Therer is an attempted micro-coup orchestrated by the infamous Yegenny Prigozhin brewing in Russia right now. Why he is doing this is anyone’s guess, with some (such as No1) suggesting he may have been compromised by the CIA. Personally I think it’s a lot more simple than that: Prigozhin is an unhinged alcoholic ex-con megalomaniac who is worried about losing his power and status, with recent talk that ‘his’ Wagner PMC is being rolled up properly into the regular Russian army. Prigozhin earlier today concocted some ridiculous claims about the Russian regular army attacking his Wagner forces, and, with an unknown number of men, advanced to the city of Rostov near the border of Ukraine and took over a few buildings. So far most rumours have not been confirmed or are likely false, such as the allegation that Wagner has taken control as well of the city of Voronehz, and have shot down several Russian helicopters.

In response to this retardation Putin gave a brief but rather powerful address, effectively confirming that Prigozhin will be brought to justice. I’ve seen some reasonable estimates only about ~1000 or so Wagner mercenaries are willing to participate in Prigo’s bizarre coup, and it has popular support whatsoever. All of the regional governors from Crimea to South Ossettia are rallying behind the president, and, assuming the coup is genuine (I think it is unlikely to be a psyop like I initially assumed), it may not end with much bloodshed at all, as the individual Wagners realise it is futile to attempt it and simply relinquish their arms. Prigozhin, who I have been informed is partially (((___)))), however, is likely a dead man as a result of this. At a minimum vhe will be returned to prison, and deservedly so. Western media is going to make a huge deal out of this over the next few days but I don’t think it will gain much traction. It is however a pretty strange event, though maybe not so shocking given Prigozhin’s increasingly erratic behaviour and statements over the past few months.


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What are you even talking about bro?!

Media tells me Putin has cancer or something, and anyway I bet the Russians don’t even have a gender advisor?

Gruppenführer Mark

Yeah, this has gone way beyond the psyop, Prigozhin has lost his marbles. There has got to be a backstory here, it is likely for it to come out later, if at all.

I just can’t square this action with anything constructive for the war action or for Putin. Prigozhin started talking shit about ministry of defence a while ago, he was the one who put this conflict into public sphere, and kept escalating.

He will be dead by Monday.

As for your


Just stop engaging with the troll.

A fly in your ointment


is that something addressed at Doctor C or…?

A fly in your ointment

There is another option on the whole monkey business with Yevgeni, but perhaps it is far fetched.
What I’d the Big P needed a reason to bring the army outside barracks and mobilise more reservists under the cloak of another event?


He could just order a general mobilisation if he wanted to, there is no shortage of provocations by Ukraine that Russia responded to very mildly. Hard to think of how this event, a rebellion by a formerly pro-Russian PMC, directly justifies a general mobilisation against Ukraine either, unless they find/concoct proof that Ukraine was behind it (entirely possible).

It’s all strategically bad, Ukrainian morale is restored, NATO thinks Putin’s rule is shaky so they will want to maintain support, and Russia’s international reputation gets mud thrown on it with this Africa-style bullshit.

All-in-all, it’s a bizarre distraction from the fact that the Ukrainian counteroffensive didn’t achieve anything but carried huge costs in terms of lives and materiel. Russia gets its ass handed to it in the propaganda war once again.

A fly in your ointment

Yevgeny is not dumb to know that what’s going on now can have only one outcome for him if he fails and I doubt the Big P never contemplated idea that all military forces outside the official army corps may end up with tooo much hubris and become delusional.
It is definitely utterly bizarre event…


Wouldn’t surprise me if he flees to Ukraine and gets asylum somewhere.

I highly doubt it’s some sort of coordinated plan with Putin where Prigo does a coup and gives him the means to purge the military brass. He would essentially be under Prigo’s thumb in that relationship.

Not to mention the military brass will just order all these Wagner troops killed because they don’t have anywhere near the muscle they need to achieve this coup.

I honestly don’t think so. Russia called up 300K reserves back in September, IIRC. Bulk of them are yet to see any action, so no new mobilisation is necessary. While Ukraine, it was reported, have called for general mobilisation in at least three cities. As in everyone, 18 to 59.

Prigozhin’s forces have also reportedly downed 3 helicopters and a transport airplane. He also refused to follow Putin’s orders and lay down his weapons.

He be fucked now. There is no off-ramp for him any more.

And Kadyrov is sending his Chechens to confront Wagners. Unless it is some far fetched plan to get Prigozhin and Kadyrov to unite, as they seem to have very capable units, and overthrow Putin, which I find highly unlikely, Prigozhin is as good as dead, or, at the very least, arrested and tried for treason. Life sentence, unless Putin uses this as an excuse to bring back capital punishment.

A fly in your ointment

Interesting idea about kadyrov and Prigozhin.
I dont see them as overthrowing The Big P as for that the popular discontent has to be much higher than current (which i asess as very very low). At best perhaps it can backpedal some activity in Donbass but then BiG P can still resort to shock and awe.
I repeat myself from above, Yevgeny is not dumb to not know that his power is just a bucket of water in an ocean and yet we’re here.


Apparently there is existing evidence that Prigo was in contact with Ukrainian intelligence.

If it’s true, I’m honestly surprised Russia didn’t assassinate him before this happened.

There is a whole shadow dimension to this war where nobody acts in the way you’d expect from someone in their position.

A fly in your ointment

Voice of indigenous just labelled Aus a “corporation” in the true spirit of

They will just be labelled putin lovers and have sanctions levied against them. /s

What a shit show!


On the plus side if he goes to prison he’ll be eligible to rejoin Wagner.

A fly in your ointment

A nice propaganda video on ww2 and aliances that are hush -hush

(If this video on Odisee is low resolution for subs, it can be set to 720 with that gear shaped button


The connections of Hitler to the US and various capitalists within it is well known. Prior to WW2 various polling of the American public showed that nearly 70% would have preferred to live under Fascism than Communism if it came down to a choice between the two.

