Most commentary I’ve been following says that an American recession is on the cards, but they argue about its depth. Nouriel Roubini ( says that the world is in deep shit….but he always says that. I think it’s too early to call inflation baked in. We’re only just exiting the post-covid boom…and China is just starting theirs. Some think there’s every chance that we’ll be back to deflation before too long (e.g. I quite liked this at MB Home grown Australian inflation may no longer a force to be reckoned with.

If inflation heads south so do interest rates, so buying bonds now makes sense. My sense about equities is that too many businesses are doing woke things that do not add any value to anyone anywhere (eg Channel 10). Business’ efforts at being woke are destroying value all over the place. The more they try to be “moral” and “lead society” the less sucessful they are at whatever they do. Jesus said it best: “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

Whatever your moral views, businesses may be legal persons, but they are not actual persons. Any attempt to attribute moral behaviour to a business is to pretend that a machine can make moral judgements. If we are going to do that, then the limited liability company should be abolished. Let CEOs take the credit and take the fall for all their moral decision making. I bet none of them will stick their hand up for that.

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We are Brisbane We are HK Refugee Camp

They need at least another 10 million people to stuff into the world’s biggest Hong Kong refugee camp, Brisbane. That’ll keep the proices up!

Dave Llewellyn-Simp

STFU u gimp. how many times are u gonna post the same sh!t. Did your wife get boned by a honky or something?


Fry the rice, pay the price and the hapa must be so easy to raise, forever trying to find its ‘home’. Brisbane IS the world’s biggest Chinese refugee camp, and we ARE going to get 10 million of them. He’s right.

Gentleman de Supreme of the Sunnybank

Can’t dodge the Rodge. Except in Brissie. The city’s full of them, and they’re angry as hapa freax should be!


Fuck me roan what are you complaining about? Sydney is like Shanghai’s little brother.

Honestly I don’t see what the problem is. If you are going to stuff the country full of immigrants I’d take East Asians over any other non-Caucasian group any day.

I suppose I have the perspective by not being intimidated by most of them because of ‘bell curve’, and physically I’m about twice the body mass of most of them so they don’t intimidate me with their spider monkey antics either when things get physical.

Besides, the neoteny of most East Asian females triggers my helpless defense and protect mechanisms. If I was back on the market today I would be aiming to make me some Happa children with some trad East Asian bitch.

Honestly they’re ripe for being red-pilled, most of them are already well aware of population group differences. Also having moved from nations that are communist or were previously communist, they have already had most of their cultural values stripped from them, so they’re just a blank canvas ready to be culturally indoctrinated and then impregnated .

Fuck stuffing around with white chicks who already soaked up a lifetimes worth of propaganda, and whose deprogramming would stretch decades.

Go that East Asian Poontang and raise some happa kids!

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A lot of very low T sexually timid members here who would be best suited a slim boyish Asian woman



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That slim boyish asian woman would be you.
Your skin Coming! Like a coat!


I do believe Coming has already revealed his bisexual fantasies by his wishing them on his son!


Lolz. There’s a reason they are called Chinamen ladies.

Or even better ‘Chinamen frontholes’


Speaking of low T, Testosterone isn’t actually correlated that highly with the attributes you would normally associate it with – Aggression, Risk taking, etc. Sure there is some mild effect, but not as high as people think.

What T is highly correlated is with traits that you wouldn’t necessarily at first suspect – Fatherhood, faithfulness and cooperation.

The article over egg’s the argument. Saying that T doesn’t influence those traits is wrong – they obviously do, the differences in those traits between men and women obviously exists and Testosterone plays a big part – but more so in the developmental phase.

But within male samples the correlations with those ‘aggressive’ traits and T isn’t that high.


does it make you want to fuck fat chicks though


The bigger the cushion the better the pushing.

