‘Diversity is our strength’ says man ordering Australian Bureau of Statistics to censor ethnicity data

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles has ordered the Australian Bureau of Statistics to censor ethnicity data at the upcoming 2026 census, but has remained adamant that Australia’s diversity is it’s strength.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will censor ethnicity data at the upcoming 2026 census, to hide the fact Australians are being deliberately replaced by Indians at breakneck speed by a handful of Jews, while social cohesion implodes.

“We’re the most successful multicultural country, and by success I mean successful and setting up multiple colonies of other countries within our nation and funding a massive police state in a futile attempt to keep it all together,” Giles said.

‘Self-hating whites like myself and fifth columnists have my utmost support on this, homelessness, crime, stabbings and terrorism notwithstanding.’

ABS Chairman David Gruen re-iterated though that the ABS will still be asking if you identify as Aboriginal at the upcoming census.

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i have NFI why australia has never had an ethnicitity/race category on the census. every other census on earth does it, we never have, instead we only have (and still have) the confounded ‘ancestry’ category which allows you to nominate more than one ancestry, and include ‘australian’ on it which is completely meaningless.

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A fly in your ointment

What difference would it made if it were included?
There’s only a tiny blip on the radar of number of real fags and trannies and yet their lifestyle is stuffed down our throat. The race agenda will proceed irrespective of the measured stats

There is 4 out of 5 “premium whities” in this big pond and it will break due to crowdiness in its limited housing before it breaks from excess dirt cheap immigration.

Like every other woke system, the only way to beat it is to overdrive it into absurdity. If every anglo decided to identify as an Abo and a Slope and a Poojeet at the census (its a feeling, not a genetic evidence), the Stats politBuro would overheat and self-immolate.

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“What difference would it made if it were included?”

race is important info

correlates with a million variables that sociologists and researchers care about

much more so than even stuff like income sometimes

we should know and have the right to know what the demographic composition is

i dunno what the rest of your post is trying to say

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race is important info

for whom?

…sociologists and researchers care about…

that part os science has been choked dead long time ago.
No matter what data they put in, their algorithm will produce expected outcome. They only care about research grants.
FFS look at the climate alarmism, it has sheetload of cherry-picked science and no concern for real world data which does not fit the narrative. IMO census data serves little more than to advise how can the aussie pie be divided among the politicians.


“for whom?”

“correlates with a million variables that sociologists and researchers care about”

“that part ofscience has been choked dead long time ago.”

you think standardised testing, psychometry, measuring incomes and educational attainment, criminology, population health, organ donation suitability etc etc etc, ‘choked dead years ago’? on what planet?

A fly in your ointment

You must have an ideal world in Dubbo, where there are no other except rosy glasses and no other lies but white lies.

.gov.au know exact number of darkies, their gene composition and their whatever psycho status. It’s impossible to come to this island and not submit all the details beforehand. It takes a few clicks to cross check the data and hand it over to any study grant leach. Why would they bother asking what they know already. Census is one of those feel good experiences, like periodic voting, to keep the illusion of ‘demoncracy’.
OTOH , statustically uknown question of everyone’s sexual preference will never be there as it will become clear that the number of homos is below statistical threshold (whilst the number of faggots is much greater). It would ruin the narrative of oppression and freedoms we are fed every day and wokies will melt

if one’s discussion always ends with “it’s the negros/Choos/slopes/poojeets/Abos” as an explanation of every problem, then racial composition serves exactly nutting.


That’s what I reckon . Years ago people did it with identifying jedi as a religion. Reckon. Every one should vote light shade of brown.

A fly in your ointment

I identify as a Rastafarian Abo from Torres Strait Islands on every opportunity. No more long waits anywhere at .gov.au offices.
Because that’s the way I feel and it’s my God given right to be as I feel no matter the evidence.



France does something similar, I remember reading about them tracking the incidence of sickle cell anaemia in newborns to track their level of African ancestry


even the UK does it

america has stats so precise that allow you to track racial composition to the street level



Why bother Stag? He’s unintelligible even to himself.

Anyway, we need to import more of these Sub Saharans especially. Here’s a pic of a bridge the Italians once built in Africa, when the locals had trashed it they couldn’t summon the IQ to repair it, so went back to their genealogy and swung like apes instead.

A fly in your ointment

what a rubbish from white supremacy blog.

they did not trash the bridge, it was a ww2 demolition to stop Mussolini and it was never rebuilt because of lack of money plus anoyher bridge was built 500m down the stream where the new road goes an easier path.

Ken Frantz did not rebuild the missing span because he’s some sort of white supremacist retard from UNZ


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Albo and his mates gave out 2.8 million Temp Visas on Q1 this year alone


The little wog simp and Labor mouthpiece dressed up as a stats man, saying it out loud now


Melbourne has become a 3rd world shithole, yet faggot says “people flock to it”


Well to be fair they are, it’s just that they’re all Indians. Hence the descent into 3rd world shithole. Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world.



A fly in your ointment

yeah, like the other parties from the cabal would not bring another 2 million to vote for them.


