MB notices EZFKA

DLS writes today:

“One of Australia’s biggest economic paradoxes is that while we have a record number of university graduates, productivity growth stinks and there are never-ending “skills shortages”


I said it first. Here. I think.

Apolgies for the recycled image. It was in the library begging to be seen again.

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It’s not DLS, it’s the other bloke, actually.

without doubt bloke read your article and our comments and then composed his own post on the matter.

but fair is fair and the Goose/Gander rule applies: we occasionally go to MB to read the content and then come here to have a larf at it, MB should be allowed to come here to witness us having a larf, then draft their content!

On the actual subject matter, it doesn’t seem to be much of a mystery, either. Plain old diminishing returns (educating dregs does not have anywhere near the effect of educating the cream) and EZFKA grift: the “growth industries” of NDIS and aged care don’t really translate into measured “productivity” as innovations such as kerosene baths are frowned upon.

A fly in your ointment

it could mean that the education today does not achieve what education could – in yesteryears.
Besides, proper education is dangerous – it can induce critical thinking and in some cases even raise the intellectual level – all feats which are highly unwelcome and counter productive in modern day and age. Remember the ‘Age of Covidiots’ when the main scientific argument contra own thinking was that approved thinkers with scientific titles have done the thinking for you and you can’t possibly be smarter than millions of peer reviewed approved thinkers.

As much as This Pond seems to be leading the pack in its dumbening of education standards, EuroUtopia is eons ahead of it (the Bologna treaty). Asians have got the gist of this effect on local education but since it is sold as a jetpack to immigration it is overlooked as an inconvenience which can be mitigated with money, feeding back in the loop, rinse and repeat, and with every new cycle….


Separately, what’s going on with the comments here?

sometimes I can’t post. Have I been banned, or does Raj need to pull his finger out and fix the site?


No problems for me.


They have been mentioning lost productivity due to misallocated investment for over a decade. But to your specific point, this one from last year.

Monday, 29 August 2022

One of the paradoxes afflicting the economy is how Australia has never had more people completing university degrees, yet ‘skills shortages’ are worse than ever and productivity stinks



Awww, don’t be a wet blanket, Freddy!


quality front page! running for the “no” campaign by the looks

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

Racist or stupid.

She is clearly not very bright or well educated, despite being a professor of something or another.

If I could speak to her, I’d tell her to Google for “false dichotomy”

Aussie Soy Boy

Racism implies a hatred of all races. I have a problem with only a select few number of races, abos being the main problem since I live in Australia.

The are dumb, violent, aggressive and abusive. They are the worst race on the planet.

Maybe boongphobic is more apt for why I’ll be voting no. This gin should not be accusing me of racism, I have boongphobia based on a lifetime of suffering, violence, abuse, intimidation at the hands of abos.


Last year the smokescreen was some public school slut and a flabby social climbing private school slag. This year it’s boongs.

I wonder what next year will be.


for sure they’re keeping track of MB fight club but don’t flatter yourself – that particular post wasn’t an original idea

i was thinking the other day that MB really has done more than any other person(s) in this country to further the immigration debate
or really were the ONLY ones who widened the overton window enough that questioning immigration is now at least partially acceptable
before that it was completely racist and nazi

i think they need to be applauded

and most of the reprobates on ezfka.com deservedly got banned, because MB needs to keep a clean profile so that they are taken seriously on immigration etc and can’t just be slandered as racist nazis (which a lot of the ezfka posters are)

they shouldn’t have banned me for speaking out on the lockdowns though
and that reminds me its really leith that is the credible one who has made a big dent into the political converstaion

DLS lost a lot of credibility with his insane covid (and china) ravings


so if leith is reading this

well done mate and if you ever want to go out on your own I will subscribe to your substack or whatever


The whole thing has been one of the biggest fails of all time. I bet DLS and Leith wish they stuck to the jobs they had pre MB.


Not a fail for Australians – they’ve done us a favour

Aussie Soy Boy

They could have had stable jobs sending out emails, working for home, getting $150k per year. During any downtime could have pumped out a few articles for their blog.

It must do their head in writing those articles everyday years on end, and getting most things wrong as well.


They must be doing ok, I guess. $100 a year isn’t that much. Actually it’s $249 now.

Aussie Soy Boy

They’d be getting holidays, sick pay, long service leave, can be slack, etc. No way these guys are able to pay themselves more than $150k per year for their monotonous doom mongering. $150k is very easy to live comfortably off and put plenty money away for someone without kids (assuming they aren’t hooked up with a lazy parasite).


