Beware of non-natural nucleotides

Since it looks as if I’m going to be forced to take the jab, I’ve been doing some reading about mRNA vaccines and came across this paper, published in March.

It’s quite long and I can’t claim to understand all of it. I’ve clipped the section on safety below and noted in particular a comment about “a residual risk of toxic side effects associated with the delivery compounds, complexing agents as well as potentially inserted nucleotides remains. For the latter, it has to be considered that these side effects might only occur after a prolonged time after treatment”The “potentially inserted nucleotides” refers to the substitution of uridine with pseudouridine in synthetic mRNA COVID vaccines. The substitution of uridine with pseudouridine is done because it makes the mRNA less likely to be attacked by cell’s defensives before the sequence can be processed into the spike protein.

The referenced paper can be found here:

Looking in the section “Risks associated with non-natural nucleotides.”, the last paragraph in that section says
“In clinical trial design, the potential toxicity of nucleoside analogues should be addressed diligently by conservative dose-escalation regimens and close assessment of risk organs. Safety monitoring has to consider that adverse effects may only occur after prolonged treatment with nucleoside analogues.”

It seems we should be wary of taking too many booster shots, or too many modified mRNA vaccines, even if the first one appears to be OK.

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A fly in your ointment

When it becomes illegal to have an exemption or to be unwaxed, in my view it should not be ab em ar en aye. Of course everyone should assess own health by a professional prior to this decision.
I understand that adeno type ends up somewhere there in the end but the critical bit is that it does not mess with my cells directly. At least this is how I understand it, I could be right!

I am not advocating that the fight for own body-own choice should be abandoned, only from the perspective when cov19’84 jabberwocky becomes legal requirement for simple existence.

I wonder if a certain way of diet or exercise can make the wax into excrementation at least partially.

A fly in your ointment

Fornication, solid excrement!

I cannot edit l, I hope it is not too confusing as is. Typing from a phone is not the best experience


My employer has decided that as of 1-Nov vaccinated employees can go mask-free while unvaxxed have to wear masks.

Because science, or something.

I should say, my soon-to-be-ex employer. I’ve worked there for over 30 years now, and it’s time to tell them to get fucked.


Good luck LSWCHP. If you can hold your nose and temporarily suspend your distate for centralised authority, you can join the Commonwealth Goverment. It should be slightly easier in Canberra. Who knew that employees of the Commonwealth Government cannot be mandated to take the jab ? They sure aren’t advertising it.

Agent 47

51.23a of the constitution means any constitutional lawyer with half a nous could clean up in the high court over exactly this, main reason Scomo doesn’t want to go there for the feds.

That being said, I wonder how much a high court judge is worth these days.

Agent 47

Legend. Join the club mate.

Update for anyone interested, handed my employer a letter stating there is pending legal action (There is) regarding mandates in Vic and not to make a decision until complete.

They’ve backed right off and I’m still working. I’ve bought myself some time at the best but I’m actively looking to do something else because fuck working there anymore.

A fly in your ointment

if possible, please advise the case name or something, I have a mate in MEL on sick leave as being sick of workplace coercion. He needs every bit of help…


Yup. It is not just pseudouridine that is substituted for uridine. It ie METHYL-pseudouridine which does not exists in nature. No one knows what short term impacts of the substance degrading in your body are, much less long term impacts.
Methyl-pseudouridine turns off your toll receptors 3, 7, 8 which suppress your innate immunity to enable the genetically engineered MRNA in your body to not be destroyed by your body’s innate immune system. This means diseases and cancers held at bay by your natural immune system, can now flourish.

The antibodies produced by your body in response to the spike protein is very aggressive, and are known to autoimmune and inflammatory problems.
A natural viral infection triggers your innate immune response, rather than the anitbody response. This is why most healthy people experience a mild covid infection. The weaker, older and sicker people infected with covid tend to get very very sick from their bodies inflammatory and aggresive response to the virus, due to reduced innate immunity.
Dr Stephanie Seneff describes the process really well. She has been vilified as a quack due to her opposition to glysophate and the fact that her Phd is not in medical science. Dr Ryan Cole is a medical pathologist and he came to the same conclusion. His reputation is a bit harder to destroy.


This is turning into a fucking disaster.


Yes, it gets worse, but I won’t go there. The “cure” is definitely worse that the disease itself. This is not some conspiracy theory stuff, but from actual medical studies and papers by reputable institutes (eg Salk ) and from the mouths of the horses themselves (Drew Weissman and Karolina Kariko who played a big role in the development of the vaccines themselves).


