‘Foreigners only’ Australia bans it’s own citizens from buying property

In a bid to arrest falling house prices nationwide, EZFKA Treasurer Jim Chalmers has announced a ban on Australian citizens buying property, with only cashed up foreigners allowed to purchase homes.

The ban comes into effect immediately, with Chinese buyers set to return to Australia next week.

‘Legacy citizens are too saddled with debt and low wages anyway. We’ve re-opened the invasion, er, immigration floodgates so we’re halfway there,” Chalmers said.

“The Chinese will be able to finish off what they started years ago under Kevin Rudd and the FIRB. I mean, who needs a direct Chinese military invasion when you can just get them to occupy us through the front door? Some of the credit has to go to Penny Wong.”

Chinese buyers will have to take a COVID test and show a detailed history of being a really shitty landlord in mainland China before boarding flights to Australia.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

More spoiler alert that satire …..

than …satire

BBC Zoomer

Elite boys school in Brisbane teacher Adi Darma Moe accused of indecent rapes

Brisbane is a horror show, half of HK has made Brisbane it’s refugee camp, and people spend 15K a year sending their boys to be raped by other such types of jungle asians

BBC Zoomer

Elite boys school in Brisbane teacher Adi Darma Moe accused of indecent stuff not rapes


Soggy Sao . Much.

Brisbane teacher student relations:

Private school =homo ass punching

State school = lesbo carpet munching


Reading this article, one would think Timbo’s satire is actually true:


Founder and chief executive of Financially Empowered, Grace Mugabe, said the cost of living crisis and rising interest rates were hitting most people hard, particularly culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) Australians and migrants.

Ms Mugabe, who helps migrants and multicultural Australians manage their money, told the ABC that some families had the added pressure of sending money to relatives in their country of origin.

“So when things are rising here, that means they need to be spending more money, for survival, but unfortunately they also need to be able to support their families overseas,” she said.

oh no, not the poor CALD!



fuck off.


We need non racist mortgage rates to continue to have a vibrant community .

The current rates are far too racist and will not allow more if our property to be sold off to foreigners.

APRA should instigate a cap of 3% fixed rate mortgages to all non white people.

Excluding Aboriginal people who should receive -3% rates paid for by the taxes of all non Aboriginal people to support closing the gap.


Didn’t the Bush administration try something like this? Some sort of incentive I recall.


that cvnt or clinton or both ….ninja loans everywhere

Hapa Master

You will make t. Sunnybank Man upset.

Actual footage –


Brisbane is the New World City but most are soup ream gentle men hapas


Lol this is one of those ezfka satires that will end up coming true

after the voice goes through we will 100% have ninja loans for aboriginals


Equity mate


Mugabe is a long way from home😆

Hapa Master

Just call them what they are:

The Sunnybank People

Max Payne

Lol, wouldn’t put it past this government to introduce ‘remittance keeper’.


The peoples names in that article are fantastic!
Mobaraka Mohammadi
Gracious Chidhakwa
Ali Kawser
David Lin
Grace Mugabe
Article written by Dong Xing, which I suspect is a typo, and his real name is Don King


FMD You would almost think this was a piss take.

Aussie Soy Boy

“A lot of [non-essential] spending will have to be retrenched.”

What a wanker.

Ironic Boomer

That article russles my jimmies. Why is the ABC giving microphone volume to these people.
Also lol at having your money managed by a Mugabe in EZFKA.

Hapa Master

Because they are the people you deserve


Because the constant emphasis on “diversity” means it is suddenly important that all these non-Australians are suddenly given access to control and stream a large part of our narrative.

Under MultiCult these CALD wankers will never be Australians – they will forever remain cultural parasites feeding off what social capital remains in EZFKA.


i dont follow the stock market at all

can someone explain why the ASX is only 7-8% off the all time highs?

Doesn’t the risk free yield also affect share prices, regardless of profits?


I’d assume back of napkin commodity prices have a large say in this for the miners

As for banks dunno unless they are seeing margin compression they’ll continue making out like bandits unless property drops further


In regards to banks, they would be getting better margins. Too little competition to battle it out for transaction account interest rates, so they’ll stay at 0.01%.


My coal shares are getting raped, so must be Banks or metals propping up the asx. I’m not understanding why ppl are buying equities right now when no-one knows wtf is going on, and term deposits are giving safe returns.


Big miners seem to be doing just fine


Expectations of rate cuts is driving the market.

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming
Ironic Boomer

It ain’t over yet.


Speaking of house prices I saw this interesting tweet today:

I accidentally stumbled into r/ausfinance and learned that no one seems to understand anything about interest rates. Could be a long year as all of the fixed rate home loans roll off and people kind of just sit there waiting for a bailout.

Since Soros bought Reddit I stopped frequenting there, so I haven’t been bothered to go and confirm. But it strikes me that this is the default planning that most holders of these jumbo sized fixed interest mortgages are doing in anticipation of their fixed term expiring.

As I’ve said before, due to 30yr mortgages the majority of home loans in the US are still issued on a fixed basis meaning that the impact of interest rates on consumption are far more inelastic than they are in Australia with our high reliance on floating rates.

Thus the US will probably hike interest rate for higher and longer than most people expect. Australia will be forced to top out much earlier, due to being more the impact of our rate hikes being more elastic.

BUT – in an open economy the eternal trilemma comes into play; the only way the resulting discrepancy in yields can be resolved is through a lower Australian dollar. Personally I still don’t think the bottom is in for the AUD.

Those relying on a bail out might be very surprised to find out that they end up getting thrown on the financial bonfire as a sacrifice, in order to avoid a currency crisis should the difference between Aust and US yields become too great.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Ironic Boomer

Yep the rates differential between RBA and Fed will be interesting to see how it plays out. With regard to rates differential function to AUD the RBA (which embee latched onto) has said that it’s the trade weighted index that matters and that it, at least last year wasn’t a concern. However we know central banks and narrative blogs say lots of things, one would think that there would be some point where the RBA would care about the outright exchange rate.


I have repeated many times that AUD can remain strong despite low rates (relative to US) because commodities.

I think this is being proven to be true.

also implicit within that is the fact that RBA has quite a lot of AUD strength to trade away in order to maintain (relatively) low rates for EZFKA mortgage borrowers. Which we’re doing while the government gets the immigration pumping again.

we are trying to take the adjustment predominantly in the exchange rate and in wages.