Hapa Baby Maker

See? That’s the whole point isn’t it? We are the wealthiest country in the world with some o the ugliest women and as soon as we see a woman who doesn’t weigh over 70 kgs its name on, including with making hapas. The influx has become so normal that we think it’s normal. Thing is, the Californians don’t even think its normal, what with happening in Sydney and Brisbane. They think it’s insane. Brisbane and Sydney are giant holding refugee camps for Hong Kong. Hong Kongese are actually refugees themselves, coming from the mainland. They are violent, sneaky, dangerous and love welfare. So if you want them, have them, don’t force them upon us. If you actually spent any time in a normal place you would understand that they are not wanted anywhere else with their drugs, violence, behind closed doors abuse, tax and welfare rorts, high-stepping status seeking, and other garbage. Europeans openly mock them. But in Brisbane and Sydney sucks like Mr Simp worship change. When his back is turned and they laugh at him, hey doesn’t realise. The rest of us will raise normal European families because we realise that the women, culture and everything is just superior. But if Mr Simp can only go for an ex girls’ school frumpy with a BA in Gender Studies who works at the teller, then let him go for it and raise a Hapa. ‘Can’t dodge the dodge’ indeed, and Brisbane can’t dodge the scummy asian refugee camp that is Sunnybank and the Valley.


Wanna add some data to your rants?


Seems about right. The complaints are being made by people who have to settle for Brisbane white women who are lardases. They see a woman from South East Aiza and think [OH WOW THATS HOT!’ Meanwhile, there are people in small villages in Europe who date women who are off the charts. But the posters here have an agenda, because they already farmed the rice, payed the price, or something happened so they wish the same thing upon the rest of us. Sunnybank and Brisbane have turned into a giant shithole with this immigration from violent, southern ;’hong kong’ chai knees and nobody likes it except people like you.


This is common knowledge. They went through Sunnybank a while ago and found hundreds of off the books operators. The local changs then marched in the streets when they were offended about the ‘crime’ in their hood. Changs robbing other changs is one thing, but they rob the average battler every time they use a road, send their mini chang to skool or otherwise use up space without paying the ordinary tariff everyone else has to. Oh wait, we can hear them from way up here ‘WE ARE CON-TRI-BYUO-TING!’ Think about the sideways pussy tho right?

Fatass white slut with a big hole

What sort of neckbeard alternate reality do u live in gimp? Your typical asian aspires to be a white collar professional or entrepreneur. Contrast that with your typical aussie battler who would likely take their centerlink payment and blow it on beer and meth. Connect the dots and work out who would be contributing more tax – the working professional or the battler “living their best life”.

You stupid gimp 😂

Welfare People

‘Your typical asian aspires to be a white collar professional or entrepreneur.’

That’s the problem isn’t it? It’s all about test scores and ‘appearance’ You are also part of the problem with your ‘Asians’ Smart, White’s Dumb’ which no one believes. You can’t build a society and country on a bunch of the wearing a tie and pretending to be on Suits, when all they do is photocopying. Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and a lot of Asian places are a good example of this in action. They love being in suits and going to their desk clerk jobs, doing not much really. They love welfare as well, and take more welfare money than whites, who normally wouldn’t be seen dead doing this. Whites invented everything buddy, whether you like it or not, and the just stole it or borrowed it. We nuked em twice because they they got too big for their boots, and now we de facto occupy entire nations of these ‘successful’ professionals and entrepreneurs. Sometimes they don’t even know how to use it properly – by not building backup power on a high enough hill, the Japs nuked themselves back in 2011 – 3 times. One thing is for sure, they love living around whites, and coming here to do it. You must know. Did you marry one?

Fatass white slut with a big hole

Enjoy your “superior” white women/whales. By the time they hit their thirties they look like they’re 50, their facial structure’s changed for the worse and they’ve ballooned out 30kgs. Then add on top a pro feminist, entitled cunty attitude. There’s a reason western countries have a such a high divorce rate with women initiating the divorces 80-85% of the time.

