EZFKA and the World: A year in review

It’s the end of 2022! Another year at this place. Man this year has seen a lot happen, or not happen. This thread will be a runover of every major notable thing that has occured over the last year which has gripped the interest of this blog. I’ll provide some brief commentary and perspectives on each one without going too in-depth.

The last gasps of Covidism: The Ottowa convoy, the failed Canberra convoy, Novak Djokovic barred entry into Australia

2022 was the year that Covidism finally died in the ass. ‘Covidism’ is a catch-all term in my view for the various ideologies that surrounded Covid-19 and its policy consequences, including the narratives skeptical and supportive of the idea that covid was a uniquely dangerous threat warranting the unprecedented level of control that was enacted worldwide in order to mitigate and/or eliminate it. The culmination of covidism, at least in the West, was the Ottowa trucker convoy, which started around January of this year. In reality it was more of a last gasp or dead cat bounce than an apex of interest in covid as an issue; the real beginning of the end for Covidism IMO was the emergence of Omicron around December 2021, when narratives surrounding covid vaccination and elimination/containment started falling apart, and people were clearly tiring of the whole thing.

Of course, Australia had its own last gasps; the embarrassing and disorganised Canberra convoy that occured on the back of the much more interesting Canadian one, and EZFKA politicians trying to wring a little more divisiveness by pointlessly blocking Novac Djokovic’s visa application in January. These both did attract interest and discussion, but it was clear the writing was on the wall here that this was a dwindling, dying issue. Covid cookers and neurotics provide a good example of horseshoe theory in action; both craved and probably still crave lockdown; cookers, because it gives them an opportunity for troublemaking and attention-seeking, and neurotics, because it gives them an opportunity for avoidance. I can guarantee you there’s one thing both ‘sides’ would be united on deep down, and that’s a return to the glory days of lockdown, where the streets were deserted, businesses were closed, FOMO wasn’t a thing and impromptu protest rallies being met with batons and tear gas were a regular weekend outing for many.

In all, covid was best understood as a giant fad, something of novelty for people living in an overly safe, boring workaholic society. It gave people with very few ‘real’ (relatively speaking) problems the opportunity to LARP and play SimCrisis irl, but eventually it got boring, and for no other plausible reason, died.

Discussion will still rage, as it seemingly does in every comment section of every thread on here, on the impact of the vaccines, their relative dangers and so on. But in general people have mostly moved on; within another year I can’t imagine covid will even have its own section on the ABC news site anymore.

The final formal end of Covid was the Albanese government eliminating the mandatory isolation period. A Labor government did this, and that says it all.

Ukraine: The elephant in the room: Russia waxes and wanes in the first year of the biggest conflict since Iran-Iraq, and biggest in Europe since WW2

I’ve written about this one quite a lot! As you know, I’ve had many predictions about this conflict with (thus far) seeming varying degrees of accuracy. To recap, in Feburary of this year the Russian federation recognised two breakway republics in western Ukraine, specifically Donetsk and Lugansk, as indepnendent, crossed over the border with a force of peacekeepers and then followed with what appeared to be a full-scale invasion of Ukraine with all of the Russian federation’s military resources being brought to bare against the country. The objectives, still unchanged: prevent Ukraine from acquiring NATO membership, de-radicalize and de-militarise the country, and secure the independence of the (now annexed) two republics.

As well all know though, military operations don’t always go according to plan, or seemingly at least they don’t. This couldn’t have been more true over the last year. At first it appeared Russia’s invasion was going quite well, but after about two or so weeks, progress seemed to stall. The rapid acquisition of territory had ground to a halt, and on some fronts, actually started to reverse. Russia had to withdraw from the southern port Nikolaev in the face of strong Ukrainian resistance, and then most shockingly, gave up on their attempts to capture the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, all but nearly abandoning the northern front of the war. Russia regained the initiative again shortly after, launching an offensive in Donbass that successfully culiminated in the capture of the city of Lysychansk in July, and the successful siege and capture of the city of Mariupol around the same time.

But then, suddenly Ukraine assumed an offensive posture again, launching an offensive against Russian holdings in Kherson and Kharkov at the beginning of September. The long awaited Kherson offensive went absolutely nowhere; Ukrainian soldiers were thrown into a meatgrinder, annihilated by long range artillery and effectively prevented from capturing anything other than a slither of villages and settlements along the Dneiper river.