Commodities remained strong in the 70s while they fought inflation…. but the recession of early 1980’s that arose from the efforts to kill inflation did what to commodities?

A fly in your ointment


Channel 7 report on Melbourne’s fluctuating temperatures causing “gene changes” and illnesses.

I knew sumtin’z stinky in Mel, now in this “confirmation bias ” article the scientific consensus says sheetty weather can affect/cause mental and genetic changes.

A fly in your ointment

Miami police
Miami Militia

A fly in your ointment

the perils of gardening and solar storms….

A fly in your ointment

experts in the field….
I there a doctor frequenting this puddle to shed some more light?


what I dont get about you cookers is:

there’s a pretty obvious explanation that you ignore
A history and civilisation changing event

A novel RNA virus was released into the world in late 2019/early 2020, with known cardiac effects

why would you disregard that?
Yet somehow an RNA vaccine, almost structurally identical, is obviously the cause?

By what mechanism do you postulate that the RNA vaccine is so much more dangerous than the RNA virus?

And why do you also at the same time believe that the Astrazeneca attenuated RNA virus is so much more dangerous than the “wild-type” RNA virus?

I’m just trying to get into the mind of the cooker
I would have thought that for conspiracy theorists a novel virus created in a bioweapons lab would be enough of a conspiracy for you to jerk off over


This 2014 paper outlines some of the risks with mRNA treatments. I’ve not been diligent in following up, but AFAIK, thsese risks have not been discounted yet.



im asking you how this differs from the risks of RNA viruses which function in exactly the same fashion (HIV, Covid etc)


Try clicking. I linked directly to the safety considerations section. mRNA treatments use non natural neuclosides. They are therefore not the same as natural RNA viruses.


I think that is a nonanswer

Does Covid-19 contains non-natural nucleotides?

Do you know what nucleotides are?
Does the author of this paper suggest anything beyond “may”?


Nice try. I’m not going to do the work for you.


lol fucking idiot glad you “did your own research”


As expected.




These are some pieces I wrote on this topic last year. Some useful comments too.

I don’t think your call is that the virus and the mRNA vaccines are “the same” tells the whole story, but they clearly do have their similarities. The death/injury statistics I saw, and I admit I haven’t looked for quite a while, were difficult to interpret because it was impossible to find numbers of vaccine and virus deaths/injuries that were broken down by age bracket. The Sweden data you mention is interesting, but I’d need more detail before I was confident of interpreting it the way you do – and currently I’m not interested enough. Your interpretation is not unreasonable.

As broad theme, the vast majority of people who took the vaccine are fine and so are the vast majority of people who didn’t. Taking it to protect a high paying job is not irrational.

My reading is informed by searching journals and asking my own questions. The kind of ‘doing your own research’ that the media have mocked is not what I do. That kind of ‘research’ revolves around sharing and reading curated links on anti-vax sites without having the crtical capabilities or technical background to spot the flaws, or to seek opposing views.

I know a public apology from you for a mindless insult is not going to happen but perhaps I can ask for a more civilised approach in future. The only thing that marks me as a fucking idiot is taking the time to write this to some random on the internet.


Isn’t coming just an all round nice guy


You literally admit in the first article you have no idea what you’re talking about

does the covid vaccine contain “unnatural nucleotides” ?
i don’t know
do you ?

the same article says not all mrna therapies do

and then admits it’s all maybe/possibly anyway

then the second article you state that the vaccine spike protein is LESS dangerous than that on the vaccine

but in any case, even if we know nothing about molecular biochemistry , we know from UK and sweden mortality data that there is no SUBSTANTIAL excess mortality effect from mrna vaccines

its that simple
you’ve just been dazzled by bullshit you don’t understand


I admit then as I do now that I do not understand everything in those papers, but I understand enough to know that the substitution of uridine with an artificial analogue has been done in all mRNA therapeutics because they don’t work without it. Does that cause issues? It seems unlikely, but nobody seems to be tracking it. The means by which the vaccine


I admit then as I do now that I do not understand everything in those papers, but I understand enough to know that the substitution of uridine with an artificial analogue has been done in all mRNA therapeutics because they don’t work without it. A simple Google of keywords “covid mrna vaccine uridine” reveals several papers pointing out the importance of pseudo uridine in the covid vaccines. Does that cause issues? The fact that the Astra Zeneca vaccine caused different injuries than the mRNA jabs suggests that there’s something worth investigating since both vaccines encoded the same spike protein. Maybe it’s the pseudouridine or maybe there’s something else.

Death is not the only vaccine injury.

Last edited 1 year ago by robert2013

And you know what else caused injuries?

getting infected with covid

it isn’t surprising .

you don’t need to look for extra conspiracies when there’s one already in front of you


I think it’s because no one believes your claim about the vacks being structurally identical to the virus. If you repeat your simplistic explanation another 50 times maybe people will, so don’t give up.


but you believe other simplistic explanations about how it contains graphene and other nonnatural nucleotides and other things that you can’t comprehend?


Tbh I don’t much care about it anymore, the government pushed some dodgy shit on us in exchange for a kickback, tale as old as time and it’s going to keep happening.

Obviously I’m not going to believe some pseudoscience shit you made up to justify your decision to get a jab that you didn’t want. Even if you are an actual doctor, this still isn’t your area.


just look at the statistics

why doesn’t sweden have any excess deaths since the vax rollout started?
One of the most vaxxed countries in the world

Why does UK have massive excess deaths despite using mostly non-mRNA vaccines?

Reality is not concordant with this constructed cooker fantasy

I justify my decision to get jabbed because otherwise I would have lost my job, not because of delusions

A fly in your ointment

I justify my decision to get jabbed because otherwise I would have lost my job, not because of delusions

common convict class ezfka unit circular reasoning.

You never answered how come the jab became the most required skillet for one to maintain a job.

the virus pathogenesis in human body is where it differs from the Emma Renay pathogenesis. Ovaries and bone marrow is where Emma Renay was found (to name a few) and thrombosis of the level as per below video i posted was not recorded ever as related to the virus itself.
Additionally, when naturally immunised (unjabbed survivors) like myself begin dropping like flies perhaps your theory of nondistinction between the virus and the jabbadabba may hold the water.
At this stage, jabbadabba-do’s cannot be certain that remnants of the jab are not laying dormant in their body awaiting something to activate them, which is not the case in naturally immunised jabbadabba-not’s

Again, the question remains as to why was compliance in jabbadabba required for one to maintain a job, with a gun point at one’s temple, if the life risk was equal to natural infection (as per your claim) , in spite of the benefits of the natural immunity being clear and longer lasting.

