Charges dropped against Aboriginal teens suspected of fatal home invasion after Police confirm they were performing a ‘Welcome to Country’

Two aboriginal teens charged with murder of a white woman in a violent home invasion on Boxing Day have had their charges dropped, after Queensland Police have confirmed they were performing a ‘Welcome to Country.’

The two teenage boys, already out on bail for a previous offence that day, were pardoned by Queensland Police and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk after it was confirmed that they were performing a Welcome to Country inside the house.

“We have confirmed it was a realistic rendition of a ‘Welcome to Country’ which involved a violent home invasion usually seen in the NT and Queensland, as a result we’ve dropped the charges on cultural grounds,” Queensland Police Commissioner Katrina Carroll said.

“It’s such a refreshing change from the usual alcohol-fuelled Abo-on-Abo violence that we’ve seen since the ALP went all softcock on crime here in Queensland.”

Meanwhile, Anthony Albanese and Labor MP Linda Burney have offered to make the two ‘brave teens’ the face of the ‘Yes’ campaign for the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum next year.

The two teenagers will also lead the annual ‘Change the Date’ protests in Melbourne next month ahead of Australia Day, with Lidia Thorpe and Bruce Pascoe also to take part.

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Welcome to Brisbane

Not sure if Brisbane CBD is

Calcutta Business District
Chinaman Business District
or Congo Business District


Cvnts Be Dead orta be


We really need people like these young champions to have a voice in Parliament. They would be a force for good.


Quickly skimming through previous day’s comments I couldn’t help but notice a certain someone mentioning memes on multiple occasions. I also couldn’t help finding this obsession bordering on compulsive disorder and indeed very near the pathological end of the spectrum.
Not one to be quick to advise heavy medication, a certain amount of psychotherapy should be recommended at once to find out how deep the emotional roots of the issues at stake are.

Anyway, the top bloke that I am, and overall nice person in general, I’m always happy to oblige requests.

I’ll wander the wide expanse of the interwebz today and hopefully be able to post some delightful memes later on that can be shared with the whole family around the Christmas tree leading to much joy and happy laughter.

Thank you for your patience.






On post vax death (or not) in sweden and comparable Nordic countries.

I’ve got no idea what to make of any of it. Saw some clown on Twitter saying he trusts plumbers, electricians etc etc with their areas of expertise so we should trust covid experts. The problem I see with that analogy is trusting an electrician after their faulty wiring burned the house down despite claiming they always do a perfect job, and being told to shut the fuck up when pointing out exposed wiring before the burning.


Very dishonest article

the other Nordics (ex sweden) DID lockdown to some extent

they closed schools, banned gatherings, banned travel etc

this guy is outright lying

that’s why they had no excess deaths in 2020
if it wasn’t lockdown then what was it that protected them from excess deaths during 2020?

then when they completed their vaccination programs , they ended lockdown measures , and they got their inevitable, but delayed, covid deaths

the author then acknowledges that vaccines were NOT associated with significant excess mortality in sweden, but still comes up with some convoluted sophistry to somehow blame vaccines for everything

I guess that’s what you need to do when you’re a substack grifter, and you want cookers to send you money


The clown you speak of, on twitter, is certainly a clown. He cannot tell the difference between a closed system – ie pipes and your home electricity wiring, where there factors are all essentially known and not compounding – and a complex system.

There is no “science” public health, at least in terms of the pandemic response – there are no double blind studies to determine the effectiveness of lockdowns.

Thus why I would trust a plumber, car mechanic, or an electrician over a public health official (note: bureaucrat protecting his/her job), politician or epidemiologist any day of the week.


The rap sheet of these kids before the murder is incredible.

I don’t see much hope for rehabilitation, and the fact that there are calls for incarceration and support for much tougher penalties shows that the pendulum is starting to swing the other way.


The magistrate who released them needs to be jailed for manslaughter


Unfortunately this will never happen, they’re a law unto their own.


for doctors the most disgusting and aggravating example of this is the coroner

their opinions are considered absolute truth, despite them not even being doctors

and there is no recourse or means to dispute.

They are literally “the science” like Fauci


Anecdotally I think most of my peers have had more issues dealing with frivolous complaints through AHPRA or the HCC.