How the hell does it get worse?

Apparently 6.66 b people have been given this thing, and some % of them are going to die off over time to neurological or cardiac issues, and some other set will suffer all their lives as their bodies attack themselves.

Anything more than a tiny minority is going to be an absolute disaster.


It gets worse in the sense that the vaccines have all sorts of bad effects apart from suppressing your innate immune system. The toxicity of the spike protein is another thing. ADE another one and it goes on.


Incorporation of pseudouridine into MRNA yields superior nonimmunogenic vector with increased translational capacity and biological stability – Kariko, Weissman et al Nov 2008 in the journal Molecular Therapy. Second paragraph in the Introduction and throughout the paper.
Kariko and Weissman were instrumental in the creation of the MRNA covid vaccine.


There is a lot more to it than simply bypassing the toll receptors that form your innate immune system. Dr Michael WIlliams explains it a lot better in his article “Stabilising the Code” in which he cites a number of studies.
Notable amongst them are

1) The BNT162b MRNA vaccine against Sars-cov-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune response – Dominguez-Andres et al May 2021 (not peer reviewed yet)

Quote :
“The BNT162b2 vaccine also modulated the production of inflammatory cytokines by innate immune cells upon stimulation with both specific (SARS-CoV-2) and non-specific (viral, fungal and bacterial) stimuli. The response of innate immune cells to TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands was lower after BNT162b2 vaccination. [Emphasis added]”

2)Suppression of RNA recognition by toll-like receptors : the impact of nucleoside modification adn the evolutionary origin of RNA – Kariko, Weissman et al Aug 2005 Immunity journal

We show that RNA signals through human TLR3, TLR7, and TLR8, but incorporation of modified nucleosides m5C, m6A, m5U, s2U, or pseudouridine ablates activity”


Good blog post Robert, I am increasingly resistant to the idea of taking the mRNA vaccines now as well. If forced to take a vaccine, I think I am at the point where I would agree with Coming and take the AZ vaccine.

I believe the issue here is that apparently the AZ vaccine is supposedly being taken off the market after Christmas. If we are going to be forced to live in a vaccinated world then this is probably the one I would choose – firstly because it appears to be less likely to diffuse throughout your body into different cells and cause long term inflammation disease, but also because it is a older and more proven technology.

That said, even though the technology or delivery method “the letter” is more trusted, I still have concerns as to message that it contains.

Coming or perhaps someone with more specific knowledge, could you please check my understanding of the mRNA vaccine and tell me if it is incorrect?

I now understand the mRNA vaccine to deliver messages to our cells that cause them to produce the same protein spikes that the virus has in order to trigger an immune response in our cells.

The message does this by getting the cell to encode the protein spike on the membrane of the cell that it has infected. As a result of this action the body will then produce antibodies that are trained to recognise this protein spike as a problem, such that when they encounter the COVID in the wild, carrying the same protein spike, they recognise it, bind onto it and wait for other immune cells to come along and clean it and the virus up.

However I want to know – does the mRNA vacinne really cause the protein spike to be produced on the membrane of the various cells in the human body that it eventually makes its way into?

Because if so then that would imply that the body will be continuously producing an immune response i.e. antibodies to the viruses protein spike and consequently also attacking those cells it finds the protein spike attached to.

As I understand it, the body only produces antibodies when it is under attack from some sort of infection, and that normally the “memory” of a previous attack by a similar virus is remembered by B and T cells, which will only trigger the production of antibodies when they recognise the virus returning. So continous presence of antibodies is actually a bad thing, because it also leads to diseases of inflammation or other auto-immune like diseases.

In that vein I found this thread which I also found to be very interesting:

The stuff at the end of it is wild speculation, that I think got rolled up in the tweet thread as the original poster (who didn’t write but only sourced the reddit threads) responded to other tweeters.

However, the rest of the thread, especially the earlier part contained just enough information that I already knew and understood to sound plausible.

I suppose the TLDR question is – does the mRNA vaccine result in the protein spike resembling COVID’s, to be produced on the membrane of cells in the human body?


Sorry Stewie, but where did you get your info that AZ is “traditional” technology ??? I think “traditional” vaccines that you and I got as kids are a thing of the past.
All medications from now on are going to use whiz bang RNA/DNA based “cutting edge” technology to herald a “new era” in medicine.

