Betoota Advocate apologise for missing annual token stab at the ALP

The Betoota Advocate have apologised for missing their annual token take down of the Australian Labor Party.

The apology was issued after Betoota realised it went all of 2021 without an article mocking the ALP, and that the upcoming 2022 election would make it obvious to those still on the fence that they’re just an ALP mouthpiece.

‘We apologise for not having that one article a year where we sort of but not really mock the ALP side of the political duopoly. We’ll get that out of the way straightaway in January so we can shill for Albo 24/7 asap,’ the statement said.

‘There’s an election coming up, so we’re firmly committed to endless Scottyfrommarketing cringe and LARPing as rural Queenslanders because you know, we’re so blokey.”

Betoota said they’re looking forward to delivering their ‘finest progressive snark ever’ in 2022.

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Agent 47

Get ready for five months of tonguing Albos balls from these cunts.

Comedy in Australia really has died and taken a huge turn to the left.

Epic Patriot

If the left had any balls they’d at least be lining these politicians up against the wall like Stalin, but instead they’re arguing over whether using chopsticks is racist or not