This has got to be the worst so far:

Edit: Full link for non-medicos –

Last edited 9 months ago by Gouda

Then of course there is the PSR, which seems to be a star chamber where one can’t even have legal representation.


abo kids are legally untouchable can confirm there’s nothing the cops can do about them. they run rampant will throw rocks at you, steal your car steal your bike, do whatever they want. the police can’t do anything.


Always best to live outside of walking or BMX bike riding range from our uncivilized abos – generally 3km at a minimum with 10km as being preferable when living in the country.

Last edited 9 months ago by Stewie

Guys like that needed to be jailed for 25 years long before this event occurred.

That’s long enough for most impulsive, thoughtless, adolescent male violence to ebb away. Give them another chance in their mid 40s, and if they fuck up again life em.

Aussie Soy Boy

A civilised society would just execute them now.


Where are the parents here? Those losers should be charged too.


The news Andrew Tate has been arrested brought to mind the only time I’ve ever read or listened to anything that he had to say (indeed I commented on it some time back).

It was in regards to this link, it only runs for 2 minutes and 16 seconds:

It is interesting that it is only 3mths from when he said it, linking the Bidens and the Clintons to the Ukraine to his large following, that he’s been arrested. From what I understand since he made that statement he’s also basically been chased off most social media and publishing sites.

To date that link remains the only time I have ever read or listened to anything he’s had to say. I have no views on anything else he’s ever said, other than the anecdotal reports I’ve come across of him in the msm saying he’s a hateful misogynist towards women.

Last edited 9 months ago by Stewie

You could watch the Clinton Chronicles:

Of course it has a political slant, still enough interesting bits in there.

Wikipedia has this to say:


If these voting machines that keep the Clinton’s foreign buddies in power are also the same type of voting machines Clinton lost to Trump on, they don’t work very well at stealing elections.


Had never heard of him either.

Apparently his father was an African American chess master, and there is an article about him being a talent player as a kid, but having to be removed from a tournament for crying too much.

After a career as a kickboxer, he’s gone down the influencer route and sells a $50 a month investment course with the promises of riches, Bugattis etc. On Youtube, there are plenty who have reviewed it with fairly pointed critique. As expected, he’s presenting himself as a get rich investment guru. From what I gather Tate is known for saying controversial things on Tik Tok – eg. Usual stuff against women, complaining about police in UK not accepting a bribe etc. 

I suspect part of the grift is to simply grow via increased attention no matter positive or negative. With that in mind, taking a shot at Greta makes a lot of sense – she has a huge following of left wingers, and likely to stir up his own base which equals more subscriptions.


Without a doubt his whole shtick is about growing and expanding his grift – I’ve just found it interesting that he’s been successful enough in elevating his grift for this sort of attention, re how real or exaggerated those charges are. The spectacle around him, that he’s either deliberately or inadvertently triggered, is far more interesting than whatever his message or philosophy may be.

Tate is My Prophet (not a midwit, promise)

Anyone with half a brain can tell Tate’s try-hard loser. And anyone who’s been around the Manosphere or “High-Value Freedom Hustling” circles for an extended period knows these guys routinely come and go.

Tate showed up in the Manosphere scene around 2017. He high-jacked The Red Pill for attention and the grift. He doesn’t have an original thought and lifted the already established body of work from the series of existing blogs, namely the big three R’s, Rollo, Roosh, and Roissy.

Roosh’s hate-for-clicks model must have appealed to him. Midwits are so eagerly impressed by anyone who says one or two things they like. Tate is not a Prophet. He is not a hero of masculinity. But he does smell like JBP.

These two Krauser articles below comprehensively cover just how full of shit Tate is, and did so before his recent breakthrough into the mainstream:

  • Exaggerates Kick Boxing Success – check.
  • Rents Ferraris to create the illusion of wealth – check.
  • Buys followers – check.
  • Runs an online pyramid scheme ‘hustler’ university on the back of lies – check.

Here’s an extra link about Jason Capital, another example of the endless internet guru scams. The ride never ends.

Tate Verdict: Tool.

Tate is My Prophet (not a midwit, promise)

Part 2: Scamming Aside, is Tate a Ticket Taker?

