Aussie Cossack gets called out at protest

The last two years we’ve seen a lot of independent media and personalities spring up in response to the growing tyrannical behaviour of the Australian ruling class. Some of them good, some of them average, some of them just blatant grifters and provocateurs.

One guy who has sprung up is the ‘Aussie Cossack’ Simeon Boikov, a guy of Russian background in Sydney who made a bunch of videos of him provoking NSW Police last year (not excusing the Police behaviour towards protests last year but this is 90% of his content).

For starters, I don’t give a fuck about Russia. Yes, I hope there is no unnecessary conflict in the Ukraine because Europeans killing each other for globalist bankers is old news and can fuck right off. And yes, the history of Russia being destroyed by globalists in the early 20th century has been suppressed. If more people had read Solzhenitsyn and the horrors of Bolshevik Russia, then they wouldn’t be bringing up the Austrian Painter every five minutes to describe the current state of affairs. But seriously, Australia has no real connection with Russia and we’re an afterthought to them.

Anyways, last weekend Boikov was at a protest doing his usual thing when he was confronted by a masked member of the public on his allegiances and behaviour. The MSM is claiming Boikov is a Russian agent, based off an ABC 4Corners report from 2018 when Boikov, wearing a Russian military uniform, stated that Australia was ‘a great place to push a foreign agenda’ and ‘an enemy state’ in the context of the MH17 disaster.

The bloke challenging him at the protest, identifying himself as ‘Liam’, recorded it on his phone. If you missed it here it is:

Cossack uploaded his version of events here:

Now, whether you agree with the bloke challenging him (a lot of what he is saying is provable and a good rabbit hole to go down) is a separate argument. More importantly, look at how Boikov responded.

Firstly, he demanded to see the questions like any good MSM journalist would. Yes, ambush journalism from the MSM is nothing new, however if he knew what he was doing he would be comfortable responding to anyone at that event. Instead, he spent the whole time going after the guy personally (claiming the guy’s hands shaking was an attempt at intimidation and irrelevant). It was Boikov who was the nervous one.

Boikov didn’t actually address any of the guy’s arguments or points. He essentially just played the man the whole time, threw out generic claims about racism, anti-Semitism, family friendly atmosphere and the rest of it. Boikov claiming he isn’t a foreign agent and betraying Australia on the basis that he was born here is meaningless – that has been done over and over throughout history. Been to Canberra before, Simeon?

Also, note the classist slurs about Centrelink and the like. For a guy that’s supposedly representing the United Australia Party and defence of working Australians, would he feel comfortable saying the same thing to all those Australians forced onto welfare because they refused the vaccine mandates and are currently the new kulaks? That’s a great look for your party there, Craig Kelly.

Boikov’s constant spruiking of multiculturalism is garbage as well and just a shield he tries to hide behind (he does it on other videos). Has he not noticed that the protestors at these events are nearly all white and of European background? The ones descended from those who founded, built and want to save the country that was handed to them? Correct if I’m wrong, but I sure as hell don’t see many, if any at all, Chinese, Indians or Middle Easterners at these protests (I’ve been to a few) save for a few tokens on camera. So much for that ‘multicultural success’ right? It’s almost as if the latest imports don’t care about the country they’re in and are just here for the economic benefits?

In short, this just says to me there isn’t much to Boikov and he’s a self-interested, waste of time and attention. It’s ironic that he claims the moral high ground over the MSM by using the exact same tactics and perception management techniques they do. I also think he’s hiding behind the fake Russiagate thing to some extent to legitimise himself.

Whether or not Boikov is a legitimate foreign agent I don’t know and can’t prove or disprove. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is and only he knows the answer to that question, but at the moment that really doesn’t concern me too much. In a speculative sense, at worst he’s a foreign agent intentionally misdirecting protests, at best he’s just an opportunistic, 2nd rate grifter cashing in on the anti-establishment zeitgeist the last two years. He seems to have more outfits then Justin Trudeau, depending on what audience he’s trying to attract.

He’s also now threatening to sue journalists for defamation who are alleging he is a foreign agent. The hilarious part is he’s using the law firm Xenophon Davis. Yes, that Nick Xenophon. Nothing says disprove foreign allegiance more than by using an ex-Senator and lawyer that took money from a Chicom.

I thought Russians, especially Cossacks, were tough? How thin-skinned do you have to be to go around throwing threats of defamation and lawfare around? Thou might be protesting too much, but whatever no-one cares.

People like Boikov have come along the last two years because in my view, people in Australia are hoping for a hero to save them and don’t want to hear the truth that they have to save the country themselves. This allows people like Boikov and Avi Yemeni to take advantage.

TL;DR – Don’t waste your time and energy following this guy. The only one worse is Yemeni and they’re doing essentially the same thing. Although, dual-citizen and self-confessed, ex-IDF zionist Yemeni is a lot more open about his politics.

I will say kudos to Liam for confronting him, because a lot of these grifter types rely on a one-way audience and need to be held to account. I’d personally like to see more people confront Yemeni, just not in one of those completely staged, Rebel News confrontations he does while hiding behind his bodyguard and asking for donations.

Some of the people, some of the time.