This gives you some understanding why the US’s current hostile elites have worked so studiously since WW2 to transform the United States from a relatively homogenous one populated by largely Western Europeans, largely Germanic, English and Scandinavians, into the Multicultural dystopia it is becoming today.

Because if Fascism could naturally arise in one white man’s culture of country, especially through implementation of financial hardship and oppression, then it could arise again.

“Do you think Hitler was aware of these atrocities?”
“No, Hitler was a nice guy….”



I’ve been thinking quiote a bit about the stuff you said the other day about the nobility. Models show that the most successful genes will propagate throughout the society eventually. The most successful genes in today’s world must surely be the sperm donors. We will literally be overwhelmed by wankers.


Being a cuckoo is a very successful reproductive strategy.

When between 40-60% of political attitudes can be explained by inherited genes, then if you fill enough test tubes it becomes nearly certain that your views will be carried forward into the future… aka eternal life. Which really is all that the Bible is about – perpetuate that Egregore! Poetic justice having someone like DrSmithy raise Stagmal or Coming’s kids!

Seriously though, in Australia with laws that now ensure anonymous donations are a thing of the past I think there are probably fewer of those wanker types and more people who have probably experienced fertility issues with their own families and are doing it for the right reasons.

Last edited 11 months ago by Stewie

There are forums with shit tons of lesbos looking for sperm. You don’t need a lab to be a sperm donor. You just need to be a narcissist/psychopath who wants to spread his seed without being responsible for any of it.


Being narcissistic enough to imagine having kids, or even having any representation in the future is half the battle.

I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve heard some childless femanazi or environmental poofter saying having kids is Narcissistic.

IMHO the mindset that there is something narcissistic about imagining some part of you in the future has been carefully cultivated.

The future belongs to those who make the effort, even if that involves no more than having a wank for a couple lesbos.

Last edited 11 months ago by Stewie
Aussie Soy Boy

If this coup isn’t crushed in or doesn’t die out in the next few days Putin will have to redeploy troops inside Russia. The troops left in Ukraine end up retreating quickly.

Aussie Soy Boy

We don’t know. Even if it does die out there will be ongoing threats of terror attacks.

Brilliant move by the yanks.

Aussie Soy Boy

The trucks they’ve used to block roads have been just blasted out of the way, roads being dug up outside of Moscow, Wagner trucks two hours from Moscow now.

It’s going to be an interesting evening this is for sure.

I don’t know where this goes, but if it requires troops redeployed the war in Ukraine will rapidly end.

Aussie Soy Boy

You don’t know either. But these guys are rolling through Russia almost unopposed. The time to have taken them out is now not when they reach Moscow.

Aussie Soy Boy

All good. It’s a good discussion I’m not pigheaded like the interest rates/inflation guy.

Aussie Soy Boy

This also gives Putin an excuse to withdraw troops from Ukraine. The war has no end in sight and seemingly no goal.

A fly in your ointment

This also gives Putin an excuse to withdraw troops from Ukraine. The war has no end in sight and seemingly no goal.

not even fakenews.comau would publish this even in the event of slumping reader numbers threading to shut them down.

Aussie Soy Boy

Lukashenko brokers peace for now. Buys time for Putin to mobilise.

Aussie Soy Boy

It shows weakness otherwise.

ironic Boomer

NATO propaganda assumes Russia wants to compromise. NATO has lied for decades
Why trust NATO?
Russia has no reason not to fight.
Remember when neo facicsist ukraine was going to win the war in one month.
Now nato neo fascist neo liberal oligarchs are talking a truce?
Send your fat daughters.


Looks like I’m too late to give comments and predictions, but my thoughts were:

  • assuming a genuine coup attempt, the success largely depended on whether regular military units would empathise and join
  • given they were in Rostov, Russian AirPower etc couldn’t be used to overcome the rebel force – would have had to be pursued house to house. Or besieged and starved out, which is also inconvenient in a big city
  • alternatively this is not a genuine coup, but an attempt by this Prig dude to rehabilitate himself (and his line/children) and exit. Eg – there’s a world of difference between “my father was Hitler’s right hand man” and “my father was Hitler’s right hand man who then saw the light and attempted to depose/murder Hitler
A fly in your ointment

he wanted to take a punt at toppling the current kremlins/potentially installing himself in power. he was testing the waters to see if politically it would be a popular move

for someone whom runs one of the best private military group in the world to be that much out of sync with reality is not explainable even if he’s on heavy hallucinogenic drugs.
I can buy the idea that he was sulking over inclusion of Wahnerites into regular army and end of the contract as that has some form of reality in it.

we see now if some other lateral event develops to perhaps uncover some underlying objective of this linacy


Either Prigo is a true mental case or he’s compromised, if he really thought he could roll into Russia and take over. These kinds of actions succeed when countries are in turmoil with highly unpopular leaders. Russia has been very quiet and Putin remains very popular.

I think there’s a good chance this was intended to spark a civil war, only Prigo turned out not to even have the level of popularity needed to achieve that.


And yet we don’t see US army officers or really any Western military personnel trying to pull insane coups despite the fact that there would be bucketloads of personality disorder scumbags in similar positions to Prigo.

It’s only in countries that are enemies of the US where shit like this constantly seems to happen and people behave in truly insane and irrational ways for no explainable reason.


Yeah J6 was probably also an intelligence operation. Haven’t been following it too closely but there are constant allegations of FBI agent involvement on the day as well as Capitol Police just casually allowing rioters into the Capitol.

Strange how Prigo is so crazy that he pulls this against a highly popular leader in a country with no protests, but there has been no equivalently crazy Western army officer to try something like this in France during widespread protests against a president with a 5% approval rating, or in Israel which is now in a constant state of mass protest and political instability.