Nota Bene
all of my posts on jabbadabba are motivated by sheet stirring and are sarcastic towards the jabbadabba science deniers.
I have no desire to be “right” and a “winner”, only to be a fly in jabbadabba lunatics ointment.
I still hope you’re not a holder of the clot or myocarditis winning ticket for this day/month/year.
Remember, what we don’t know as yet about the Emma Renay effects surpasses that what we know about it and what we know about the virus itself so far. To each according to hetd/his own actions.


Statistics are like bikinis.

They give you a rough indication, but don’t show the full picture.



let’s ignore statistics and base our beliefs on cooker fantasies instead


What up doc?


i don’t either

the eternal fascination some people have with these things one way or another says more about them than the vaccines themselves

that being said they suck, crummy product that was rushed out to market bc govts wanted to put an end to the covid hysteria they partially created; the vaxxes gave them an out an plausible excuse to end lockdown. i never got them bc i dont have a job but if i had been faced with the prospect of losing a high paying job or whatever or taking them id of probably just taken them.

i’d love to see the cookers give us some actual estimate numbers on the table on what they think about them

what percentage of ppl who are taking the vaccines are getting seriously vax injured or killed? whats that compared to covid say for a 50 year old or a 25 year old who isnt fat etc?

all these people never provide any real meat just vague bs like footage of people falling over in a football field which tbf could have been the vaxxes but also could have been fuckin anything

just not convincing, none of this shit is just like all the stuff about klaus swaab who i understand is just a glorified caterer and conference host

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

you’ve pretty much nailed it on the head

i’d just expand by saying that the risk of serious side effects is in the range of 1 in 100,000
Similar to the virus

If you want to be hysterical about the vaccine, then i don’t understand why you wouldn’t also be hysterical about the virus

Cookers and covidians are just different manifestation of the same stupidity

Both groups contain people who are highly suggestible and not particularly clear-thinking

Its just that one of them feels more comfortable going with the mainstream

And the other feels more comfortable going against the mainstream (natural contrarianism)

Its all cognitive bias and laziness though


imo the difference between covidians and cookers is their positioning on the personality disorder categorisation scale

cookers = cluster b

dramatic, erratic, histrionic, aggressive, confrontational personality types

think like BPD, NPD, antisocial personality disorder

covidians = cluster c

avoidant, nervous, neurotic, fearful, obsessive, germophobic

again, avoidant personality disorder, OCD/OCPD, anxiety disorders, etc

it is absolutely fuckin horseshoe theory in action holy shit and i am proud we have cracked onto this because you NEVER see this level of analysis anywhere else

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal
Aussie Soy Boy

Because since the very first rollouts of the vaccines, there have been reports of heart inflammation. I personally know someone. Adverse reactions in the days after the vaccine have been relatively common. Off the charts compared to something like a flu jab.

For the first 12 months or so anyone complaining of heart inflammation being a result of the vaccine was dismissed out of hand by medical “professionals” like yourself. They couldn’t be fucked with the paperwork or being labelled a cooker.

The Nordic countries even banned Moderna for men under 30.

You can’t develop something in a matter of several months, have testing limited to a small group of people, pharmaceutical companies all incentivised to cut corners and be the first on the market with a COVID vaccine, and be confident that it is adequately safe with no long term effects.

The pharmaceutical companies, the boards that approve these jabs, all some how missed that the jabs can cause heart inflammation, so what else have they missed?

Your argument seems to be the vaccine is no more dangerous than COVID. It’s like taking a HIV vaccine that can cause HIV, but relax at least it’s no more dangerous than HIV.


yeah thats my argument

Reus's Large MEMBER

Because the unvaccinated are not dying suddenly …


Proof ?

Reus's Large MEMBER

Where is your proof that the unvaccinated are dying, where is your proof that the vaccines are safe and effective, show me the studies released in 2020 to prove that.


Sweden mortality data showing no excess deaths since introduction of mrna vaccines

uk mortality data showing huge excess mortality despite relatively minimal mrna vaccine administration

I don’t know how much more powerful it could be

now where is your data ?


Where is your data? You haven’t linked to it.


One of the other cookers posted it in the last thread

I’ll go looking for it if he doesn’t post it again here

Reus's Large MEMBER

If the vaccinated were dying suddenly you can be sure that the MSM etc. would be braying about it non stop, the fact that they are gaslighting about it being everything other than the vaccines (and there is a long list of BS reasons) means that we are on the money that the vaccines are at fault.

A fly in your ointment

like every anecdata, caveat videntium applies, however, where there’s smoke….


Aussie Soy Boy

I don’t know how a change in weather could be to blame given the huge variations in climate throughout the world. Do people (white people) in Darwin have a significantly lower lifespan than someone in Hobart?

Japan has hot, oppressive summers, cold winters. Longest lifespan in the world.

A fly in your ointment

that was a satire of the jabbadabba-apologists and covidiots current thing

Ironic Boomer

Not sure if I can post links.
Here is overseasy with some future vision thoughts in relation to the federal budget and the structure of the economy.
Oh wait, check the date. Oh it’s OK, just vote for somebody different.


A lot of airbuses in the background of that picture

Ironic Boomer

Video about Seventy-six year old billionaire investor Howard Marks’s recent memo. Basically he is seeing his third major ‘sea change’, which is higher rates than the past twenty years (even if they are lower than they currently are, i.e. less rate cutting)
Leads to what would a fed pivot look like. Fed could eventually cut but they could cut less than last two decades.


I will watch this tomorrow

Ironic Boomer

Yeah the video is a bit long winded to get the point across, couldn’t find anything else. From about 11:30 gets to the point, or just search for Howard Marks memo there are heaps of links.


I read the note. He is potentially wrong about the labour market.


If the labour market is crap the Fed will act sooner and stronger in lowering rates because inflation will come off faster.

Ironic Boomer

Powell doesn’t want to make the same choice Volker did. Totally agree us gdp decelerating. Also us equities profit.
That doesn’t mean rate cuts.


This week we have a coordinated propaganda effort by left and right-wing media outlets to justify the pending immigration explosion. There will be no mention of the many Australians that will become homeless due to rising rents. This country is fucked.