Fuggin Ben Shapiro has a $55m net worth from being an all but worthless cuckservative jew. So who knows what MB is making. I don’t detect any despair in their writing.

It’s amazing what complete shit businesses make money, it’s almost like humans *want* some businesses to be shit. There is definitely some sort of intrinsic sado masochism and mob slave mentality in humans.

When you’re a proper winner you have much more to lose and further to fall. So they take comfort in being shit. Like an NRL fan or a Guardian subscriber.


Nobody is more dedicated to the pursuit of mediocrity than Soyboy

If MB’s work led to one less Asian neighbour for you, you’d want them in the incinerator alongside the German Shepherds


I agree 100%. No one else was talking the immigrant points 5 years ago. Most everyday people have no clue. Whilst I’m not personally at risk of homelessness it’s absolutely disgusting the toll the immigrant tsunami is having on the pond scum you so regularly belittle. Not everyone can be a genius doctor.


>Most everyday people have no clue
Yes they do and they like it. Because they are garbage mediocre dross with zero chance of getting wealthy otherwise and they know it.


If they’re not smart enough to have worked it out by now then they probably deserve what’s happening

keep voting liblab
keep cheering their sportsball team and the ‘tildas

the sad thing is the really trash ones get looked after the best with public housing, dole bludging etc
far better than they deserve

it’s the midwits who really suffer

maybe we need a Voice for midwits


Maybe they just think Dutton is based and will turn things around with his Australian Nationalism


>they probably deserve what’s happening
Yeah, thats the most practical, realistic and sensible conclusion.

A fly in your ointment

No one else was talking the immigrant points 5 years ago

Perhaps BUT ascribing this to an obscure fringe blog with very poor predictions record is short in logic. At best the EmBee had a cult following of several hundred souls (and plenty a soulless idiots) and its efforts were limited by their pool size. Whenever Llewdo or Bleato are hosted on msm, it is not because they have something new and smart to say but purely and exclusively to support the narrative required for that day or week. Usefull idiots at best.


The border closing opened the eyes of the public. Hard to deny it when the experiment was done and the results spoke loud and clear, on both closing and reopening of the border.

A fly in your ointment

A handfull of people have, for sure, unfortunately I doubt any eyes were opened to the scale noticeable on the ezfka level.

MSM had a fish in the barrel to shoot (from the perspective of the newsworthy cash cow) and yet so little was reported and even that reported was balanced on the scales with a ton of (partially true) contra arguments


holy fucking shit this is THE blackpill of 2023

just run lebo pack rapist game


what an absolute degenerate trashbag she is

just cage-ing at her husband


So she’s a convicted drug dealer? FFS, who gives a shit about these people.


I think most people are interested in what is happening with one of the most notorious criminals in australian history

and as an incel forum we are interested in this extremely harsh black pill


What is with trashy woman and the bee sting swollen lips look?


Why are incels so astonished that trash women exist

How many trash men are there out there


I don’t think much of most women ( or most men for that matter ) but you are cherrypicking the worst. Spastic.


Has Tim Gurner accidentally exposed the scam of big immigration?


Will left wing academics and pro Big Australia lobbyists like Liz Allen or Abul Rizvi back the billionaire?


a lot of what he says is correct though

productivity has gone backwards since covid because of general slackness and wfh bullshit

its because labour laws are too strict and its is too easy to dole bludge

Then again I will admit that if we had lower immigration and more corporate competition then we wouldn’t need to have strict labor laws or the dole


Only the most radical Green would dare criticise billionaires in Australia

If anyone has a negative word to say about the rich in Australia, it’s only for the property investing super maxxing HNW Boomer

You could get away with not even knowing Australia has billionaires since pollies never mention them and tax policies largely don’t affect them


They are feeding them like feeding a rapist Viagra. You’d have to take serious drugs for at least a year to be as batshit as these people.


I’d like to offer you a very generous redundancy package.

Aussie Soy Boy
A fly in your ointment

DLS writes today:

I said it first. Here. I think.

it used to be a competition at EmBee, to say sumting and then the Llewdo would lewd and Bleato would bleat it as their own idea several months later, with sycophants cracking their fat. Bar a few ideas, the decline of the ‘microcosmos little known outiside selected few’ begun with banning the ideas exchanges and shift to mainstream and this died.

For tl;dr mob all above means “it aint a special feat any more to be plagiarised by the EmBee”. But having this idea by itself is a great feat.

I always said Llewdo frequents this little pond more than most active participants.