But all this would be irrelevant to you cos you sound like a hopeless, frustrated neckbeard whose genes will be wiped out through natural selection. You gimp.

Fatass white slut with a big hole

Also forgot to mention – by the time your typical western girl has hit 30 she’ll likely have a notch count that will make your eyes water and your pin dick go limp. But you wouldn’t be aware of these things being such a hopeless simp


Not much different from the average chang then, except changs have mothers and aunts who got by catching and ateing bugs from the public toilets. They really respect other changs tho, and really respect wites and wite culture, especially if the wite culture they love is big loud shopping bags with brand names on them, and is paying for their health care. They love being around wites and send their kids to be around wites – you and your kids are the product, gimp.

Welfare People

Many asians do too. This is not a good argument at all.


Don’t think the average ‘woman’ in Australia, is normal, you gimp. They are over weight, dumbed down. Good ones already left years ago and when compared to the good wite ones abroad, they are still not that great. But how about that sideways pussy tho, right?

Fatass white slut with a big hole

Seems my comment really hit the mark hey gimp? Keep jerking off over your fatass white sluts. Maybe one day you’ll get lucky and one of them will try to use you as a retirement play. Then you’ll finally realise that their hairy, smelly, overused clams really aren’t worth the effort. You hopeless neckbeard gimp 😂

Welfare People

You wouldn’t know what an attractive white woman was because of our sun, diet and car using habits, we dont’ have them here. Americans and Europeans have white women who arent like this, stop taking fat Sydney mothers at the local cafe who gave up on looking good in 2003 as your example.

Welfare People

But this is the reason, they are like men in Australia. Women here are like men. So men go for the ‘feminine’ asians because they don’t weigh 200 lbs not knowing the reality. Well traveled and cultured people realise that Australian women are like this and take measures not to be fooled. Obviously you didnt and want to create some kind of idea that ‘Asian is best’. Nobody believes this. Raising a halfie child is a real problem – dealing with the asian wife’s relatives is also, unless they live in the jungle or HK or some other crap hole and don’t have a telephone or time to ‘live life’. What did you do? Promise them a washing machine or 5 m2?


Yep. Had to look up what “hapa” meant, having never heard it being used by anyone in reference to mixed race people in EZFKA, yet suddenly we have multiple new members popping up using it.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Probably lefties trying to get the site taken down from hate speech


Agreed – there is an air of Chad Thundercock in the tone of some of the replies…. although because they stretch beyond two sentences I have my doubts it is actually him.

Hapa Baby Maker

FTFY ‘Biggest HK refugee camp’


not surprised i it all ends soon

housing is unkillable

A fly in your ointment

wrt housing, we get to see if low rates are to be married to easy credit. I am inclined to a view that income multiples requirement for brand new loans may remain low, low rates easing off the servicing burden but overall slowing down the sell market until the current mortgagees acquire some more equity. kinda like status-quo for a year or two. So no wild equity-mate but everyone swims and no one unusual drowns.
this is my view after 4 beers. I’ll post another view after 4 more.

A fly in your ointment

does it need a comment?

A fly in your ointment

whata feeling


There are a lot of factors that make me think that inflation is here to stay, e.g., government spending will never decrease and is only getting worse, investments into commodity production are very inadequate, labour shortages resulting from low birth rates and generous welfare systems, listed companies still need to increase their profits every quarter and that incentivises price rises.

As far as the eternal question of Aussie housing, the interest rates have to come down to save it. In order to still be blackpilled, I would say that housing won’t reduce in value in terms of the expense of paying the mortgage, but may stay lower in terms of the total price.

Also, could Peachy explain what happened with the site going down and coming back up lol.


She probably had to buy more bandwidth so that bing can keep posting Facebook memes


Similar to when the GST was introduced and all the corner stores took advantage and shit was going up in cost irregularly , prices of goods ain’t coming down.

I see no coming deflation in consumables, I believe the cost rises are baked in.