And to Leith and DLS who I suspect occasionally read this site. Whilst you have done some good work in the past addressing political issues. Locking down political articles makes you part of the problem. You demonstrate that you are more motivated by money than the media outlets you criticise.

Last edited 1 year ago by Freddy

I hope the articles have the opposite effect and people wonder why exactly we need to add the population of Canberra every year or six months or whatever the time period is.

But you can’t have too much hope for the people who still read MSM nonsense.


They have to make a living

A fly in your ointment

a fair statement
in contradiction with the public interest watchdog image they peddle on themselves.

if a fund management firm needs a subscription to their micro blog to make a living, how much money they will make with your funds?


i certainly wouldn’t be giving them my money to invest

but i would definitely be willing to subscribe to the website , and previously have, as I value their political advocacy

Unfortunately, they blocked me from commenting during covid and lockdowns despite being a paid member (and despite being retrospectively and prospectively correct about everything)

And so I won’t give them another cent unless they apologise and admit they were completely wrong

Agent 47


I’ve also found their position on ‘we need to go back to the historical average of 70,000 net migration” a copout as well. Too afraid to discuss the real issues and admit we actually don’t need migration at all in 2022 and haven’t for some years.

Case in point the ABC is now actively running sob stories for a guy that bashed someone into a coma and did 3 years in jail not to be deported because he’s found some single mother.



Just got back from the Goldie and can confirm an influx of saggy wide mouthed sepos driving coal powered Tesla’s.

This country is well and truely rooted.

But with the rain some of the falls in the hinterland were gorgeous.

Had an interesting exchange with a higher caste curry , for standing to close to his cardigan he left on a railing of lookout. PC wife even mentioned her discust when we were home.


why are there americans on the gold coast


Don’t know but the place was heaving and full of international tourists. As I guess you’d expect . I couldn’t be bothered to look for the numbers but would assume back to pre covid numbers. People spending biggly


the gold coast isnt even fun

qld sucks


Agree about the Gold Coast, but disagree about QLD. Plenty of good places in QLD away from tourists.


carnavon gorge is nice


How are dubbos theme parks, beaches, nightlife, cafes, breweries, hinterland, hotels, casino…


australian small towns are some of the most boring places on urth


Absolutely. Retail sales are up. People spending large amounts on their holidays and Boxing Day sales. Some people did really well out of Covid (lock us down crowd).

Aussie Soy Boy

Budget holiday I suppose if you are from the US.


Happy New Year!

Has anybody been able to get any news about what happened in Berlin on NYE? Gangs were rioting and setting fires all over the city and then physically attacking rescue workers, tons of injuries and sexual assaults, hundreds of arrests etc. I’ve picked up pieces from the official Berlin police accounts but media have been strangely quiet. This is what Western cities are importing.



BBC trying not to mention race calls for ban on fireworks…


Shit, they quote 3 different people all saying “please don’t mention the Afghani and Syrian scum burning down our city…”

It happened in Paris same time too, there the religion of peace burned cars and attacked police.


The Afghani and Syrian men throwing bricks into the ambulance doors is a nice touch:



Thanks. Meanwhile the authorities are doing everything they can to label the only politcal patry that cares a right-wing terrorist organization.

Out of curiosity were there riots in Warsaw or Budapest?


comment image

A fly in your ointment

yep, firemen are engaged only where there is smoke thus…


Hey does anyone know if they still use the household expenditure model (HEM), when assessing loans? What, criteria do they use now?


HEM is still used. It is BAU after we were told to drop the wagyu steak and the finest Shiraz to bid up house prices


This is always going to be funny, should happen every time those rats pile their nose out in public


It was Climate Change that caused the can to hit him in the back of the head though.

Aussie Soy Boy

I’ve bought Amazon as an investment gone for 5% I will add to it. The next 6 months will be a good period for big tech I think it’s massively oversold. Even if Amazon gets cut in half again I have no doubt it reaches its all time highs again in the coming years.


You could probably buy Granny Bubble’s Arkk ETF if you’re brave and think tech is a go, she’s got ’em all on there.
The fund is down 60% this year.

Aussie Soy Boy

I like blue chip big tech unless the world economy gets worse, but COVID should die down in China and inflation should subside a little.

Aussie Soy Boy

Amazon down about 60% off it’s highs. It’s at a 4-5 year low.


Btw, not trying to give you a hard time about amazon.
Can you expand on why you think it’s oversold?

Aussie Soy Boy

They got hit hard by people taking a tax loss. Everyone rung out at this point.


buy AAPL at $75

Ironic Boomer

Which level of all time highs does Amazon need to be to break even from cutting in half?


Or the next 6 months could continue to be a wipeout. If rates keep rising why on earth would tech rally again?

This could easily be the .com 2.0 unfolding

How many companies are there loss making, negative cashflows constantly propped up on equity raising and infinite future growth

Sorry re reading big tech could be ‘ok’ but if the US hits a recession or recession like it’s hard to tell how bad the revenue hit will be

Every company is shedding it’s workforce now so that isn’t a good sign

Aussie Soy Boy

Added to it Friday morning made it 10%.


Isn’t that the standard move for these scumbags now? Make the ‘transition’ once they realise their long sentence in a men’s prison is going to be too hard. The Authorities have to move them to a woman’s prison, where they won’t get bashed or raped nearly as much. Might even get some action…

Agent 47

EZFKA twitter account with some gold


Just “the same” will do



wtf is the difference between lab and lib anymore? was there ever one?

i know its trite to say it but its fuckin true. pepsi and coke, its branding/marketing


If you’re a poor cunt you can choose Labor to knife you in the back.

If you’re a rich cunt you can choose Libs to knife the whole country in the back.

Libs might be a little bit nicer in that they actually look after their voters somewhat.

But I’m not a rich cunt so I don’t care which one’s in.


There is no difference. They are owned by the same people (WEF and lobbyists).


Both are owned by Michael West’s ‘Dark Companies’.

It just so happens that the cultural motivation of those who own those companies and those who set the agenda at WEF are aligned.


I would change to slightly slower

Ignoring the pace of change means that it isn’t quite as good a dig at the LNP who pride themselves on being conservative


I envy the US where dissident Republicans (and rarely Democrats) can actually get into Congress and show the elites how much the proles dislike them.

On the rare occasion that a party branch nominates a candidate who isn’t a super mate, some fucking Captain’s Pick bullshit by the central party will ensure that the biggest criminal is the one on the ballot.