However, what happened in Kharkov shocked the whole world. Ukrainian soldiers were able to roll up Russian positions across the occupied parts of the oblast, pushing the Russians back across the Dneiper river and recapturing the transportation hub of Izyum, a town the Russians fought very hard to capture themselves around March and April:

What seemed very clear was the Kharkov area was for the most part totally denuded of defenders; there were very few Russian soldiers in the vicinity to block the Ukrainian offensive, and what few there was were rapidly vacated across the Oskil river to the east to prevent losses.

Why was this all happening? Why did Russia fail to capture Nikolaev, Kiev and then had to evacuate Kharkov without a fight?

The most plausible explanation for all of this was a serious lack of manpower. I became clued into the lack of manpower around April or so, but did not consider it an insurmountable problem; Russia would simply have to capture Ukraine slowly and piece-meal with its small available force, I thought. Russia went into the conflict with only about 150K contract soldiers, not counting the militia groups raised by the Donetsk and Lugansk republics. If you knew anything about manpower densities, that means Russia had only about 40 men per KM across the entirety of the frontline, with obviously many concentrated in more contested areas and relatively fewer in others. I was not aware however that long term, this probably would not be a winning strategy.

Kharkov opened everybody’s eyes to the imminent critical need for more infantry. Very fortunately the Kremlins themselves also rapidly saw this, announcing (what will be the first of many, IMO) a partial mobilisation only a week or so after the shocking Kharkov offensive. As critically, Putin enacted referenda in the Russian occupied areas of Ukraine, specifically Kherson, Zaporizhia, Lugansk and Donetsk. All of these were successful (though whether they were legitimate or not is another story). As far as Russian law is concerned, these areas are now part of Russia, and legally Russia must do everything in its power to recapture and defend them from the Ukrainians 100%.

Also notably, Putin has elected General Surovikin to be in charge of the operation, and I think he has been demonstrating his competence. Surovikin has all but halted Ukraine’s incursions (and is now slowly reversing them) into Lugansk Province, built a series of seemingly impassable fortifications and trenches in order to prevent another potential Kharkov, and, more controversially, ordered a withdrawal from the Russian held (or legally Russian) city of Kherson, the only regional capital in Ukraine outside of the Donets basin Russia has managed to capture so far.

If you can remember my most recent post on that development I initially regarded it as quite shocking; and it was, as Ukraine was not even meaningfully threatening Kherson. As soon as Surovikin took the job back in September or so he specified that withdrawing from Kherson was a possibility; his argument, which I now see the reasoning behind, was that holding a position on the west bank of the Dneiper river (a 1KM wide river) was precarious and probabilistically could have resulted in various disasterous outcomes, such as Ukraine flooding the river and trapping the Russian soldiers in the city. Even if the probability of something like this occuring was low, according to Survokin’s logic, it wasn’t worth the risk of holding what was in effect a ghost town anyway. And to Surovikin’s credit, the withdrawal from Kherson was mostly faultless, leaving little behind (compared to the withdrawal from Kharkov), evacuating all civilians who wanted to leave, and carried out only within a day or two.

As of now half of the 300,000 mobilised are deployed, with about half of that half actively serving in front-line combat roles. If the Kremlins want to achieve their stated objectives in Ukraine they will likely need to mobilise more, but we will see. Currently all eyes are on the strategically important railway hub of Bakhmut, where a significant battle between Russian allied forces, spearheaded by the formidable Wagner Mercenary organisation, and the Ukrainian army has been waging for nearly four months. There have been mixed perspectives regarding Bakhmut’s significance, but surely if it did not matter, Ukraine would not be pumping its recruits into the city to prevent its collapse. As of today however it looks like the situation is degrading increasingly for Ukraine around the city, with Wagner and the Russian army opting to capture settlements adjacent to Bakhmut before initiating a direct assault. Bakhmut will likely be abandoned by the Ukrainians after a partial encirclement starts appearing likely, but what will follow this is still uncertain.

Brittany Higgins: An EZFKA reader favourite

Probably one of the most popular issues talked about on this blog all year, surprisingly, has been the Bruce Lehrmann trial, the LNP staffer accused of raping other LNP staffer Brittany Higgins in Parliament House in 2019. There were always questionable aspects about this whole thing from the start, as detailed by this post of mine way back last year. Why was Higgins being paraded around on TV as though she was most certainly a victim, even before there had been a trial of Bruce Lehrman (or he had even been charged, for that matter)? Why did Scomo (ever pathetically I might add) apologise to Higgins, effectively damning Brucey chances of recieving a fair trial? Why did the prosecution even agree to go ahead with this despite all of these obvious issues?