Anyway, I just got back from a lifetime experience of subcontracting for entity which has a direct connection to printing presses with only the green ink – and it is unreal. Some bills I’ve seen can’t even be justified as “a bottle of evian in the middle of Sahara” nor by any other means. Bunnings product at 100x price tag. I guess no one cares if presses will just make whatever it says on an invoice. This cant last for too long and it seems as it lasted for as long as other contractors can remember. Ezfka is definitely in the same boat, literally and metaphorically.

I coild not get open internet for the first two weeks to enjoy my sizzler fiesta here and then the abstinence became normal and soon I became to be celibate without much notice. But then I remembered that every country in the world has a conjugal visit guarantee so… anyway, I’m back now and ready for my conjugal with my convict bitches.

At the first glance I noticed nothing has changed during my absence, perhaps this is good. Being the fly in most all of youse* ointments, I doubt I’d be welcome back, but heck I’m not here for congeniality so it is a pleasure, at least for me (for your pleasure I can get you a 20l pail bucket of finest Vaseline distilled from single origin unsweetened organic crude oil, with a dash of Spanish fly excrets – my close relative).

Sweet dreams, see you soon

* Peach, this one instance of Oxford Bogan for Convict class sycophants of Yankee bogan is only to satisfy your need for pedanticity as per previous slap on the wrist. Thus henceforth the debt is satisfied


What the fuck are you trying to say

A fly in your ointment

I know…
Do you want me to draw a few pictures and use the pre-school vernacular?

Lemme guess, you are one of those spineless guys who probably took the jab to save the job and then when jab requirement was dropped few months later they try to hide the own idiocy by justifying the jab as a lesser risk than the risk from something imaginary.
Sheet, you sound like Coming.
Sheeeeeeeet, you are Coming.



Do you want me to draw a few pictures and use the pre-school vernacular?

yes, please!


That’s complete gibberish that makes no sense whatsoever. You might think it does, but it ain’t so.

Gruppenführer Mark

Let me translate…

So he was away working, and it was super secret, but somehow he managed to come back to annoy youse, because he misses youse, so he will continue to dish out word diarrhea.

At least that’s what I got.


and it was super secret

working for the folks printing the money to fund the heroic defence of ukraine from the russian menace?


He was probably with skippy at the green beret Top Gun training camp at Miramar

A fly in your ointment

@ Gruppen

I previously indicated your apparent higher intellect…

Nothing super secret, just that corporate internet at some places has filters and that I can’t name the names as per NDA.
But I wanted to point that when those that print their money in green colour want something done, the productivity is not even on the list of desired outcomes, sometimes there are not even defined final outcomes. This Pond has high inclination to the same when it’s about spending tax money.

Aussie Soy Boy

I asked this legend on reddit if he wants to post here.


Read the posts. Cracks me up everyday.

https://www.reddit.com/user/arcadefiery/ similarly legendary but not as funny.


Passthe shavingcream looks to be a serial pommy whinger


The other bloke seems to be an anrrogant asshole.

so would fit alright amongst the personalities here.


LoL. You beat me to it.


Dubbo in the news


our mate in Dubbo should also be getting the hero treatment



the arborist

Dubbo diversity.

Tradie tackles knife-wielding man in Dubbo Centro shopping centre after he allegedly threatened to kill people


That’s an incredibly stupid thing to do under the circumstances. If the guy was actively stabbing people, then maybe yes, but also use a weapon.


Which weapon? Using/possessing a weapon to defend yourself is heavily frowned upon in NSW.

It is illegal to have an offensive implement in one’s custody in a public place or school without a reasonable excuse.

The court may order the forfeiture of the offensive implement to the Crown in addition to any penalty imposed.

An offensive implement is defined as anything made or adapted for causing injury to a person, or anything intended by the person having custody to be used to injure or menace a person or damage property.


Gruppenführer Mark

Just use a pen!


Joe Pesci is an expert in pens!


according to interpretation you could potentially go to prison for a pen,

An offensive implement is defined as anything made or adapted for causing injury to a person, or anything intended by the person having custody to be used to injure or menace a person or damage property.


Productivity is down because we indirectly define Productivity as being more or less the same quanity as GDP per capita.

Real world Productivity is a very different beast to GDP (per capita or otherwise). So if our plans to increase GDP decrease per capita GDP then we all scream the Productivity is down.

ffs Productivity and GDP are very diffent measures of work / life and social good. Most of the productivity improvments of the 20th century resulted from Industrialization and Globalization. So when we Aussies deindustrialize and simultaneously deglobalize (post covid esp) Productivity should fall and fall fast and fall far.

We just don’t allow ourselves to admit what real productivity is and what it isn’t, so we all gladly march forward quoting bs statistics about the changes in BS measurements and label that as a productive discussion