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i find his videos mostly really boring. the police provocation videos are just lighthearted and dumb, mostly get very old after a while. the rest of his content is the same sort of YT outrage clickbait where he pads out the length of his videos with unnecessary segments talking about the incident into he camera back in the studio then playing back the footage where the exact same thing occurs that he just detailed.

there is a reason yt content creators do that, it’s because you make ad revenue not just through clicks but time spent watching your videos. longer videos = more time spent watching, more revenue. that’s why when you watch videos from yemeni and cossack etc there’s such “dead space” where they spend like 5 minutes summarising the video content before the actual video starts, its so boring and unneeded.

Agent 47

He turned up to the protest in Melbourne here with Craig Kelly wearing an expensive suit. The guy is a joke and just a blatant grifter.

A fly in your ointment

Sooo… not much different than 7, 9, 10 ,Abc, sbs, sky, CNN, BBC and pretty much every snowflake progressive lefties media.
I could cut off 99.9999% from what Davo Koch on 7 says and it would still be too much of regurgitated manure.

Agent 47

Good article. Thought exactly the same about this cunt.

Ironic as Avi is the top comment on his video. Wouldn’t be surprised if They are working together.


I guess the reason people watch Yemeni, Boikov, etc. is that the protests are not shown on MSM. Yes, they are grifters, but at the end of the day, people actually want to know how many people attended and why they were there.

Whilst the MSM does not cover the protests, then Yemeni et al are guaranteed their jobs.


The guy is two-faced. Saying his grandparents came to Australia in the 50s in an attempt to make out that he is as aussie as they come. Check out this ABC interview of him last year:

Simeon Boikov speaks to Four Corners – ABC News

Also note his support for “liquidating” political opponents. That is what he really thinks about democracy.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy
Agent 47

Spot on. Foot in both camps. Walking around in a Russian uniform and then the next minute going on about how Aussie he is.


A fly in your ointment

From Gunnamattisation of the post I gather that you feel strong about this.
Just don’t obfuscate the clear view with preconceived conclusions.

Boikov is the last person any .gov would pay to do something. Not even if Boikov paid to them to do something for them. He hikself spruiks that narrative because majority will fall for the narrative that anyone whom disagree with the approved narrative is russian/chinese agent (too many uses of the same word just to make sure it is not misunderstanding).
Boikov’s police poking videos is just the way the reality videos are. Influenzars do the same, all of them. Hence the riot pussies, cheap porn in front of worship places, porn parties…. you name it. YT has openly become tabloid, hence Boikovs, Yemenis, et cie.

What Boikov did is definition of grifting. He never did it for anyone but himself. What matters is that his monetisation of inner propensity towards tabloid content has made many aware of the issues with then being boiled frog. His monetisation made frogs aware that the temp is rising.

To sum up, Boikov is a useful clown and quite a good one. He knows his words, he know deflection, he knows avoidance. He will make a decent politician (in the bad meaning of the word).

The peddling of the narrative that Boikov is foreign agent is not naive genuine questioning. It is premeditated agitation.

Bottom line, without scum like the list above, the protests against the tyranny would be 1. Much smaller, 2. Less known, 3. Swamped with “alternative facts” 4. Quashed by now.
So on my scales, even knowing that their motivation is just coincidental with the greater good, grifters are useful, not a foreign tool (that is the silliest proposition).

A fly in your ointment

Xcuse the poor grammar and typos, I’m a wog and on top of that typing long texts through a tiny reply window that scrolls up and down by itself (on the phone browser) makes it worse.

Agent 47

You didn’t really say anything at all that wasnt already covered in the post. Timbo didn’t take a strong position on his questions of Russian agency, just that he was a grifter and a poor one at that and not helpful to what is going on.

A fly in your ointment

…not helpful to what is going on.

That little bit is where I claim an inversely proportional position.
The rest I said to clarify my view and avoid being misunderstood of what my bigger picture is….

Agent 47

Yeh nah. Boikov jumped on the gravy train late. There’s already a dearth of non MSM people covering it now, almost spoiled for choice.


AFIYO is right.

the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Even if he’s a shitcunt.


Yeah, nah. The enemy of your enemy is your enemies enemy. Nothing more, nothing less. Thinking they’re your friends could be a grave mistake.


well ok, maybe “friend” is a bit of an overstatement, but the enemy of your enemy is someone who can be afforded a fair bit of slack, from a consequentialist/utilitarian perspective…


lead pipe… that’s the post


He was organising a black tie charity event in Melbourne recently. People were asking is it really the time to play dress up when people are losing their jobs.I think most people are wise to him, even the cops. All his provocations are seem orchestrated.


Most people can’t handle the truth, that would mean they have to think


Why are they claiming that this was a 2 way argument? Why are they giving this lunatic the benefit of doubt?

Aussie Soy Boy

Slap on the wrist because authorities want people getting violent and abusive towards those who don’t comply.


It looks like it. A carte blanche to every vigilante who thinks they are a fucking hero harassing people.

Aussie Soy Boy

Albanese has no chance if you watched Four Corners.

Not that you had to watch it.

Most Aussies don’t give a stuff about Autistic Grace or Big Boned Brit, Labor has contempt for anyone white, straight and working class, plus they know the boats will have a green light to commence human trafficking once Labor is elected so people will vote accordingly.

If they have a debate, Scotty should just ask Albo point blank “do you want to change the date of Australia Day?”

Liberals at $3.10 the easiest money you’ll make all year.