MB takes the black pill

If this isn’t a description of the EZFKA I don’t know what is.

“So far as I can tell, Albo hasn’t just lost control of Australian borders; he doesn’t think ‘Australia’ exists as an entity at all.”


Congratulations David. Welcome aboard. You can post here any time.

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A fly in your ointment

I must be old, or the world is gone cryptic 😉

wtf is black pill exactly?

search does not yield clear result (seems to depend on personal biases)

btw, tnx for moving along from that other post.
Holding finger so that the Brucey and the fat Cinderella wankfiesta does not become post’s leitmotif once again


The black pill is an incel term

blue pill – If I’m a nice guy I will get pussy

red pill – if I hit the gym and practice pick up skills I will get pussy

black pill – I am genetic trash and I can never get pussy. It’s over

incel theory has touched everybody

which is why Bruce and higgo is tremendously relevant to any discussion about power and society in Australia

Quite apart from the political corruption angle

A fly in your ointment

farken, that’s so stupid it hurts. it takes a beautiful mind to sit down and invent these kind of things. I now feel lucky not to have known about this so far.
I the context of the post, methinks OzCock description offers closer description.


incels created it


its lifted from the matrix lol imagine not noticing that

u must be 75

A fly in your ointment

nope I’m not 75, but I’m moderately educated.

there is no black pill in matrix and the black pill seems to be a derivative of the n-th level.

why can’t you be happy that OzCock and Coming provided effort t clarify what is not really clear on definition in the first place?


black bc pessimism


Red pill and blue pill is definitely from the Matrix, I’m guessing incels took that and re-defined it for their use?


Actually, Pick up artists took it from the matrix
(taking red pill to mean what bullshit they were selling)

then incels added black pill to discredit pick up artists (this is what PUAhate.com was all about )


Ah, learn something new every day.


Blue pill = clueless normie or someone who is into mass immigration
Red pill = someone who hates it, has educated themselves on how and why it’s happening but think there is hope
Black pill = someone who hates it but think there is no hope

A fly in your ointment



Black piill == that stage one gets to when dog-pill stories sound belivable, acceptable …even logical
hmmm that must just be the way it really is


search your feelings

you will know it to be true


Stagmal, Trust me you better than anyone would understand my true feelings, where I’m realy cuming from ‘n what I turely believe
the truth will set you free.

banana man

What was it? Voice,treaty and truth telling? Which truths? Is this like losing Some of your “Freedoms”?


Only insulting thing I see here is against Penfolds.


Fucking hell that’s wild


hes just a sycophant of another tribe


I notice the ABC didn’t include a photo of the ‘Yuggera, Warangoo and Wiradjuri man’ least its readers agree that his aboriginality was like watered down Grange

Capture - Copy (18).JPG

cosmo kramer phenotype

banana man

The melanin is strong with this one.



i would have just thought he was a jew


i would have just thought he was a jew

Happy merchant right there


When I think of eye surgery, my first thought is to get a proud Yuggera, Warangoo and Wiradjuri man to fuck around in my eyeballs.


wiradjuri is the dubbo tribe, theyre one of the biggest abo kingdoms

banana man

Maybe not Grange….


Congratulations David. Welcome aboard. You can post here any time.

But you can never leave

A fly in your ointment

he’s a pussy.
The kind that can’t take any critic in an environment where the ban button is not in his hands.
rest assured, both Bleat and Llewdo frequent this place to minimum 10-20% traffic.


Even if you go on Pollbludger with a userbase made up of hysterical left wing cat ladies, you still can’t find any defence of Albo

Aside from his literal mates, who the fvck supports this cvnt


twitter boomer women 65+


Beta males have to be some of the most evil. They are harbouring some severe resentment.

Sadly most dogshit people will still vote for him or potato head.

I am actually favouring a leftist vote. So sick of fake based faggots.


I had a look at that poll bludger site. FMD, the comments…I ran screaming after about 5 minutes and I’m never going back.

the arborist

I’ve often been tempted to drop some truth bombs there, but realised there is no point whatsoever. Nothing will shake their faith in THE MESSAGE. I’m not sure if it’s a cult or a mental illness. Same thing really.

Wokeness should be classified as a mental illness similar to Munchausen syndrome.


I prefer Tarric’s comment about the reaching the third stage of truth regarding immigration. We are close to everyone understanding the undeniable correlation between immigration and financial hardship.

Last edited 6 months ago by Freddy

Who would’ve thought that bringing in gazillion of third world street-shitters would cause rents to rise? Nobody could have predicted that.

