Australia is a fine country.

Only the red countries or regions on the map mandate bicycle helmets by law and enforce them with fines. Australia’s laws on this are not “world class”, “progressive” or even reasonable. They are just one of many symptoms of an overly powerful public health and safety bureaucracy and a polity that is either well conditioned … Read more

Everybody is welcome to be nobody.

Have I encapsulated Australian multiculturalism in one pithy sentence? I asked DALL-E to draw a foetus growing in a plastic bag for the image. That, I believe, is the ultimate destination of multiculturalism: the detatchment of humanity first from the land and then from family, with the goal of permanent attachment to systems run by … Read more

Foreign workers prevented from working

“Every time one of the international community of instructors has tried to take a lesson, they have been harassed, to the extent that they can’t teach their lesson,” Mr Todd said. “They’re physically intimidating us, threatening us, trying to take away our lift passes, trying to remove our ski equipment and stopping us from being … Read more


Most commentary I’ve been following says that an American recession is on the cards, but they argue about its depth. Nouriel Roubini ( says that the world is in deep shit….but he always says that. I think it’s too early to call inflation baked in. We’re only just exiting the post-covid boom…and China is just … Read more

OpenAI chatbot predictions

Stagmal’s and Coming’s chatbot written stories were pretty funny, but given all it has learned maybe the chatbot can make decent predictions. Here’s some I tried:Me to chatbot: With a population breeding below replacement, the government decided to increase immigration to keep the economy moving and house prices rising. What happened next? As the … Read more

Hungry Higgo journo pushes agenda Mostly a bunch of disingenous words from an activist pretending to be a journalist. Let’s start with the headline: “Women are furious about the Lehrmann trial outcome. Men should be too”Which women? Which men? She never says. I’m sure some women are furious (and aren’t) and the same for men. The piece begins with … Read more

Boycott Cadbury Roses this Christmas

Aboriginal themed ‘limited’ edition Roses tins on sale at supermarkets just in time for Christmas. I will not pay to subvert my culture any more. This post is brought to you by the need to post something somewhat genuine after Stagmal’s total bullshit ‘new thread’ where someone had the nerve to say that MB was … Read more

The end of democracy

Democracy only works because the losers are prepared to accept the rule of the winners on the basis that they are the same people, representing the same goals, albeit with a different view on how they can best be reached. There are more and more people in Australia (eg most contributors here) and other democracies … Read more

The doom loop

Way back in 2008 the power of good government was used to rescue the finance industry by effectively buying all their bad debt. Government paper was printed by the trillions and by some miracle it never resulted in inflation, because it never got to the man on the street, only to asset prices. Then came … Read more