It only got worse when the actual trial started. Higgins turned out to be more unreliable than anyone had ever thought; throughout questioning she recanted stories, retracted testimony, clearly demonstrated herself to be more interested in media attention than facilitiating the legal process. A (semen stained?) dress she claimed she never wore actually was worn by her to a party several weeks after the alleged rape occured. Texts had mysteriously gone missing from her phone, and a photo of a bruise that she apparently recieved during the rape itself was actually a photo from two years after (or was it before? Eitherway, gay).

To make things worse Higgins started throwing a sook after being required to answer the defense’s questions, disappearing from the proceedings on the basis of ‘mental health issues’ several days into the trial. At this point the whole thing was such a transparent farce and political prosecution it wasn’t funny, even if Brucey did actually do it; deducing reasonable doubt here was all but impossible.

Seemingly the jury couldn’t agree either, with the whole thing being cancelled after a clearly pro-Higgins juror was caught smuggling feminist style sexology research into the deliberations. Never missing an opportunity, Higgins gave an indignant speech on the steps of the courthouse to the media afterwards, something she was going to do in the event of a not guilty verdict anyway. Afterwards the re-trial wascalled off due to phony concerns over Higgins’ mental health, which was AMAZINGLY predicted right here on EZFKA by our very own Aussie Soy Boy. This was a legendary prediction and I am not joking, anyone who knows how hard it is to predict the future let alone things that specific would agree.

Apart from the daily vaccination excess mortality wars that are waged on seemingly every thread here, this was probably the most popular subject on EZFKA all year, so I had to bring it up. I personally think she and the ACT prosecution should be charged in this case, as it seems more likely than not she made all of it up for career purposes at this point.

Other issues that have consumed this site have been the Bankman-Fried and crypto drama, and the seeming final slow comedown in EZFKA real estate prices. I don’t understand enough about the former to comment, and the latter has already been covered recently. I will say that I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen with EZFKA real estate and anybody who acts with any certainty about the future of it is probably full of shit. Otherwise that’s all I can think of; if I missed anything please let me know! I hope everybody has a good EZFKA new years because who knows what 2023 is going to bring. Nothing good more likely than not if 2022 is any indication!

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Well done. Great article.
I can help with RE… the .gov will bankrupt the country to stop it falling to fair value because they are all landlords and get their little bags of marching powder from RE agents.
Here’s to 2023.


Ditto – good article nicely pulled together.

Brisbane Metro isn't a Bus, no really it isn't

Yes but the Sunnybankmoorookification of Australia makes it worth it. Think of the restaurants! Think of the Brisbane River fish on your plate! Europeans will travel here for thousands of miles and wonder Ooh Aah at our wildlife wonders.


Wtf do you have to do to be deported?

Brisbane Beautiful One Day Cantonees the Next

Everyone’s just jelly that these people are more Aussie than Aussies will ever be amiright?
We need another 20 million of them. Make Sunnybank New Hongkongdishu Again.


Brisbane Beautiful One Day Cantonees the Next

Griffith University? But they renamed it ‘World’s Biggest Hong Kong Refugee Camp’ years ago, didn’t they?


Agree – great summary Stagmal.

Sunnybank Chang

Brisbane is now about 57% European down from 98% in 1970. Proud to be the worl’ds largest HongKongdian refugee camp, they even had a shooting in broad daylight today in the inner souf. Brisbane is the place of kings!

Sunnybank Chang

It was at Wooloongabba, which is the Brisbane suburb where Pauline Hanson was born, raised and educated. Brisbane is the best city in the world!


Yeah fuckin blowins.


In all, covid was best understood as a giant fad, something of novelty for people living in an overly safe, boring workaholic society.’

i’v always viewed it as collective hysteria, that should in time be added to this list:



Its felt like a very long year

amazing that Djokovic bullshit was less than 12 months ago and now you are not even allowed to call in sick from work when you are covid positive

Most people are not even embarrassed which goes to show the point was never covid it was compliance
little fascists everywhere

It’s also amazing that we’ve already forgotten about the Paul pelosi hammer attack and that was only a couple months ago

for me the biggest stories of 2022 are linked :
-inflation (first time for most living people)
-the demise of Covidianism

the other cultural phenomenon from this year that i think needs to be acknowledged is the decline of the right wing grifters
-Donald trump
-Elon musk
-Andrew tate

doesn’t bode well for 2023 in terms of maybe we will see escalating NPCism and wokeism

i also wonder what the result of “the voice” will be

Let’s hope for the best and of course look forward to more developments in the Higgins saga