Hamish McButterchicken

I’m predicting conflict in the future.


I’d say in recent months i have witnessed more cashed up blowins, than pov’s. Carnts still paying in 1.2-1.4 million bucks for low quality shitholez in brisneyland. What a joke.

Then you get the property scumbags going ‘this is the cost of living in an international city’ , oh dear…..

A fly in your ointment

AUD went up to US$0.64xx almost as at a command, from 0.63xx

I wonder if this will cause the butterfly effect on the Are Bee Aye decision on Tuesday


Agree. At 64c RBA not worried about further imported inflation.


Just noticed it is now 65c.

A fly in your ointment

Interesting, 0.02 up within days.


That black pilled looked sus. Google image search identifies it as this:


Nicely done.

A fly in your ointment

LOL, this gives a totally new perspective to the whole post.

robert2p13, luv Ur work


Wamans want potato head pee pee. Yeah that’ll save ya. Brilliant.



Mig is the epitome of how the typical MB life is going down, 10-15 years after the massive loss. While hoomers are having orgies.

Well maybe not they have 20 year old kids and they are quietly thinking fuck how is my zoomer kid gonna afford a house. Fuck I really am a meathead, severely banal piece of shit.


He should start claiming aboriginal ancestry tbh


Haha, looks absolutely baked.


Somewhere up in an attic a painting of him is getting more and more pretty and handsome.


He always claimed to be a genius software engineer with dozens of companies constantly seeking his services at enormous pay rates.

Somehow, I never believed anybody that.


It is a LinkedIn phenomenon. Many companies sick of wasting time with newly minted jimmies and prefer to find someone on LinkedIn.

Much like the guys that proposition every single woman in a nightclub, it doesn’t really mean the chick is hot, but I can understand the confusion.


He should be deported back to Venezuela



QandA: We would like to hear from YOU! We’re wrapping up our 2023 season soon and we’re already looking ahead to 2024! What did you enjoy this season? Who would you like to see on our panel in 2024?

Hit the link and let us know:

comments are as based as you’d expect


nominate jared taylor to be on there


They should host it in random rsls and pubs with whoever happens to be there as the audience

give legacy units a voice


That would be absolute gold. Would watch.


Even though ultimately its gay as shit the ABC is still the most based.

I listened to a ABC podcast the other day where a guy said that America banned a Russa/Ukraine peace deal.


Dutton and fellow Liberals hanging out in India, one would expect more migration to come.



at this point its locked in bc of the FTA they signed w india, aus would be reneging on its diplomatic obligations w india if it cut immigration now

Last edited 6 months ago by stagmal

Every “woke conservative” on Twitter seems to be shilling for Palestine or Israel

literally nobody taking the truly based stance of hoping they exterminate each other so seculars, Buddhists and Christians can inherit the earth


nasrallah speech in 3 hours maybe he’ll declare war on israel doubt it though


Trump should nuke the entire Middle East


lmao stewie’s doppleganger weighing in



This is an outrage!


I sent out to a function with some friends from my old workplace last night. They told me a very sad story about another ex-colleague who I’d known quite well.

He woke up in the morning a few weeks ago and his wife of 30 years, a fit athletic woman in her mid-50s was lying dead beside him in the bed. She silently died in her sleep sometime in the night, without any prior warning of health problems. Some might say she died suddenly.

What a fucking horror. I can’t imagine what he’s been through.

A fly in your ointment

I don’t think I’d ever heard a single story like that prior to COVID jabbadabba.

Like the B in ‘dumber’ or the K in ‘knob’, the silent bit is still silent when pronounced but it has to be written when writing.


American expat asks why Australia is such a shithole


I swear everything feels half assed, I’ve been here 10 years and on the surface everything seems ok with most things. But when you look closely everything is kinda half assed. “She be right mate” / “it is what is mate”.

From tradies, construction, hotels, repairs, customer service in stores.

The lack of attention to detail is systemic.

What caused this? And what can be done to fix it.