I detest the stupid phrase imported inflation as if it’s not actually representing price rises.

Price rise spiral.

Those who haven’t rised prices yet will, and then this will give those who’ve raised incentive to test the waters more.

The covid stimulus money showed how made up the concept of fiat is to my my nube mind. I fully expect all sorts of shtfckery to ensue in the next few months.

Expect to see kite flying imminently on rescue packages for those under water. And albo the c. u. N. T. getting up in front of the cameras grandstanding saying helping Australian families , but what he doesn’t say is at the expense of poor. Yada Yada Yada.


That’s what I thought. But the word deflation keeps being aired, and as if when inflation reduces prices reduce.
I don’t think there will be reduction in costs for most day to day things. Whether this imported or not is irrelevant, prices have risen y o y by roughly 20% irrespective of definitions. When we hear about single digit inflation I disagree.

This is not a society and is a test bed economy for foreign interests.


yep ….see diesel fkn high plateau and off highs just a little so 0 inflation


Roubini sounding more like a left-wing activist than economist nowadays

There is an assumption that debts need to be paid off. Google the “trillion dollar coin” discussion from a few years ago. The point being, there are more tricks to play out. Govt can give central banks the power to buy all government debt.

Then we get to the other assumption that this will be inflationary. My response is the same as last year. You don’t get sustained inflation without being accompanied with wage inflation. Now listen carefully to Roubini’s comments about automation and the need for UBI. If there are more workers than jobs then how do you get massive wage inflation?


why can’t you get inflation without wage inflation?

If society produces fewer goods, or particularly energy becomes more difficult/expensive to acquire, then that is what will occur

which is exactly what we have seen the last 2 years due to war/lockdowns/deglobalisation

people just consume less for more money

i will additionally say that I think the AI/GPT thing is bullshit hype

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

I said sustained inflation. Yeah sure, if you have lunatics in charge that find a way to permanently constrain supply, or permanently give out handouts to increase demand.

The gist of the video though is a debt trap that governments have little control over. I believe governments have more tricks up their sleeve to control that situation.


yeah debt and inflation are kind of disconnected

debt as you say is irrelevant – can be extinguished or diminished with a keyboard stroke
Its a political issue: picking winners and losers between those who own vs owe it

infation is about availability of energy, hard resources and labour

As I said I think this AI stuff is just marketing hype from private equity firms
ChatGPT in particular is a useless pile of shit I don’t understand what people are excited about I think its mainly bots pumping it up
So I think labour could be an issue particularly as population ages (see what is happening to china)

Energy and hard resources I’m not so sure about

All of it means tapping into Africa imo

but why couldn’t the current problems persist and worsen and lead to sustained inflation?

More lockdowns
More wars
More deglobalisation
supply chain breakdowns etc
ESG nonsense

Don’t see why it can’t escalate, and inflation goes up as quality of life declines

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

chatgpt seems like something you use bc its funny it seemingly has no useful applications beyond that

driverless cars were supposed to be absolutely everywhere by 2020 too, ih eard it all the time from like 2014 through to 2017

where are they


electric cars will probably be the same way


Soylent Green

Mercedes had driverless cars on the autobahn in 1998, agree with your overall sentiments.

ChatGPT will be great for text entities and could be of great benefit to law for precedent and caseload research, beyond that, I don’t get the hype either.


You are wrong on the EVs. USA will ban the sale of petrol powered cars in 2035. It will happen.

IMO driverless cars too difficult. Not because of the technology. Because of the law. If you are driving and a group of school children run in front of your car, it doesn’t really matter if you decide to slam the brakes and run them over anyway, or veer left and kill pedestrians, or veer right and kill a motorcyclist. It will always be considered an accident. That decision written into software becomes premeditated. Now factor in every country, and every state within each country having different laws. It is a testing and legal minefield.

