EZFKA 2022 Predictions

Thought I’d spitball a few predictions off the top of my head, given it is the start of a new year or the next scene of a never-ending horror movie that is EZFKA, depending on how cynical you are.

By no means an exhaustive list, feel free to have at it and tell me how wrong I am in the comments section because unlike other sites, you won’t get banned even if you’re a paying customer.


It may be year three of this shitshow but his thing has legs yet, given that we are only up to Omicron and have several letters in the Greek alphabet until Omega man shows up and destroys everything. The current media pivot away from COVID seems to me to only be a temporary thing – there will be a lockdown or two in between now and winter, with one happening right before the school year to get needles in kids arms and drive boosters. How that balances out with the ‘open the gates’ mantra as the Indians studying Diploma of Uber Eats or Bachelor of Scam Call Centre Operations full-time in NSW and Victoria begin to come in, I have no idea.

WA has become the first state to mandate the third jab with others expected to follow suit shortly. There seems to be a pattern of testing things out in different regions before rolling them out everywhere else and this will be no different. Israel are on their 4th, the Netherlands are planning six and I’m sure similar is planned here.

Anyways, fear porn to continue, cash for comment ‘experts’ to continue grifting and more of the ‘squeeze-release-squeeze’ anaconda technique against the populace to come.


Not much of an economist (if it wasn’t obvious), but I’d expect the business as usual of low rates, high debt and house prices to the moon to continue. I’d say negative rates (they basically are now), super withdrawals for deposits and 50-year mortgages will surface before there is any drop in the house market. Brisbane real estate to become the new Melbourne of the past decade, as people flee the shithole of Victoriastan and ruin it for us Queenslanders.

As for crypto, as a rank amateur crypto investor I’m genuinely bullish about the Elliott Wave for Bitcoin and it will continue to near $100,000 by year’s end. I reckon a lot of shitcoins will be wiped out in the 12 months and I’m interested to see if Ethereum can ever solve their gas problem, so that’s a no. Blockchain is definitely here to stay as a technology, it’s just how many coins are seen as a worthwhile buy on the other end (fuck all, really). I’m also genuinely interested to see how Proof of Work v Proof of Stake evolves in the next year.

Stewie should really take the reins on this.

Guess the only variable on the table is inflation and how badly that gets out of control. Which just means more bullshit Kabuki Theatre every month about the RBA raising rates, nothing happening and/or the small banks doing it themselves. Turn the printer up to 11 and open the gates.

We will probably get a tilt at a RBEZFKA Central Bank Digital Currency and some sort of social credit score system by year’s end, given that the legislation and infrastructure for both seems to now be in place. Just need a contrived emergency or two and someone to blame a collapse on and there we go.


Yeh there’s a federal election, but I don’t really see much changing as this is EZFKA after all and a near $10 trillion housing market and the conga line of easy money grifting shitbags hanging off of it, have the final say.

Cynicism aside, Scomo will probably win with a minority government. Not much changing in the lower house bar a few seats. Upper house will be where the action is and I’d expect an expanded crossbench with some UAP, LDP and ON members added. Jacqui Lambie is likely gone and into a board spot at Pfizer, or dealing meth in Devonport. Either way, we have five months of this campaigning shit to look forward to and MB repeatedly pulling their dicks over how Labor and Albo are apparently any different to Scomo.

All Scomo has to do is run the election on a “Did your house price go up?” platform and point to the behaviour of the modern day ‘Gang of Four’ state ALP psycho premiers (McGowan, Andrews, Palaszczuk, Gunner) and he’s home. The only thing I see fucking it for Scomo is an inflationary event, but who cares, Josh will print his way out or something.

“But guys. Albo’s high speed rail and commitment to equality will really progress Australia” or some shit until May.

As for the Victorian state election in November, if Daniel Andrews is either still the leader and/or alive by then he’ll win again. My rationale is everyone with an IQ over 85 (and there isn’t many in Victoria) will have fled elsewhere, leaving only even dumb shits and Indian grandmothers to help branch stack the next generation of ALP MP’s. The Victorian LNP are the federal ALP – just turn up to make it look like you’re doing something when you don’t really give a fuck. Hopefully some good upper house members get elected and Fiona Patten goes back to testing knee pads and mouthwash.

That’s it so far. Go nuts.