Just one of those (non-West aligned) Slavic things…


Jezuz, literal ancient history.

I see this in the context of a string of bizarre and irrational decisions being made in the Russia-Ukraine region since Euromaidan.

Decisions like Ukrainian ultra-nationalists opening fire on their own side protesting during Euromaidan, to escalate the situation to revolution, with the immediate aftermath directly managed by the US State Department. Decisions like Ukraine refusing to come to any sort of peaceful settlement with Russia during Minsk III despite not obtaining any benefit from its obstinacy. Decisions like continuing to fuel this war that Ukraine can’t plausibly win.

Decisions which ultimately only benefit the USA and came at a huge cost to the countries to which the decision-makers are supposedly loyal.

The CIA is attempting to pull every possible string to overcome Russia’s huge military advantage in the war. Prigo has previously been plausibly accused of being in contact with Ukrainian intelligence. I don’t see why it makes more sense that he undertook this suicidally stupid action from his own craziness, rather than with CIA encouragement.


Without a doubt this is a proxy war, initiated, funded and prolonged by the United States – particularly all those connected to an associated with the current US leadership and practically every political appointee that they’ve made during this administration.


Yeah 1776 was a pretty big year for that kind of thing too

And let’s not forget the English Civil War.

Last edited 1 year ago by No1
A fly in your ointment

wow, 215 years of utter compliance and tail between legs, no testosterone and not a single spine bone?
Lucky country!

Ned Kelly is rolling in his grave. If he resurrected today he’d probably want to die again instantly


Why do Italian Vampires drive a stake through their own hearts?

Because they can’t spend all day looking at themselves in the mirror.

Gruppenführer Mark

Reverse exorcism: devil asking the priest to exit the body of a boy


Why would the US army officers pull off a coup when they are the most overpaid military in the world that never win any wars?

The defence budget is $865 Billion and most of the time they just shoot goat herders. Sounds like a sweet gig if you don’t have any humanity or integrity.


Prolly don’t see much of that money if you’re below General.

Retired Generals do well hawking overpriced MIC shit and appearing on news channels though.

A fly in your ointment

It pays to be a retired general in US, just check the portfolio of one Wesley Clark and compare to his military ‘legacy’. Their entire military is just a branch of MIC.


For some light reading from our technocratic monetary overlords at the BIS:

III. Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new

…introduces the concept of tokenisation… tokenised claims on financial and real assets…impose contingent performance of actions on depositors…their location and the type of transfer could be directly embedded into the token…including transaction data in combination with information on geolocation and purchased products or services.

“Leveraging trust in the central bank, a shared venue of this kind has great potential to enhance the monetary and financial system.”

Gruppenführer Mark

Well, that de-escalated quickly!

Past 36 hours were certainly interesting, and had the potential to start a civil war for sure. Question to me is, what were the drivers for such an action? I so far have four possible scenarios.

First, Prigozhin went full bat-shit crazy and wanted to stage a military coup. He would have to genuinely believe that vast numbers of Russian armed forces would back him and join him in overthrowing Putin. For a person who never publicly stated anything other than his full support of Putin and Motherland, this seems unlikely, but possible. As a fly in your ointment has said earlier, it is inconceivable that Prigozhin did not have his hand on the pulse of the nation, so to speak, and completely misjudged what support he could count on. Same with Peachy’s comment about Hitler’s man who rose up against Hitler. I’m not even going into the discussion of Putin = Hitler.

So, possible but improbable, in my opinion.

Second, this was a genuine march for justice against Russian Ministry of Defence to right whatever wrongs, whether real or perceived, were committed by the high ranking generals. Prigozhin had specifically called out Shoigu and Gerasimov for a while now, citing lack of artillery shells, etc. This theory is supported by a very low level of engagement between Wagners and the rest of military and police units, rapid advance towards Moscow, rather than any attempts to secure the rears, and so on. Pure altruism.

Prigozhin being a convicted felon and a businessman, I doubt that he suddenly found a soul, so very low probability.

Third option is in line with stagmal’s theory of Prigozhin fears of being sidelined, parts of his private army being absorbed into Russian armed forces, loss of influence because he lost his muscle, and the like. Kadyrov alluded to this in his latest statement,which I picked up from the Zerohedge article

I thought that some people can be trusted. That they sincerely love their Motherland as real patriots to the marrow of their bones. But it turned out that for the sake of personal ambitions, profit and because of arrogance, people can not give a damn about affection and love for the Fatherland.

As a convicted felon and a businessman, Prigozhin would certainly understand that he had no chance to secure his place in the power structure through such an action. It would have been better for business for him to allow his people to make their choices, let some sign contracts with the army, and take the rest back to Africa to make money being mercenaries, which is what Wagner really is. Unless, of course, Prigozhin is a psycho, then all reason is out of the window.

Probable, in my opinion, somewhat likely.

Fourth, the most bizarre scenario is that the whole coup was a tightly controlled psyop with very few people being in on this scheme. Goal was to separate the wheat from the chaff, oust the 5th column both in official ranks and in those forming public opinion (various bloggers, massedia, etc.). Supporting this theory are the following facts. Wagners would have had to travel a long distance to reach Rostov-on-Don, as it is some 50 km away from the former (pre-2022) Ukrainian border, and another couple of hundred km away from the new border. Highly improbable that a large military force with tanks, armoured vehicles, heavy machine guns moving away from the front would not have been detected and engaged while they are all on a highway away from densely populated areas. Especially when Prigozhin himself was publishing his intentions regularly. Furthermore, any army needs supplies, ammo, you name it. Other than posting some armed guards outside of a couple of buildings, not one military facility or ammo storage was taken, not one city was fully secured, not one military unit was disarmed. Yes, there were losses from the Russian air force, 6 or 7 airframes were lost, one airborne traffic control centre Il-22, IIRC, and the rest helicopters, with only one attack helicopter, Ka-52. The rest of helicopters were support. Probably the result of some nervous soldiers with an itchy finger, shoot first and ask questions later. 15 lives lost, 2 in Ka-52, rest in Il-22. No reports of casualties from Wagners. Finally, in his speech on Saturday morning Putin condemned traitors, but did not name any names. And by Saturday evening, the whole thing was over, case against Prigozhin was dropped, and he was allowed to escape to Belarus, Russia’s staunchest ally. This is truly bizzaro world, if true.