Here’s why they don’t want to know those racial profiles

A fly in your ointment

LOL, they all identify as Abos so what difference would it made if they also identified as “subhuman negros” or whatever the way you would like to name them.
it’s much easier to assume who the wife beaters are based on ethnicity. Much the same as we clearly know which ethnicity has more than usual representation in multiple decades long observed-but-unreported child rape


So the womyn are out marching today because they are getting murdered. 70% of murder victims in Australia are men, are we supposed to march as well?


Gonna stand up and say IMHO that DV against women is weak and cowardly, and the rate of murders is appalling.

But…the usual harping leftards are missing the facts. Their appointments on the judiciary, their lack of action on genuine DV, is all their own fault. As is the years of “toxic masculinity” blaming on boys and men.

It had to come back and bite them sometime.


Imagine being a young male and having this pushed on you. FFS it’s no wonder we’re farked


FmD , unequal pay as a rape metric.


Normies still hook up and are happy. They aren’t online all the time listening to the dog shit of society.


Domestic violence is what you have outlined, but there is precisely zero discussion about how such women seem to have married these guys.
Did that happen by accident?
As far as all this ‘educate your sons’ nonsense goes, well is not the Mother a part of bringing up their sons?
There is also the factor that often you don’t know what has been going on internally within a relationship from the publicly presented side.

The stats. of women on men violence are also quite bad, so at least some percentage of the physical violence is a reaction to years worth of physical and psychological abuse from the woman. It generally takes two to tango in life.
However for a man to ‘report’ that abuse is not seen by society as a manly thing to do. For a man to report ‘my wife beats me’ is equivalent to being openly ridiculed. In general a man should just ‘get out’ of the relationship, but not easy to do when children etc. are then used as leverage and the courts are one-sided.
These things have zero chance of being addressed. Look at what happened to Cassie Jaye, the film showings were basically censored in Australia. Another ban the truth moment.

Also we don’t need a performance by Bachman Turner Overdrive to tell us what is going to happen once the honour killings start to ramp up to reflect the imported diverse cultures.


Around half of DV is women beating or otherwise abusing men. As a society we don’t acknowledge that fact, but it’s a fact, nonetheless.

All, ALL, of the domestic violence in my relationships unvolved my wives beating me. To quote the great country song title “If I’d fucking shot them when I should’ve, I’d be out of jail ny now”.


correct. domestic violence is overwhelmingly two way, with women more likely to initiate violence than men.

A fly in your ointment

Around half of DV is women beating or otherwise abusing men

and about 100% of character assassination are purported by chromosomal women.
women don’t channel their violence through fists, they use their mouth.


Both of my ex wives physically assaulted me on several, I’d say numerous occasions, which is why they’re now my ex wives. I’m 6’4″ and 200 lb, and I could’ve squashed them both like bugs but I didn’t, because blokes don’t hit women. That’s an iron rule from my upbringing, and they knew that when they threw the pumches, the fucking bitches.

Looking back now, I wish I’d returned their blows in kind, with interest, a stomping and a good kick in the cunt for good measure. They took advantage of me, beating me and knowing I’d never strike back.

Around half of domestic violence is women beating their blokes, and because we’re blokes we don’t admit to it. It’s one of the great shameful, hidden and unacknowledged aspects of our society.


This is an unspoken issue in the Matriarchy – sure there are feckless male versions who hit women to make up for their small cocks size and general failures in life, but there are also plenty of women with BPD who just cunts and go looking for trouble. Some of the honestly do deserve a good beating, but walking away from them and leaving them as penniless as possible is the next best alternative.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned in the media over this so called pandemic of violence, is the explosion in economic stress that is out there is the community. A BPD chick can be tamed and they’re fuckin awesome roots, but they’re not someone you want guarding your back when times are tough because they’ll be the first ones to stab you in the back.


How can they address violence against women when they can’t define what is a woman ?


Also the suicide rate because of divorce. Haha qanda is gonna be gay AF tonight. As usual.


Well Labor’s election strategy is now apparent – they’re going to weaponise female neurosis over the random acts of male violence.

This is an ‘empathy meme’ that they are going to run with to the next election in order to monopolise the female voters attention to an issue, which as Stagmal correctly points out, is and endemic issue and one, which as Drago has pointed out is actually on decline.

’Violence against women’ is going to be used to drown out all other issues – issues that actually have a chance of having real world solutions – like housing affordability and immigration.

It is a strategy every bit as cynical and dishonest as Labor’s us of Brittney at the last election to be the manufactured lightening rod to weaponise female empathy and neuroticism.

Real political problems are going to be ignored in order to fuel and weaponise the angst of the matriarchy.

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Dr Liz Allen gets involved, like flies to shit



You can bet the Leftards will never show this Hebrew prick yelling at a white woman “Do not interrupt!”



Jews don’t apologies for anything. Full stop.


Gun owners already have their weapons registered in each State, so this Jew has just announced he’s taking $163m of taxpayers money to combine those into a database.

That could be done in a weekend.

It does nothing for the hundreds of thousands of guns in the hands of Bikies and Muslim Drug Dealers.

Even the AFP is not this stupid.