Australian democracy is as real as wrestling.


So basically you’re saying PM captain’s picks erode democracy?


It’s more they help ensure democracy never happens


Democracy is a myth – it doesn’t work when those voting are about as self aware as a cow chewing its cud in the fields.

I’d rather a council of citizens impartially appointed for a fixed term in much the same way as we surrender ourselves to the wisdom of a jury of our peers.

That way at least you could be sure you are getting a mix of real people, instead of the power hungry sycophants that form the majority of our politicians.


“I’d rather a council of citizens impartially appointed for a fixed term in much the same way as we surrender ourselves to the wisdom of a jury of our peers.”

How is this any different to what we have now? Other than maybe the impartially appointed part


“That way at least you could be sure you are getting a mix of real people, instead of the power hungry sycophants that form the majority of our politicians.”

I’ve stated previously that I’d prefer a hybrid model, with a group of citizens as I’ve described appointed to the lower house and a portion of politicians elected in the traditional method.

The opposition can’t be trusted to keep the Govt in check when both their policies, like immigration, they are practically in synch with, despite the majority of Australians being against the sort of immigration we are being subjected to.

Only a block of unaffiliated plebs can be truly impartial, and more IMO must be honestly persuaded.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Makes sense and agreed. Basically you’d be advocating for a rule that say 1/4 of th he seats of the lower house be independent.

Probably eliminating preferential voting may assist with that?


Probably eliminating preferential voting may assist with that?”

That would be a step in the right direction, but in a way you will still end up with the same sort of people.

You are still unlikely to have a suburban housewife in parliament, people running for office will always be more like Bob Hawk than Hazel Hawk if you get what I mean.

A block of ordinary, unaffiliated people who must be persuaded to support the Govts policies in order for Bills to pass.

Hapa Master

This is racist. And no, Brisbane is definitely not the world’s biggest Hong Kong refugee camp.


So what if it’s racist?


Racist how?

Anyway, Melbourne holds the title of second biggest African refugee camp anyway. What medal do the citizens of Danistan get for that? Surely our violent crime and ridiculous Leftie turnstiles instead of youth justice has to count for something?

Diversity is our greatest strength.

Won’t be long before we have better race riots than Paris and Berlin, their Arabs don’t car jack and home invade half as well as Melbourne’s African teens.


its a troll guys jeez


In the first sentence “smaller and older than what was predicted before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Im very much in favour of saving a billion $$’s or so and privatising the ABC. It serves zero public value


anyone notice the pro migration propaganda thats being ramped up like this in the msm lately? trying to lube up the asshole


Yes, but I think the better analogy is they are spitting on it rather than politely applying KY


Addendum, I’m glad I’ll probably be dead by 2060

Grow to 39.2 million by 2060-61.

We barely function physically with current numbers and I’ll leave it to others to opine what it means to add 30mpeople from Nepal and India


This is what I keep saying

Sydney will be Singapore by 2050 at this rate with a sliver of white people left and a few bowling clubs and Anzac statues left to remind you what the country was


wish i could have experienced australia in the 90s it sounded like the best time to be around in


You should have been here in the 60’s and 70’s. I remember when the population was about 11 million, and it was beautiful. Go to a National Park nowadays and the carpark is full with cunts everywhere ‘enjoying’ nature and shitting up the landscape.

Aussie Soy Boy

The Aussie version of camping these days seems to be deck out your off road car with solar panels and every electric modern convenience you can fit into it. Misses the point of camping.


There’ll still be Anzac outposts out in the regions, but you’ll have to deal with yucky white trash that people on here hate to live next to.

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s true. If only I could have Chinese and Indians as neighbours for the rest of my life.


You can do that today. Move to Chatswood, Epping, or Harris Park and this fantasy can be yours

Aussie Soy Boy

Crime free, clean streets, government subsidised housing, great infrastructure, highly educated. Sounds great.


You also forgot be a minority in your own city without imperialist invasion

Every other major western global city is suffering the same issue

A fly in your ointment

…[remaining] few bowling clubs and Anzac statues left to remind you what the country was

unfortunately the Gold medal for this achievemnt is held by the post ww2 anglos equating Anzacs of pre 1945 era with military period which begun with Korea and Viet’Nam genocides.
Anzacs had a real chance to create a myth thus a nation genesis…. uniting beyond the skin or cultural or genocidal differences. At this stage it is tainted beyond repair which is the most tragic event in the history of Australia inclusive of the period before barbarians invasion.


You’ll be able to grow some nice roses behind your boundary fence wall – just momentarily step outside and scrap the shit of the pavement to spread over your garden.


how much money could we get for selling the ABC


somehow they have 1.0bn annual revenue and 1.4bn assets but I don’t know how they work that out


Imagine the talentless fucktards out in the real world?

Literally falling over when someone at their new workplace laughs at their suggestion of holding a Welcome to Country for anyone taking a shit in the morning. Feinting when a work colleague casually mentions Bruce Pascoe is a fake grifting off the Aborigines.

It’d be like when Dan Andrews eventually gets knocked off and his tens of thousands of government minions are spilled out of their jobs.


govnut interference has to be brewing

can’t wait to see what it is and how much cope and spin they spew when they fuck it up



It gets cold in Canada, the tent cities will be a rough place to live. Maybe that is why they changed the rules to be permissive to euthanasia there.


hehehe onto it alright…. what a joke

spose you could purchase a vehicle @$40k..as PoR


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Bring it on, Canada is playing on hard mode now since they’ve locked up the foreign investment tool for a little while.


gotta love all the SOB bs from the int students replying to him – oh no!!!!!!! i still dont have PR!!!

these people never ever get deported and getting PR is not that hard just go the partner visa route. so easy to fake it.


You can’t kill an idea, it only helps to spread it.