So, it is a conspiracy theory at this stage, but given how conspiracies are going these days, could it turn out to be true?

So at this stage I’m with stagmal, scenario 3, then 4, then 1, then 2, arranged in order from more to less probable.

Then there are reports that Marjorie Taylor Greene, a congresswoman from Georgia claiming that USA was behind the whole thing, but I think I’ll wait for Sy Hersch to do his investigation report on that one!


Very professional and business-like to leave out the truly crazy scenario that outside intelligence agencies or the opposing side in the war had any participation in this plot

I expect the DFAT bulletin looks similar to yours


Why can it not be all of the above including involvement by the CIA?

I think Prigozhins fear of being sidelined was real, as was the threat of having an independent military actor within Russia, that had its own motivations and objectives.

In peace time there is probably a benefit of having an independent mercenary group to rely on for both plausible deniability and convinence purposes – but once Russia has mobilized all it does is introduce uncertainty and risk, as plainly evident over this weekends news.

Still, in the bizarre scope of ‘Strongman’ Russian politics and having the notoriety of having staged a coup, even if it was just largely tokenistic and failed, this may stand him in good stead if there should ever be a Putin power vacuum open up (assuming he isn’t assassinated in the meantime while in ‘exile’). I doubt that he has had a mea-culpa or seeking to redeem his grandkids legacy by disassociating himself from Hitler.

That all said, I don’t doubt that the CIA probably was aware of these existing tensions and possibly played to them and provided encouragement – evidence of this may still play out in the days to come. As they’ve had their hand in every aspect of this conflict so far, short of hand to hand combat, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.


Early life check is always the simplest way to understand why things happen.

A fly in your ointment

Now since the Yevgeny nothingburger story has been finished, time for Stagmal’s favourite topic.

Even idiots at Aye Bee See can see the not so simple relationship between IR and interests, particularly the bit that says about the difference in rates between them.



It’s pretty clear to an unbiased observer like you that their attempted justifications are absolutely retarded

“the currency collapsed because markets were expecting 1000bps not 850 !”
never mind that the currency was stable for a year with no raises or even cuts

one of the most retarded copes I’ve ever seen on this website

from the guy who believes the rba prints money to intermediate commercial foreign transactions, no less

you’ve got an open mind because you haven’t hitched your ego to one position being right and also because you are naturally open and intellectually curious

I have close to zero interest in or knowledge about the Russia Ukraine conflict but I know that everyone here will be biased to sucking putins dick , while the mainstream media will be biased to sucking zelenskys

so I take both sets of opinions with a grain of salt

mark and you always good value and I trust autists more than normies but still caution that you would like it to be one way

A fly in your ointment

It’s pretty clear to an unbiased observer like you that …

Doctor C, this is weapons grade copium

A fly in your ointment

Indeed he’s right.
In some scenarios what he says can work, no one excluded that as a specific scenario possibility.
The catch is that he peddles that IR *always* cause inflation, like Erdogan himself, and that everyone else whom disagree is stupid.


Lol we are now at the “he might be right this time” stage

it’s progress I suppose

A fly in your ointment

Nope, not “he might be right this time” stage, don’t flatter yourself Doctor C
just that in a far fetched scenario your theory may work but not for reasons you claim.
In the mean time, in the real world….


Lmao that your appeal to authority is the fucking abc

why don’t you post abc editorials when discussing the jabbadabbadoo?

A fly in your ointment

true dat, but it comes convenient when idiots can also see what is clear to anyone with some brain power. Oh, but I said that in the forst post.


Fuckin lol ABC.

I get my hot takes from the pirate you losers

A fly in your ointment

yeepeeeee yay!
I wonder who will be the president when I wake up tomorrow???


The rich old pearl clutching Champagne Socialists aren’t happy.


Even better the Cookers are out and about, apparently Putin is doing all this because he wants a No vote in The Voice…this is hilarious

Gruppenführer Mark

Wanking, drinking, and no girl?
It’s all evil Putin’s fault!

A fly in your ointment

Solid gold Drago


The New Atlas did a good piece on this:

Basically, how do you overthrow a country that is not divided with two battalions of soldiers?


That’s a good article, but misses a key point: the US elite are winning. This is another war benefitting bankers and oligarchs in the US.

Blackrock has already signed lucrative contracts. The Diya app is being expanded benefitting Visa and Microsoft. Europe is now having to import LNG from the US and Europe’s manufacturing is moving to the US. Now Europe is giving billions more to Ukraine. More $$$s to end up in BlackRock’s coffers.

As an added benefit, the working class are getting slammed by inflation and are hopelessly divided by a cross dressing man on a beer can or merchandise at Target. In the meantime, the elite are making huge $$$s by the massive number of people crossing the US southern border.


BlackRock’s top holdings:

No wonder war is good for business.


Probably the only time they have lost is when all the communist revolutions happened, hence why the West went all out to stop them, even willing to suspend the earlier practice of grinding the working class into dust in order to obtain popular buy-in for capitalism and the liberal world order.

Now we’re just in the monopoly phase where they consolidate all ownership of everything everywhere.

Printing unlimited amounts of worthless MMT paper at 0% interest rates and using it to buy real assets and to fund the disruption of real sustainable businesses by Wall Street tech companies was a pretty brilliant move.

The concocted pandemic was a feeding frenzy for big pharma, the concocted Ukraine War is the same for defence. Figuring out which industry will be the next beneficiary of unexplanable government retardation would make a good investment case. Perhaps some Green New Deal stuff.