Last edited 11 months ago by Coming

It feels like Joe Rogan and the vaccine grifters are also going to see the money dry up in 2023

or else joe goes full NPC to keep his grift going

if the voice gets up, after all the complaining about scomos threat to democracy and abos stabbing young white mothers, then the country is done imo

The counter culture will have lost . Dead buried finished

Last edited 11 months ago by Coming

Yeah except it won’t be cousin Morton it will be all the big smoke quadroons who already have positions on the abo grifting boards and societies



probably more like quintroon you’re right

Aussie Soy Boy

LOL had to look it up.


Full bloods probably don’t have the mental capacity to organise a grift like that

so they just get used as a prop ; better to keep them in squalor as it only intensifies the squawking


I was going to say the med schools currently seem to be full of white abo females. I give them the “are you serious?” look when they explain how they got in and are obviously not very bright.
Will they go bush like they said in the interview?

Aussie Soy Boy

Fucking LOL


This is great! Both entertaining and will end in the demise of the race scam – WIN WIN

White Chick Whisperer

Their all ugly white chick


The bio-fronthole on the left looks vaguely part indigenous.
Same with the man on the right who looks like The Paddle-Pop lion.


“…the man on the right who looks like The Paddle-Pop lion.”



How is Andrew Tate right-winged? He’s just a straight-up wanker.

How is Elon Musk right-wing? Most of his money was made through the government.

Right-wing is just the new Nazi, racist… etc label the media put on people it doesn’t like


go onto smh and you can still find hysterical commenters arguing djokovic shouldn’t be in Australia right now *facepalm*


even those comments must be about punishing him for being recalcitrant

rather than actual concern about covid



of course !


Djokovic shouldn’t be in Australia and nor should be the tennis. The Age had an article that the prize money is now over $100m. No doubt us taxpayers are picking up the tab. Just waiting for a Margaret Court outrage to distract us from the hefty bill.

Aussie Soy Boy

Djokovic should be here. He did nothing wrong last year. He arrived with a valid visa.


Agree Djokovic did nothing wrong. But the Oz Open and other events are a waste of taxpayer money especially in Victoria which is flat broke. This is just a plea for more taxpayer $$$s

Reus's Large MEMBER

If you think that the effects from the vaccine are over and that everyone will just get on with life, you are 100% wrong. There are gonna be a lot less folks around in 2 years and you that got the jabs are going to be the ones not around.


including people who got the AZ vaccine?

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yep the excess death rates in the UK are higher than those countries that had the fizler and murderna jabs, the propensity for cancer and other things that take advantage of a weakened immune system seems to be higher there.


So, hang on

What’s the proposed mechanism now that it’s not an “mrna vaccine”

Could it be that there is some other, non vaccine , factor that is causing excess deaths


Time to take the Christmas tree down @Peachy and put hot cross buns on the shelves

White Chick Whisperer

Their already on the shelves at Colswerth


Already have the yellow markdown stickers where I am.


Holy mother of…

comment image

Last edited 11 months ago by Gouda

He disappeared same time as ftx went bankrupt

so my theory is he lost everything and necked himself or just went dark

good riddance to the crypto bullshit by the way. Still seems to be circling the drain the turd that wont quite flush


Who cares if it’s garbage, it was obvious to see when interest rates went down and the gov printed money it went and then vice versa.

the arguments I’ve had with anti bitcoiners for buying and hodlers for selling lol

who cares, don’t let emotions and bias cloud your judgement, there was cash to make off these idiots, god knows the banks weren’t paying interest.


100% agree, I’ve had some real doozies with them! Hodlers do my head in – look at them now, the amount of cope


it matters because objective reality is under constant threat

if these people here had said “yes I know its a retarded scam, but if we buy now we will make money as there are plenty more stupid people waiting in the wings”

then that would have been fine advice, and consistent with reality

but they didn’t

instead they claimed that it was going to replace fiat, and the internet of things would be the most important form of commerce on earth, and we will be living in a crypto utopia having sex with underage asian girls

all just retarded shit which deserves to be mocked


Agreed it should be mocked and I’ve mocked them repeatedly too.