Aussie Soy Boy

Sucked in to all the abos losing everything in Fitzroy Crossing. The crime problem has been solved.


man imagine living up there huh. shit hole

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There’s always someplace worse to live!


eg: halls creek.. wyndham



another man’s life destroyed by fabricated rape claims

bizarre story

horse girls are always batshit crazy


wwhat is with horse girls but that is true i knew one she was nuts whole family was mental as well

Reus's Large MEMBER

I agree with you on that one, horse girls, great to f*&k but never as a GF or wife


yo did anyone ever hear about this

hapened in melbourne a few years ago

psycho chick with BPD invites some thirsty indian guy round to her apartment to fuck on Plenty of Fish and she chokes him out during sex and kills him


she was literally googling “how to kill someone” before he rocked up but still didnt get a murder conviction for it

shes still in jail but the sentence she got was super lean

the court verdict transcript is utterly phucked, reads like she was the victim not the indian dude who got choked to death by her


shes absolutely batshit crazy i found her instagram account which is still up


compare and contrast to the jaymes todd story also from melbourne few years back who stalked and raped then killed by choking that girl in the park, he got like 50 years dolhelguy got like 5 lol

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Wow, very fucked up – this person had a 2 to 1 care staff ratio for 24 hours a day as a kid.

3 years before this happened, she tried to smother a carer unprovoked and have been making threats to others while in jail. Refuses to engage in mental health services, no empathy, no remorse for actions. Prognosis poor, high risk of reoffending.

Very, very lucky to get manslaughter over murder. Agree sentence too short, will likely reoffend and end up locked away in the forensic mental health system for life.


“Reoffend” in this case appears to mean “kill some other poor cunt”.

She killed that poor bugger for fun, and gets a few years in the slammer. A sane society would simply shoot her in the back of the neck with a .22 and feed her body to the pigs.

Aussie Soy Boy

She looks like a Melbourne girl


A brave Valkyrie cleansing Melbourne Streets of over-sexed Pajeets.

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She’s got Sanpaku eyes – stay well the fuck away.

Capture - Copy.JPG

The pictures on her instagram show mutilated and scarred arms. I feel for the thirsty curry man that didn’t know.


I’m a great believer in the Sanpaku system. Look at AOC in the US for a good example.


That’s Victoria mate, people are getting like 10-15 years for full-blown murder here these days.

Andrews wants to raise the age of criminal responsibility just so Victoria can be the most progressive state, he literally said that: https://www.theage.com.au/politics/victoria/andrews-prepared-to-raise-the-age-of-criminal-responsibility-to-maintain-victoria-s-most-progressive-status-20221220-p5c7nw.html

“And it is not just our right but our responsibility to make sure that this is the most progressive state of the nation, and the laws we have reflect the values and hope and aspiration of our Victorian community to lead the nation.”

He was pretty rough and tough with anyone who had a problem with constant lockdowns though.


fuck this guy is an absolute cunt

what kind of hell spawned him how would a young boy end up like this

Ironic Boomer

The only place Victoria is leading the nation is off a cliff.


It will work to keep Africans and Abo’s out of prison and on the streets committing violence for longer. The interplay between inexperience and testosterone and violent crime peaks with males in their early 20s.

The problem is Africans and Abo’s are outliers in that regard – their lack of self domestication, the result of annually culling upto 1% of the most aggressive an anti-social members of their society like the West did with its punitive legal system over 4-5 hundred years, means that they simply have more genetic proclivity towards using violence as a solution to their problems.

From a progressive’s point of view this immoral – they can’t help being who they are, yet they are being forced to live by the arbitrary rules of a white society.

Therefore it is oppressive. Basically a progressive views any rule or expectation of behavioural expectations of one population group over or in regards to another population group, as oppression and tyranny.

It doesn’t matter about the victims or potential victims, what is the greater crime to the progressive is the unequal outcome between population groups.

I was reading an expansive article this morning by Jarod Taylor, and one of the of the topics he touched on was this mindset, which he describes as ‘Egalitarian Uplift’ which he interestingly ascribes to the female mindset. Something that IMHO accords strongly with Andrew’s soyboy politics.

Andrew’s is just a militant feminist, pushing and appealing to the Egalitarian Uplift mindset. Victoria is life under the Matriarchy – you must conform, you must be agreeable and you must have equal outcomes.

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is anyone going to miss another curry man


I’ve been autistically banging on about “my coal shares” on here, so thought would share my adventures in the black gold.
These are ASX listed companies with mines in aust.
From my broking dashboard –
NHC New Hope +49.87%
SMR Stanmore +3.91%
WHC Whitehaven +80.51%
YAL Yancoal +21%
Some of these are paying great dividends. I think YAL is at 20% yield.

Aussie Soy Boy

Coal is good for humanity indeed



fuck me the entitlement of white women is off the charts

Imagine having the fucking temerity not only to act like this but then proudly relay your story in the media

A fly in your ointment

this has become a new norm, not only in ezfka.
Dwindling is the new normal for fleabay, Qatar Air tried to swindle me for tickets which were travel vouchers from NoviCaugh19 initial years cancelled flights, Sony just said they can’t supply 3D glasses with the 3D TV I got 5yrs ago (TV did not come with them and customer support said the item is no longer manufactured) and tons of anectdata.
Problem is that they can get away with that. Methinks it is an early stage of playing the complacency brainwash. It will only get worse.


Cookers everywhere!


I have long maintained that the most likely candidate to have blown up the Nordstream gas pipeline was Israel:

The Vikings are all pussified estrogen soyboys, the Germans have been gelded under Merkel, the French are already too close to Russia, the British might, but the implications if they got caught are too great. Likewise with the US.

As the 2nd most common passport holders among Ukrainian elites, Israel is the obvious choice. No doubt they were 100% supported and approved by the US, but there is no one else other than the Americans, and the stakes were simply too high for them if ever they got caught.

Anyhow, while deduction and elimination brought me to that own personal conclusion based around the following reasoning:

Israel is politically and economically motivated to hurt Russia;It offers plausible deniability to the US while achieving their mutual goals;A large number of Ukrainian Govt officials have Israeli passports;Israel does a huge amount of commerce with Ukraine and Israelis are large investors in the country;A large percentage of Israel’s population has ethnic and cultural roots to the Ukraine;They have a history of false flag operationsIt offers an opportunity to hurt the Goyim while profiting from it too; andIsrael is a nuclear armed state and much more of a wild dog in its threat to use them than the US.I never really had a great insight into Russia/Israel’s political relationship. It is actually not really very covered in Western press with all the focus being US/Russia.

Anyhow, the French written article does a very good job of analysing the relationships between all three nations US/Russia/Israel


It is in French but there is an English translate button at the top of the page. Lots of interesting facts that explain a lot about the hostility towards Russia:

It has considerably reduced the size and therefore the political weight of the Jewish community in Russia. In 1960 there were still 2.3 million Jews in the USSR ( out of 212 million inhabitants ). There are only 200,000 people left in Putin’s Russia today ( out of 145 million inhabitants ).