Last edited 11 months ago by No1







No, it won’t be scrapped. If it gets up, it is a win for Albo. If it doesn’t, it is still a win as they will say that a EZFKA unit is inherently racist and they’ll legislate it anyway. Plus it is a distraction from cost of living and mass immigration.


DLS is going to vote yes

The fact that most of the cucks in the MB comments section are hesitant tells me its absolutely doomed

albo has a conundrum

-scrap it now, and look like an absolute clown

-go through with it, have it voted down, and then everyone goes why did you waste hundreds of millions of dollars and my sunday afternoon on this bullshit

not really a good look either way imo

he’s made this the defining policy of his term – which I think means he loses the next election as dutton has actually been fairly good despite the media’s best attempts to smear him

A fly in your ointment

May push it laterally to where it won’t need a vote but it won’t have original power. Kinda like “I leave you a legacy to built and evolve at a later stage”


The Voice really energised the whole Race Grifting Machine, there’s no stopping it now.

The 2021 Aus Census had 812,000 or 3.2% of the EZFKA population as Indigenous.

That’s a stunning increase from previous rates in 2011 being 2.5% and 2016 at 2.8% (798,400).

So were 13,600 Aboriginal babies born in less than 5 years (at a rate many times greater than those of non-Indigenous Australians, despite Aborigines supposedly being vastly marginalised in terms of health), or is there is a miraculous ‘discovery’ of Aboriginal parents ?

I’m tipping there hasn’t been a huge rise in Aboriginal births, in fact this graph shows a decrease in the proportion of Aboriginal children aged >5 yrs in that time.

The 2021 Census also shows huge fallacies in the claims made about the vast majority of Aboriginals, beyond the ‘deaths in custody’ smoke and mirrors.

The fact is nothing in The Voice would make life better for a single ‘real’ Aboriginal living in regional or remote Australia. Nearly 40% live in Major Cities according to the Census, and less than 18% live beyond Regional towns (no ‘Gap’ will be closed by The Voice for them).

Either way, the fix is in. They’ve been legitimised to grift our tax money off us. A whole industry has been built around this now, tens of thousands more now ‘employed’ to join in the grift.

Aint no going back now.


Nearly 14% of Aborigines own their own home outright. Nearly 40% have a mortgage.

Hopefully The Voice will protect their interests too.


wtf 41% home owners

thsts very impressive

Does it mean interest rate rises would be racist

14% houso grifters

26% renters but I assume they get some sort of handouts too / rent assistance

what about the other 20%

Gruppenführer Mark

Pretty sickening stuff. (((They))) are pushing this agenda by hook or by crook. Reparations in the US, the Voice and Pay The Rent movements in Australia, WA’s new aboriginal cultural heritage act that requires anyone on a plot of land over 1100 sqm to call in an aboriginal consultant and get a permit if they plan to disturb more than 50 cm of their land.

And now our southern brothers will decide on who gets the surgery based on ethnicity. FMD.

Is there a sane place left? Europe is fucked, Asia is overcrowded, Africa and Middle East are not very inviting.


Hungary is pretty sane, until the US gets a proper colour revolution kicked off there.

Gruppenführer Mark

I got a Romanian mate who is advertising Romania as THE place to live, cheap, good nature, centre of Europe… Might have to go have a sticky beak.

Although now that I’m thinking about it, Switzerland would be the way to go, won’t it? Belize could be good, too.


Well it had Andrew Tate’s endorsement…

I’m certainly no Romania expert but I don’t think it’s as “based” as Hungary, not as anti-migrant or anti-globohomo, but who really cares just to resettle there. Eastern Europe seems good in general except Poland and the Baltics because they’re so fanatically pro-US that they might end up becoming a battlefront with Russia.

Switzerland is hella expensive but almost everyone in the MB sphere claims to have very rare and highly paid skills, so if that describes you, then it’s probably a nice place to live.

A fly in your ointment

approx 98.2% of aussies born here would hate overregulated tight arse smartarse Switzerland and Swissmen.

Of them, approx 100% of those that stay will comply with local laws to the last detail and participate in dob-in thy neighbour programme

Romania is nice all over but i’d pick the far end (from UA). Grease (or Greece – no difference really) is probably the best place overall for average lazy aussie, Too many greek people but once one is settled in with locals its a different experience


Poland seems to have adopted cuckservatism where they’ll embrace anyone as long as they hate Russia or whatever.

Why would you even want your country to be chockful of US military bases? US troops rape locals so often it must be a sport for them.


Bald and Bankrupt likes Czechoslovakia.

Gruppenführer Mark

Who is bald and bankrupt? And is it Check Republic or Slovakia?


Choice bro.

Islanders and Maori are far and away the most obese people in Unzud, hence why they are sick with chronic diseases and needing surgery.

Self caused. Diet and Lifestyle, it isn’t that hard.

They have the same rights and opportunities as other Kiwis, well actually more given these new laws to favour their race.

They have ‘The Voice’. That means they can solve their own problems now can’t they?

No one has the balls to call this out though. Instead Your ABC runs interference with propaganda like this:

“The equity adjuster is an attempt by our main funder of health services to try and improve access for Māori and Pasifika folks to surgical interventions,” Dr Tukuitonga said.

“For decades, Māori and Pasifika people generally have not had access to surgical services at the rates that are expected”

“This is a rather courageous move on the part of our main health funder to try to remedy these chronic inequities.”


Until the last dozen years or so, my views on historical events had always been fairly conventional, formed from the classes I’d taken in college and the uniform media narrative I’d absorbed over the decades… But in the years after the 9/11 Attacks and the Iraq War, I’d grown more and more suspicious of the honesty of our mainstream media, and begun to recognize that history books often merely represent a congealed version of such past media distortions.