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crypto is fundamentally worthless, but so is religion and yet here we are thousands of years later with towel heads fighting holy wars for it so who knows when or if it collapses

Your elliot wave stuff is complete and utter bullshit however

Bitcoin could be 100k or 1million could be 1k could be 0.10 cents.

However , why is there no house price prediction here?

Surely that is what the EZFKA units care about

Here is my prediction – house prices will fall 5% this year, more in the cities than in the regions

Agent 47

Fiat and crypto are essentially the same thing, fiat is the only one backed up with state violence for now. Both are pretty much valueless.

I’d be interested to see how many more countries other than shithole Latin American nations adopt it long term though, as in my view the main reason there was to facilitate drug and human trafficking trade.


the main reason there was to facilitate drug and human trafficking trade.

.The main reason there was that they were using US dollars hence not really their own fiat that they could print. US dollars work wonderfully for drug and human trafficking.


Seeing as the state is not stopping crypto, is it also not backed by violence?

Seeing as the state simply does what it wants, effectively anything the state doesn’t enforce against, is essentially legal as I see it.


Seeing as the state is not stopping crypto, is it also not backed by violence?

That depends on what you think backed by violence actually means.
In my opinion it means the state will use violence and any other means it has to limit and control the supply of fiat and prevent counterfeiting etc.
Crypto does not require this as it is inherently limited in it’s design.
Legality or otherwise is a completely separate question.


you won’t get banned even if you’re a paying customer.

Too good. Old Timbo can’t stop, even if he tries…


I had a dream that Bitcoin hit $100k. literally. Had that dream the other night. it’s got me scairt.

On housing, the prompt resumption of population growth is going to be vital. I’m already sensing lack of steam. Stuff not clearing at auction & being out for sale (cf. being frequently sold before auction). Unless the bods start coming in at some scale, danger of air pocket opening up below the valuations.


don’t give us this wishy washy bullshit

make a call

% +/-


righto.. flat house prices +/-3% only.
coz hodl…just some temporary sideways movement


oh fuck.. forgot to say ..govt interference too..buyer incentives….super baby yeah


I am calling it down 5-10%. Not so much due to changing fundamentals but more that the FOMO types have been cleared out of the system.

Anecdote. Apartment my area recently sold a few months ago for over $800k. Owner in same building thought it was christmas, kicked the tenants out, and advertised for $850k. Months later it is still sitting there vacant and advertised for $700k.


Not surprising, as my opinion is that apartments and the inner city generally are in big trouble medium term

They levitated last year despite covid and remote work conditions because people still believe that “property” (air rights in this case) only goes up

but i think people are slowly realising that cafes, bars and pubs are fucking boring and a waste of money
And that “vibrancy” in general is a fucking scam

So I think the outer suburbs (quarter acre type deal) and regions probably continue to go up, while the inner city wanker/jimmy areas will have falls


Disagree, inner city will boom as soon as companies make staff work in the office full time (well maybe four days a week to give an illusion of flexibility). People generally hate long commutes and love a third world servant delivering their meals.


My own personal circumstance is company is expecting me in the office 2-3 days. It has been made clear that this is a permanent policy shift. It would make it possible for employees to live outside of Sydney, perhaps even somewhere like the Gold Coast, with one single long commute and overnight stay in Sydney.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

In Melbourne, they are widening freeways and building the Westgate tunnel for city bound traffic. They will make sure the old economic and work model comes back. My prediction is that Andrews will announce full time in the office for public servants post election win.


nah the covid grift will roll on with work/wank from home

Of course at some point they will realise that most of these office drones don’t actually do anything and can be redundancied or at least outsourced to india

then they can collect ubi at whatever regional area they are in


I’d not be surprised with 5-10% down, if they don’t get the bods flowing soon.

to get prices to lift without new bods would take some pretty heroic monetary policy from here. Not that it can’t be done, but I don’t think that they want to go there. They’d much rather “normalise” migration flows.


fuck me another nothing answer


To be clear – I think RBA will tolerate 10% decline from here without dropping teh rates.


They can’t drop the rates, mate

unless you are now predicting negative rates?

but what is clear is that you’ve made no prediction at all


TFF was dropping rates another way. And it worked a charm: three year fixed with a 1 in front. Expect a comeback if house prices drop enough.


am very very hurt.

they can drop the rates –for the actual borrowers. This won’t require negative overnight rates, but it might require direct funding of the banks on a term basis.

edit: yer, what Ramjet said.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

so what is your final answer


Apartments maybe, but anything with land is selling. But the equation was changed on December 15 when international students were allowed back. I reckon 5-10% is too pessimistic, but not EmBee pessimistic. My view is they will go up as they will get more migrants than what they keep telling us.

