Doherty Institute experts say another arbitrary lockdown prior to 2022 school year will help boost vaccination in children

Experts from the Doherty Institute have found that an EZFKA lockdown will help drive up vaccination rates in children.

The new modelling, which will not be released, shows that a two-to-four-week lockdown right before schools go back will help get needles into arms.

“If we can get parents held at virtual gun point, banning them from childcare services and their kids from attending school, we will significantly able to tackle the Omnicron variant and drive-up vaccination rates,” Peter Doherty said.

“The only way to keep people safe is to mass vaccinate the group that is least at risk. We urge state premiers to enforce mandates immediately. Remember, this is about public health and not a psy-op.”

Doherty says he’ll be asking for more money to conduct ‘extensive research’ before the school year begins.

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Agent 47

This is exactly what is going to happen.


apparently 4 week lock down

Reus's Large MEMBER

Does not seem like that is going to be the case with the current narrative from Perotit and Scomo, they seem to be in a let it rip frame of mind


“Let it rip” would -at this time- be the best way to tear the youngins a new one, after they’ve been made to sacrifice so much.

this significantly improves the likelihood of this being the plan of action in the EZFKA!

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yes I am pretty sure that with the election looming the plan is to open up and let everyone free and bring in those migrants to please the populace and the big donors, all bets are off though after the election going into winter.


What seems odd is they are not trying to move kids to a fully remote model taught by mum.

It would destroy the teachers unions, which is something I would expect from them.

Still I guess why destroy the cosy duopoly. Win win for career politicians.


Nah, won’t happen in Victoria until the school year. They will want the tennis to go ahead and then set new rules starting February 1.


Geneva, 1530 –

The doctors tried to spread the bubonic plague around to make money.

Mark Ambrose

I’d suggest Doherty takes all the kids jabs. Then there will be at least one less moron on the planet


ACT is at 98.5% double jab for 12+ and yet have a look at there daily numbers….surely it is only the true believer’s that are left.


I’m proud to be one of the 6000 or so sensible unvaccinated people in the ACT.




I don’t look at the cases usually, but I just did.

big lols- the shapes of the case count curves look the same in all states^ …as they basically always, because the virus is going to virus!

^WA is the exception – and this demonstrates what Australia could have done for a longish time with a true hard-border policy. Not saying it’s necessarily good, but it’s possible. Mind you, those morons have also gone nuts with their mandates. From a scientific POV this is great – we’ll get to see what happens when the virus hits a population which is mostly-vaccinated but

  • has no natural immunity
  • has not had the dry tinder cleared out by earlier waves.

Suspect that they will “catch up” on those deaths quickly.

Aussie Soy Boy

I’m shocked by the number of cases in NSW and Victoria. I expected these kind of numbers in the middle of winter not the peak of summer, and even then never really expected them in winter given the relatively low population density in Australian cities, reliance on cars, favourable climate. Sydney isn’t exactly Tokyo.

These are some of the most highly vaccinated populations on the planet, with mandates in place restricting the unvaccinated from participating in many areas of society.

I don’t think governments anticipated these kinds of numbers.

On a per capita basis, NSW must be having the most new infections on Earth.

Are the vaccinated more susceptible to infections? Certainly seems that way.

Australia has a clean population with almost no natural infections, yet some of the highest rates of infection in the world despite being in the middle of summer. UK would have had substantial number of natural infections before vaccines came along. They’re doing a similar amount of infections on a per capita basis despite it being 5 degrees, damp and dark at 3:30pm. Perfect conditions for spreading an airborne seasonal virus.

This truly has become a pandemic of the vaccinated in Australia.


Who knows whether the vaccinated are more susceptible to infection or not. Some numbers suggest that perhaps 20-50% more susceptible.

in any case, I think this is a great illustration of what the cooler-headed people have said all along – all the madness around social restrictions and masks and tracing was just delaying the inevitable. Everyone, or almost everyone, will get infected anyway.

but all that insanity bought EZFKA time. Precious time that the EZFKA used to open zero new hospitals.… this was also to be expected, by the way. The EZFKA business model says that:

  • building hospital -> expensive
  • bringing in new bods to replace any legazen units that die -> free!

We hardly build hospitals when our population is expanding. There is zero chance when NOM is 0.


Can some field agent please post this to retard central –

I see nothing but upside lol 😂


Holy shit. Deaths up 40% in 18-64 according to insurance firms.

Ur mum

They can all go fuk themselv3s.