Nickel first, Iron ore second?

So according to AFR: “Leinster, where BHP owns almost everything including the houses, faces wipe out if the mining giant shuts down its nickel business in the face of what it admits is a structural change triggered by a flood of supply from Chinese-backed nickel laterite producers in Indonesia.” DLS reckons that Simandou is the Pilbara … Read more

CEO finds that young workers repeat what they have been told The late middle aged female chief people officer of supermarkets operator Coles Group says that Gen Z want: Another highly competent female was quoted as saying: Let’s be clear, this is not about Gen Z in general. This is about a select group of graduate Gen Zs that big companies compete for. It’s not … Read more

Pajeet* says work harder to support my family

In the AFR on 9th November, in a piece called “Australia records biggest income decline in the developed world”, Deloitte Access Economics lead partner Pradeep Philip said “Australia’s 2.2 per cent population growth rate explained about one-third of the decline in per capita incomes. He added “the solution is actually to grow the economy to … Read more

MB takes the black pill

If this isn’t a description of the EZFKA I don’t know what is. “So far as I can tell, Albo hasn’t just lost control of Australian borders; he doesn’t think ‘Australia’ exists as an entity at all.” Congratulations David. Welcome aboard. You can post here any time.

Inflation and interest rates again

The RBA is widely tipped to raise rates. MB points out, “Nearly half of all price rises are the fault of Albanese Government ineptitude.” ie. rents and utilities. The falling AUD can’t be helping either. A feedback loop may be developing where interest rates follow rising house prices, which are fed by immigration. Immigration … Read more

MB notices EZFKA


DLS writes today: “One of Australia’s biggest economic paradoxes is that while we have a record number of university graduates, productivity growth stinks and there are never-ending “skills shortages” I said it first. Here. I think. Apolgies for the recycled image. It was in the library begging to be seen again.

Calling all MB refugees

There’s a place, where nobody dared to go….. Please post all the names of people you’d like to see here from MB. That way, maybe when they search for themselves this page will come up: Also, I heard some serious chat this week about crypto likely becoming the alternative to SWIFT for the BRICS world. … Read more

AFR unleashes attack dogs

The AFR has decided to attack Qantas’ Alan Joyce, which is fun to watch: Here: Qantas’ enviable dominance now comes with a big cost Here: Qantas says Canberra cancellations minimise network disruptions and here: Qantas CEO Alan Joyce first testimony under oath in nearly a decade Joe Aston let loose this: “Joyce answers the questions … Read more

More uni, less productivity

See for yourself: I don’t have a statisica membership or the desire to collate the raw data…but if anyone here does, it’d be great to do a proper productivity growth vs population % gone to uni and get the r value.

Why the proles will not revolt

The proles are either the offspring of legacy EZFKA units or recent imports. Recent imports will be put down if they revolt, and most are factory seconds so they are glad to be here almost regardless of conditions. Legacy EZFKA units are usually one of only one or two offspring so the inheritence will see … Read more


I reckon we need merch. Such things can be made up on demand so we would not need to carry inventory. e.g. It could be a potential profit centre, but I’d prefer to do it at cost price. Let’s get our message of hopelessness and despair out there! Maybe we can pool our resources … Read more