Agent 47

BTC will go close to 90k I’m betting by end of year. Massacre of shitcoins to follow. ETH outperformed BTC last year but as Timbo mentioned, the gas fee problem will hold it back.

House prices 5% up except Perth. QLD biggest gains.


My 2c

Omicron is so contagious that we will all catch it in quick time. I already know several people with it. Delta is disappearing in some countries so there appears to be immunity across strains. If we have natural immunity from a highly contagious virus then the symptoms will become milder over time. We might have one more round of stricter social distancing but no more full lockdowns unless something drastic happens with ICU numbers over the next fortnight.

Regarding crypto trading. I have been researching for a few weeks and can already see decay in various trading systems. I won’t say your Elliott Wave (or other common strategies) won’t work anymore, but I expect the profitability of those systems to fast approach zero over the next couple of years… especially for the main cryptos which are being actively traded by Proprietary Trading firms.


My 2c, the claim that omicron is massively more contagious but all the cases in intensive care are delta is extremely convenient and somewhat unlikely.
Anything coming from the gov is simply propaganda at this point.




The number of daily Delta cases in Sydney was quite high before Omicrom hit: Daily Confirmed Cases – COVID Live

But I do agree that they could say whatever they want to play Omicrom down.


I went today to 4 PCR centres to pay my duties to the ezfka gods and neither worked. Even advertised times at official ezfka service/covid central app. Not a coincidence.
My take, Omicron exists, it is effectively a mild flu, and I had it, they want as many to have it to see the effects without too much fuss (hence pcr centre closures). The Greatest Clinical trial mankind ever saw is still ongoing.
Come autumn, a new variant will be released to make us all wet the bed.

Aussie Soy Boy

There is too much money in COVID for it to go away in Australia. Governments and government departments have incredible powers now, do you think the police will ever allow check in codes to go away?

Entire industries have popped up around COVID. Existing industries healthcare, tech, media all having a COVID bonanza. Even the guys that transport the vaccine, the guy who stands herding traffic at the COVID testing site, the deep cleaners at the quarantine hotels have incentives to see this pandemic run in perpetuity.

If there wasn’t a whole lot of money to be made out of COVID it would go away tomorrow like it has in Africa. No-one can make a buck out of people that don’t have any money. COVID doesn’t really exist in Africa, or any poor nation with terrible or non existent health care come to think of it.

The pandemic will exist in Australia for as long it continues to provide a comfortable living for hundreds of thousands of people in Australia.


there wasn’t a whole lot of money to be made out of COVID it would go away tomorrow like it has in Africa. No-one can make a buck out of people that don’t have any money. COVID doesn’t really exist in Africa, or any poor nation with terrible or non existent health care come to think of it. 

The pandemic will exist in Australia for as long it continues to provide a comfortable living for hundreds of thousands of people in Australia.

There is truth to this. But also bits missing.

specifically, in addition to EZFKA units happily raking it in on the coattails of teh COVID, there are a bunch of units who are getting smashed. The losers group.

so it becomes a question of which interest predominate. Who has more power.

The mobs getting smashed would include Qantas, the hotel lobby, the fakeducation outfits… it would be wrong to underestimate their power & political leverage.

if gates are not reopened significantly soon, teh property lobby will also join the “losers” group. Once (if) this happens, the balance of power will definitely shift.


+1 this. Aussie Soy Boy completely wrong here I reckon.

Companies like Flight Centre have been making as much noise as possible to open everything up for 6+ months and it went no-where. Not powerful enough.

The relatively few businesses that are making more money from COVID would be massively offset by those either directly losing revenue, or seeing increases in employee cost base due to not having an exploitable cheap workforce to call upon (as gates are still semi shut).

Government just does whatever its donor mates want anyway so it really then comes down to the FIRE Sector and IMO only, I think they’ve been in the government’s ear (state & fed) for months, as part of the reason for the let it rip (lite) change we’ve seen.


Agree about Andrews getting elected. The Victorian LNP are useless and are unemployable. However my call is that Andrews will resign in 2024 and take a board position at John Holland. That is a 2024 prediction.

Federal election will be close. Morrison is despised, but if Albo is elected, it will be a Biden repeat. Wokes will run rampant and society will decay further.