If you are talking about attenuated virus vaccine where a dead virus is injected into you, you will need to take covaxin (India) Sinopharm and Sinovac (both China). I don’t know about Sputnik V though.
Only Sinovac and Sinopharm are “approved” by WHO for EUA. India’s Covaxin was knocked back, interestingly enough. I wonder how much money China donates to the WHO.
AZ is actually worse than MRNA since there is another “step” for the production of spike protein by your body.

Pfizer and Moderna has the MRNA ready to go, while AZ needs to have the spike protein DNA converted to MRNA in your cell nucleus using your body’s reverse transcriptase. An extra step where something could go wrong.

There is some research indicating that the AZ adenovirus vector has a negative impact on protein factor 4 which plays a big role in blood clotting. Also protein malformations due to the fact that the introduced DNA is not optimised for transcription into MRNA in your cell nucleus. I would be very wary of foreign DNA in your cell nucleus since there is a higher chance of mutagentic impacts, and having that foreign DNA incorporated into your own genome (ie changing your own DNA).

If it is any consolation, I know of several people who got AZ (my mother included) who seem fine……for now/

klarse holl

No need to read this article from Reuters, just a bit of proof for XOXO comment, in case some responds with, link? This should be known, cause a lot of people say, even claim AZ is a traditional vax.

“The AstraZeneca shot is a “viral vector vaccine”, where a specially engineered virus that normally causes chimpanzees to get the common cold delivers genetic instructions to human cells to make the spike protein jutting out from the new coronavirus’s surface.”

“The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines use a new technology which packs messenger RNA (mRNA) inside tiny fat droplets to instruct cells to make the spike protein.”



thanks for the response – I don’t think I mentioned that the AZ vaccine was more ‘traditional’, just that the technology in terms of the envelope or delivery mechanism has been around for longer than the mRNA. I’m aware of both the AZ DNA and Moderna/Phizer mRNA ‘vaccines’ are both essentially gene therapy treatments as opposed to proper vaccines.

The point I meant to emphases more was that the AZ vaccine tended to be more localised in terms of remaining in the injection site, as opposed to the mRNA which apparently diffuses further throughout the body…. the blood brain barrier being a notable issue as well.

I’m aware of the potential transcription issues for both the DNA and the mRNA ‘vaccines’ carry, however I’m more specifically interested at this time it the “message” that the supposed vaccines carry, than the mechanism by which it is delivered. Particularly how long the protein spike remains on cell membranes in your body after the gene therapy is administered.

I’d definitely prefer a more traditional vaccine, like the Sinovax, however they are unlikely to be released into Australia and if forced to choose a vaccine I was leaning towards the AZ, because it was less efficient in terms of diffusing the gene therapy throughout the body.

I forgot that the Novavax vaccine is coming – I might have to look into that one further.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Novavax uses protein sub unit technology so you still get that damned spike protein which is useless for inducing T cell memory in fighting variants. At least it does not get our bodies to manufacture the spike protein !!! Something which I am very against though constantly challenged by others as to why. It is my body dammnit.
If we get Novavax, it would be just to get the mandate monkey off our backs…a bit like buying health insurance not because we believe in it, but because we don’t want to be penalised.

As for AZ being localised, I do not know of any pharmakinetic study on AZ though I can speculate why they may not have been undertaken, or if undertaken, why the results might be suppressed.

The question to be asked are
1) why would spike protein produced by your deltoid cells circulate in your body ? Well because the spike protein produced protrudes out the cell membrane and it has the S1 and S2 components with a furine cleavage site between the S1 and S2 bits (like a tear here dotted line). Your body’s furine then cuts the spike protein into two at the cleavage site thus releasing the S2 component into your bloodstream from the S1 bit that remains on the cell membrane.
2) would other critical organs be exposed to MRNA and thus produce spike protein ? The Pfizer nanoparticles are 40 nanometers across so small enough to pass through the deltoid cell walls and enter your bloodstream.
The AZ adenovirus vector is around 90-100 nanometers across ? So dunno it that is too big.

As for how long the spike protein remains in your body, I presume as long as it takes for your antibodies to destroy them. If not destroyed by antibodies, then like any other protein, would remain in your body a few weeks until it degrades. Proteins do not multiply by themselves so won’t stay in the body indefinitely.


That lines up with my thinking on it.

I questioned a Dr friend about it yesterday, and she agreed with all my points up to my question on if whether the protein spike is now found on the cell membrane of cells in the body, to mirror COVIDs, after the receiving the vaccine, then does the body’s immune system attack those cells too – she couldn’t answer that question.


