad too considered to be bombing.

LOTR was always going to be a hard act to follow…..stir in copious quantities of “woke”, and you’ve probably got a dud on your hands.


I now outright refuse to watch any show with forced levels of diversity, e.g. Medieval fantasies where there are melatonin saturated characters meant to be existing in snow bound landscapes, and where woke values are constantly referenced or promoted.

I simply turn it off and never watch it again. They will not my attention, they will not get my ratings, they will not get my acknowledgement.


So true


It is all by design.


This made me laugh, classic rich Climate Karen gets canceled.


Assorted ABC luvvies and political grifters like GetUp actually complaining that Social media needs MORE censorship….wow


They want a Disinformation Governance Board. Oh wait, didn’t that get cancelled somewhere?


And barely a week after Zuckerberg admits on Rogan’s podcast that FB hid the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop. They’re beyond clueless these types.


comment image




comment image


comment image


@Peachy what’s the inside word for tomorrow’s rate decision? Just a boring 50bps or will we see something more to get the average unit talking?


You know, I feel quite a bit of limp-dickery creeping in. You know, like, the horn is fucking gone.

used to be “Ima bend those units over and ima hit them so hard, they’ll have trouble walking for a few days”.

now more like “I don’t want to screw them, but I will swallow a viagra and do them anyway, because I feel obliged to. Unless I can feign a headache.”


Sounds like 50bps to me then

Maybe 40bps to take us to a nice 2.25%


I think that (2.25%) has a nice symmetry to it that would appeal to the bureaucratic mind.

It would also give them a chance to claim that they are backing off a little in response to current data.

On the other hand, they might be a little spooked by Powells’ recent rhetoric and its potential effect on the AUD.

Hey…look at us….a bet each way…..must be closet economists 🙂

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Evolution not revolution. The economy can’t take rapidly rising rates given the level of debt.
Besides, central banks don’t create money, so nothing they can do about inflation without smoking demand.


‘evolution not revolution’ fucking lolz that’s a business as usual boomer phrase , paint the turd purple , fuck were an innovative lot.


Not everyone is buying the narrative…..there may be hope for us yet.

Implications for the referendum on “The Voice”?

Chile resoundingly rejects new constitution which President Gabriel Boric said would usher in a new progressive era

The proposed document was the first in the world to be written by a convention split equally between male and female delegates.

However, critics said it was too long, lacked clarity and went too far in some of its measures.

Proposals included characterising Chile as a plurinational state, establishing autonomous Indigenous territories, and prioritising the environment and gender parity.

“The constitution that was written now leans too far to one side, and does not have the vision of all Chileans,” said Roberto Briones, 41, after voting in Chile’s capital, Santiago.


Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

Chileans in and around Santiago are generally progressive liberal hucksters, especially their young Uni students who all see themselves as reincarnations of Che Guevara. Outside of Santiago though most other Chileans are pretty based and conservative – Pinochet’s support base was extensive.

The problem with the msm is that their political ideology is aligned with progressive fuckwits, like the students and the current Chilean president, so they will gleefully report on these things like they are a done deal or near certainty – like how Trump was a shoe in to lose in 2016.

Consequently when events unfold that don’t meet their manufactured, group think expectations, then they are surprised and outraged. A bit like Trump supporters in 2020…. apart from all the massive evidence of mailed vote rigging, ballot stuffing, etc that has been document (and ignored) by the msm.


Saw on Zerohedge the other day that the Pfizer/Moderna Omicron-specific shots would be treated in the U.S. as “boosters”, not stand-alone “vaccines”.

This meant that one had to have taken the existing shots before being eligible for the new Omicron shots.

Wondered to self if this sort of thing could happen here.

Seems like it:

Better COVID-19 vaccines are on the way. What do they do? And what technology might we see in the future?

Regulators in Australia and the United States last week approved Omicron-specific boosters, following approval in the United Kingdom in mid-August.

In Australia, a Moderna Omicron booster has been provisionally approved for use in adults aged 18 and over. Supplies are expected to arrive in the coming weeks, however the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) is yet to advise the government on how the vaccine will be used.

So what’s new about the Omicron booster? And what sorts of advances in vaccine technology might we see next?


So much for the hype about mRNA technology providing the ability to produce new “vaccines” at the drop of a hat.

Just a never-ending conga line of boosters.

Shaping up such that if you want to get shot number ten targeting a really nasty version of Covid, you’ll have to go and get the other nine shots first.

Not much point in ATAGI advising the government on “how the vaccine (what?) will be used” if the makers say it can only be used as a booster.

Clown world.

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

Not much point in ATAGI advising the government on “how the vaccine (what?)will be used” if the makers say it can only be used as a booster.

2 EZFKA Dollarydoos for whoever guesses correctly whether ATAGI is going to advise that

  • these products should not be used
  • these products should be used

seems a bit of presumptuous of them to ship supplies “to arrive in the coming weeks” without dat dere advice having yet been given…


I don’t think there’s any question that they will use the stuff.

I think the advice will centre around

  1. who should/will get it and when they should get it, and,
  2. possibly, if it can be used as a stand-alone vaccine and not just as a booster.

I’m guessing the second bit because of the use of the word “vaccine” (instead of booster) in the sentence quoted.

But I suspect that Pfizer/Moderna will have the final word if they say it can only be used as a booster.

Mind you, I wouldn’t put it past the government to treat it as a booster regardless…….what better way to get rid of all that surplus “vaccine” we purchased that nobody now wants, if you have to take the original shots in order to get the Omicron shot?

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Reus's Large MEMBER



this is possibly why it may not be authorised in Australia (drug companies are only allowing use as “boosters” in the US to avoid having to undergo testing/FDA approval, but the same path doesn’t exist in Australia)

Honestly I think they wont approve it, and the drug companies are not going to bother to go through proper testing just to get the necessary data

The covid retardation is pretty much over

And everyone needs to thank Dom Perrottet for making it happen, otherwise we would all still be in lockdown

Roger Dickings

Lady and Gentlemen, the Reverse Bink is meeting tomorrow to set interest rats.
Will you be reamed with reach-around or just reamed?
Please post your predictions.


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