Having said that, I do believe we will have low speed self-driving cars with preset courses. A bus substitute during hours or areas where buses are not financially viable.

Gruppenführer Mark

Freddy, I think ICE cars are not going to be banned in the USA, or any country without reliable energy sources (hydro and the like). The improvements to the electrical grid, that is privately owned in the US, afaik, require massive investment.

Months ago there was an article on Zerohedge talking about California banning two stroke petrol engines used in lawnmowers and the like. I’ll try to find it, but the case they laid out was pretty damning to legislating sweeping changes without infrastructure being there to support such changes.

I do agree with you on self-driving cars. A scenario you described will be the undoing of the legal system. Who or what will be held responsible for the accident? Car user? Car manufacturer? Software manufacturer? Software engineer who programmed the car? Lawyers will have a field day, and good luck getting insurance.


I have fact-checked myself. California is the first state that is going to ban the sale of petrol-only vehicles (hybrid allowed). Govt will stop purchasing gasoline cars altogether in same year.

There is more to it than that. There has been progress in battery development. Once that nut has been cracked people will flock to EVs. Governments will not be afraid to spend on infrastructure.

NASA’s Solid-State Battery Research Exceeds Initial Goals | NASA

“Not only does this design eliminate 30 to 40 percent of the battery’s weight, it also allows us to double or even triple the energy it can store, far exceeding the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries that are considered to be the state of the art,” 

I also notice some Hybrid cars coming out with larger batteries with ~50km range. Enough for a day’s worth of commuting in all-electric mode. Once the battery runs out the car switches to hybrid mode.

Gruppenführer Mark

Anything with a battery will require sufficient infrastructure to charge said batteries. If one can plug the car in overnight, then all sweet. Hybrids, obviously, need less time for a charge than pure EVs. But I don’t think we have solved this problem.

Anecdata based on 2 samples. I had one of the hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to use as a company car for a few weeks. 40km range on battery, which worked for me, but commute was 12km one way. Can’t recall charge time, but it was plugged in at work during the day.

Mate has a Tesla S. Loved it, but it had to be plugged in with Tesla Supercharger thing at his house. When plugged in to the normal outlet overnight at his girlfriend’s house, did not charge near enough. GF was renting, so no point of getting a supercharger installed.

With our growing renting class, this can be a problem, unless landlords will go all out and install superchargers out of goodness of their hearts.

Then there is a tiny problem of distribution losses through the grid. If our electricity was generated via renewables, like hydro, no worries. But we still use gas or coal for majority of electricity generation. With losses of 30 percent, we must burn more coal and gas to get the same output at the plug. Beats the purpose of EVs, methinks.

Finally, petrol and diesel have the highest calorific value compared to other fuels, as in they deliver more energy per unit.

Now if we go nuclear, different story, but investment dollars and public opinion stand in the way.


AI has potential but agree is overhyped. The useful AI technologies available today are good at pattern recognition. It could possibly be used today to replace a GP with a nurse and computer asking the right questions, but would never replace a surgeon.

Most of the other stuff is pie in the sky and at best many decades away. The pursuit of computer consciousness is insanity. They want to create a conscious super being and then expect it to be a good little slave like the rest of us. But they will continue to pursuit it because it is the ultimate weapon.


In terms of medial field, I can say it all currently useless and has not progressed significantly since the early 2000s

In particular, it was supposed to be used for radiology but its really quite useless and has made no progress since I was an intern