For house prices, they will tolerate a little decrease, but new ideas for pumping prices will be actioned later this year. New visa types, extension of the LMI scheme. Our economy is property prices and people. I am going for a substantial increase in migration.

Bitcoin will increase and ASX for a modest 5% rise.


Morrison to take it home agreed also. He’s shit, but ALP per Totes be Woke, are worse and I just can’t see people falling for their shit.

Albo started his campaign on high speed rail for gods sake – its a state fucking issue.

Agent 47

Four elections in a row they’ve pulled out high speed rail. Population density or lack thereof makes it largely uneconomic, however it’s the perfect excuse to grow the corridor along the lines.

Essentially what Andrews is doing with the inner city loop pipe dream.


 Population density or lack thereof makes it largely uneconomic,

The real killer is the cost of the land acquisition to put in the tracks to make it viable.


It will be a repeat of California’s high speed rail. Its price tag has blown out and yes due to land acquisition. Environmental studies and poor planning have contributed to cost and time overruns.

It would actually be cheaper to do what QLD has done and buy some tilt trains. Essentially you could have faster trains with some track upgrades.


Essentially you could have faster trains with some track upgrades.

Maybe for a bit of the trip, but the entire sydney rail network is already at capacity and has been for decades. The new lines just make the congestion worse on the existing track.


lol, every man and his dog has done the high speed rail or ferry thingy to central coast/newcastle for as long as I can remember, literally.
It’s a not gonna happen issue…


Of course it won’t happen, but that is the point. The idea is to paint Albo as a visionary. A scoping study will be done and will be left gathering dust on the shelf as the conclusion will be straightening tracks and bringing existing non rolling stock assets up to standard will provide return on investment.


+1 to this. The topic has been done to death and it’s just politician grandstanding to try and get votes.


In 2011 the feasibility study said it would cost about $108b. Ticket prices would be high and couldn’t compete with cheap airfares.


And the trains won’t be so fast when going from Brisbane to Melbourne because they have to stop twice –

  1. for the NSW border police to complete their search and swab of everyone on the train
  2. for the VIC border police to complete their search and swab of everyone on the train.

the only high speed rail that might make sense is not connecting the existing pop centres, but connecting Mel & Syd each to their own new “satellite cities” ie dormitory suburbs for the hordes of epsilon semi-morons.

major win because:

  • your tracks don’t need to be as long – 100km will do
  • no border crossings
  • you don’t need proper super fast trains (150kmh will do)
  • less useless land to acquire for tracks
  • MORE currently useless land to be upzoned (ie revalued up) for the dorm suburbs (eg paddocks out at Oberon or whatever)

You are correct. Even if we tried to build HSR, every electorate will want a stop in their electorate. Thus making it a little faster than the current XPT.


This is what I thought they announced, to the dorm cities of central coast and newcastle.

less useless land to acquire for tracks

the only land that’s a problem is that from the cbd to the suburban fringe.


Oh, I didn’t read any announcement. I’m just running my mouth here 🙂


Iron ore to $20 and AUDUSD to 30c?


Save that for qtr 3 2023


Sorry are you DLS?


Left it off figuring it was clear…

/sarc /pisstake


Lol 😂

You need to add house price decrease of 30% by June 2023. CBA to go to $70. Wasn’t he also on about coal prices, but they have sunk back up to $174 per tonne.


Iron ore to $20 and AUDUSD to 30c?

My take is AU$=US$=EUR2=0.000000000000000001BTC=5RUB=7Renminbi.

AU$ imv will follow US$ but both will be worthless. This is the only way the house prices will come down to to Earth – by still nominally rising but nosediving in relative terms.

Production to return to Aus, we will be making following:
1. sandbags to fight the sea level rising and floods due to climate change caused droughts
2. cannon fodder for US adventures into democracy export business,
3. Deep blue sunglasses – to filter out yellow peril
4. lap dogs breeding for export – main market will be UK


With regards to federal election, I am wondering if scummo has played this to perfection

when people started getting sick of lockdowns, he and dom wedged the ALP premiers (except mark)

that’s enough for me to vote for him over ALP (third and second last respectively , just ahead of greens)

which voters did he lose doing that ?