I am only aware of one scientist who asserts that your body’s antibodies attacks your own cells producing the spike protein – microbiologist Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, who is also signatory to the Rome declaration.
I haven’t come across any information to contradict him on this particular point.


That’s my understanding.

So you take a drug that manipulates your own cells into producing a part of a virus, that your immune system then attacks.

Who in their right mind would want to do such a thing as turning their own body into a virus component production facility? Two years ago anybody who proposed such a crazy sounding science fiction scheme would’ve been locked up immediately. Now you’re considered to be a ratbag if you don’t sign up to this mad genetic experiment.

I would bet everything I own that very few people understand how these drugs work, and how utterly different they are to conventional vaccines. People hear the “vaccine” framing and instantly associate the drugs with the hugely beneficial vaccines like polio etc. They’re being manipulated. And meanwhile, Pfizer makes bank.

Beyond all that, how can anybody make a considered risk assessment of catching covid vs Vax, when there is by definition not one iota of data about long term safety? It’s not possible.

So when I see two of the least trustworthy institutions in the known universe (ie gummint and big pharma) reassuring people that it will all be fine, well, I reach for my gun(s).

I think taking an mRNA Vax is utter lunacy, and there is a considerable chance that things will go very wrong for lots of people.

If I was compelled to take one of these drugs I’d go for AZ or Novavax, which is also old-school tech vs mRNA.


MRNA started out with good intentions….and you know what the road to hell is paved with.
It helps if you lose the ability (or never had it in the first place due to your genetics) to synthesise proteins needed for good health. It was also meant to help “repair” your genes in the case of cancer which is really where your genes mutate and go “bad”. It was just a small step to incorporating it into vaccine technology which promised to deliver cheaper, quicker vaccines since pharma companies don’t have to spend time and money creating target viruses using cell lines. Might be OK if the viral protein your produces is harmless. But as now know, the spike protein is anything but.

Also, the creators of this thing stupidly assume that MRNA cannot change your DNA because it does not come with its own reverse transcriptase, being an RNA virus. However, we do know that our genome incorporates viral DNA through the course of our evolutionary history. Through a process called LINE-1 remote transposon, viral RNA CAN potentially be incorporated into our genes, thus changing them.
Would not be so bad if the spike protein was truly harmless but imagine your own body producing a very toxic stubstance forever…with your children inheriting this curse from you.


If you read medical opinions published in the mainstream media, the answer is “vanishingly small”. But of course they would say that, won’t they ?

Lot of publications that indicate that it has happened. What they can’t say is the likelihood of this happening. Researchers looked into this when they found people testing positive to covid long after recovery.
MIT professor Rudolf Jaenisch wrote a paper on this, published in the May 6 2021 issue of online publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


This is speculation….and speculation only. No medical studies to back this up.
LINE-1 remote transpositioning seem to occur when the body is under a lot of stress, particularly environmental stress. The body seems to be throwing everything it has got at the problem, which includes mutating genes to come up with possible biochemical defences.
So I guess if you are already in a weakened state and your body is fighting battles on several fronts, and this thing could possibly happen.


Who in their right mind would want to do such a thing as turning their own body into a virus component production facility? 

Yeah – when I started reading up on mRNA vaccines that was the first thing that stood out to me. Is it really a good idea to train your body to have an immune response against surface proteins that are now being grown on your cell membrane surfaces?


The most likely outcome is that I will continue to procrastinate over summer. Hopefully the Novavax vaccine is approved early next year which will give me another excuse to prevaricate further.


In response to your specific questions.
Your body produces the spike protein as long as there is MRNA for spike protein in your body. The MRNA does not stay in your body forever as it is broken down as soon as it works with your ribosomes to produce the spike protein.
The danger is that the MRNA can be encoded into your DNA through a process involving LINE-1 remote transposons. If this happened, yes your body will produce the dangerous spike protein forever. Studies (if you can believe them) have found no trace of spike protein in the body a few months after injection.
The problem with the “vaccine” inducing T cell memory is this :
It is non neturalising. The best vaccines use the whole damned virus due to the fact that viruses are made up of a number of proteins. Apparently SARS Cov 2 is made up of the spike protein, the nucleic protein, e protein and m protein. The spike protein is very mutagenic or prone to mutations. The nucleuic protein is much more stable and does not change as much with viral mutations.
By priming your antibodies to fight a specific kind of protein that is prone to mutations, the “vacine” is going to fail. We see that with new “variants”.
The promotion of boosters is absolutely stupid since the booster do not incoporate the mutated spike protein MRNA, but rather the old spike portein MRNA. “They” know boosters are not going to work, but “they” want to look like they are in control and know what they are doing…which “they” don’t. And people who don’t know better or anything about virology or epidemiology will be crying out for boosters.
By the way, I am not trained in medicine, but the information is all out there…..

klarse holl

“By priming your antibodies to fight a specific kind of protein that is prone to mutations, the “vacine” is going to fail. We see that with new “variants”.”