The best is when you tell them you also have crypto – you get that head tilt that dogs do when they don’t understand.


Yes, If they’d just said it was like the pokies or betting on the horses it would’ve been fine – at least that’s honest. But noo,it was all about smart contracts and Web 3, whatever fuck that is.
The smarties that got in early did good.


And just before the end of the year, there’s been a freelance investigation into Logan Paul’s Cryptozoo as a scam. Could be the first big news story of 2023.



I found a use case for it. This week I bought something dodgy online and didn’t want it traced back to Paypal. IMO this is the only use case for it because it is more expensive, slower, and a general PIA compared to Paypal.

Aussie Soy Boy

LOL what happened to the Mark McGowan guy? He did at one time slip some information about working for the government and pay he was offering for a role maybe he doxxed himself?



Ok. Ok soy boy . Maybe not all, good coconuts.

Sounds like this upstanding citizen caused the deaths of three others, and should be charged accordingly. Interesting to see how this plays out noting a few interesting points which will influence proceedings.

1. NRL players mom
2. Plays for Brisbane Broncos

3. Coconuts.

Angus Yung

According to news, she’s been charged with manslaughter and some driving offenses.
The crash was a battle of two Mercedes.
One was a silver death car, and the other was a kick-ass black wagon, where Ms coconut only suffered an arm injury.
Black car was 2017 model – anyone know the model?


also coconuts generally have much thicker skulls and bones, as well as thicker neck muscles

so that might have been what saved her rather than the car

Gruppenführer Mark

Still here, my man, just didn’t feel I had enough to contribute lately.

Fingers crossed, got the new hire starting tomorrow. Seems like $40/hr is a tough task to get an admin position filled in Perth these days.


Hope you are all well and enjoying the break.

Here is some light reading of everyone’s predictions for 2022. I think most people were right about 5-10% house price falls albeit for the wrong reasons:

If I knew rates would be over 3% by EOY I would have gone an extra 5-10% and be wrong, albeit once again for the wrong reasons, now understanding there is a 3-6 month lag between rate rises and eventual house prices falls. So that is my prediction for next year. Another 5-10% falls before end of June. If the current futures market prediction of 4% eventuates then I would say house prices will fall 15%-20% next year.

I can tell govt already panicking with their immigration intake and seemingly the only country in the world allowing Chinese people into the country untested. I expect APRA will come to the rescue lowering their mortgage buffers to offset further rate rises. Govt shared equity scheme to be extended to distressed borrowers. Of course we will get the standard bs of stamp duty exemptions and home owner grants to address “affordability”.

Please fuck Santa off already.


As for crypto, as a rank amateur crypto investor I’m genuinely bullish about the Elliott Wave for Bitcoin and it will continue to near $100,000 by year’s end.

lmao fucking clown
hows the elliott waves looking

Aussie Soy Boy

Should have invested in bricks and mortar


Would love to see a Ruesa fund (Sydney property) v EmBee fund comparison. Would probably validate what you are saying.


Was in Central QLD and SE QLD over the Christmas break and theme was pretty much the same. Hardly anything to rent. At some stage mass immigration will save house prices, but we are going to have an inequality disaster. I guess it is step 1 to getting people to live in pods and eat bugs.


“interest rates won’t rise substantially this year.” Peachy – 17/01/2022

Maybe Peachy is actually Phil Lowe


I’d say we all got every prediction wrong in that thread

I tipped the cash rate to be 0.25% by end of Q3. Just off by 200bps lol


I tipped a 5-10% house price increase on the back of mass immigration. Got the mass immigration right. But the wrong sign for house price movement.


That Yella fella looks like a fucking panda. Or a kidney bean head cartoon character.


Luv to have him live next door to me. Top people. The best.



Seems like a quality individual.

“He was represented by Legal Aid lawyer Emma Murphy, who told the court he had a “physical impairment” with his right leg and would be “vulnerable” in custody because of his young age.”


Took $7080 in cash from one of the victims.
Mr Lin speaking through his interpreter said “Bitch was holdin’ out. I tol her where my money? sheeeit”.
Magistrate Avi Binkman-Silver granted bail, noting that “It’s imperative that bitches dont be holdin’ out on ‘yo money dawg”.


Got his dick in the till


Looks like a very expensive proposal to do especially on New Year’s Eve

they must be loaded

she seemed extremely happy – a little odd for someone allegedly hospitalised a few weeks ago

Aussie Soy Boy

Jolly fat woman


unequivocal good news and HNY

fkn house prices comfortably down twice as much as I said, and perhaps 3x as much when the Dec quarter numbers are released …WHOOT!!!

stunningly no super milking ponzi support scheme roll out….. yet!!