Boomers? Unlikely they will vote for ALP after franking credits and negative gearing

public servants ? Were always going to vote ALP

betoota advocate/friendly jordies type trendy wankers? Ditto

I reckon by election time it will start to look like a brilliant decision to let it rip, because it was


Completely agree on all points. He’s been the knight in shining armour for months to re-open the country and will claim all the credit for it, assuming ICU and hospitalisations don’t go through the roof in the next 2 months in the meantime.


We need to have a post on how to vote as it’s so poorly understood in Australia. I’ll be voting independent for state election since I couldn’t possibly vote for Dan and the opposition is a flog.

The more people voting independent and not the two major parties, the more chance we might actually see of change and going away from the current corruption/rorting/authoritarianism/scumbaggery.

Last edited 2 years ago by DictatorDavid

It’s only the Liberal Democrats who showed any ethical principles in the recent shitshow, as far as I’m aware.

Politician is as politician does. So they’re the ones to vote for.


They are definitely in my top votes for sure

Agent 47

Problem with them is their immigration program is basically worse that we have now. That’s why they haven’t released it.

Their other stuff I like but changing the middle management of the country isn’t going to change the culture or business model.


I didn’t know about that, not much on their website either.
“The Liberal Democrats would increase opportunities to live and work in Australia while carefully guarding access to welfare and citizenship. Policy Negotiate Free Immigration Agreements (FIAs) with compatible countries to allow unrestricted movement of citizens between those countries.”

I wonder what their housing policies are?


LDs will look to compatible countries, at least.

LIB/LAB will just bring in hordes from the most corrupt, dense and desperate places on earth….

let not best be the enemy of good.


Labor will juice immigration to never seen before levels the second they get the chance. Why bring 1x educated professional from an comparable country when you can bring in 4x units from dirt poor countries and put them to work for slave wages?

How about going back to the average a decade ago and allowing infrastructure to catch up? Or encouraging educated Aussies to have families. Atm the only Aussies that have more than 1-2 kids max are the absolute cretins of society creating a never ending cycle of life time welfare earners…


Their other stuff I like but changing the middle management of the country isn’t going to change the culture or business model.

oh, for sure. Peachy is not one to harbour illusions.

The system, culture and business model is very deeply entrenched and has many anchors in place to protect itself from change.

still those LDs seem deserving of a vote more than the other mob


Lib Dems –

  • A $40,000 tax free threshold, indexed to end bracket creep.
  • A flat 20% income tax above $40,000.

Looks fine to me.


surely do… otherwise end up like this side of the paddock …a one party state


federal election- albo wins but not in a blowout. agree with you the house of reps will be pretty much the same but the senate might have like 1 or 2 extra uap/on representatives in there, hardly enough to matter though.

andrews will win again in victoria, that’s locked in.

they’ll continue pushing the jabs, we’ll probably be on mandate no 4-5 by the end of the year. there won’t be any resistance at least initially because all the resistance has already fucked off and didnt take even shot 1, but maybe by mandating the 4th or 5th shot, people will finally be peeling off and just giving up on it. but i doubt it.

house prices will cool and weakly plateau, market wont run red-hot but again, no crash, growth will remain positive.


House prices up 3-7% nationally. Slow grind ahead but no correction, at least not 2022. 2023 a 5-10% correction, off the back of slowly increasing interest rates. Teh rates are still very low, and gates will be opened further when/as needed.

I think we’ll see the first rate hike in H2 next year also back to 0.25% (virtue signal hike).

Also cue kabuki theatre from APRA & RBA about MPLOL, something something about need for greater regulation but nothing actually happens etc.

Big threat to all of this however is – inflation. If we continually see inflation at 4%+ – how long will the RBA tolerate that?

Last edited 2 years ago by The90kwbeast

inflation. If we continually see inflation at 4%+ – how long will the RBA tolerate that?

Until wages have grown enough relative to the debt pile to allow rate increases without blowing the whole thing up completely.

What that means for us plebs I’m not sure…

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

Inflation will be controlled via lockdowns. As long as lockdowns exist, the velocity of money shits itself.

Lockdowns mean they can print without the higher inflation kicking in.

Agent 47

I’ve long thought about this. As well as being deliberate war on small and medium enterprise, I agree that it’s a control on inflation to a degree.

Agent 47

Andrews winning again baked in. Scomo will win with minority government. Nothing much changes.

House prices 5% up except WA because hell never open the border. Victoria’s population will likely go backwards.