Australian redditors getting very defensive in the comments

but interesting that the main thing he notes is shit here is the tradies and construction


its true about the hotels too, hotels in america or even random motels in the middle of nowhere leave this place for dead, complimentary breakfast is something youll never get on the road here but its standard even in bumfucksville anywhere in usa

can confirm it


this is just a garbage country full of garbage people

its blessed with more natural resources per capita than almost any other country on earth, and is geographically ideally located to be safe with a reasonably favourable climate

blessed also with english tradition of rule of law and institutions, which is the common thread of all outstanding 1st world countries outside of europe

yet somehow still manages to be shit

all these foreign workers, yet we still manage to have shit services AND expensive houses
while somehow the US manages to have great services and relatively cheap houses

the reason?
we got all the trash anglos while the US got the best and most determined


ihave little to no interest in interacting with lgeacy australians bc for the most part they are just mindnumbingly boring

hooliganism is celebrated, being a drop kick makes you a legend

gymrat and meathead behaviour is like the highest possible virtue

iv been living in my car for a while now driving from place to place and the one thing ill note about most regional austalians towns is the absolute lack of anyhting to do in them, if youre not into drinking and getting pissed at the pub then you are shit out of luck bc theres nothing else

it really is a culture built around getting drunk and acting like a f ucking spastic


perfect summary

all imported from the first fleet


I’m thinking the problem may be you, and not the people you’re seeing in the regions.
And TBH, if you think its shit living among the descendants of convicts now, you’ll have a cunt of a time living with the poos and chongs in the future.


iv been living in my car

Homeless man living in his car is annoyed that he meets shit people.
Guess what stags? you’re one of those shit people you’re complaining about.
Only difference between you and them is you think you’re smarter – hooray! big brain!


yes that is correct


its mostly just variations of sporting clubs over and over

nothing but sport and booze

A fly in your ointment

Fark, when I said this, a ton of shit was flung my way.
A proof of accuracy though, when airborne fecal matter is flying your direction

A fly in your ointment

that’s how the immigration started in this pond, by bringing in boatloads of it.

service is not something it comes from being offered, it is something which is in demand before it becomes on offer. There is no demand for service here, culture is revolving around defetism and do as you’re told which then extends to every aspect of life.


Yep australian hotels are gutter level terrible unless your paying utterly obscene amounts. Add to that Australians don’t do customer service.

Everything is so fucking half arsed these days. It’s depressing.

A fly in your ointment

…these days…

um… err…. uh…


It’s because the only thing that matters in Australia is the acquisition of real estate

If a job doesn’t pay enough to do that, then whoever’s doing it won’t give a shit

Businesses are only started to fund the owner enough to buy more houses

There’s no culture of appreciation for craftsmanship or quality like in Japan or whatever, people solely admire real estate ergo all economic activity is driven towards its acquisition


its not even that profound

hoomers (and indians/chinese) are at least one step ahead of the bulk of australians who are just fucking drop kick useless scab cunts

they live to watch the next footy match or get on the piss/bags

even hoomers I could have a conversation with about house prices or renovations
even cookers I could have a conversation with about the jabbadabba

but the bulk of australians are just completely void intellectually

just want to add one thing
its interesting that the majority of australian fauna is also stupid and boring

like kangaroos and wombats and koalas
just do nothing
useless as pets

compare with the charisma of animals in africa or the new world

Last edited 6 months ago by Coming

sad low effort trolling. need to up your game, such as it is.
BTW, how’s your import “wife’s” yeast infection going? Her crocs and ugly feet?
all good i hope?


Lol my wife has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen

A fly in your ointment

You beat your wife regularly???


This is fuckin hilarious love it haha

A fly in your ointment

@ “Coming” above

Who are you and for what purpose have you hijacked Coming’s account????

Ironic Boomer

I am sure using vaginal words like ‘inappropriate’ will work.
‘Calls for Army to be drafted in for ‘million-strong’ Palestine march on Remembrance Day’https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1830748/Palestine-March-London-Met-Army

Remember, division is our strength.

A fly in your ointment

vaginal words

An excellent insult for LGHDTV+ lot



lmao remember this guy

hes still around it seems


Anyone else read the MB weekend links
examples : MB comments

  • Comments are terrible.Combination of cheap lifestyle chit chat and commercial talkback radio.Could see it happening years ago. These inane empty comments would sprout up like weeds amongst interesting discussion. The culprits adopted this tedious “cynic seen it all act” – in reality they were just not terribly bright and out of their depth.
  • MB comments heyday is well behind it. To be honest, MB is probably better off without it. The standard of commentary from the likes of yourself tarnishes the hard-earned reputation of the site.

Total shitfight…not that that’s news to anyone here.

Don’t know what to think, I guess the good ship MB is taking on water. The capitan is in denial, the crew are drunk and fighting, only the first mate seems to have kept his senses…I wonder what plans the first mate has?