Why is Brittany Higgins even on TV?

This will be a brief post based upon a little thought cloud I had earlier today. I don’t know whether Brittany is an actual victim of rape or not, I don’t know whether the accused (Bruce Lehrmann) actually raped her. My question is, why are they parading her around on T.V like she is already a victim. Whenever she is given a podium to speak about rape, they are already effectively concluding that she was raped and that her accused is guilty, even though there has been no trial yet. She has absolutely no claim to fame otherwise, the only reason she has been granted a platform is because of what allegedly happened to her. Because she has that platform, it is concluded that what allegedly happened really did happen to her.

How is this not prejudicial? How can a trial proceed given these circumstances?

Why the eff this girl on T.V?

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Aussie Soy Boy

It’s impossible for the guy she had an affair with to receive a fair trial.

It’s going to be a Derek Chauvin show trial.

And didn’t Big Boned Brit go to the media before she went to the police?

How many traumatised rape victims do that?

Big Brit’s background is as a media advisor. She knows what she is doing.

Being allegedly raped has been the best thing to ever happen to her in terms of media profile and career opportunities.

If she didn’t claim rape she would be known in Canberra as the heavyset staffer who spent her Friday night getting pissed with a bloke who wasn’t her partner than followed him into Parliament at 2am to do in on a Minister’s couch.

Grace Tame is a failed actress, married and divorced an actor in the US, works in the art, I think she craves fame and couldn’t get it via a more conventional route. Not to downplay what happened to her at 15.

Ms Tame still petulant and immature but with a little media training from gal pal and fellow leftie lunatic Lisa Wilkinson she’ll find herself on the panel of The Project starting 2023.

Aussie Soy Boy

As for your question, the left wing lunatics in the media seem to think splashing Brit and Grace all over the media will turn people against Morrison, but they’ve miscalculated and forgot that no-one outside their bubbles gives a stuff about these two especially after two years of COVID.


Nah. The left wing lunatics are all paid for by the really rich. My guess is they are being paraded to make ScoMo look good.

Lets not forget the media covering this is corporate media. I’m sure Higgins and Tame will get paid, but they probably have not realized why, and probably wouldn’t care if they knew.

Every bloke watching Higgins/Tame will remember the man-bashing, and associate labor with it. And will probably vote LNP because of it.

Only the truly stupid will fall for, ‘she stared down the pm at NPC central!’ shtick. ScoMo’s people are not so stupid to not know how it would play out, so my suspicion is they understands perfectly well she is a money grubbing sort, albeit stupid, so makes for the perfect foil.


On MB last week I commented on DLS’ spray that the lack of critical thinking displayed was a bad sign for Australia and I compared the fawning over these two to the stomping on of George Pell. The people running the media seem to believe that the Jerry Springer show is the template for getting an audience, and there are enough suckers that fall for it. Including us who waste our time commenting on it. The only encouraging thing is that the newspaper, radio and TV news continues to dwindle. I for one am building up a nice stock of RSS feeds. The government needs to do better on providing people with the news releases they want in their feed. For example, it isn’t possible for me to subscribe to a bushfire news feed for my area for example, only for the whole state. I had to set up my own feed for the daily coronavirus stats. To really make it work, news feed software needs to get a lot better and people need to be taught about it. Getting your news from a journalist can save you time, but with decent software, and a willingness to manager your infomation diet, you don’t have to rely on 3rd hand curated news.


A mate runs a startup called ukufu might be right up your alley…

Aussie Soy Boy

I mentioned in the other article that anyone who watched Four Corners would realise Albo has no chance in the election $3.10 for the Liberals is the easiest money you’ll make all year.

Scomo dog whistling people who oppose the mandates, and now getting his wife to dog whistle people sick and tired of listening to Grace and Brit is a stroke of genius.

Just has to mention Labor’s record on encouraging human trafficking, allude to their hatred of anyone white, straight, Australian-born and working class, and ask Albo if he thinks the 26th January should be Australia Day.

Easy peasy.



He might be a moron (well, actually he is) but…….when it come to him holding on to his job, he’s a very bloody politically savvy moron (well, his advisors are).

If what Aussie Soy suggests turns out to to be the necessary strategy to ensure re-election…….then stand by for it in spades.


Fucking lol

this is fantasy/comedy but I only hope it’s true – imagine the absolute state of Twitter if scomo wins again

im going to vote for them above labor just for shits and giggles and I dare say there are many larrikins who will we well

Would anyone ever listen to the msm again

trump all over again


Lol, putting libs above labs is my plan too. Figured its Probably not too productive, but our democracy is a bit of a joke and so fuck it, I’m going to see how much fun I can have in trying my best to trigger snowflakes. Would like a gay marriage vote again please….

Derek Ramsbottom

I love seeing this heifer on telly. Bet she’s got the big naturals/ know what I mean? nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!