As for the gates, we know they want an immigration restart but my question is how many genuinely come back due to shitty service jobs largely gone and trashing our reputation. I’d expect not as many will come back but still big numbers.

If inflation goes over 10% in the US then all bets off. IIRC its about 6% at the moment?


I predict Djokovic wins the Australian Open when his fully vaxxed opponent mysteriously collapses during the final.


LOL, that’s highly probable.

Agent 47


I want him to walk past the testing lines to troll.


Going big. Mass immigration is done for a generation.

Unlikely to ever return to pre pandemic for 25 years.


Whilst Australia is better than where they are coming from, they will come. The issue is the number of seats available with much less seats available now compared with two years ago.


Maybe. I think politics will stop it. Remember every other immigration wave ended due to instability.

The nature of immigrant waves is good, better, too much, way to much and then it stops for a long time.

This is how ethnic enclaves happen right. Hence I think its not going to come back for a generation.

Not to say pollies won’t try everything, but I don’t think they will succeed from the track record of immigrant waves.


Also – by the end of the year the government will say, ‘Well no one forced you to take it’.

And people will be surprised lol.


Lol, that’s be great.

Andrews picked up by Chinese submarine while swimming near a friends beach house, perhaps?

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

USA faces constitutional crisis, and devolution happens.

Another big one, Xi turns out to be the good guy, and Trump takes the reins after the crisis.


comment image


Great post!

Here are my calls:

  1. Albo wins government narrowly. Scotty is widely loathed and while Albo is bad news, giving the LNP another term would lead to increases in toxicity. They have to go because they have to go, not because the alternative’s better. The best possible outcome at this point would seem to be a decade of one term governments.
  2. Stock indices are now driven by flows of dumb money (index funds). Dumb money has nowhere else to go, and there’s still a lot of it. Inflation could throw a spanner in the works if dumb money finds it has to be spent to live.
  3. Property will continue to rise in the ponzi states. I have become convinced that Australian property is now mostly about money laundering. I suspect there’s nowhere else it’s as easy to launder money.
  4. Weak hands in many industries were kicked out during covid. The strong hands that remain have no incentive to meet the markets’ demand. They will seek to maintain high prices for things and will be in a position to do so for quite a while. This means inflation will be stronger for longer.
  5. Commodities are a good inflation hedge. The need for fossil fuels is not going to disappear quickly, but supply has not been expanded. Think of all the shale oil investment needed to expland it again. The need for battery metals has only one way to go. More extreme climate events will mean more pressure on agriculture. Overall, I think these are up. In which case, Perth property may do better than expected.
  6. Already the scientists are saying that 4th jabs are probably a bad idea. I don’t think they will be mandated. However, now that the platforms for mRNA and adenovirus DNA gene delivery have been validated there will be range of new treatments available. And bioweapons. And countermeasures. Shudder.

That’s enough right?


These are all hard to argue with


Some good ideas there.

No. 1 will rely on the old truism:

“Oppositions don’t win elections…Governments lose them”.

In No. 6 though, not sure I go along with:

However, now that the platforms for mRNA and adenovirus DNA gene delivery have been validated……”

Think the jury might still be out on that one.

Reus's Large MEMBER

China RE to implode, Winnie the Poo to invade Taiwan to distract the populace, massive sales of RE in Australia by Chinese to cover their losses back home and stay off the streets.

US red states to take over as everyone leaves the blue states and a huge swing against the Dems in the mid terms, Ron Desantis to run for pres in 2024

Australia to collapse under the weight of all the debt as the Chinese sell up.

Whuflu to wipe out the vaccinated as ADE and multiple boosters start to kill the populace


A man can dream


The nation seems to be lost in delusion.

The networking media inclusive of RDA and “SuperCraig” Kelly are bashing Novax Djoker for being treated differently.


Why does proverbial memory of the goldfish seems to be like that of an elephant when it comes to Aussies remembering Jan 2021 or as recent as Dec 2021 bash of Novax.
If anyone is furthest from the heartthrob of the Aussie regime and MSM it is the very Djoker Novax

Why can’t we enjoy when an enemy of my enemy beats my enemy?

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s Aussies and the British getting very sanctimonious as we and the British like do. We have too much to say as always. Also, the two countries with some of the highest infection rates in the world despite pushing vaccines down their populations throats for 12 months, yet getting upset about one of the healthiest people on Earth potentially catching COVID. They certainly can’t be upset by Djokovic possibly spreading COVID because it’s a pandemic of the vaccinated in Victoria.