Screen Shot 2023-05-13 at 16.31.40.png

Alan Kohler making himself a useful idiot for the elite. Just he has better graphs than others:

Hurray, we have enough houses apparently.


Another one who drinks the Kool Aid there are Chardonnay Socialism Central. Met him in a social occasion once, I was very underwhelmed, just an average legacy EZFKA with mildly above average intelligence who insists on stupid white guilt. Wears shitty shoes too.

A fly in your ointment

It’s well presented and believable.
Useful idiots no doubt but why woul the data be incorrect? (And he predicts REccarnage this spring)

A fly in your ointment

Not recommended for apologists of the “White Man’s Burden” (and this place does not have a shortage of them)

A fly in your ointment

indeed as estimated, not a shortage.

the satire in that MPFC piece goes beyond the face value of it and not in the direction where you’d like it.

the white man’s burden is unrelated to convict class you presumably wish to represent. Convicts could easily be renamed as white-niggaz in white man’s burden parlance.


That’s a pisser, unintentionally very funny.

I like the start when she says “my little child said..the Greeks gave us Western civilisation..”

It’s just like my own 5 year old asked the other day “Daddy, is the Russian military operation in the Ukraine emblematic of a failing empire trying to regain itself, or is the USA just using its power to fight a proxy war and strengthen its geopolitical position?”


I like this bloke rewriting history better.

Gets laughed out of meetings by professors, then realised the best way is to grift your own version of the truth telling to thousands of self hating whites.

Gruppenführer Mark

Nobody does it better than Disney or Netflix!

A fly in your ointment

reminded me if a joke where a Greek says to an Italian that his culture is so ancient they invented sex, to which Italian responds “agreed, but we introduced women to the sex thing”.

there is no myth of agriculture existing in any sense apart from accidental – it can only be created, unlike the other already existing myth that something is not a legacy of…

the arborist

560 euro for an ugly jumper. These clothes will only be worn by a small number of far left uni-age kids with rich parents. The type of people who are desperate for attention and recognition – the exact opposite of the proclaimed intention of the clothing line.

Let me know when someone produces anti facial recognition clothing for the proletariat rather than the bourgeoisie.


Russia is one of the only “Western” countries that behaves in a way that is recognisably traditional

Liberals despise it for the same reason.


Really that was probably just the pretext, same as Russiagate, just the groundwork either breaking Russia up into resource extraction colonies or at least starting a new cold war

But there is a real undercurrent of just plain hatred for Russia being an unapologetically traditionalist white majority country

Even China is starting to cop some MSM criticism for being too racist to watch The Little Mermaid:


The Little Mermaid ?


Ah the Diversity


We waz fishes ‘n shieet. Since when do fish need melanin?


Don’t like Russia much just ‘ate western leadership and their craven sycophants.


Peak EZFKA right here.

Gruppenführer Mark

Texture and pattern combine with shadow and depth, establishing interest and curiosity while honouring the project’s subtle objectives. Through a highly tenacious and collaborative approach, the architects have led the wider project team through countless external challenges to realise the project with rigorous intent.

After identifying the common concrete block as one of the few suitable and locally available materials, the architects set about reimagining concrete block construction, deploying an innovative system that integrates structure and screen in a cost-effective and delightful manner.,welcome%20paradigm%20to%20the%20campus.

Doge Wow.jpg

Shilling for Dutton after previously shilling for Albo

benny - Copy.jpeg


“we lead the charge to get Morrison sacked”


David is trolling us

or he’s in a catatonic state and everything is being ghost written by Chinese sweatshops


I guess they’re trying to attract a better class of subscriber. DLS may have worked out that guys like Skippy only on $100/hr may not be enough to keep the site going.

Last edited 11 months ago by Gouda

Pretty cheap for a former navy seal and Wall Street broker


Did he actually claim to be either of those? Fucking LOL.


IQ 120+
He called himself a ‘Shining Corporate Star’ once.
Rubbed shoulders with Ray Dalio.
Family owns half the land of some US state.
He retired early independently wealthy and now does jobbies on the side because bored.

Few years ago he was bragging he worked over Christmas and New Year’s period, because of course that’s what you do when financially independent instead of celebrating with family.

The real story is he’s in his twilight years and busting his balls every day.

A four year old can see through his BS, but he keeps going because some honest self reflection would psychologically destroy him.
The man is an obvious whack job.

Don’t know if link still works:


I don’t like that type, always using their fairly high iq to try to confuse people rather than to communicate clearly. He’s probably a jew.


Another one. She knew what she had to do, if she wants to really progress in politics.

Every single time…




Next you’ll tell me Kissinger was Jewish


Sephardics are the reason why Israel has an average IQ of 92

Despite all the ashkenazi masterrace, they still manage to drag it down to Barbados level


Probably where the tits came from.




I wonder if these types are dying off…

That’s one area where white replacement is probably a good thing.


Sadly I think the Voice as come at one of the shittest times, a bulk of people are struggling and simply are more hyper focused on their own daily struggles of quite literately where their next meal is coming from and how arse fucked they will be by yet another rent increase.

So hearing about a broad scale social issue like the Voice which impacts a portion of Australians sadly in no real way is not going to give them a single shit to give.

And when they see politicians give so much energy towards that they will probably vote NO as a form of fuck you and protest even if they probably would have voted Yes typically.

Many are getting sick to death of hearing about it when cost of living is getting pretty much ignored. This affects everyone, including (especially?) our first people…

Reddit is getting smarter


A Canadian should realise that Aussies are so desperate for any housing that few people here really give a shit about insulation

It probably also is to keep things cooler in summer, Europeans are always dying in heat waves in their perfectly insulated apartments


I think they mostly don’t


Europeans are really poor but they make up for it in culture

I wish we had Boomers so poor they can’t afford an AC unit.


easily the worst developed western country on earth

has weather and beaches going for it

but otherwise filled with the worst trash from around the world

poorly built houses that still manages to have some of the most expensive building costs on earth

construction mired in red tape and endless regulations
yet still turns out like complete shit

how is it even possible ? It’s mind boggling

Last edited 11 months ago by Coming

No air con in London whatsoever. That I can confirm. Anything about 25 degrees and people collapse. It’s a great city though, so long as you’re making good money.