Everyone now and then Red Pill lads or Right Wing influencers will get banned. Sometimes they make mainstream headlines such as in the case of Roosh or PUA gurus like Julien Blanc from RSD. When these guys get hit it’s usually a takedown attempt to demonize them or crush them into submission. Notice that Tate is still getting routine attention.

More often than not, truthful influencers won’t even get a whisper. Stefan Molyneux used to have the biggest philosophy channel on youtube. When he got banned you hardly heard a thing. You definitely didn’t hear a thing when Vox Day got banned from several platforms.

Returning to the Manosphere, Tate comes out of nowhere and quickly surpasses all of the existing voices. You could credit his success to watering down the content for midwits on Tiktok. What’s more likely is we have someone, who has leveraged an edgy topic for attention and then was subsequently offered the ticket. Tate’s history has him Big Brother, a magnet for attention-seeking fame whores. People with integrity and a truthful message aren’t allowed anywhere near prime-time TV.

So would Tate leap at the ticket if he was offered it?

Verdict: Probably an artificially promoted ticket taker.

Below is some commentary on Tate from AC in the daily news briefs over at

Andrew Tate texts at Greta Thunberg about his 33 cars (a Masonic number), she makes him look like a tool, he fucks up in his response by letting a pizza box reveal his location and gets himself arrested for trafficking by Romanian Police. The whole thing is so embarrassing for Tate that /pol thinks it was a purposeful skit scripted from the start, to demoralize the followers of Tate, and make the left feel emboldened, like they had won one over on the right. Of course I am not sure Tate has any real followers, save for maybe Cernovich. No way not to see his glow.

Oddly enough, Tate set up in Romania, which sounds weird, except Soros has tentacles into Romania, so Cabal has control there.

Verdict: Probably Making Deals with the Devil


As promised.

For all you whingers out there you have a scroll wheel, f’kn use it.

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 20.14.31.png

“Use your scroll wheel”

maybe the most boomer thing you’ve ever said

how long is peachy going to pay for the extra bandwidth for this trash


“Peachy Peachy! What are you gunna do about this outrage!”

Shows what an insufferable little prick you are running to mommy.

She can ban me anytime, tuff luck for me, who cares.

Even your left handed mouse should have a way to scroll.
It only took you 2 whole days to figure out what ‘excess deaths’ means, who’s the cunt now, cunt.


I don’t give a fuck
im not paying for this bullshit

just lol at you giving up on the argument when you realised you had no point to make
now even the substack cookers are agreeing with me


“I’m not paying for this bullshit” 😂🤡

And nobody here still believes you’re a doctor champ.

Sorry but your medico shtick doesn’t work anymore bud.

Maybe you could reinvent yourself as an internet persona that is more suitable to your limited mental capabilities pal.

I dunno, like a beach life guard or something. That way you could also insert fantasies about how you fuck big fat smelly land whales. While you’re writing your tripe you can fondle your flaccid little willy and try to make it to ejaculate on a picture of your love interest Brittany. You could aim for her gunt.

I know! You could start your own page. With your stories you might attract some impressionable young guys after a while.
You could all meet up some day and sit around circle jerking each other in a jacuzzi filled with the smegma of a thousand skin folds. You will have a glorious time sicko.

Fuck you and you making fun of other people’s suffering.



Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 19.59.37.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 20.16.27.png

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 20.24.16.png

That’s facebook boomer elite level meme work.



Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 14.37.58.png


Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 14.38.12.png


Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 10.53.46.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 19.17.38.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 19.51.49.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 20.03.08.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-22 at 18.29.34.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-22 at 18.43.13.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 18.37.45.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 18.38.19.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 14.54.38.png
Ironic Boomer

Can add becker at embee to that list. Apparently his cog dis cope is it’s a fox news thing.


Becker is a bigger NPC than most of the people who commentate at MB.



Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 18.30.01.png

Christ these are absolute dogshit-tier memes


I found a picture of Coming, and it’s what we expected.
comment image?ops=scalefit_720_noupscale&format=webp


Of course.

Only a low IQ recent 3rd world immigrant wouldn’t know what rhyming slang is.


He certainly knows how to make friends and influence people.

Ironic Boomer

More jacked than I would have imagined.