Back to November 2021 levels

5% down from the peak March 2022


2023 forecast….: 10% down triggers govcvnt interference

Aussie Soy Boy

If housing went down 30% the bears wouldn’t know what to do. None of them will pull the trigger.



Last edited 11 months ago by emusplatt

Lord Macaulay once said that democratic nations go through this sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith.

From faith to great courage.

From courage to liberty.

From liberty to abundance.

From abundance to complacency.

From complacency to selfishness.

From selfishness to apathy.

From apathy to dependency.

And from dependency back again into bondage.

Are we at the end yet?


A fascinating commentary on that quote: https://www.lorencollins.net/tytler.html


Quite the wall of text.. TL/DR summary?

A fly in your ointment


sure, it can’t be a conspiracy to suppress and/or hide the data on the jabbadabba which paved the autobahn and drove us at no speed limit pave into state sponsored medico-tyranny (the first stage of fasc ism)

damn this tinfoil hat

happy reset of the calendar cycle.
let’s hope no one’s myocarditis or blood clot ticket ‘wins’ this year.


Bravo. also managed to point out that mass immigration driving endless GDP is a shit idea. Now just waiting for balanced coverage from our ABC…



Speaking of which, I haven’t seen a Dr Demography article in the ABC for quite a while. Is she now a consultant on Albo’s immigration policy?


Being a morbidly obese virtue signaller I imagine she got 4 jabs had a heart attack and died.


One can only hope.


The corporate media and other powers that be will make it extremely hard for the Swiss people to control migration to their country. Sadly in ‘democracies’ like Australia you will never get to vote on what the migration rate will be or any other issue of economic importance. You only get to vote on pointless virtue signalling crap like gay marriage.

A fly in your ointment

As much as Swiss is a mix of 3 major ethnicities, the society is cohered with their self assessed uber-kraut/-frogeater/-rifledropper feeling. They simply think of themselves as he most Arian f Arians.
Where there’s a form of a nation there can be national-sozialism. The cuckoo watchmakers like the immigration as long as they (immis) go to their nations at 5 o’clock when work day is finished.
The “we’re full, now fçuk off” is a nice wrapper. I just wonder what will happen when their RE sinks and when there is no one who will want to roto root their sewers or empty their bins.


Don’t forget the indigenous voice!



another train wreck chardonnay left family

stagmal: the ex-husband looks like the archetypal PSL chad
look at those hunter eyes


thats the problem with having children with such a primitive chad

a) he will leave you
b) the kids will be extremely high T low inhibition


More likely at 52 she hit menopause and became completely unlivable and unworkable with – hence her getting fired and divorcing her husband over the past 5 years.

Intra-female competition was probably also behind the falling out with her daughter, although with kids nowadays it could have been something as mundane as asking her to move out and get a job.


spot on….PITA got the boot


Not forgetting that menopause often means no more rooting. That happened to me with the second ex wife, which is a large part of why she’s the second ex wife.



interesting interview with jeff snider

The host pushes back against him on a few things, which might make it interesting for the denizens here


I think Jeff Snider understands banking, money/credit and eurodollar system better than most, albeit the eurodollar system is pretty ephemeral, ie we know it’s there and exists, but can’t measure it.
Problem is, all that is fucking useless when it comes to making money, and that’s why he left/sacked from Alhambra partners, because they were managing money and he wasn’t making any of it for them. E.g. bet he would have been balls deep in bonds all of 2022, just like Lacy Hunt (who knows how the money system works, but is also crank Austrian economist) and his fund is down 34% in 2022 and investors are back to where they were in 2003. That’s worse than John Hussman who by some miracle is still in the business of running money.

Probably still better than the MB. But that goes to show brains don’t necessarily make for good money managers


basically because they don’t account for irrational behaviour by dumb people

there’s absolute imbeciles who have made 10,000x in crypto and that is all retarded bullshit

but nobody consistently beats the market* so probably no such thing as a good money manager, just a lucky one
*i guess if enough people play, then just by random chance someone will consistently beat the market


nobody consistently beats the market* so probably no such thing as a good money manager

Very deep thoughts “Coming” LMAO
btw, I’m going to wear your skin as a coat!
In your house!


more HNY vibes….watching to see what the sealbasher govcvnts do to prop their ponzi up

“…The volume of sales in the GTA just crashed through the disastrous pandemic level of 2020. The pendulum has well and truly swung from euphoria to fear. (Official numbers come in two days.)…”


happy quote make me happy

“…I realize that their new life may seem bohemian by traditional Canadian standards, but when a territory no longer sustains life, all species migrate. Can WFH become WFA (Work from Anywhere)?”


this guy is a bigger loser than the MB chaps

Started his blog in 2008 lmao


he aint short of a quid


thought they were busted arse?


more HNY vibes….watching to see what the sealbasher govcvnts do to prop their ponzi up


seems like the pendulum is still only part way through the swing.

this is meant to run for a couple of years:


will they pivot and scrap it early?


dunno..gunna be interesting watching govnuts playing to their base vs BoC playing to the international finance sector


They are just pretending to care whilst they continue to screw citizens over with rapid population growth.

comment image


I don’t have a good grip on the Canadian housing supply issue.

if they’re anything like EZFKA, then taking a hot load of migrants in every year will make housing more unaffordable*, even if migrants aren’t allowed to buy. This be through the channel of rents rising – because they have to live somewhere.

(*housing can get more unaffordable even as prices decline, while there is a shortage condition. This is because housing is sliced into ever smaller pieces, but these smaller pieces consume more of a family’s income)

if they don’t have a supply shortage issue, then taking out speculative demand can indeed improve housing affordability


housing can get more unaffordable even as prices decline…

if credit availability declines faster
if the gig economy burns buyers [ dey terk mah jerb]
and so on…


Yep. I joined with my diabetic better half in cutting out most carbs (rice, bread and pasta mainly, we avoided processed snacks, which are mostly refined sugar, to begin with). Her hba1c plummeted from 7.something to <5 in 12 months and when I combined with fasting and exercise the fat basically sizzled off me and I’ve never felt better. Laid some epic cable too.

Old boom over at embee is right when he says most health is eating and exercise. Obviously there are clear exceptions to this rule and docs are very important for these cases, such as T1D. But by and large I think most people would benefit by avoiding the middle isles of the supermarket


comment image

Aussie Soy Boy

I forgot about that site. It’s a fun rabbit hole to go down.

Aussie Soy Boy

Might have a SADS incident in the NFL.


Must’ve been late in taking his 3rd booster…

Aussie Soy Boy

SADS downgraded to a sudden collapse.


Nope, much as you’ll want it to be.

Watch the hit, blunt force in the worst spot right at the worst time in his cardiac cycle as it is explained here:

Aussie Soy Boy

We’d have dozens of these each year if it just took blunt force to the chest.


That doc says it’s so rare that you only expect to read about it text books. Vax injury sounds far more plausible to me.


Agree to disagree.

My thinking is if you are correct maybe he has undiagnosed myocarditis (from the jab), but NFL players are tested so much in so many ways they’d have picked that up. I’m just an NFL fan not even the slightest interest in playing long bouts of Google doctor. There seemed to be every season annually in Aus of a couple of blokes dying in local footy well before the Chinese flu. Post jab it seems someone trips over a crack in the footpath and there’s screams of “it’s the jab!”

Either way it’s probably karma for the Patriots being pure arseholes for the last 10 years.


petrol head brown bread..rip…nevermind


Squashed by a snowmobile… how much do those things weigh? Much more than a motorcycle?


approx. 1.375 quadbikes


Or 150 Woolies shopping trolleys



“Malone invented mRNA vaccines about 30 years ago. About ten years ago I invented and demonstrated the first high-profile application of synthetic mRNA (to cellular reprogramming, not vaccines), which was the basis for the founding of Moderna, which inaugurated the “mRNA era.”

“Not sure what you mean by “inactive.” So far it looks like COVID-19 vaccines suck across the board even harder than flu vaccines, which is not surprising given vaccinology’s poor track record in addressing RNA viruses generally and coronaviruses in particular.”


Migtronix is on a bender and spamming Twitter with videos right now

wonder if he has some aboriginal admixture in him he looks it a bit


Don’t mind him, he’s from Barcelona.

Aussie Soy Boy

I don’t know why the neighbours would put up with that moron.

I’d just call the cops and tell them to do a welfare check every time he’s got his music up and off his head.


He was a laugh early on. Then went full retard. Never go full retard. Then became a poster boy of why vices should be handled with moderation.