In the Tube or Underground, there is no air con but the trains push the air through the tunnels. In summer you feel the breeze, then realise the tunnels are rat infested literal shit holes and you’re sucking that air in. After commuting a while you have this black snot, it’s lovely. After a while you blow your nose and don’t have it anymore and you don’t want to think about that.

The next worse thing about London are the fat Aussie women, loud obnoxious slags. The Heathrow Injection they call it, because they become fat pigs very quickly.


Sounds like Chyna would be good for you, haha




We were happy being white trash and driving around in holdens then you shitskins and private school faggots had to shit it all up.

I voted to kill you all long ago by voting for One Nation.


Like the aboriginals were happy eating grubs and dying at 30 until you white fellas came along

can’t really be hypocritical about this

you both got replaced by a superior race


Superior is a stretch, lying weasel faggots more like. If we hadn’t cleared out the boongs it would be Brazil.

Print more money you slut.


Life comes at you pretty fast, hey Gen Z and Milennials?

Haha suck shit. Just buy a house you dumb kid.


Coming is David Gillespie confirmed


Last I looked Dutton was at $5. $4.50 now.

Aussie Soy Boy

I’m watching the movie the Hot Chick in the background. Watching in 2023 this is the funniest shit I’ve watched in a while.

Who would have known that this would be a non binary male 20 years later.


this is a good one

42yo divorcee on 270k/yr

net worth 2.5m obviously she had ridden the property ladder up

she sounds like a stage 5 clinger though

obsessed with the new boyfriend to the point she pays him rent because she sleeps over some times

Anybody find that weird?
she’s basically paying him to fuck


Needs to be compared with existing incel theory

Does it make the guy a chad that he makes this woman pay rent to sleep in his bed?

Is she his sugar momma?

11:00pm — Finished work and head to bed. But not before looking at my phone again and chatting to J. while he’s in bed studying for his post-grad.

He’s a student too lol. I think she’s his paypig.

Last edited 11 months ago by No1

She’s approaching the wall


Post-grad in being a massive fuck boy faggot.


She sounds like a dreamboat tbh

wish she was my gf

-pays me rent
-exercises constantly so won’t be fat
-decent salary
-home owner
-probably doesn’t want kids
-makes me drinks and buys me dinner

don’t care how rough her face is

much better than the useless gen y cunts that usually appear in these columns giving their money away to aboriginals and buying stupid shit


Sounds like you’d lob your dick in anything as long as it was high born enough.

Aussie Soy Boy

Yeah, and he could always just cheat on her while she’s at work.


(you) when your upper class woman pays for your retirement.


That’s so gross. But obviously pretty typical of fairfux snotty private school scum readers.

>$3,500/month into a joint account which is for the kid’s expenses.
The fuck kid costs that much, send the little cunts to a public school and have 0 expenses.

I was happy to get a few party pies on friday. Every other day we entertained ourselves by beating the shit out of each other.

God you’re faggots.


To be fair, you are basically the nightmare outcome for most parents


Seems like the main thing they teach in christ cuck school is how to be an inane bloviating faggot.


Stage 5 Clinger sounds about right.

Her helping to pay off his mortgage has sugar mommy/overly attached girlfriend vibes.


These people knew what to do with their boomers.




No surprises there.


volodomyr shouts out albo

the cunt just excels at giving away our money

to the French, the ukes, the yanks, the abos
everyone gets a prize roll up

A fly in your ointment

kindling for ruski rockets.

he gives even more by giving 385000 people to settle here in excess of wht is sustainable healthy immigration, so 75mil looks as nuttin


If only interest rates were zero percent and then we could give infinite money to infinite leeches for infinity time infinity times per year.


How do I become a Chad cop doing little raids on muzzies who supply the cocaine for the bankers who control the media who control the cops who do the raids on muzzies. They must have big pee pees.


Everyone’s favourite pro-immigration demographer copping a whack from lefties in the comments for criticising rent freezes despite living in the ACT, which has rent caps in place.


Dr Pog (cross between pig and dog) is gunning for chancellor or maybe a media job. Or she’s simply being flat out bribed as we speak.


remember its only incels and a few normie elite/shills who use twitter

most NPCs won’t give this a second thought, and will accept what they’re told


Why would normies want people to suffer from hate crimes?

You don’t appreciate that the majority of the population doesn’t have the intellect or interest to think any deeper about it than that


if ALP had just said “we are creating a government advisory body called the voice” everyone would have simply applauded and forgotten about it

but they decided they wanted to create an amendment to the fucking constitution for no good reason whatsoever which was always going to be a bizarre idea that they were never going to be able to explain the how or why to anyone

one of the most retarded hills to die on I think we have ever seen in this country

at least GST, republic , gay marriage etc made some sort of sense from a legal point of view