Did you hear the sound of cash registers ringing after you wrote that sentence? It kind of brings an understanding of a sick (pun intented) world.


Your body produces the spike protein as long as there is MRNA for spike protein in your body. The MRNA does not stay in your body forever as it is broken down as soon as it works with your ribosomes to produce the spike protein.”

I understand this, however I was interested in the question does the spike protein get embedded in the cell membrane of the cells that the mRNA vaccine enters, and if so, how long the spike protein that stimulates the production of the antibodies remain on your cell membrane?

I know the mRNA ‘vaccine’ itself is fairly fragile and breaks down relatively quickly, however the issue that concerns me is that the protein spikes that it stimulates the production of, remain on effected cell membranes, causing a prolonged immune response until either the cell dies or is replaced. If it is replaced – how long?


Second day of freedom in Victoria. Got a haircut, had to take a ticket for the queue. No one really checking as the line was too long so doubtful as to how the lockout will really go.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gouda
Agent 47

Have not been asked to show papers once. Had haircut, been to shops and pub.

Not saying they won’t try and tighten it and for stuff like travel it will be hard in the short term but it’s a colossal shit show.

A fly in your ointment

I reported earlier, in NSW it is a shamble too. Not one wax police gate keeper knows about exemptions… can’t even recognise one.
In general they are not interested to argue much if you say key-words (exemption) and dial your voice tone to “extreme woke – i am offended”. Bring in a transgender discrimination and have some fun whilst they begin to stutter.


Nephew went away on his footy teams trip. Among the younger guys (18-25) there were only a few that were fully Vax. The rest just did some photo shop editing with the few Vax passes they had. My nephew said that if the guards at the pubs had actually looked at his pass he should have noticed that it had the same numbers as the 10 blokes who went in before him. It seem it is going to take more to knock the money god off from being No.1

Agent 47

if its that serious just Find a doctor. Bribe them.

Pretty easy to do, no matter how many bullshit threats the government gives out.

A fly in your ointment

“If you helped me, I could express the my gratitude __ hundreds/thousands ways”

(fill in the number in the space and delete inapplicable place value)

This worked for me to have my 45kg “could fit human” luggage on board a flight 20ish yrs ago. But you must make sure he is certain that you are not part of a sting operation.


As they’d be potentially running the risk of deregistration it would have to be a substantial bribe. It has been reported that people have tried bribing the staff at vaccine clinics to throw it down the drain, but those choosing to work in those facilities are going to be the most pro-vaccine of them all.


yeah way too much risk, maybe if this was mexico but aussies would dob ya instantly.

Chinese Astroturfer

It wouldn’t be worth the risk for any doctor. If someone was able to bribe a doctor it’s not like they would keep it to themselves they’d be telling everyone they know to show how clever they are.


Please hold the line, the cracks in their narrative are getting bigger.


In the EZFKA, one should not be so naive as to expect that a faulty narrative means a change in policy or action.

rememebr, in EZFKA:

  • low interest rates improve housing affordability
  • mass immigration is an economic boon and lifts wages
  • $1m donation to a minister needs not be declared or thoroughly investigated.

it’s not hard to add “population-wide injection with new mRNA substance is necessary and promotes public health”


As much as I don’t want it to be true, Peachy drops truth bombs as usual. I’ll keep holding the line, nevertheless..


Oh yeh – from a personal perspective you should well hodl the line and not get experimental substances injected.

just don’t expect anyone to praise you or make your life easy


Hate to say this, but I think the next months are going to be the proof of the pudding when people in the Northern hemisphere fall dead left, right and centre with ADE. They will blame the cold, lack of supplies, unvaccinated hospital staff shutting hospitals etc.
The resistance is building in North America so Canada should feel some sort of impact.
Us down under ? Not sure since we are being torn between “opening up for business as usual which means vaccines” OR “keeping people alive to pay their mortagage”.

Chinese Astroturfer

They will blame new variants, people not getting their boosters.

It’s all very predictable I’ve been banging on for months that the low UK deaths over summer were due to the summer weather, long days as much as anything else, and that deaths will be out of control come the middle of winter.