My main contention for the War of aggression against Russia is that Russia remains pretty much the last hold out against the Jewish political system and ‘consciousness’ that has come to dominate the West.

The promotion of gay marriage and LGBT as an aspirational lifestyle, the abhorrence of any notion of using Govt resources to project any single cultural value forward into the future (must all be MultiCult now), the obssession with mass migration, the transformation of our Democracies into Corporatocracies, ruled by Byzentine supra-national boards and tribunals. These ‘values’ have all been shoe horned into our societies from the top down, often against the interest and wants of the majority of the citizens in what were our existing societies at the time.

With its Orthadox church still pushing ‘conservative values’ that are directly opposed to the so called enlightened values of the west (degeneracy masquerading as ‘freedom’ in order to garb in morality), Russia remains one of the last one or two nations capable of resisting a Global Jewish conciousness in terms of how our societies are ordered.

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Here’s what happens when you start with your conclusion and try to make the facts fit in.

There’s no point relitigating this but the case for the US being the perp is much, much stronger.


The US has fought every aspect of their current war with Russia via the use of one proxy or another. They have fallen over themselves to go right up to the line but not over. Why do you think this would be any different?


Of course the US wants a proxy when the work being done is soldiers dying in their hundreds of thousands in a war that doesn’t benefit them whatsoever.

It doesn’t surprise me that the Ukrainian government is corrupt enough to be an enthusiastic collaborator, but every single day I’m astonished that Ukrainian troops (mostly ethnic Russians) are throwing away their lives for such a meaningless cause.

The US doesn’t need a proxy to blow up a pipeline for it.

Even if Biden admitted today that the US did it, there would be few or no consequences for the US, because almost every EU country is run by a puppet, and even if they weren’t, they can’t afford to simultaneously alienate Russia and the US.

Israel doesn’t enjoy that level of impunity. It is not North Korea. It is not very popular in Europe and nor does Europe particularly need Israel. It cares about its citizens somewhat, unlike Ukraine and most EU countries. It would be astoundingly stupid for Israel to blow up Nordstream whether on its own initiative or as a US cat’s paw.

There is also zero evidence that they did it. There was a large amount of US reconnaissance over the site of the Nordstream sabotage right before it happened: https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/us-military-aircraft-circled-nord-stream-incident-site-in-se


There was a large amount of US reconnaissance over the site of the Nordstream sabotage right before it happened

How does that conflict with my belief that the US authorised, sanctioned and logistically supported whatever proxy it used to blow up the pipeline?

Far from starting with a proposition and designing an argument to fit it, I’ve explained the reasons why with an open mind to all possibilities I came to the conclusion that IMHO the most likely player to have blown up the pipeline WITH American support, sanctioning and approval was Israel.

As I’ve listed previously:

1. Israel is politically and economically motivated to hurt Russia;

2. It offers plausible deniability to the US while achieving their mutual goals;

3. A large number of Ukrainian Govt officials have Israeli passports;

4. Israel does a huge amount of commerce with Ukraine and Israelis are large investors in the country;

5. A large percentage of Israel’s population has ethnic and cultural roots to the Ukraine;

6. They have a history of false flag operations

7. It offers an opportunity to hurt the Goyim while profiting from it too; and

8. Israel is a nuclear armed state and much more of a wild dog in its threat to use them than the US.

Israel is filled with Russian Jewish emigre’s, descendants of migrants most of whom would have originated from the Ukraine region – proportionally as a percentage of the population they have more skin in the game than most Americans.

The point of my original comment to which we are both replying, was less about re-opening a discussion on an intractable and ultimately unprovable difference of opinion, and rather the insight into Russian Israeli relations in the original article. As such views and discussions are ones that are not often afforded in the West, and which I will link again below:



There’s no reason I can identify why the US would visibly collaborate in the destruction of the pipeline (thus obviously implicating itself for anyone who cares, e.g., not the MSM or the EU countries) but reserve the act of pulling the trigger for some Israeli troops.

If there was any evidence at all of Israeli involvement then this would be an interesting conversation.

As it stands we have ample evidence of US involvement, no evidence of Israeli involvement, and this has lead you to the conclusion that Israel did it.

Even your conjecture is very weak.

As far as I know, Israel hasn’t yet supplied any weaponry to Ukraine, which most pissant EU countries have already managed. It seems a little bit strange to take on such an extraordinary risk before taking on far lesser and mainstream ones.

I’m not going to repeat myself at length but you and most people are probably aware of the dangers to Israel and its troops from the supply of Russian arms to Hezbollah, Palestinian groups, Syria, Iran, etc. It would be dumbfounding if an Israeli leader chose to take on that risk so as act as the US’ cats paw for reasons like “It offers an opportunity to hurt the Goyim while profiting from it too” and “A large number of Ukrainian Govt officials have Israeli passports”.

You make some really silly assumptions believing that Jews would act in a way that’s very different from how you would act, because they are Jews.


You make some really silly assumptions believing that Jews would act in a way that’s very different from how you would act, because they are Jews.

That is what cultural difference is all about – it makes the irrational appear rational.

It is interesting that you focused on point #7 which I jokingly included in my original list only after you accused me of formulating my conclusion on Jew hatred.

Far from being weak I think the remaining 7 points in my list of 8 are all pretty reasonable conjectures.

I don’t discount the possibility that the US carried it out the attack on the pipeline by themselves, however I remain of the opinion that the attack was carried out by a proxy, either Israel or possibly the UK, while being fully supported and sanctioned by the US.

I include Israel as a likely motivated candidate to be a proxy, NOT from an inherent Jewish bias, but by the fact more than 20% of its population are either from Urkraine/Russia or of their 2nd generation descent – ffs 15% of Israelis speak Russian and their second language!

Although many Jewish Russians voluntarily emigrated to Israel, during the Soviet Union time many have the view that they were forced into exile.

The yearning to return to where they are from remains a very strong cultural driver – something that you and I probably can’t understand, and may even appear irrational to us, because we are not Jews of Russian descent living in Israel.


So the killer argument for why Israel agreed to this immensely risky gamble that only benefits the USA is that a lot of Israel’s population are former Soviet migrants.

And obviously none of them sympathise with Russia, for some reason. Even the Russian migrants who just have one Jewish grandparent presumably all support Ukraine: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/article-722598


that only benefits the USA”

You’d know that there is far more to that statement than the simple truth.

Buried deep within the link that has triggered this entire thread, the article dealt with the Israel/US relationship, which it described as:

“The “fusional” relationship between the United States and Israel is better known, more open, but few people identify all the sources and know the true extent of the influence of the Hebrew state on US foreign policy.”

When it talks fusional it means more than simply political.

Under MultiCult America culturally Blinken has more in common with Netanyahu than he does with Trump. If it were Trump in power, then no, I doubt Israel would help. But when it is the US neo-establishment, then that becomes another question.

The USA is generally just as much Israel’s proxy, as Israel is the US’s proxy in the middle east, their interests are aligned – a strong America means a strong Israel.

Israel can trust that the US will nearly always act in Israel’s interest, even at a cost to the US itself. Conversely it benefits Israel if its actions help the Jewish leaders of America become stronger, and thus more able to continue to provide Israel with the defense and subsidies that it needs to exist.

Then combine this with a strong ethnic allegiance to the war in which at least 20% of its population have a deep interest in the outcome of, yeah, I don’t see why Israel should be discounted as a credible proxy for the original attack.

It is interesting how nearly every nation under the sun has been speculated on as being the culprit of blowing up NordStream… except the one where 15% of its population still happen to speak Russian and are deeply affiliated to that particular region of the Pale settlements.


I think an examination of the history of the Israel-USA relationship will show that it isn’t like most of the USA’s other alliances.

In most of the USA’s alliances, it either increases its geopolitical clout (EU countries, Latin America during the Cold War), or sends those nations into ruin (South Vietnam, Ukraine).

The USA seldom benefits from its relationship with Israel, the benefits flow the other way. This would be a very exceptional situation where the USA convinced Israel to endanger itself with most of the benefits heading the USA’s way.

I don’t understand why you find the fact that so many Israelis are migrants from the Soviet Union so persuasive for your theory. Whatever motive you think that represents just seems laughably trivial compared with the US’ massive incentive to cut the EU off from Russian gas and substitute its own.


Interesting and civil discusion chaps. I appreciated hearing the two viewpoints.



This is obviously the latest confected culture war intended to distract the EZFKA population from any issue that could be detrimental to the elites.

The only practical result will be to create a new avenue for grifting.

I hope the people vote no and refuse to engage further with this distraction.


God willing the Voice will fail to pass. But with the entire msm partisianly supporting the undemocratic idea, and all our corporate and political leaders falling in behind it, it does actually stand a very good chance of passing.

But even if it fails to pass, the very fact that it failed will be used to bash existing Australians as ‘evidence’ or our systemic racism from that day forth.

We won’t hear the end of it – the “Voice” will be used to divide Australia, and more importantly indigenous Australia from the rest of us, for the rest of our lifetimes until they do eventually succeed.

Capturing societies and transforming culture is a multigenerational long game – most people simply can’t be bothered noticing or paying attention, the simply think that since it happens slowly it must be natural…. nudge that supertanker travelling across the ocean but a few degrees and over time it end up thousands of kilometeres off course.


Yeh, it’s sort of a win-win for the grifting class since even if it loses, it’ll make a useful cudgel to condemn today’s Australia for time immemorial.


Thing is I can’t work out why Mohammad from Greenacre or Pajeet from Harris Park would vote for it apart from the customary anglo bashing.

Surely the voice is in direct opposition to their interests, and surely they don’t see themselves as being responsible for dispossession and therefore have no whitey guilt.

OTOH here’s wally: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/royals/waleed-aly-calls-for-indigenous-elder-to-replace-king-charles/news-story/01cff2b96037418bb01db1b0986c2c99


The only aboriginal king i can get behind is
King Billy Cokebottle
comment image#731597c98c5a4ebaac8e0465f9fe038c




King Billy, Morton and the pet mud crab


It will poll well among white liberals. I would be inclined to agree with you on the likelihood of Mohammad and Pajeets voting for it – but then again, some of the most ‘woke’ activists in the corporate space are Indian’s, just look at Twitter.

Wally is a toxic Muslim coloniser.


Still haven’t met anyone who gives a shit about the Voice.


There is no hard definition of an Aboriginal and there is no process defined to appoint “their” leaders. With the Voice being similarly undefined, it is absolutely unclear that those people represent anything other than their own interests, cloaked in the garb of Aboriginal rights. Therefore I think The Voice is a way to buy off the Aboringal elite and hence to silence any dissenting views among Aborginals. In other words it is the exact opposite of a voice for Aboriginal people. I think the purpose of all this is to head off the expression of any Aboriginal opposition to the money laundering neo colonisation industry.


Look at this douchebag from Grattan saying yet again let’s just build our way out of the housing crisis. And that removing the CGT discount and negative gearing would do little. Lol.

Zero mention of interest rates and migration rates – conveniently.

Sydney is full bro all you’ll do is wind up with another 500 apartment towers which will only be built if another 200k sanjeets move here to fill them undoing the benefit of building them in the first place.

Melbourne is already sprawling so again it’ll be more apartments

SEQ there is probably room for more people in townhouses and houses, but probably will wind up as apartments anyway



lol yeah i saw that

they never have any real solutions do they, its always this pie in the sky “lets build our way out” as though overcoming the logistical and political hurdles of doing that is the more viable solution to just cutting immigration, which can be done with the stroke of a pen in 5 minutes

if your solution is the infinitely more complicated and impossible to achieve one it is not a solution it’s a bullshit non-answer to justify doing effectively fucking nothing.


50,000 Victorians ran out of Danistan last year, pretty much all heading to Brisvegas and SEQ. Noosa has always been an outpost of Melbourne, it’s now a congested mess that’s killing itself.


i know a lot of retarded girls who moved to noosa


So you know my idiot brother then? He moved up there last year.


SEQ nearly ran out of water 15 years ago. A fact conveniently forgotten by the population boosters. I guess they just need to plan better.


Yeah, I remember the qld govt built an offshore desalination plant at 3 billion cost that never got running, and was quietly dismantled.

Aussie Soy Boy

I thought it was seized for a moment.


me too, this keeps happening

Aussie Soy Boy

I’m pretty easy to find if they do lol


Ya – I was like what the fuck now? There hasn’t been anything contentious for ages other than a bit of banter in the comments.


should we set up a telegram or something so we can go there to find out WTF is happening?