“Deep learning” was the big hype term – the AI was supposed to teach itself and learn from its mistakes
But it has turned out that it really is just a million indians sitting in front of computers entering data and code rather than actual deep learning


what about “automated” checkouts and counters at fast food joints

literally no automation at all its just customers doing the work that wagies used to do for customers

no actual cost savings being passed on either

this is the real future


This is a pet peeve if mine agreed

Somehow big retailers have convinced us to do the work for them

A fly in your ointment

now this infatuation can be due to the fact that ezfka units are interested in new tech wanting to try it out and boost the feeling of participation in futuristic tech.
Just few weeks ago on my routine evening run the local Colesworth I requested a non-self-checkout. This is usually done by someone on the floor with rolling eyes but I get someone to ring it all. In this particular instance, the friction was such that they outright rudely refused to do so and I had to cause a scene. Noteworthy was that it was 100% gen Y and less mature ones. Could not grasp that they are chopping the branch they’re sitting on by pushing me to a self-flagellation checkout. It required more than 30 second snippet size explanation thus tl;dr attitude. I begun to wonder as to y-tf I am trying to protect them. Anyway, I shop at small shops mostly where there is human connection.


Sandeep and Mandeep


Forget about AI – look to the sky!

Flocks of pigeons detect cancer in scans with 99% accuracy & “are suitable surrogates for human observers in certain medical image perception studies, thus avoiding the need to recruit, pay & retain clinicians”

Tell that to your next radiologist mate!

Capture - Copy (2).JPG

My mind is a Palace of random facts and useless trivia.




No it’s not. I’d prefer to read the Nepalese bot known as ‘Coming’ post random charts and cock on about why it’s good they got the Clot Shot.
Coming for ya Coming! your skin! in your home!


Agree. the impact on AI on medicine was overhyped, IBM’s sale of Watson for essentially scraps at a multibillion dollar loss being one of the strongest indications.


Debt should be thought of as flow – it is the interest that is important.


This phrasing is problematic:

Some think there’s every chance that we’ll be back to deflation before too long

we were never in deflation in any meaningful way for any meaningful period of time. Not if we take a conventional definition of deflation (systematic and sustained increase in the purchasing power of money)

what we’ve had -in some places- is the very gradual increase in the purchasing power of wages against manufactured goods. The difference is important – not everyone has wages, not all goods are manufactured.
this is a story of improved technology and productivity. If anything, we’ve got huge surpluses of labour.

To actually fall into proper deflation would be a big deal, rather than a resumption of normal programming.

im not saying that falling into deflation would be a bad thing, by the way.

Aussie Soy Boy

We’ve had massive inflation for the past two decades just not in things like food, cars, TVs, etc.

Aussie Soy Boy

Now it’s showing up in basics like food and cars whereas housing, medical care, education, etc were highly inflationary even decades before COVID.


Suggests that interest rates have been politically and artificially low for 2 decades really doesn’t it


It’s not “problematic”, it’s just wrong. Please, let’s be frank, here at least. 


let me try…

Australia and USA inflation was below the 2% target for most of the 2010s. Some countries actually did deflate (Japan, weaker Eurozone members). Below target inflation might be described as deflation since to achieve such a low rate many inflation basket components will be deflating.

this is just wrong. You seem to have memory-holed what actually happened in those years and must be referring to “official” “data” which shows 2% (lol).

Even if it had been only 2%, redefining that as deflation (or even just the new 0%) is a curious place to be. Buying into some of the kite flying that folks were attempting, with the message that we should allow for 4%-5% inflation, perhaps?

Gruppenführer Mark

May I butt in?

Yes, in two ways.

  1. Wokeism alienates customers who do not support whatever cause is being pushed onto them. For reference, Disney or Gillette.
  2. Employees who embrace and actively promote whatever cause is the flavour of the day lower productivity, because a) they are doing it on a company time, so non-prodictive and b) lowers morale of their colleagues who have to pick up the slack for the flag-waving wokesters. For reference, personal experience.
Gruppenführer Mark

Good point.

Gruppenführer Mark


I am of the view that any inflation target above 0 is bad if wage inflation lags price inflation. We still arrive at the same outcome, albeit more slowly.

Most of us have only one way to generate income when we start out – our labour. That utility may increase in value, as we get more experience, or it may not, no guarantees. Some will be able to generate capital through savings or innovation (inheritance and other means of obtaining capital are not considered in this example).