Imagine if tony abbott had called a referendum to support adding the grocery store code of conduct to the constitution

its that level of absurdity


right and we all agree the colesworth monopoly should be regulated

adding it to the constitution is just fucking bizarre and inexplicable


no I think youre failing to appreciate that this isnt a religion for the majority of normies

just a tiny vocal subset on twitter

most people have minimal if any interest in any of this bullshit
they are focussed on sportsball or their children or pokies or whatever

therefore, if you present the overall population with a superficial announcement that they don’t have to think too hard about they will simpy applaud and move on

but if you make it a consitutional amendement it becomes something that has to be actually explained and considered and the whole message falls apart because it doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny whatsoever

similarly, if they announced a referendum about hate speech laws (instead of simply creating them and make a superficial announcement) it would open the same can of worms

it was one of the most retarded political decisions we have ever seen in this country
possibly the most retarded ever
and highly likely to cost albo the next election for absolutely zero political gain since abo grifters and lefties where already going to vote for him


no they’re obviously not the only people who matter because its about to fucking fail

classic example of why its better not to force people to think too deeply

support for the voice was high when it was announced
then declined as it became clearer and clearer how retarded it was
despite their best attempts

if they had just announced a fiat accompli advisory body had been created it would have been a vote winner

enormous fuck up


getting back to my original point: nobody will care about hate crime laws because they will only bother to consider it in the most superficial manner possible

because most people simply don’t care that much


well it obviously does because the voice and the republic are both going to fail depsite elite opinions

that’s why its better not to force people to think, because they don’t actually want to do so , and when they do the elite’s plans are disrupted

as I said retarded political decision and I wonder who was the one who pushed it
albo himself because he’s kind of stupid or was it advisors/consultants

someone’s going to get it in the neck though

Last edited 11 months ago by Coming

I think Stagmal is trying to get at the idea that one only proves their allegiance to a cult by doing something stupid and suicidal. Tasting the koolaid isn’t enough; you have to swallow.


I’m getting to the point that most people aren’t part of the cult

it barely registers with most people, but it does so in a faintly positive way unless you force them to ponder it

which was the error of calling a referendum


The cult = the political classes who can believe anything and are protected from reality and accountability. They can even proselytise these beliefs.

The political parties and institutions = their enforcers

And it doesn’t matter that most people aren’t part of the cult since they can’t do shit about it. You don’t need the approval of the peasants, just their compliance and obedience.

But the political parties need to prove their allegiance to the political classes and that’s by doing what the political classes want, no matter how stupid, not by listening to the people, no matter how rational.

The disagreement between parties is just about tactics/strategy, not objectives. If the voice fails, something else will pop up. If the parties disagree, they are punished or taken from power. Or maybe just arrested.

The Voice is just the tactic of the day but works wonderfully and shifting the frame of acceptable politics. If it succeeds, it’s just the inevitable march of progress. If it fails, we should mourn, not celebrate.

Over time, people will be worn down and replaced, divided and conquered because they have to be since they have the potential to push back. Now we’re just going down a path of consolidation of the cult’s gains over the past decades with more rights being taken away and new enforcement mechanisms being devised (ESG, ‘hate’ speech laws, censorship, surveillance, financial repression, undermining of traditional religion etc).

I pledge fealty to my corporate lord and recognise the traditional owners of the land – banks.


Approval rating down 5 points today

I reckon the voice fails and then he’s gone

will probably fall on his sword
emotional speech crying saying how much he loved the voice and he wants to pursue advisory role in cabinet

chalmers or plibersek steps in as PM and they create some meaningless ministry or advisory body called the voice

anything can happen in politics tho


tarric is absolutely the most pathetic of all the australian doomer economists (northy, dls etc)

For at least 5 years he’s been hand wringing expressing his sympathy for FHBs and how they’re about to be crushed

Meanwhile bloke lives in his mums basement and goes on youtube with his warhammer collection on the bookshelf while wearing a greasy polo shirt

never had a real job in his life and barely has $2 to rub together

one of the weirdest life choices for a relatively young man to become an economic doom youtube grifter.

Why would he have not become a bitcoin or property youtube grifter instead


they even both look like the meme characters except tarric is fatter and greasier with the constant 5 oclock shaddow


check him out on his regular chats with northy

you can see his warhammer collection and RPGs behind him in the bookshelf
and the $12 jumper from kmart


Cunts who get laid through propadee gains are basically Epstein style rapists and guys who get mail orders, it doesn’t count.


Bit harsh. He’s a typical MB fag. He made the mistake of having ethics and assuming your average Ezfka resident had any either.

I agree I wouldn’t listen to him though unless you enjoy false hope.


Confidence measures have some merit. Better than Martin North attempting to quantify financial stress with an outdated 30% repayment measure.


As I go through various data points relating to the pandemic driven stimulus and its impact on inflation, I’m struck by the likelihood that government will engage in panic driven stimulus and we end up with another round of inflation.

god hes so basic and dumb

as if paying 4% interest on government debt wasn’t already stimulus


Fairfax covering today’s whingefest by the Libs (who totally care about this country) that we’re only sending a mere $110M to Ukraine in the current package which will doubtlessly be followed by future packages.

Why aren’t they investing the $110M in the stock market so that in a few years, if the returns are good after the principal is relentlessly ticket clipped by fund managers, we may send Ukraine some shit? That sort of scheme only applies to the Z-listers of political influence, actual Australians.

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Why aren’t they investing the $110M in the stock market so that in a few years, if the returns are good after the principal is relentlessly ticket clipped by fund managers, we may send Ukraine some shit? That sort of scheme only applies to the Z-listers of political influence, actual Australians.

very very good!


LiveNational News Live

Wong: Negativity around Ukraine aid ‘disappointing’

The foreign minister said the aid package had been worked through between the defence department, the deputy prime minister, the Australian Defence Force and the Ukrainian government.

7 minutes ago

For one moment of beautiful naivety, I thought that Wong had acknowledged that not everyone supports giving all our shit to Ukraine, but of course negativity she means is complaints that we didn’t give enough.


Mean Girl #1 is nowhere near as smart as she pretends or that people over credit her for.

Classic Labor politician is an Asian ✅ Woman ✅ Lesbian ✅ yet voted against Gay Marriage, and basically bullied to death her colleague Kimberly Kitching, losing zero support in the process.

I am genuinely unaware of any skill she may have, what is her expertise? No overseas experience despite making a big deal of her Chinese Malay upbringing.

She is unconvincing as a leader or debater, she’s not sharp or witty at all, in fact a frowned look seems to be her only tool.