Well, ladies and pervs, I thought I’d post something that I stumbled across this week that was unexpected.

Hopefully, this will take your mind off us getting nuked, or having your house implode in value, or your rental explode in value, or your acquaintances dropping dead from a vaccine, or whatever else is being pushed unto you as the next “weareallgonnadie” message.

I, as always, kneel to our gracious host Peachy, who, by the power vested in her they/them, makes this platform open for me and other social misfits who would rather fight it out over the keyboard and not on stagmal’s RU/UK front.

The following was motivated by the WTF moment, when I was informed by the State Government that there is a Pronoun Day coming up on 19 October. Yes, there is a day.

I give you…. The Site! Honestly, I had no idea how intertwined our lives have become with various special interests and celebrations aimed at the very sliver of the society. Although I am grateful that I have missed the most important holidays of 6 October. There are more than two, but the two that piqued my interest were: National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day and National Plus Size Appreciation Day. I think there is a conspiracy there.

I did spend some of my Saturday delving deeper into this wondrous site. I was surprised to learn that there are not one, but two (!) consonant history months – February and October, not counting numerous other dates to honour various faucets of the same movement.

I am holding out to celebrate the National Love Your Produce Manager Day, and an International Beer and Pizza Day!

But really, I wanted for this board to relax and do some shitposts under a new header.

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A fly in your ointment

The way the neocons are carrying on its as if they feel they can knock Russian ICBM’s out of the sky.
Theres no stopping their arrogance and their hard sell of armaments.

Only making it clear that Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will be turned to glass will make the USA back off.


This is a bit like the “on the offensive” videos that Dave posts, but a few notches along the timidity scale 😜