Unimaginable power in those wrists.


Getting back to actual discussion rather than spamming memes, here is an interesting piece on rates and IOR released today

never certain that he is actually correct, but he’s very confident and I always indulge heterodox opinions

do reserve banks do anything at all?

its kind of believable that they don’t


do reserve banks do anything at all?

its kind of believable that they don’t

Yes they do and no it isn’t.


Good discussion
thank you for the thoughtful contribution


It is a better summary or explanation than most. At the same time he isn’t making the argument that Reserve Banks aren’t important, only that raising or lowering interest rates is less important than the media makes out.

Reserve Banks are still important beyond ‘communications’ because they influence credit at the margins, liquidity management is now almost more important than raw rate moves.

But he’s also correct in that Reserve Banks power is less than people think, because private credit is so big disconnects, like the pricing of Libor (which is private credit) vs the Fed Fund rate can open up significant spreads. There are definitely more things to watch Reserve banks than simply interest rate ‘levers’.

Last edited 8 months ago by Stewie
Aussie Soy Boy
One meme per day please.

Ok vote:

Press + for YES memes


Press + for NO memes

time is 24 hours if ‘no’ wins I’ll fuck off.


The Yeas have it.

Low engagement in voting so most people don’t care either way.

Look like I’ll be back in the new year.



I like the memes.

And if they piss off that fucking imbecile, Coming, BRING ‘EM ON!!! The more the merrier, mate!

Ironic Boomer





“Aussie woman”

They’ll never be anything but Africans.

Aussie Soy Boy

I’ve said many times the dark ones are the worst.

In terms of worst people on the planet you have

  1. Islanders/Maoris. Ultra violent, stupid, fat, ugly, shit islander tattoos and thick as mince.
  2. Aborigines. Violent, stupid, degenerate, depraved, but being pissed all the time takes the edge off them and their scrawny builds means you have some chance one on one as long they don’t bring knives and bats. Plus, they often assault and rape each other (especially the kids in the communities) which keeps them occupied.
  3. Sudanese.
  4. General white scum it’s probably 40% of white Aussies.

No arguments here.

My Missus is trying to sell an investment property. Next door is the the skinniest scrawniest pair of filthy tattooed thieving junkies you’ve ever seen. I’d kill them if I could.


As my friends in the US say…TNB….Typical Nigger Bullshit.

Its to be expected.


shit hot retail numbers through xmas…

plilly’s gunna poo in Feb.

Aussie Soy Boy

Everyone is cashed up and interest rates are crazy low.


Yee haa ! I’m spending up Bigley

Aussie Soy Boy

Abos basically have an evil gene. They are the most degenerate people on Earth. I’ve never come across a group of people with such little pride.

A fly in your ointment

How about gay pride and abos?
Is it degenerate to have a G and L, B, T, Q, RSTUVWXYZ pride parade?


After outing “Coming” as a bored Sir-Lankan with sketchy internet, I’m proud to bring pic of our host, sweaty Peachy.
comment image
He/she is doing asis/asio proud.


splattered with goo?


It’s sweat Peachy. Fat people sweat because they’re fat.


Thanks for your excellent work with Coming. I was wondering what he looked like.

Let’s not forget though that he has an incredibly highly paid job, that he keeps talking about at interminable length, and which will protect him from the effects of the vaxxen. Lololol. Bwahahahaha.


Fun seeing the RBA butt up against the unintended consequences of decades of EZFKA policy.

The combination of high interest rates and high property prices makes houses unattainable for new entrants.

Thus there’s little incentive for the yoof not to live in the moment.

Combine it with our super rich Boomers and the RBA is powerless to stop people spending unless it can get unemployment well up.

Now if only something could disrupt immigration again.


Fun seeing the RBA butt up against the unintended consequences of decades of EZFKA policy.

The combination of high interest rates and high property prices makes houses unattainable for new entrants.

for something to break, something has to break

Combine it with our super rich Boomers and the RBA is powerless to stop people spending unless it can get unemployment well up.

Now if only something could disrupt immigration again.

there are two ways that unemployment can be brought up and, as I’ve written – the RBA and Federal government have quietly agreed that we’ll try taking the immigration route: