COVID Spike Proteins and vaccine spike proteins

OK, so in response to Stewie’s concerns about the spike protein and my own, I did some reading. Here’s what I found.

First, the spike protein can do damage on its own.

However, the covid vaccine spike protein is not quite the same as the one in the virus, and this means that it shouldn’t be able to do any damage on its own.

  • “The spike proteins from the virus and the ones generated by the vaccines are “essentially the same,” McLellan, the spike protein researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, told us, noting that they have the same function, structure and way of processing.
    But, he said, there is “one key difference,” in that the spikes encoded by the vaccines “contain 2 amino acid changes that help stabilize the spike in its initial conformation and help prevent the spike from undergoing a conformational change that is required to facilitate membrane fusion.”
    That’s because the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is a shape-shifter. To fuse its viral membrane with the host cell membrane it substantially changes its shape from an unstable pre-fusion state to a stable post-fusion state. While previously working on a vaccine for MERS, a disease caused by another coronavirus, McLellan and others discovered that by adding two proline molecules to the spike protein, they could lock it into its pre-fusion state, triggering a more effective immune response and preventing cell entry. The same harmless mutation, called 2P, as in two proline molecules, is used in the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.”

So what happens to the vaccine spike proteins?

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I dunno about the proline inserts being totally harmless though.

Seneff and Nigh postulate that the spike protein is a prion protein having guanosine at either end of its amino acid sequence. If a prion protein, then misfolding of the protein due to proline inserts could lead to prion disease.
Paper on this published in May 2021 issue of Journal of vaccine theory, practice and research.
Though the threat of this seems low at this point, with a few reported cases of CJD in vaccinated people, but not enough to raise alarm or questions.

As for the spike protein remaining on the cell membrane, the S1 and S2 portions of the S protein has a furine cleavage site a bit like the tear here dotted line. Your furine would then cut the S protein into two at the cleavage site releasing the S2 portion into the blood stream while the S1 portion remains on the cell membrane.

I guess having that having the S1 portion on the cell membrane “sticking out” means your body’s defences are like to target the protein rather than the cell itself. I don’t know if any further research has been done to corroborate this claim. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi (microbiologist and virologist) actually said on many occassions (and in his books) that your lymphocytes attacks the epilthelial cells from which the spike protein protrudes. I think more research needs to be done here.

Finally be very careful with information from John Hopkins university and Universty of North Carolina at Chappel Hill. They are a big stake in this MRNA thing.


Good article Robert – thanks for following up my questions from yesterday. There are some good links there.