Peachy portfolio update – walking the winningest ways

So it’s been about six glorious weeks since the recent stock gloat (here: and it’s time for a brief update.

When we last left the Peachy Portfolio, we were laughing all the way as it had grown from $20,000 to $150,000, by deftly lifting the offer on CCP and APT on 23 March 2020:

that was then and this is now: APT profits are up from 1,210% to 1,630%, while CPP has plodded along from 361% to 426%:

If you put $20,000 into the Peachy Portfolio in March last year (equally split for diversification!), you’d have $185,000!

So the Peachy Portfolio returns have hit almost 1,000%! Returning $35,000 in the last 6 weeks alone. Wowee! Must be approaching the time when we hit the bid, boys!

Still no update from the MB Fund, unfortunately, so we don’t know if the boys have continued to lose money – despite mega intense booms, tumescent and begging to be ridden – or if they’ve finally managed to make a cracker. Somebody let me know when it has come out please, so I can give the update due coverage.

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Confirming my foundation fund has gone nowhere if not down perhaps a half percent the past month.

They are heavy unhedged intl shares now from their last asset reallocation, so with the AUD climbing they are spinning their wheels.

Chinese Astroturfer

Seriously, what’s going with those guys?

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