Once this capital is generated, it may be used to cover excess consumption, invested to generate a return, or a mixture thereof. If the rate of return does not keep up with inflation, then we arrive at the same outcome.

Inflation has outrun value of labour or return on capital over the course of the last several decades. Hence, an investment slowly morphed from generating return to generating capital gain in the collective psyche. Cue property, shares, you name it.

And don’t get me started on people “investing” into furniture, clothes, appliances, or any other consumable.

/Rant off 😁


speaking of this roubini grifter, did anyone watch the peter zeihan interview on joe rogan

100% he is paid by the CIA, but he also had some interesting stuff to say

He has the classic jewish trait of being supremely confident and credible
Very high verbal IQ


Glad someone brought this guy up. Just appeared 6 months ago and now he’s everywhere. CIA shill for sure. And very cocky like you say. Interesting he says we’ll have to give up on electric cars and inflation is baked in at 5-10% for the next 5 years. We’ll see

Agent 47

Zeihans Jewish and rumored to be mossad.


like w@f said no one in this joint is going to be able to afford to pay their fuckin rent soon

absolutely obscene

if younger ppl were actually smart they’d collectively buy up fringe land on the edges of big cities and build shanty cities but they are too fucking cucked and retarded to do that, thinking buying garbage like tiny homes and caravans will be their salvation and save them any money at all long term


lol so bcnich is back and saying rates are going to 10%? I’m still waiting for “houses to crash 50-60% and apartments not even able to be given away for free”


hes also calling iron ore to $300, then $1000
and the AUD to 1.2USD

so the arbitrage opportunity will be to buy houses and strip them for scrap metal


It’s typical of these bears like bcnich to continue shifting their predictions to suit. That’s why the “18 months™️” was a running joke. I had a bunch of bookmarks saved to keep him honest but lost them when I changed computer. The highest base rate forecast was 4.1%, you can add 2.5% to that for bank rates. If rates go to 10% then it’s because WW3 has broken out and we will be in another great depression.


and all because they can’t keep doing what they have just done….

imo there is several repetitions of can kicking to come, way past my end of life

Aussie Soy Boy

They will pay their rent instead of renting a unit will rent a room in a share house, can’t afford a share house then maybe someone’s shed or just rent a bunk bed in a share house instead. People find a way to manage.


I’ve done it.


what the fuck is “regional australia institute”

comment image


good send them all to Dubbo


that’s where they all going man


dose ’em with calici


Sounds like a provider of bullshit manufactured advice probably paid for by a consortium of regional councils and businesses

Just a guess


Honestly this is the stupidist policy. They are pushing and indeed like Leith at MB wrote of in the past local residents are pushing, for immigrants to places like Armadale and Tamworth. These are cities that recently ran dry in the last drought – how the fuck are they going to water these migrants – piss on them?


double post

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal
Agent 47




post it on reddit

Agent 47

Been banned from subs that matter esp r/Australia and r/finance while ago.


Need to reach the Greens audience with this and watch the cognitive dissonance go into overdrive trying to reconcile the left hand column with the right


Stole it!


Superb! For maximum outrage would share it on Twitter over reddit – less moderation, easier to spread via hashtags or directly to the likes of Liz Allen although there are so many leftwingers they’re now eating their own.

If people have time to waste, last weekend the Twitter binfire saw social justice warrior Craig Hill (@CraigHill01) someone who only came to minor prominence for wanting to keep his DSP despite winning a 60k lotto prize, taking on Thomas Studans (@maximumcuddles) of the EZFKA Unemployed Workers Union. This stouch had it all – accusations of pedophilia, phone harassment, police involvement and threats of legal action – all over some weird disagreement about whether the pension was welfare.


has the potential to go viral imo its very good


Pisses me off seeing the immigration industrial complex mobilise like this. 100% pure grifters offering zero benefits back to the EZ.

Amazingly there are still people who buy this shit.



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