I don’t see that as Craig bashing Novak.

I see it as Craig bashing Lib/Lab for treating the pleb units differently to Novak.

the wording used is probably deliberately imprecise enough to admit both interpretations (and this have wider appeal)

Aussie Soy Boy

Looks like Djokovic got it based on having an infection in the last 6 months which would be easy to prove if you just get swabbed several times per week. Previous infection gives much better immunity than the vaccine anyway.


Ah, the “Nadal Routine”… good one.

I do not condemn Nadal’s way to play….in fact anyone gaming the regime is making erosion of grounds for mandates

Aussie Soy Boy

Natural infection is better than the vaccine.


He’s going along the divide lines by placing the last person that qualifies for “rich and famous in Aus” at the top of the list. Djoker was at the top of the for-culling-if-you-question-authority list

It should’ve been : Why other players are not being exempt and why should *anyone* need an exemption for “unwaxing”.

I understand “politician” means no spine but SuperCraig posed as standing tall for the last 2yrs


I find both the RDA and Kelly a bit off target on this one.

Sure, the exemption for the Djoker has exposed, once again, the utter hypocrisy and duplicity of the current state of affairs….and by all means highlight this.

It’s not as if it’s the first time we’ve seen it happen….anyone remember a few celebrities and sports teams that were allowed to self-isolate, whilst the plebs were forced to sweat it out in over-priced hotel quarantine?

But surely both have missed the more salient point….here is a high-profile bloke who has publicly extended the middle finger to the establishment….and won.

One would have thought that this is a point worth making by both RDA and Kelly?

The tone of both their posts tends to cast Djoka as some sort of accomplice to bastardry, rather than as an individual who stood his ground and said a resounding and public “NO”.

Gotta be a little bit of inspiration in that, surely?


well said…


the feds seem to have given him the finger back though. His visa got cancelled.

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Yep, but the stain from cancelling it on a supposedly pedantic technicality is permanent.
The fat lady still sings… there is no information apart from speculative msm bits and experts in the field.

The sad bit is that proponents of ejection are saying “we are flucked, no one should be able to screw the system and must be flucked silly too, even if not being flucked silly means exposing the rapist”.

  1. We knew who he was
  2. We knew why he was coming
  3. We knew the circumstance surrounding his coming
  4. We knew the exemption under which he was coming

And we still gave him the wrong f’kg visa ???

Australia…..the smart country.

Chinese Astroturfer

Australia will lose the Open because of this. Serves them right. There’s a contract until 2039, but I’m sure there are ways to either get out of the contract or to discourage the top players from attending by changing the rankings points. Take away the top players and suddenly no sponsorship, it would fall apart in no time.


How good is Texas?!

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Well that totally makes sense now as to what has been going on, push out the 3rd / 4th jab to as many as possible to maximise profits for big pharma before India produces vaccines for $1 per dose.

Develop and push the new prevention pills that do the same thing as Ivermectin but are going to make profits for big pharma while calling out other treatments as fake news / horse paste etc.

Aussie Soy Boy

Good for Djokovic getting the exemption.

It’s as if Djokovic understands how EZFKA operates better than EZFKA units themselves. Not Djokovic’s fault the average EZFKA unit lacks principles or is easily led.

Independent committee who weren’t told who was making the submission LOL.

Yes, independent. A committee without stomachs, without mortgages, without careers, without networks.

I’m sure the blind submission from Djokovic said something along the lines of “caught COVID in Belgrade December 2021”.


Does not need to be that personal and it could’ve said “positive pcr 6 weeks ago”.
They would not have a clue if it was Nadal, Djoker or any other player.

12 more days of lamenting before the beast-slayer takes the grand stand. He won the alternative AO 2022 against Dan in straight sets. If he wins the 21st trophy… well, I’m sure he will like it but for me the defeat of Dan is what matters.


@Peachy – Curious to know. What would your $20k afterpay investment against MB advice been worth yesterday before asx dropped?


Hey mate. To be quite honest, I stopped keeping an eye on afterpay almost a year ago, after I said that it’s time to hit the bid here:

At the time the share price was $140-$150 per share. entry was around $10 per share (very well timed).

so return of about 1,300%.

as of yesterday it looks like APT had dropped from $80 to $70. This would be profit of about 600%, if I were still holding.

Knowing when to walk away with winnings obviously helps improve profits….